Young Justice s02e20 Episode Script


Let the defendants rise.
You have been accused of willfully attacking the planet Rimbor.
Is there nothing more the defense would like to Offer the tribunal before we reach a verdict? Nothing more, Tribune.
I believe we have presented enough evidence to fully exonerate my clients.
Then you leave us no choice.
The tribunal of the High Court of the polygloture of Rimbor finds the defendants guilty on all counts.
Take them away! Justice at last! Court is adjourned.
Icon, Hawkman, we've brought new evidence The Light and the Reach on holographic record admitting they framed the League.
It should easily clear them of all charges.
I'm sorry.
You're too late.
Season 2: Invasion Episode 20: "Endgame" Time to leave this meat-infested world.
Warrior, look! The infestation is aboard ship.
The Ambassador tied my hands.
But the Ambassador is gone.
Now all the hero meat will die.
I would not be so sure.
You are alone.
I am sufficient.
As for you, brothers, I tried to keep you on mode, or at least salvage your scarabs, but clearly all 4 of you are corrupt beyond redemption.
It is you who are corrupt.
But I will reset your scarab and set you free.
Freedom is overrated.
I hate Martians.
Destroying your scarab would kill most meat, but you survive, if briefly.
Your new evidence is compelling, Icon.
But the High Court has already ruled.
- The fact that we even reconvened - Apologies, your Honor, but this is a confession, solidly placing blame for the attack on Rimbor on the true criminals responsible the Light.
And it provides their motive Bringing Earth to the Reach's attention.
Yes, yes, but have you nothing more to offer? We do have more to offer.
- Well, uh - Uh, this is a Court of Justice.
I mean, the decisions of the tribunal have repercussions throughout the galaxy.
And what we have to offer is Opportunity.
The opportunity to demonstrate that Truth and Justice prevail here.
That is not the more we are accustomed to receiving.
Perhaps not, but if the Tribunal demonstrates its fundamental fairness here and now Then how many other disputes would be brought to the High Court from across the known world? And the more disputes brought The more mores the Tribunal will receive.
No! You! You were the cause of this debacle.
It is long past time your scarab was destroyed and your life ended.
You fight back, meat, but you cannot survive against me.
I will survive, because I'm not alone in this battle, am I, scarab? No, Jaime Reyes.
Once we fought for control, but now we are united.
Friends, hermanos, standing together against any attack.
No! - What have you done? - It is over.
- We have won.
- No, we lost.
When my scarab tapped into Black's, we learned he's already set a plan in motion to erase all evidence of the Reach's attempt to conquer us, by destroying the Earth.
The natural disasters have escalated.
The rest of the League is spread thin, saving lives across the globe.
It's Black Beetle's MFD's.
The Magnetic Field Disrupters the Reach seeded at multiple locations across the Earth.
They're causing a deterioration of the planet's magnetic field, which in turn is causing these not-so-natural disasters.
I can locate all the MFD's, but each is defended by beetle tech drones programmed to run interference until the MFD can build up enough steam to go chrysalis and end the world.
So how do we shut them down? I don't know.
Because Black Beetle didn't know There's no failsafe.
This was an endgame.
Incoming transmission from United Nations Secretary General Tseng Dangun.
Luthor, what are you Secretary Tseng was kind enough to let me borrow his frequency, as I have a possible solution to our mutual problem.
A problem created by you and the Light when they collaborated to bring the Reach to Earth.
But as I believe you know, the Light always planned to betray the Reach.
Lexcorp has developed anti-Reach software, A virus that should disable their Magnetic Field Disrupters.
Now, I believe time is of the essence.
I just want you to know I'm sorry about everything.
What went wrong with our relationship was all my fault.
And I know it's too late now, I know you're dating Wendy Harris.
Me and Wendy? Dating? Uh, no.
Believe it or not, she started dating Marvin.
He's a little scared of messing it up, and she's a little scared he's right, so I've been, I don't know, a buffer? A buffer? That's great.
I mean, that's so nice of you.
We have heard your unorthodox appeal and reached a verdict.
All charges are dropped, effective immediately.
The former prisoners will be processed and released to your custody forthwith.
- Ha ha ha! We did it! - You did it.
The Justice League owes its freedom and reputation to you and the Team.
Thanks, but we should really zeta back to Earth.
- Can you handle things here? - Yes.
Every single Magnetic Field Disrupter must be disabled before they chrysalis to guarantee Earth's safety.
Each MFD is protected by multiple beetle tech drones, And each drone is the equivalent of a beetle warrior.
Blue Beetle has located There's 40 of us assembled here, so you'll be in squads of two.
Just a few more should do it.
You will all be issued multiple Reach tech eggs Containing my anti-Reach virus software.
While one hero runs interference with the drones, the other only has to physically touch his or her egg against an MFD to disable it.
- You really think we can trust Luthor? - It's his world, too.
Pretty sure he doesn't want it reduced to space dust.
Besides, we don't have much choice.
All right, I have your assignments.
We'll distribute these eggs and go.
Ladies and gentlemen, the fate of the world is in your hands.
- How does it feel? - Good.
To be free and cleared.
And even better to be heading home.
Attention, citizens of Rimbor.
I bear message to the galaxy.
I am Vandal Savage of Earth, and I hereby declare my home world off limits to all incursion or invasion.
Any breach of our planet security will result in severe discipline.
What makes Savage think these aliens will take his threat seriously? There's your answer - Alpha Squad, engaging drones.
- Acknowledged.
- All squads, report in.
- Sigma has engaged.
You plant the egg.
I will provide cover.
- So now you trust me? - La'gaan, I have always trusted you.
Did I not trust you to take my place on the Team? Neptune's Beard! We did it! Ah, the Eiffel Tower and the ever romantic City of Lights.
We're definitely coming back here, babe.
You know, when we don't have a world to save.
It will always be a world to save.
Now drop me and go.
Omega Squad has Omega Squad, repeat transmission.
Omega? Ha ha, I gotta say, playing hero is starting to feel pretty sweet.
I'm not surprised.
You show real potential for this gig.
You ever need a mentor, Virgil, you just let me know.
Asami has deployed the egg and disabled the MFD.
Good work, Theta.
20 squads deployed, 20 MFD's destroyed.
The mission was a success.
We have done it! We missed one.
The Earth's magnetic field is still being disrupted.
Blue Beetle to Watchtower.
I'm reading a 21st MFD.
In the Arctic.
Hidden from my previous scans by Earth's North Magnetic Pole.
- Sending coordinates.
- There are no Zeta tubes in the Arctic.
- How are we going to - Don't worry, gang.
- I've got this.
- Not without me, you don't.
A squad of two, remember? Let's go in and crash that MFD' mode.
Follow me, gramps! Whoa! Flash to Watchtower.
The magnetic field disruptor It's already gone chrysalis.
- And I'm not sure if the egg - The egg is useless now.
You're too late.
- What now? - Now you run.
Hey, I'm no quitter.
There's gotta be I didn't say "run away".
I said "run".
Together, you and Impulse should be able to negate the chrysalis by running counter to its energy flow.
- Is it really that simple? - I wouldn't call it "simple".
You'll be attempting to siphon its power with your own speed trails.
It'll take a massive amount of kinetic energy.
Do you think it'll be enough? Kid Flash B-zero-3.
And no matter what, don't slow down until the chrysalis is completely neutralized.
I think it just might be working.
It's definitely slowing, but not stopping.
Even at our top speed, I'm not certain the two of us can generate enough kinetic energy.
Then how about the 3 of us? I may not be as fast as you two, but I can add my fair share of kinetic energy.
Besides, I can't let the new kid take all the credit for saving the world.
- Good man.
- Go, crash! Come on, Wall-man, you can do better than that.
Look! It's working! They're shutting it down.
Earth's magnetic field is stabilizing.
- Yes.
- But there is a problem, Jaime Reyes.
The Kid Flash is in danger.
His slower speed is making him an exit valve for the chrysalis' energy.
- In 16 seconds, he will cease.
- Cease? Cease what? Bart, we have to slow down more.
Try to siphon off some of the energy attacking Wally.
It's no good, Barry.
Oh, man! Artemis is so gonna kill me for this.
And don't even get me started on mom and dad.
- Kid? - Just tell them, OK? Kid! They did it! Ha! - It's over! - Congratulations.
You have saved Wait.
Where's Wally? Artemis He wanted me to tell you No.
He loved you.
Are we Too late? Aqualad, what happened here? Fear not.
The crisis has passed.
Though at a terrible cost.
This is Cat Grant, reporting live from the U.
, where the entire planet Earth is celebrating a special Independence Day, free of Reach invaders, thanks to the brave heroes of the Justice League.
I told you I should have been allowed to complete my research into the scarab problem.
The Green Lanterns escort the Reach to stand trial before the Guardians of the Universe, thus completing your triumph over those who sought to use you against your own world.
It is over, Jaime Reyes.
Sounds like someone's finally listening to old G.
Gordon, The lone voice of reason, calling for the ouster of U.
Secretary General Tseng after his disastrous collaboration with the Reach.
Well, guess what, folks.
Tseng finally resigned.
You're welcome.
Now, his successor has not yet been chosen, but I think we all know only one man qualifies.
The man responsible for saving all our lives from the Reach's MFD's, Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lex Luthor! You have got to be kidding me.
And on that note, I officially turn over my chairmanship of the League to you.
Thanks so much.
This is no time for you to resign.
I'm not resigning, just taking a leave of absence.
Besides, if you need help, Barbara's more than ready to step up.
- Agreed.
But, Dick - I need a break, Kaldur.
You, me, Wally, we founded this team.
Without him I understand.
- You look good.
- Really? 'Cause I feel like a fraud.
Well, don't.
You're honoring Wally's memory by becoming Kid Flash.
I know he'd be proud.
So, you suited up.
- But as Tigress? - Artemis was Wally's partner.
I need some distance.
I need a change.
So let's see how Tigress does.
- As a hero? - As a blonde.
- Welcome to the Team, Virgil.
- Call me "Static".
So, what about your pals? I take it they declined our invitation? Well, Arsenal was always more of a solo act.
And the others are getting out of the gang.
- Since when are Tim and Cassie a couple? - Since Wally You know.
It was kind of a "life is short" thing.
It gave Cassie the courage to kiss him.
- Well, that kind of courage - Can be hard to come by.
Team, report to the mission room.
Having stopped the Reach invasion and broken the Light in half, the Team will now operate out of the Watchtower, side by side with the League.
Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because you earned it.
And so, we'll leave you to it.
This Team has had successes, but much remains to be done.
Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, you're Alpha.
B'arzz O'oomm has called from Mars.
He needs help.
Tigress, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, Guardian, you're Beta.
LexCorp is bringing out the Reach soft drink under a new name.
- We need proof.
- Business as usual.
The rest of you are Gamma and will investigate Batgirl's lead on Vandal Savage's next move.
Business, as usual.
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