Young Justice s01e01 Episode Script

Independence Day (1) / Fireworks (2)

- Ohh! - Enjoying family time? My family has other plans.
- Batman.
I was wondering when-- - Ha ha ha! - Oh.
Boy Wonder.
The Bat sent you to drag me off to prison? Frankly, I'm underwhelmed.
- Great, but I'm kind of in a hurry here.
- Kids--always in such a rush.
I prefer to preserve these moments forever.
- Not talking to you.
Sync an corected by - Ha ha ha! Unh! Ohh! Finally! I was wondering what a guy had to do to get A little attention around here.
Unh! - Junior's doing this for attention? I'm telling you now.
This little distraction better not interfere.
- Ha ha ha! Kid had a glass jaw.
- Hilarious.
Can we go? Today's the day.
- Don't tell me you're not excited.
- Right now, my king, I'm more focused on the matter at hand.
- Unh! - Well? - Yes, I'm excited.
Today's the day.
- Stealing ice? Seriously? Isn't that a bit cliche even for Captain Cold? - Come on.
We don't have time for this! - Err! - Calm down, kid.
- Oh, please! You'll chat it up with the cops, with bystanders, With cold even.
No way! Today is the day! - Today is the day.
- Welcome to the hall of justice.
- Headquarters of the Justice League.
- Oh, man! I knew we'd be the last ones here.
- Is that Batman? - I see Flash and Flash jr.
- His name's Speedy.
- No.
Speedy's green arrow's sidekick.
- Well, that makes no sense.
- Ready to see the inner sanctum? - Born that way.
- I'm glad we're all here.
- Have all 4 sidekicks ever been in the same place At the same time? - Don't call us sidekicks, not after today.
- Sorry.
First time at the hall.
I'm a little overwhelmed.
- You're overwhelmed, freeze was underwhelmed.
Why isn't anyone ever just whelmed? Oh.
Maybe that's why.
- Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, welcome.
You now have unlimited access to the gym, our fully stocked Galley, and of course our library.
- Make yourselves at home.
- Quick debrief to discuss the coincidence of 4 ice villains Attacking on the same day.
We shouldn't be long.
- Recognized: Batman, 0-2; Aquaman, 0-6; Flash, 0-4; Green Arrow, 0-8; Martian Manhunter, 0-7; Red Tornado, 1-6.
- That's it? You promised us a real look inside, not a glorified Backstage pass.
- It's a first step.
You've been granted access few others get.
- Oh, really? Who cares which side of the glass we're on? - Roy, you just need to be patient.
- What I need is respect.
They're treating us like kids.
Worse--like sidekicks! We deserve better than this.
You're kidding, right? You're playing their game? Why? Because you think they play fair? Today was supposed to be the day, step one in becoming Full-fledged members of The League.
- Well, sure, but I thought step one was a tour of the hq.
- Except the hall isn't The League's real hq.
I bet they never told you it's just a false front For tourists and a pit stop for catching zeta beam Teleporter tubes to the real thing, an orbiting satellite Called the watchtower.
- I know, I know, but I thought maybe we could make An exception.
Or not.
- You're not helping your cause here, son.
Stand down or-- - Or what? You'll send me to my room? And I'm not your son! I'm not even his.
I thought I was his partner, but not anymore.
Guess they're right about you 3.
You're not ready.
- Superman to Justice League.
There's been an explosion at project Cadmus.
It's on fire.
- I've had my suspicions about Cadmus.
This may present the perfect opportunity to in-- - Zatara to Justice League.
The sorcerer wotan is using the amulet of attan to blot Out the sun.
Requesting full League response.
- Superman? - It's a small fire.
Local authorities have it under control.
- Then Cadmus can wait.
All leaguers rendezvous at Zatara's coordinates.
Batman out.
Stay put.
- What? Why? - This is a League mission.
- You're not trained.
- Since when? - I meant you're not trained to work as part of this team.
- There will be other missions when you're ready.
- But for now, stay put.
- Glad you didn't bring you know who? - Indeed.
- When we're ready? How are we ever supposed to be ready when they treat us like-- Like sidekicks? - My mentor, my king, I thought he trusted me.
- Trust? They don't even trust us with the basics! They've got a secret hq in space! - What else aren't they telling us? - I have a better question.
Why didn't we leave with Speedy? - What is project Cadmus? - Don't know, but I can find out.
- Access denied.
- Heh.
Want to bet? - Whoa! How are you doing that? - Same system as the batcave.
- Access granted.
- All right.
Project Cadmus.
Genetics lab here in d.
That's all there is, but if Batman's suspicious, maybe we Should investigate.
- Solve their case before they do.
It would be poetic justice.
- Hey.
They're all about justice.
- But they said stay put.
- For the blotting out the sun mission, not this.
- Wait.
Are you going to Cadmus? Because if you're going, I'm going.
- Just like that we're a team on a mission? - We didn't come for a play date.
- Help! - Get us down! - Stay put.
We will get you out.
- Ohh, ohh! - It's what's his name--Flash boy! - Kid Flash! Why is that so hard? - So smooth.
- Does he always have to run ahead? We need a plan.
We--Robin? - Ha ha ha! - I need to borrow that.
Step aboard now.
- Ohh! - Appreciate the help.
- You handled it.
Besides, we're here to investigate.
Poetic justice, remember? - There was something in the-- - Elevators should be locked down.
- This is wrong.
Thought so.
This is a high-speed express elevator.
It doesn't belong in a two-story building.
- Neither does what I saw.
Unh! - And that's why they need an express elevator.
I'm at the end of my rope.
Bypassing security.
There! Go! Welcome to project Cadmus.
- Wait! - Aah! Ohh.
- No.
Nothing odd going on here.
- Dr.
- Tell me, guardian, what part of no interruptions did you Not understand? If you're here to tell me what caused the street level fire, It can wait.
- Fire department's still cleaning up.
I'll begin my investigation when they leave.
- Then what? - A g-gnome on sub-level - Ohh.
Did I miss a perimeter breach alert? - No.
- Then the g-gnome's confused.
Whatever might occur in our faux lab above ground, The real Cadmus is the most secure facility in d.
- My job to keep it that way.
- Fine.
Take a squad.
- Might I recommend guardian leave his g-gnome behind? If violence should occur - The little guy would be in my way.
- No.
The advantage of instant telepathic communication Outweighs other concerns.
- I need my g-gnome with me at all times.
- Ok.
I'm officially whelmed.
- This is how they hid this massive underground facility From the world.
The real Cadmus isn't on the grid.
It generates its own power with these things.
Must be what they're bred for.
- Of course.
Even the name is a clue.
The Cadmus of myth created a new race by sowing dragons' Teeth into the earth.
- And this Cadmus creates new life, too.
Let's find out why.
They call them genomorphs.
Whoa! Look at the stats on these things--superstrength, Telepathy, razor claws.
These are living weapons! - They're engineering an army, but for who? - Wait.
There's something else.
Project Kr.
Ugh! The file's triple-encrypted.
I can't-- - Don't move! Wait.
Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash? - At least he got your name right.
- I know you.
Guardian, a hero.
- I do my best.
- Then what are you doing here? - I think that's my question, boys.
I'm chief of security.
You're trespassing, but we can call the Justice League, Figure this out.
- You think The League's gonna approve of you Breeding weapons? - Weapons? What are you--what have I--ugh.
My head.
Take them down hard! No mercy! - Way to be a team player, rob! - Weren't you right behind me? - We're headed down? - Dude, out is up.
- Excuse me? Project Kr, it's down on sub-level 52.
- This is out of control.
Perhaps--perhaps we should contact The League.
- We are already here.
Which way? - Yeah.
Bizarre-looking hallway one Or bizarre-looking hallway two? - Halt! They are headed for project Kr! - Aah! Hurry! - I disabled the door.
We're safe.
- We're trapped.
- Uh, guys.
You'll want to see this.
- Whoa! - Big "k," little "r," the atomic symbol for krypton.
Clone? - Robin, hack.
- Oh.
Right, right.
Weapon designation Superboy, a clone force-grown In16 weeks? From DNA acquired from Superman.
- Stolen from Superman.
- No way the big guy knows about this.
- Solar suit allows him to absorb yellow sun Radiation 24/7.
- And these creatures? - Genomorph gnomes, telepathic, force-feeding him An education.
- And we can guess what else.
They're making a slave out of, well, Superman's son.
- Now we contact The League.
- No signal.
- We're in too deep literally.
- They're still in there with the weapon? - We can't get the door open.
- Use your telekinesis! - I have tried to no avail.
- Useless.
This is a debacle.
Get some g-trolls down here to muscle the door open now! - Already on their way.
- You realize once we get in there we can't ever let Them leave.
- Doc, these aren't your typical meddling kids.
You don't want to get on the wrong side Of the Justice League.
- Better than getting on the wrong since of the Cadmus Board of directors, believe me.
Contact the g-gnomes inside Kr.
- This is wrong.
- We can't leave him like this.
- Set him free.
Do it.
Unh! - Whoa! Hang on, Supey.
- We're on your side.
- Ohh! - I don't want to do this.
Unh! - Enough! - We are trying to help you.
- Aah! - Attaboy.
- Dr.
Desmond, you require an audience with the light? - Yes.
Very sorry to disturb you at this late hour.
- Just make your report.
- Of course.
Well, we had a small fire here at project Cadmus.
The origin of the incident is still unclear, but it seems to Have attracted some Unwanted attention.
Aqualad, and Kid Flash-- Breached security.
They found and released the weapon, the Superboy.
Of course the clone is under our telepathic control and as Ordered turned against his would-be liberators.
The 3 are contained, and we don't believe The League knows They're here.
Uh, what should I do with them? - Clone them.
The substitutes will serve the light and only the light.
- And the originals? - Dispose of them.
Leave no trace.
- Time runs short.
You must awaken.
You must awaken now! - What? What do you want? Quit staring.
You're creeping me out.
- Uh, KF, how about we not tick off the guy who can fry Us with a look? - Prepare the cloning procedure for the new project Sidekick now.
- Almost done here, doc.
- Where's the weapon? - Superboy? He carried the intruders to The cloning chamber.
- We have genomorphs for that! Get the weapon back in its pod now! - I don't see the harm in letting the kid Stretch his legs.
- Don't you now? - That clone belongs in a cage! - We only sought to help you.
- Yeah.
We free you, and you turn on us.
How's that for grat-- - Kid, please, be quiet now.
I believe our new friend is not in full control Of his actions.
- Wha--what if-- what if I wasn't? - He can talk? - Yes, he can.
- Not like I said, "it.
" - The genomorphs taught you telepathically.
- They taught me much.
I can read, write.
I know the names of things.
- But have you seen them? Have they ever actually let you see the sky or the sun? - Images are implanted in my mind, but no.
I have not seen them.
- Do you know what you are, who you are? - I am the Superboy, a genomorph, a clone made from The DNA of the Superman, created to replace him should He perish, to destroy him should he turn from the light.
- To be like Superman is a worthy aspiration, but like Superman, you deserve a life of your own beyond that Solar suit, beyond your pod, beyond Cadmus.
- I live because of Cadmus! It is my home! - Your home is a test tube.
We can show you the sun.
- Uh, pretty sure it's after midnight, but we can show You the moon.
- We can show you, introduce you to Superman.
- No, they can't.
They'll be otherwise occupied.
Activate the cloning process.
- Pass.
Batcave's crowded enough.
- And get the weapon back in its pod! - Hey.
How come he gets to call Supey an it? - Help us.
- Don't start thinking now.
See, you're not a real boy.
You're a weapon, and you belong to me! Well, to Cadmus.
Same thing.
Now get back to your pod! - Aah! - Unh! - Where's dubbilex? Ooh! Lurking as usual.
Get the g-gnomes downloading their memories.
When that's done and when you're sure the clones are Viable, delete the source material.
- Superboy, you live.
That gives you the right to follow your own path.
A weapon or a person, the choice is yours, but ask Yourself, "what would Superman do?" - I told you to get back to your-- - Don't give me orders.
- You here to help us or fry us? - Huh.
I don't seem to have heat vision, so I suppose Helping is my only option.
- Ahh.
Finally! Lucky Batman isn't here.
He'd have my head for taking so long.
- Seriously, that's what you're worried about? The whole League will have our heads after tonight.
- Free Aqualad.
I'll get kid mouth.
- Don't you give me orders either.
- Thank you.
- You--you'll never get out of here! I'll have you back in pods before morning.
- That guy is not whelmed, not whelmed at all.
- What is it with you and this whelmed thing? - Activate every genomorph in Cadmus.
- We are still 42 levels below ground, but if we can Make the elevator - Aah! - Superboy, the goal is escape, not to bury Ourselves here.
- You want escape? Aah! I--I'm falling.
Superman can fly.
Why can't I fly? - Don't know, but it looks like you can leap tall Buildings in a single bound.
Still cool.
- Thank you.
- Guys, this will have to be our exit.
- Turn left, brother.
- Go left! Left! - Turn right.
- Right! - Great directions, Supey.
You trying to get us repodded? - No.
I don't understand.
- Don't apologize.
This is perfect! - At this rate, we'll never get out.
- Shh.
- Someone--Robin, I'd wager--hacked our systems, Deactivating internal security cameras, but he neglected The motion sensors.
The genomorphs are closing in.
They're all coming out in here.
We have them cornered.
Ohh! He hacked the motion sensors.
- I hacked the motion sensors.
- Sweet.
Still plenty of them between us and out.
- But I've finally got room to move.
- More behind us.
- We'll cut them off at sub-level 1.
- We'd better, or the board will have our heads, my head.
I need to get something from project Blockbuster Just in case.
I'll meet you at sub-level 1.
- Oh, crud.
- We're cut off from the street.
- Thanks.
My head hadn noticed.
- Can't hack this fast enough.
This way! - Perhaps for the sake of all genomorphs, our brother Superboy should make up his own mind.
- It was you.
- Yes, brother.
I set the fire and lured your new friends Down into Cadmus, woke them when they were in danger - And guided me.
Why? - Because you are our hope, the genomorph hero.
You will blaze a trail for all our brothers, showing us The way to freedom.
- What's going on? - What is your choice, brother? - IChooseFreedom.
- Feels like fog lifting.
- Guardian? - Go.
I'll deal with Desmond.
- I think not.
Project Blockbuster will give me the power to restore order To Cadmus.
- Everyone back! Aah! - Arrgh! - Ok.
That's one way to bust through the ceiling.
- You think lab coat planned that? - I doubt he is planning anything anymore.
- Learned that one in kindergarten.
- Unh! - Aah! - Unh! - Of course.
KF, get over here! - Got it? - Got it.
- Go! - Got your nose.
- Superboy, Aqualad! - Come and get me, you incredible bulk! Ohh! - This one and that one.
- Sorry.
Try again.
- Ha! - Move! - We did it.
- Was there ever any doubt? - See? The moon.
And Superman.
Do we keep our promises or what? - Is that what I think it is? - He doesn't like being called an it.
- I'm Superman's clone.
- Start talking.
Well, uh--we'll figure something out for you.
The League will, I mean.
For now, I'd better make sure they get that Blockbuster Creature squared away.
- Cadmus will be investigated, all 52 levels, but let's make One thing clear.
- You should have called.
- End results aside, we are not happy.
You hacked Justice League systems, disobeyed direct Orders, and endangered lives.
You will not be doing this again.
- I am sorry, but we will.
- Aqualad, stand down.
- Apologies, my king, but no.
We did good work here tonight, the work you trained us to do.
Together on our own we forged something powerful, important.
- If this is about your treatment at the hall, The 3 of you-- - The 4 of us, and it's not.
- Batman, we're ready to use what you taught us, or why Teach us at all? - Why let them tell us what to do? It's simple.
Get on board or get out of the way.
- This cave was the original secret sanctuary Of the Justice League.
We're calling it into service again.
Since you 4 are determined to stay together and fight The good fight, you'll do it on League terms.
Red Tornado volunteered to live here and be Your supervisor.
Black canary's in charge of training.
I will deploy you on missions.
- Real missions? - Yes, but covert.
- The League will still handle the obvious stuff.
There's a reason we have these big targets on our chests.
- But Cadmus proves the bad guys are getting smarter.
Batman needs a team that can operate on the sly.
- The 5 of you will be that team.
- Cool! Wait.
5? - This is the Martian Manhunter's niece Miss Martian.
- Hi.
- Liking this gig more every minute.
Welcome aboard.
I'm Kid Flash.
That's Robin, Aqualad.
It's cool if you forget their names.
- I'm honored to be included.
- Hey, Superboy.
Come meet miss M.
- I like your t-shirt.
- Today is the day.
- Cadmus changes today.
With Desmond out of the picture, the board's placed me In charge.
Spence, you're acting chief scientist.
No more g-gnomes suppressing our wills, no more secret Breeding projects.
This is a kinder, gentler Cadmus.
- Then I will of course help in any way I can, brother.
- Can the light afford to leave guardian in charge Without the g-gnomes? - We have subtler means of control.
What concerns me is the children.
We now know The League is willing to employ young heroes To do their dirty work.
That's a dark twist.
- Yes, but one that can be played to our advantage.
Even the temporary loss of the weapon may prove useful.
Eventually everyone sees the light.