Young Justice s01e14 Episode Script


Our test is a complete success.
We may proceed as planned.
But we've operated in shadow for too long.
Time for the Injustice League to step into the light.
Admit it, you can't turn away.
Ha ha ha! You know they're a couple, right? I believe I knew before they did.
- Do we tell them? - It's not our place.
So if Zatara is our babysitter of the week, why's he still here? And why's he eating my snacks? Recognize Batman.
Computer, national news.
The initial attack was short-lived, but Metropolis was only granted a short reprieve.
And despite the intervention of Superman and the Justice League, there seems to be no end in sight.
Should we get out there? No.
The League will soon have the situation under control.
That's not why I'm here.
According to your Intel, Sportsmaster supplied Cadmus' blockbuster formula to Kobra.
Who combined it with Bane's venom to create Kobra venom.
Which the brain used to create his animal army.
And upgrade wolf.
The brain also used inhibitor collars like the ones at the penitentiary.
Batman, is it possible that plant thing's on Kobra venom, too? I had Green Lantern run a spot analysis.
Divine cellulose does contain trace amounts of a Kobra venom variant.
These cannot be coincidences, unrelated criminals are cooperating with one another worldwide.
It's now clear our enemies have formed some kind of secret society of super villains.
The attack on Metropolis is only the beginning.
You got that right.
Plant creatures have sprouted in Gotham city, Paris, Star City, Taipei - Dude.
- It's not me.
Someone's cutting in the satellite signal.
All satellite signals.
Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regularly scheduled mayhem to bring you this important announcement From the Injustice League.
Ha ha ha! We are responsible for the attacks on your cities.
If you wish to save them, a ransom of 10 billion American dollars is required.
Delivery instructions have been sent to the United Nations.
There is no time limit.
But the longer your governments wait The more we get to have our jollies.
Ha ha ha! Roger that, Aquaman.
The UN will prepare the ransom as a fallback, but it won't come to that.
Count Vertigo, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Ultra-Humanite, Atomic Skull, Black Atom, Wotan.
7 heavy hitters.
Probably behind everyone and everything we've faced.
There's your secret society.
Not so secret anymore.
Perhaps after India they realized we would deduce the truth and saw no point in hiding any longer.
That was their mistake.
Right now I say we go kick some plant creature butt.
The Justice League will handle the plants.
I have a different job for this team.
Oh, man.
Uhh! With the plants attacking so many locations simultaneously, there must be a central control system.
Your mission is to destroy it.
You realize what you're really asking them to do.
They're ready.
Ready? Ready for what? Ow! Will you cut that Hello, Wally.
If the big guns are fighting plants, who do you think we'll be fighting? I don't know.
I guess we'll Ohh.
Well, Batman, I trust you're correct.
I trust you can locate the enemy.
Wotan's informants suggest sorcery is part of how the plants are controlled.
Robin, if you will provide a holo-map, I'll search for signs of concentrated sorcerous activity.
That is where you will find the Injustice League's central control system.
Coordinates locked in.
The Louisiana bayou.
We are on our way.
Captain Marvel.
For this plan to succeed, the entire Justice League must be seen fighting the plant creatures.
You, Zatara, and I are needed elsewhere.
Uhh! Uhh! Aah! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Kobra venom's got nothing on good old Joker venom.
Both work well in concept.
Yes, but we're putting considerable strain on my baby.
We will keep her healthy and safe, Ivy.
But she requires more power.
Skull! Stunning what a little teamwork can accomplish.
Intruder alert.
What's in the duffel? Plan "B.
" - Ugh.
- You all right? Dizzy.
Martians get airsick? She does look a bit greener than usual.
Not me, her.
I feel fine.
Not her, the bioship.
She's trying to shield us, but There it is, Atom.
- Aah! - Aah! Uhh! He's hurting her.
Uhh! No.
No way I'm nearly drowning Wow.
Uh, thanks.
M'gann, we need to get out.
Open a hatch.
Hello, M'gann.
Of course.
Everyone out.
She's in shock.
She'll need time to recover.
Count Vertigo to you, peasant.
Uhh! Robin, Miss Martian, disappear.
We will keep them busy.
You two fulfill the mission objective.
- Uhh! Poor heroes.
Nothing they do is quite enough.
Ain't it grand? Ha ha ha! And impressive how you simultaneous juggle multiple scenarios.
I've had practice Juggling my multiple personalities.
Ha ha ha! School's out! I blocked contact with Aqualad and the others.
- Should we - Sorry, that's not the gig.
This is.
The Injustice League central control system.
Looks like that plant is acting as an antenna to control the other plants worldwide.
Well, hello.
And good-bye.
Sorry, Boy Wonder.
I'm putting an end to your little reconnaissance mission.
Hyah! With so much power at my fingertips, some might call me a control freak.
Others, just a freak.
Either works for me.
Ha ha ha! Aah! Aah! Aah! They awaken.
You're certain this will hold them? The cage is impenetrable.
Even the Superboy has no chance of escaping.
You are not the only one trained in the mystic arts, Wotan.
Please, Atlantian, do not pretend you're in my League.
Robin, she's made contact.
Artemis? No.
Uhh! Not me.
Stop those delinquents.
I hate monkeys.
Aah! Ahh.
I feel naked.
And not in a fun way.
We will make our own fun, as we have been trained.
Maneuver 7.
Huh! Ahh! Where are Robin and the Martian? My baby.
Uhh! Timber.
Aah! Aah! Children.
Children foiled our plan.
That last one might not be a word.
So sue me.
Kill them.
Kill them all.
Uhh! Leave her alone.
Uhh! Enough! Plan "B.
" The helmet of Fate.
No, Aqualad, don't.
Oh, dude.
Wotan, you are mine.
Uhh! Wonderboy, you are mine.
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Always wanted to carve this bird.
Ha ha ha! Wotan has prepared for your return.
I can't see you, Martian, but perhaps I'll hear you scream.
And perhaps I can be of some assistance.
Hey, that's my souvenir.
Hold still.
- Aah! - Artemis! Surrender, sorcerer! You cannot hope to defeat our lord of order.
Aah! I can defeat you, and I will.
Not tonight, Wotan.
Uhh! Ha! It's over.
There will be another day.
Another day? Another day! There will be another day? Not for any of us.
Ha ha ha! Joker made spores.
Don't breathe.
Fear not.
Fate has intervened.
What were you thinking? How could you let him put on the helmet? Nabu will never release him now.
Kaldur will be trapped inside Dr.
Fate forever.
Nabu let you go? He almost did not, but your friend Kent was most helpful.
He says hello.
We're done here.
The super villain secret society has been neutralized.
As for your performance, it was satisfactory.
The plant creatures have proven their usefulness as potential weapons.
More importantly, the so-called heroes now believe our secret society has been revealed and crushed.
With the Injustice League serving as our proxies, we are once again free to operate with impunity.
And shadows still conceal our light.

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