Young Justice s03e06 Episode Script

Rescue Op

(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) (LAUGHING) - (MONKEYS LAUGHING) - Come on, you funny monkeys.
(GRUNTS) Hey, watch it, you.
(SCOFFS) Well, someone certainly needs to watch it.
I bruise so easily.
Who (CLICKS TONGUE) Oh, where are my manners? We haven't been formally introduced.
My name is Black Spider - of the League of Shadows, Black Spiders.
- (GASPS) And I have a very special message to deliver to Mr.
Jaqqar Marlo.
(STUTTERING) I don't know any Jaqqar Marlo.
(CHUCKLES) I think you do, Jack.
See, I've been waiting out here just for you, for hours.
Now, I don't begrudge.
In fact, I hope you danced up a storm, had a few drinks, kissed a girl.
You deserve all that, Jack.
Because this is your last night on Earth.
(WHIMPERS) (SIGHS) Why do they always run? Do I need better quips? (PANTING AND GRUNTING) (CONTINUES PANTING) BLACK SPIDER: Where's Jackie? (LAUGHS) Huh? BLACK SPIDER: Good job, kid.
Boss will be proud.
In fact, all the bosses will be proud.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (SIREN BLARING IN THE DISTANCE) - (MONKEY CACKLING) - (BEEPING) (LAUGHING) Oh, this game is way too super to be this much fun.
(GRUNTS) That was pathetic.
(LAUGHING) I'm a professional acrobat.
- I meant to do that.
- Mmm-hmm.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Ah, I've missed you.
You talk to me every day.
Please tell me you know that's not the same thing.
Oh, I do.
- (MONKEY CACKLING) - (CHUCKLES) So, how do you like the good goggles? The graphics are pretty amazing.
But who needs augmented reality when you've got (BEEPING) Intriguing.
(SNORING) Are you all right? I have a A weird feeling in my stomach.
(STOMACH GRUMBLES) And it's making all the noises.
(CHUCKLES) I think you are hungry.
You must have been hungry before, no? I don't think so.
Artemis feeds me regularly.
- Is "wow" the right word? - (CHUCKLES) - Right enough.
- (DOOR CLOSES) But how will Forager speak to them? Uh, Forager does not speak human language.
Oh, and Mother Box is not here to translate Forager's words.
I downloaded our language into your brain.
Miss Martian taught Miss Martian's language to Forager? Everything but the pronouns apparently.
His people have an extremely complex sense of self.
They don't have much use for pronouns.
- Have you tried these? - They're called apples.
I know.
They're incredible and they grow on trees.
Halo, Brion, this is Forager.
He's from New Genesis.
Have you tried apples yet, Forager? They're incredible.
New Genesis? Uh, that's another New Genesis is one of two planets of origin to the New Gods.
The leader of New Genesis is Highfather who lives on the floating city of Supertown.
The surface of the planet is inhabited by a race of sentient bugs.
Oh, like you.
Halo knows much of Forager's world.
Yes, she does.
Halo, how do you know all that? (STUTTERS) I don't know.
I just do.
So, you're an alien? (STUTTERS) I can't believe I'm meeting a real alien.
Uh, hello? I'm from Mars.
And Conner's half Kryptonian.
Yes, of course.
But Forager is a real alien.
(CHUCKLES) Brion is the alien to Forager.
(LAUGHING) Well, you would think that, wouldn't you? Forager's life was in danger on New Genesis.
So we've brought him here for his own protection.
Forager is in exile from Forager's home.
From one exile to another, welcome to Earth.
Forager thanks Brion.
Seriously, Forager, you have to try the apples.
MEGAN: I was planning on having Forager join the team while he's on Earth, but where will he stay? ARTEMIS: Uh, I'd love to help, but we've already got a full house.
CONNER: So do we.
Maybe the Watchtower? MEGAN: No one's living there right now.
He'd be all alone.
He needs people, Conner.
ARTEMIS: Makes you miss Mount Justice.
CONNER: Yeah, those nights in the Cave were pretty special.
Forager thinks Miss Martian and Miss Martian's friends are trying to figure out what to do with Forager.
BOTH: They do that a lot.
Hello, Megan.
Brion, Forager, how would you guys like to share your own place? - Sleeping in the car? - No.
Not a car.
Dang it.
This thing still freaks me out.
Please don't call Bio Ship a thing.
Besides, I should know better than to bring anything spillable to Marstown.
- Marstown? - Little Mars? Never mind.
- I have never lived - (PHONE LINE RINGING) in a recreational vehicle before.
Neither has Forager.
Brion, Halo, I kind of promised Dr.
Jace she could talk to you.
Prince Brion, Halo, I've been so worried about you both.
- I want - We are fine, Dr.
I owe you some answers.
I know.
BRION: I have only one question.
Is my sister Is Tara still alive? I believe she is.
At least she was.
I tried to protect her for as long as I could.
But soon after her Meta-Gene was activated, your uncle took her away from me and shipped her off to To I don't know where.
So she did have the Meta-Gene.
What were her powers? I never saw.
But since you and Baron DeLamb both have different types of Geo-Force, it stands to reason that as your blood relative, Tara would have a similar power set.
DICK: That's what we were thinking, too.
- "We"? - Uh, me.
A man named Jaqqar Marlo was killed this morning by a meta-human who dropped a massive rock on his head.
Black Spider, an assassin from the League of Shadows was also spotted in the area.
Boulder-dropping isn't his style.
So, the possibility does exist that your sister is now with the Shadows.
Princess Tara would never kill.
They must be using a control device upon her.
Like they did with Plasmus and his sister.
The princess must be rescued from these Shadows.
Yes, we must rescue her now! Brion, I want you to literally chill.
We don't know conclusively that this was Tara or even that it was someone with a Geo-Force power.
A telekinetic could've moved that boulder.
Or someone with super strength could've chucked it.
Do you know where the Shadows are or not? (SIGHS) They're based on Infinity Island.
But that doesn't guarantee Tara's with them.
There's one way to find out.
The League of Shadows is run by Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head, a member of the Light, and one of the most dangerous men on the planet.
We are not facing al Ghul and all his Shadows without more intel and a solid plan.
Brion, don't make me sorry I told you about this.
(SIGHS) Fine.
We'll play it your way.
In the meantime, I suppose I should explore my new living quarters.
Forager would explore, too.
Prince Brion, Halo, please take care of Uh, they're gone, Doctor.
Ah, I see.
Jefferson, you'll keep me apprised? Of course, Helga.
I promise.
I can ask nothing more.
How do you know it's a girl? Is not Bio Ship's gender obvious? (CHOMPING) (LINE RINGING) Prince Brion? I didn't expect - But I'm so glad you - I'm going after Tara.
But I don't know what kind of shape she'll be in when I bring her back.
I'll be ready to help in any way I can.
But I thought the others said no.
BRION: I changed their minds.
I understand.
I'll text you my location.
Bring her back to us, Brion.
But be careful.
I will.
I want to help.
Helping the hive is the bug way.
HALO: Are we your hive? Halo gave Forager food.
So Halo is of Forager's hive.
And you gave me an apple.
So you must be in our hive too.
Can we please focus? I need to make arrangements to get us to this Infinity Island.
Oh, that's easy.
Sphere and I have a special relationship.
You'll take us where we need to go, won't you? (WHINES) HALO: See? She likes me.
How does Halo know New Genesphere is a girl? Isn't it obvious? (WHIMPERS) Don't know how long you'll be able to put Brion off.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Just a second.
Hey, cuteness.
Halo's real name is Gabrielle Daou.
Sixteen years old, Quraci refugee, was working as a servant in the Markovian Royal Palace.
You really need to work on your pet names.
Just got Halo's ID.
Her real name's Gabrielle Daou.
Oh, that's great.
We should go tell her.
It might summon some memories.
They're gone.
All three of them.
Wolf, where are the kids? (WHINES) Thanks, Wolf.
They can't have gone far.
Where's Sphere? - Super-Cycle, take us down.
It would seem we need to go there.
(BIRDS SCREECHING) We're on a mission.
A rescue mission, correct? Yes, of course.
But, Halo, please.
And that's my mission name.
I like it, but I think I need a secret identity name, too.
Like how Artemis is Tigress on a mission, but Artemis at home.
Forager is Forager.
All right.
But at home, I think I'll be Violet.
It's what you called me, Brion.
What? When? - You don't rember? - Violet.
No, I'm Violet at home.
Here, I'm halo.
Something's not right.
Grayson said this was an entire island of assassins.
But there's no one here.
Human is here.
Hush, children.
I am trying to meditate.
And I am trying to find my sister! Then your search has gone astray, Brion Markov.
You know who I am.
SENSEI: Who doesn't know of the foolish and impatient prince banished from his kingdom on live television? You seek the missing princess, but will not find her here.
Is this Infinity Island or not? (SIGHS) It is.
Then where is your army of ninjas? I don't need an army.
I trained the army.
You didn't train them for me.
CONNER: I can't believe this.
They've only been living in here five minutes.
It's already a mess.
You're sure they went to Infinity Island? The one place we very specifically told them not to go? Yep.
Well, what goes around comes around.
What's that supposed to mean? Uh, "Cadmus" ring any bells? Oh, man.
I hate being the grown-up.
My sister was abducted by the League of Shadows.
I'm here to bring her home.
As far as I can tell, boy, you are here to make a fool of yourself.
Tell me where my sister is! Perhaps your sister chooses not to be found by you.
I've hardly known you five minutes, but already sympathize with such a decision.
(GRUNTS) - (GRUNTS) - (BOTH GASP) I am no longer amused by this conversation.
And you have ruined my meditation space.
(GRUNTS) Wasn't that hot? Pain is an illusion.
Now, all of you stand down.
Let go of her! (SPHERE REVS) None of that.
(DOOR LOCKS) This was all my fault.
- Oh, Violet, I'm I'm so sorry.
(BONES CRACKING) (GASPS) What What happened? (GASPS) Violet! You're alive! FORAGER: Is Halo a New God? Curious.
I felt her life drain from her, Master.
I swear it.
Resurrection does happen here, huh? Though, usually not without a Lazarus Pit.
(THUD) NIGHTWING: This is why you don't go in unprepared.
- Now, hold still.
- (BRION GROANS) (GROANS) - There you go, girl.
- (SPHERE CHIRPS) (SIGHS) You gotta figure, the Shadows are on their way.
Then let's move.
(GRUNTS) We just wanna leave.
Your trespass must be punished.
Wrong answer.
Well, young man.
Are you proud of this little debacle? I believe the detective would be quite disappointed.
(GROWLS ANGRILY) I assume you came to recover these children? Take them and go.
Not without my sister, Tara Markov.
We know the League of Shadows has her! Stay your tongue when addressing the Demon's Head.
It is fine, Sensei.
Boy, the Shadows may indeed have your sister, but I'm no longer head of the Shadows.
As you can see, there are no Shadows here.
In fact, I'm no longer part of the Light.
He lies.
Ra's al Ghul is many things, but a liar isn't one of them.
Would the great one care to reveal who is running the Shadows now? (CHUCKLES) No, he would not.
It's not my dad, is it? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) No.
(CHUCKLES) My sister? Get out.
Oh, your memory is finally returning.
I apologize.
I know this mess was all my fault.
It happens.
Once upon a time, I had to rescue Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, too.
- Who? - Forager met Kid Flash.
That was a different kid (SIGHS) Never mind.
Let's make one thing clear.
We are not happy.
You stole Sphere, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered your lives.
You will not be doing this again.
I know I made mistakes, big mistakes.
But please, I need your help.
- I'm not ready to walk away.
- Neither am I.
Forager rolls with Forager's hive.
Forager, there's still a place for you on the team.
Forager has chosen Halo and Brion as Forager's hive.
Also, Bio Ship.
Especially Bio Ship.
I do not believe any of us would fit inside your team.
But we can remain outside together.
That's the commitment we were looking for.
Does that mean Yep.
We'll find a way to make it work.
To make this work.
And just like that, you're leading another team.
(GROANS) Please don't rub it in.
Oh, Halo, I almost forgot.
We found out who you are.
You real name is Gabrielle.
Gabrielle Daou.
Daou Gabrielle, you're approved to enter Markovia.
Though why we allow it is beyond me.
(GASPS) Quraci, go home.
No, I'm not Gabrielle.
My name is Violet.
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