Young Justice s04e04 Episode Script


So this is really goodbye.
I'm gonna miss you, girl.
I can't thank you enough for everything.
You were as much a member of the team as any of us.
- Are you okay, Gar? - Yeah.
I mean I'm sad, but I want her to be happy.
Are you okay? Not really.
It's very hard to lose her, but I understand her decision and I'll be fine eventually.
Yeah, that's right.
Baby's taking care of our family now.
How did you find me? You know I do this professionally, right? So you're arresting me again? I should.
And someday, I might.
I still can't forgive what you did to those two kids on New Genesis.
But you're a Martian on Mars.
I don't have the authority to arrest you here for crimes committed off world.
A rematch, then? I didn't come to fight.
- I came to apologize.
- What? When I went to Earth, I never should have left you behind.
I'm truly sorry, M'comm.
My name's not M'comm.
It's Ma'alefa'ak.
Even Even if you can't forgive me, it's not too late to reconcile with our family.
What family? Our siblings? Please.
As for our parents, you can say goodbye to Mom and tell Dad I'm sorry.
Good luck with the wedding.
C'eridy'all, Goddess of life, Bless this altar and this canopy, built with passion and affection.
With thy power, fill M'gann and Conner with the light of Ma'ayava'ana.
The Light of Love.
You honor us with such a beautiful blessing, S'yraa.
Thank you.
I am honored to be officiating at your daughter's wedding tomorrow.
M'gann and Conner's love is inspirational.
Ask her.
Is there something I might help you with, Em'ree? No.
Or yes.
I'm a scientist-atheist.
I can't be asking a priestess for advice.
Then perhaps you could ask a friend.
It's M'gann.
Everything she said about me yesterday was true.
I wasn't there for her or our brother because I was afraid of what others might think.
What can I do? How can I possibly make it up to her? Well, to start, tell her you're sorry.
This place is so crash! Your party's gonna crush it! Apologies.
I don't believe the psychic translation is working properly.
He just wanted to thank you for inviting us to your birthday celebration.
- Yeah, that.
- My pleasure.
I understand.
I hate birthday fuss, too.
The day before we arrived on Mars, M'gann threw a surprise birthday party for me onboard Bio-Ship.
It makes her happy, but But maybe that's not the problem? No, it hurts that I won't be able to share this day with my father.
Don't worry.
We'll bring the king's killer to justice.
- We promise - To do our best.
Thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have much to prepare before tonight.
We have to go.
But you psychically camouflaged us.
Miss Martian's coming.
We can't risk her recognizing my psychic signature from the cave-in.
I still don't understand how we're supposed to complete our mission if we can't stay close.
I'm really not sure.
But what choice do we have? Come on.
So, how did it go? About as well as I thought it would.
That bad, huh? How are things here? We need to get on with the investigation.
Gar promised J'emm we'd find answers for him.
And we still think the King's death is connected to the destruction of the Zeta-Tube in the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite? That's the theory.
We should do an even more thorough review of the intel J'emm provided.
Where can we go to do that? We don't have to go anywhere.
Here's what we know.
The king's body was found in the Grand Hall of the Royal Palace.
I found traces of a familiar residue.
I've seen something like it before, but can't quite place it.
I've tasted multiple individual Martian traces at the crime scene.
Then let's find out who was in the palace that night.
Your Majesty, I must insist.
We are better off without the Earthers.
But my late husband was very much in favor of a M'arzz-Earth alliance.
Perhaps, but given recent events, it seemed clear that even the King would have changed his mind, were he still alive.
Now you presume to understand how my father thinks? You go too far, R'ess E'dda.
These are adult concerns.
I would not expect a child to understand.
I am Prince of the Realm.
Do not tell me what I do and do not understand.
And do not put words in the mind of my late father.
Your Majesty, surely you will not allow this youth Your prince has spoken, R'ess.
Nothing's leaping out in the files for the M'hontrss or Consuls who were at the palace that day.
Nothing on the nobles, priests and priestesses either.
Guys, guys, check it out.
I found a discrepancy.
According to this, seven servants entered the palace that day, but only six left.
The numbers don't add up.
This one.
She entered the palace, but there's no record of her leaving.
At least not through any of the palace gates Making her our lead suspect.
I hate to admit it, but I was really hoping the killer wouldn't turn out to be A'ashenn.
Maybe the M'hontrr at the gate saw something when she entered.
No one came in that night except a couple of A'ashenn servants.
Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to them, but feel free to review my memories of the evening.
Got R'ohh K'arr's memory record right here.
Another servant entered with our suspect.
His name is Kar Ming.
Here's his interview.
I didn't see anything.
Nothing at all.
That's it? That's his whole interview? We need to talk to this K'arr M'angg.
Little cramped in here, huh? Not that the B'lahdenns or G'arrunns ever noticed.
Let's just find our Martian.
According to his file, his home should be right over here.
K'arr M'angg, I am I know who you are.
The niece of J'onn J'onzz and the Outsiders of Earth.
The whole city's been sending about you three.
Flattering, I guess.
We've been looking into the King's murder.
- I had nothing to do - You're not a suspect.
We were wondering if you could tell us anything about the female A'ashenn servant that entered the palace with you that night.
Oh, her.
She wasn't A'ashenn.
She wasn't? She was a G'arrunn posing as A'ashenn.
But how did R'ohh K'arr not catch that? You can't change color without others realizing.
- Believe me, I know.
- Please.
It would never occur to a G'arrunn that another G'arrunn would ever pretend to be A'ashenn.
R'ohh K'arr took no notice of her.
He takes no notice of any of us.
He hardly sees us as Martians.
Why didn't you tell this to the M'hontrrs after the king's death? My kind knows better than to trust M'hontrrs.
That is why I keep this.
There's a reminder that if I tell the truth, I would only be making trouble for myself.
G'arrunns would never believe a G'arrunn killed the king.
Then why tell us now? Because she is one of us.
There's old king Ma'arrun! And Queen Sykara! All of our great leaders! There's S'turnn! - Prince J'emm! - Best yet! Come now, Jem.
This is a glorious day, one that would have made your father proud.
Please try to dispel the dark cloud shadowing your face and mind.
I'll try, Mother.
Excuse me.
You have news? I can tell.
We have a new lead suspect.
Show me.
We've discovered that a G'arrunn female entered the palace that night posing as an A'ashenn servant.
I see.
Good work.
Perhaps you could, um, give me a moment to absorb this.
Hello, Megan.
It was right there - the whole time.
- What? Zatanna's spells always leave behind microscopic magical residue that looks slightly different than, say, Doctor Fate's.
- Or Thirteen's.
- Residue? Gross.
Gar, focus.
Each magic-user's residue is like a signature.
And Martian magic is basically a signature in a different language.
That's why I didn't recognize it before.
I'm sure of it now.
Come on.
We have to find J'emm.
I'll explain on the way.
S'yraa told me that she and J'emm were together, before the fact that they were from different castes forced them apart.
S'yraa said she agreed to marry us because she wanted to bring about change.
I think she also wanted to give us, what she herself couldn't have because King S'turnn forbade it.
My father always believed that the prejudices separating G'arrunn and A'ashenn were ridiculous.
That there was no real difference between the two races.
But I'll bet the king still believed B'lahdenns were superior to both A'ashenns and G'arrunns.
He felt the Royal Bloodline had to remain B'lahdenn and pure, So S'turnn wouldn't allow his son to marry a G'arrunn.
Which is why you killed him.
J'emm, no, it's not true.
You know, I'd never even been to the palace.
You never brought me there.
Liar! I definitely tasted her there.
And we've got a match on her magic residue.
So it was you.
No, no, no.
No, I didn't mean to.
I I Everyone, get back! We've got to stop this before she brings the whole place down.
Prince J'emm, get clear! J'emm, please, get out of the way! No, S'yraa, you must stop this.
- I can't! - You'll have to.
Or you'll have to kill me.
Please, I don't want to kill you.
I never wanted to hurt you.
I I still love you.
I simply do not understand, S'yraa.
No matter his failings, how could you murder my father? I didn't mean to.
I only snuck into the palace to talk.
I was sure if I opened my mind to him, and he read just how much I loved his son, he'd have a change of heart and give us his blessing.
But he was so dismissive, so contemptuous.
I was upset.
And my power I never felt I had a calling, but I did study with the Sorcerer-Priesthood to help me control my magic.
But when I fell in love with you, I neglected my studies.
And because of that, I couldn't control my magic that night.
Thought became action, and before I had time to take it back Then I panicked and morphed, sneaking out through the plumbing.
After that, I knew I could never be with you.
Even though the main obstacle to our marriage was gone, I knew we could never be truly intimate again psychically.
So I took the Y'ellonn, knowing that Sorcerer-Priests and Priestesses lead celibate, solitary lives.
I am deeply, deeply sorry.
She opened her mind to us fully.
She was telling the truth.
It really was just an accident.
And the King's death had nothing to do with the destruction of the Zeta-Tube or the communication satellite.
We're sorry it all turned out this way.
Not as sorry as I.
If I had just been braver, if I had defied my father, he would still be alive and S'yraa and I would be together.
And the M'hontrrs would not be taking the woman I love off to prison.
Did you hear? A priestess has been arrested for the death of the King.
They say she used to be G'arrunn.
It's a ma'al trick.
It has to be! Only an A'ashenn would dare kill the king.
No, it is true.
We have an open mind confession of the crime from the Priestess who killed King S'turnn.
My fellow Martians.
Clearly, this is shocking news.
But there is a lesson to be learned here.
Our king is dead because the G'arrunn wanted the life of a B'lahdenn.
For just as there is much even G'arrunns cannot aspire to, there is much our A'ashenns should not aspire to.
This is the reason our caste system exists, to preserve order.
It is the Martian way.
R'ess E'dda is right.
The system is there for a reason.
It is as it has always been.
It is the Martian way! Indeed! This has been the Martian way, but that does not make it the right way, does not mean it is the way things ought to be.
Our caste system is responsible for all of M'arzz's problems.
Just think, my people.
How preposterous is it that among a race of shape shifters, the color of one's skin defines one's worth? It is long past time for institutionalized tribalism and scapegoating to be eradicated.
The Martian way should be a path toward empathy, a path toward embracing full equality for all Martians.
If we allow our society, our culture to hold on to old prejudices, then we are all to blame for my father's death.
Together, we must all find a new way.
He forgets himself.
- Heresy! - The Prince is right.
To dispose of caste We must embrace this now! Gotta give the Prince credit.
Guy knows how to make a speech.
Stay alert.
Don't forget why we're here.
My eyes are opening to these words of common sense.
This dialogue will continue.
It must.
But enough about death today.
We're here to celebrate the birth of my son, your Prince J'emm, son of S'turnn.
Conner, M'gann and Gar? I'll take you to them.
The Time Scanner! - He's here.
- Hurry! I'll mask our flight! There's someone below us.
I'm picking up the same mind signature from the cave-in.
- Meaning? - Trouble.
I know I saw someone doing something with this.
What is it? It's definitely Apokoliptan tech.
It's a bomb.
I'm guessing we've only got minutes before it blows.
It looks like there's some kind of virus in the containers.
It tastes of M'comm.
You can say goodbye to Mom and tell Dad I'm sorry.
M'comm! This was his plan.
That's why he did what he did on New Genesis.
Trading favors with Apokolips to get this this viral bomb? My guess is it'll target and kill all the G'arrunns in the arena.
Maybe the B'lahdenns as well or worse! We don't know the explosive yield or how far the virus will spread.
You three need to get out of here.
You're all in danger.
- But I'm - You're biracial.
We don't know how it will affect you or Gar.
He has your blood in his veins.
- I'll get rid of it.
- Great.
Except you haven't seen the sun in a while.
Right now you're not as tough as you think.
It has to be me.
I'm the only one who's immune.
There's a heat source below.
A lava flow, I think.
should be hot enough to fry the virus.
Now, go! Clear the area! Be careful, Conner.
I don't see him.
Miss Martian's blocking my telepathy.
I can't pinpoint any of them.
Attention, everyone.
You must evacuate the arena, now! J'emm? M'hontrr, get the Queen to safety! At once, Prince J'emm.
No! Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- Conner! - M'gann, wait! The virus! He He's fine.
He'll pop up any minute now.
The explosion can't kill super I can't feel his mind-touch.
I can't feel his mind-touch! M'gann No.
Where are they? Conner? Down there! Is Is the heat affecting him, too? No.
Kryptonite traces in the air.
We all must leave this place.
But Conner We all must leave this place now! Low oxygen on M'arzz.
Not enough solar energy to recharge his cells.
A bomb laced with Kryptonite And that shadow of ash on the wall Conner Please, please answer me.
Conner, please.
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.

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