Young Rock (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Forward, Together

1 Thank you for joining us tonight.
I'm Randall Park.
With the presidential race kicking into high gear, the candidates are all asking the same question what issue is most important to the American voters.
Our cameras were allowed exclusive access to a strategy meeting with Candidate Johnson and his campaign manager.
As you can see from the data, our campaign polled likely voters about their biggest concerns, which we'll want to address when we shoot our TV ad, and the most common answer was Oh, you know what'd be good? I'd like to guess "Family Feud" style.
That's fun, okay.
What is the biggest concern among American voters? - Job security.
- Ding, ding, ding! Number one answer.
So what our polling showed is, with automation on the rise, people worry about technology replacing them - in the workforce.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean, a change like that creates a lot of uncertainty in people.
And trust me, I know.
My life has changed so much over the years.
Right, you were the Scorpion King, and now you may be the leader of the free world.
I was actually talking about when I was a kid.
Me too.
That's also what I meant.
Yeah, my mom and I followed my dad as he wrestled all over the world, and things were challenging back then like living paycheck to paycheck.
I mean, we weren't destitute in any way, but we certainly weren't rich.
I gotta tell you when my dad first started wrestling for the WWF, it felt as though things changed just like that.
This is crazy! You're wrestling the Black Demon in New York, and you're here at the same time.
That's called syndication, little man.
I'm nationwide, baby.
I can't believe they're airing wrestling coast-to-coast like it's "The Jeffersons.
" Takes commanding control.
Nice move, Dad.
The crowd is going crazy! Oh, they are.
They are.
Oh, look, look, there's Vince McMahon.
Certainly an impressive victory by "The Soul Man" Rocky Johnson.
Together, me and him are gonna do some exciting things for the WWF.
The camera loves a strong chin dimple.
Hey, thanks to him, a million fans just saw me beat Black Demon's ass, so I thought we'd capitalize on that and start selling merch at my events.
We got jackets, hats, T-shirts, scissors.
- Do not throw him scissors.
- Scissors? Uh, to cut the sleeves off the shirts, Son.
Free the great black sharks.
- Can I help sell merch? - Absolutely.
You know what? You could be president of the Rocky Johnson Fan Club.
Whoa! How much did all this cost? Oh, don't worry about that, babe.
You heard that crowd.
I'm on track to being Vince's number one guy.
Is that why we're staying in this nice motel? Oh, Son, this is a hotel.
That's why we let you sit on the carpet.
Oh, I wonder who that could be.
Did someone order room service? Whoa.
When the food comes to you all the way in your room That's room service We will eat it all and the sauces are small It's room service That's my new favorite song.
Here you go.
Marisa, my pen has run out.
Can I borrow yours? Sorry, Lia, I've only got the one.
- I can just remember stuff.
- Yeah, thank you, dear.
And entering the diner, standing at 6'2", 260 pounds.
You've seen him on national TV.
"Soul Man" Rocky Johnson! Thank you, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Hi, Grandma.
Sorry we're late.
- Hey.
- Mm, looks good.
I'm starving.
I should kiss Vince McMahon on the mouth.
- Mom.
- What? You heard that reaction.
WWF get more popular, our company gets more popular too.
You know, ever since Peter passed I love you, Peter.
I love you, High Chief.
Vince has become so supportive of me.
Vince loves you.
You're the only promoter he lets his wrestlers work for outside the WWF.
I'm his favorite ever since I gave him my recipe for pulled pork.
Look at this.
- Can you move those? - Yeah, yeah.
Whoa, a poster for your Island Battle Royale.
All my best guys will be there.
- Rocky.
- "The Soul Man.
" - The Iron Sheik.
- Iran, number one! Junkyard Dog.
I'm an old, nasty dog.
Nasty dog! Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.
I get angry very quickly! - André the Giant.
- I don't even exercise.
"Macho Man" Randy Savage.
Tower of power too sweet to be soured.
- King Kong Bundy.
- Give me a five count! Oh, no, actually King Kong Bundy is pulled out because his mom's sick.
Oh, right.
I forgot.
My mom is sick.
We'll miss him, but nothing is more important than family.
You coming over to look at your father's boxes? You know, it's been three months.
Yeah, it's time.
Good, you can decide what goes and what stays.
- I know.
- Oh, and remind me to give this poster to my assistant, Bob, so he can put it up.
Is that him sitting out there? - Why didn't Bob come in? - It's a family breakfast.
My grandmother and my dad could feel the world of wrestling changing Is that Rocky Johnson? And their futures looked bright.
Hey, Dewey, check it out.
Whoa, why'd they put you in between two ladies? That's Sylvester Stallone.
He's Rocky number two.
Rocky, great match last night.
Thanks, JT.
We all set for the autograph signing - on Saturday? - All set.
My dad is gonna need all fan photos taken on his right side.
That's his good side.
Oh, and he's gonna need five silver pens and ten ripe mangos, pre-sliced, for energy.
Yeah, sure.
I'll take that.
Oh, yeah, great definition in the thighs, brother, yeah.
Look at the detail in the hair.
- Wow, what's that? - My action figure.
Vince McMahon sent it to me.
Vince didn't tell me he was making us into action figures.
Not us, only me.
But things were even brighter for André.
It's a prototype.
One night, Vince and I, we were drinking fernet, and he say, "I wonder how small we can make André.
" And I say, "Not small at all.
André is a giant, huh?" And today he sent me this.
- Oh, the arms moving.
- Damn! Dad, you getting one of those? Yeah, I'm sure mine is coming.
Not coming soon, boss.
Yeah, André, we know you're Vince's number one guy Well, I mean, I don't think we all know that So did you guys talk about me when you was out drinking? 'Cause I love fernet.
We go out, I'm like, "Somebody get a round of fernet for the Dog.
" No.
It's correct down there? Hey, come on.
- What are you doing, man? - It's a toy for kids.
You want your jabroni kids to play with doll, pull down pants, and see sex? Wow, look how young you and your dad were.
Peter loved listening to you sing.
He knew I was shy, so he just kept encouraging me.
You sound like an angel.
Hey, is Lia here? She's in her office with Sheik.
- What is wrong with dog? - Nothing.
- She has tumors.
She's resting.
- Ugh.
I'm hosting a barbecue for all my wrestlers before the match.
Yes, very exciting.
I go to Safeway.
I get the cupcake.
The barbecue is a family event, so let's run through things that you can't say.
No problem.
Sheik only family man.
All these words here.
- No "[bleep.]
"? - No.
- No "[bleep.]
"? - No.
- No "[bleep.]
"? - That's right.
Okay, boss.
Lia, I have some bad news.
It's about King Kong Bundy's mother.
Oh, no.
Okay, send some flowers and a card should read, "Sorry for your loss.
" No, she didn't die.
She's not even sick.
Bundy lied to you.
He signed a deal to wrestle for Yao.
That's why he backed out of our event.
Greg Yao what kind of promoter puts his own picture in the announcement? And who's this Chinese man? That word, that okay to say.
A traitor.
He worked for Peter, and when Peter passed, Yao said he would never work for a woman, so he left, and he started his own wrestling promotion.
What a jabroni.
The sheik love all women.
This event isn't on the same night as ours.
Why can't Bundy do both? Yao made him sign an exclusive contract, so he can only wrestle for him in Hawaii.
Bundy is not gonna work for us again, and I'm gonna make sure Vince hears about this and get his advice.
I forgot his number.
Oh, try visualizing the shape the numbers make on the keypad.
My mom's number is a square.
Am I trying to call your mom, Bob? Get me Vince's number.
Who lies about their mom being sick? I pray every day for my mom's good health, and she's been dead 20 years, - and Yao, he thinks he can - Hey, Lia.
- Thanks for the barbecue.
- Aw, yeah, manuia.
Anything for my wrestlers.
He thinks he can steal my guys from the battle royale.
Bundy should have said no.
You can't back out of a match.
If you say you gonna do it, you do it.
Yes, right.
Sika, write that down.
I got wing fingers.
I'll remember it.
Vince sent me this.
Look out.
Hey, don't know if you guys heard Terry and the Chief this morning on the radio? Ah, Terry number one.
- The Chief, ach-toof! - Yeah, I hate the Chief too.
Why is he always congested? - Yeah.
- Go see an allergist, man.
Well, they were talking about my autograph signing this Saturday.
Dewey's gonna sell merch for me.
- It's gonna be huge.
- So how many hats do you want? Well, gonna go reload the Arnold Palmer.
Too much corn on the grill, Bob.
People love my corn.
And we found an old picture of André sitting on Dad's lap.
Dad looks so tiny.
André loves sitting on people.
Glad you're going through those boxes, babe.
Bet there's some amazing stuff in there.
Brother, you should see some of the old home movies - that she found voice of an angel.
- Mm.
Whatever happened to your music? - You still writing songs? - No.
It's just nothing serious, just something I was playing around with.
Too bad.
I thought of you this morning.
There was an ad in the paper for singers to audition for this new TV show, "Star Search.
" Yeah, I don't think so.
Why not? You used to love singing.
Um, well, you know, I'm I'm just oh, here's my son.
- Dad, I sold a T-shirt.
- Nice, son.
Who's the lucky fan? Bob has too much corn on the grill.
Has anybody seen Junkyard Dog? He's supposed to bring the ambrosia salad.
Ah, yeah, he called.
He said he couldn't make it.
Something about his mom being sick.
You okay? JYD's mom is not sick.
He's gonna go and work for Greg Yao.
The hell he is.
You're the number one promoter in Hawaii.
That's not gonna change.
I know, but Yao, he respects nothing.
Oh, he gonna respect this.
Come on, let's go.
- Where? - To talk some sense into Sylvester.
Yeah, I'm gonna put on my slapping gloves.
Bob, get some corn for the road! They're not ready! Where you headed, Sylvester? You going to see your mom? I heard she was sick.
First Bundy's, now yours.
Moms are dropping like flies.
She, uh, got a hold of some bad yogurt.
Are those your slapping gloves? Oh, what you got there? Oh, it's a smoked French ham wrapped in gold cellophane.
Yao gave it to me with a note that said he want to talk, so I called him, and we did.
I'm sorry.
I hate to bail on y'all, but I have to.
Why would you choose to wrestle for him over me? I thought we were family.
We are, but he offered me a lot more money, Lia.
Look at this place.
Somebody either had a baby or made a baby on the other side of that wall right there.
He upgraded me to the Radisson, and I get to do whatever I want with my persona.
Come on, no way.
Man, I'm telling you the truth, Rocky.
Imagine me, Penthouse Dog.
Get up out the junkyard and move up into the penthouse.
Get rid of my dog chains and get me a briefcase - full of treasury bonds.
- Mm-mm.
- I'd put money in the briefcase.
- Ooh.
- Yeah, stacks of phony hundreds.
- Uh-huh.
That way, when you hit somebody - Uh-huh.
- Cash explodes everywhere.
- Bam.
- Hey! Stop pitching on Penthouse Dog.
Yao says that'll be a hit, and that with him, I'ma be a star.
See, me and Rocky, we ain't gonna never be Vince's number one guy.
It's always gonna be André.
- I don't know about that.
- Come on.
They didn't even talk about us during fernet.
They didn't talk about you.
You think they talked about you during fernet? - What is fernet? - Nobody knows, Mama.
I know.
It's a digestif.
I'm sorry, Lia.
I love you.
And Rocky, you my man ten grand.
But this is a opportunity that I can't pass up.
Excuse me.
My grandmother realized that change doesn't affect people equally.
What was best for her wasn't necessarily best for everyone, and my father was wondering if change would be best for him.
That's me and my cousins playing a game where you had to jump in the water without hitting the rocks.
The adults just let you do that? Well, it was a different time.
What happened if you hit the rocks? You'd split your head open and die.
You won't even let me use real scissors.
- Hello.
- Lia, it's Vince.
Thank you so much for the kalua pork recipe.
I couldn't keep my hands off it.
No time for small talk, Vince.
- I've been very upset.
- I know.
I got your messages about Yao.
Don't worry.
I've seen guys like him before.
All bluster, big promises, but no staying power.
You're a pro, Lia.
This guy can't touch you.
Thank you, Vince.
I'm glad you enjoyed your pork.
It's delicious.
Thank you again.
I do have a bit of bad news though.
You know we have that show at Madison Square Garden every month? Well, I didn't realize my old man booked the garden for your date.
You're kidding.
I'm locked in that date, Vince.
- I can't change it.
- I know.
And, Lia, I would change our date if I could, but Billy Joel is eating up all the other nights.
The guy sings about pressure like it's a bad thing.
Look, I'm gonna have to call some of my guys back, but I'm not gonna leave your cover bare.
I won't take Rocky or the Wild Samoans.
I know they're big draws out there.
I appreciate that, and I understand you need your guys.
Appreciate you, Lia.
Thank you, and I'm sorry again.
Talk soon.
Well, Bob, we've got bigger changes coming.
Grandma, something's wrong with Francine! No, that's her way of telling us she's hungry.
- Do you want to feed her? - Can I? Just be careful when you put the bowl down.
Don't kick her tumors.
Are those the boxes for donation? 'Ae.
They're to keep.
That's the donation pile.
That place went out of business.
So hard.
I don't want to let him go.
He's always with you, the same way he's always with me.
But I won't lie.
It would be helpful to talk to him, ask his advice.
That's funny because I remember him always asking you for advice.
He believed in you, Mama.
That's why he left you the business.
Your father always loved it when you sang.
He knew it made me happy.
So why did you stop? I don't know.
Just didn't feel right to sing without him.
You're not singing without him.
You're singing because of him.
Very good, very good.
She's number one.
He's so handsome.
Looks like Robert Stack.
Francine peed and stepped in it a little.
We've all been there.
Meanwhile, the only thing I knew about all the change going on was that we went from eating fast food in our car to eating at a fancy restaurant where you could look your dinner in the eye before you ordered it.
Turns out, it wasn't as good as French fries, but still fancy.
So Yao gave Sylvester a smoked, French ham? To entice him, which I don't get.
It don't need to be gussied up.
It's ham.
We know it's delicious.
But I do understand making someone feel valuable - to an organization.
- Babe, I told you.
My mom said Vince didn't ask you to work the Garden show as a favor to her.
Don't take it personally.
I'm just saying he could have called me himself.
Welcome to Lorenzo's.
Can I start you off with some drinks? We'll take a bottle of your finest champagne.
And I'll have your finest tequila.
I'll have a vodka martini.
Fine, a Shirley Temple, extra cherries.
See what happens when you dream big? The sky's the limit.
- Speaking of - Yeah? I've been thinking about that singing show Afa mentioned.
I'm gonna audition.
Babe, that's fantastic.
I mean, it may come to nothing, but it makes me happy.
Do you want a sneak peek? What's she doing? Your mom's full of surprises.
Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you're all enjoying yourselves.
We have a surprise guest for you tonight.
Her family's been part of our family here at Lorenzo's for years.
Would you please put your hands together for Mrs.
Ata Johnson? - Hi, everybody.
- Room service song! As Charles said, I used to come here a lot with my family when I was younger, and tonight I'm here with my own family, and I'd like to dedicate this song to my dad, Peter Maivia.
I'm coming out I want the world to know Got to let it show That's a good song too.
I'm coming out I want the world to know Got to let it show There's a new me coming out - And I just had to live - Attention, everyone, Rocky Johnson Fan Club president here with an official announcement.
My dad is game to sign your body, but let's keep it PG, all right? - Thanks.
- So cool.
Hey, my man.
Who can I make this out to? Greg Yao.
Yao, Yao, Yao, come here to steal more wrestlers - from my mother-in-law, huh? - I wouldn't call it stealing.
I made an offer.
They made a choice.
- Mm.
- You got a second to talk? If you can talk with my foot up your ass, go for it.
That's an impressive turnout.
You're quite the star.
Big enough for his own action figure, but I hear only André's getting that treatment? That's on the house.
Now get lost.
No, no, I insist on paying.
You know what that is? That's an expensive French ham.
You wrestle for me, you'll be my number one guy.
You want a action figure? You got it.
Hell, I'll make your whole family action figures.
"Professional wrestler's son.
" My info's on the card.
What was he talking about? Oh, it's nothing, son.
Just, uh just adult stuff.
My dad knew his business was changing, and he was afraid of getting left behind, and that's a fear I know many Americans struggle with today.
That's why, as your president, I will make sure none of us get left behind and that change benefits all, not just some, because when I see you, I see my grandmother, I see my mother and father, I see that we're all a part of one family called America.
I'm Dwayne Johnson, and I approve this message.

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