Young Rock (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

A Lady Named Star Search

1 During the debate, if you're thirsty, don't hesitate to stop and take a sip of water.
Hydration is not weakness.
Casey, I took on a tidal wave with my bare hands in San Andreas.
- I'm good around water.
- At some point, they will ask you what you want your legacy to be.
Our polling of swing voters shows your weakness is foreign policy, so you want your legacy to be that you were tough but fair on the Middle East.
Got it, tough and fair on the Middle East.
Is it cool if I refer to my opponent as a "Little Candy Ass"? I could say, "I'm gonna check your little candy ass into the Smackdown Hotel.
" I'm gonna go do something that's not you having ideas, so But good luck.
Kill it.
So, no, I'm not for combining the police department and the fire department into a super unit called "The Fire Police," as cool as that sounds.
Thank you, Candidate Johnson.
Let's move on to the next question.
If elected, what do you want your legacy to be? Yes.
Middle East.
We'll begin with you, Senator Taft.
Well, as the great-great-great grandson of President William Howard Taft, I know a thing or two about legacy.
And carrying forward that proud history, I'll turn pain into strength and setbacks into victories.
Meanwhile, my opponent is a movie star who lets his stunt doubles fight his battles for him.
Okay, as a fitness advocate, let me first point out that William Howard Taft was the only president to ever get stuck in his own bathtub.
I'm sorry, pics or it didn't happen, Mr.
It's a fact.
The other fact, America, is that no one has had to fight more than I have.
I come from a long line of fighters.
Let me take a quick moment to tell you a little story about my family.
Starting with my grandmother, the first female wrestling promoter in the country.
No one was tougher than her.
She set the tone.
Lonnie McGill.
Thank you for meeting me.
Bob tells me you've been calling the office every day since Battle Royale, leaving messages.
I wanna do what you do.
After 40 years of slinging insurance, I retired.
And me and the missus thought, "Why not finally do something that we love?" So she's growing cucumbers, and I'm trying to get into the wrestling promotion biz.
And I figured, who better to talk to than the Queen of Hawaiian Wrestling? Nice story.
Here's why you're really here.
You heard Greg Yao was trying to steal my wrestlers.
- First, King Kong Bundy - He signed a deal - to wrestle for Yao.
- Then Junkyard Dog.
He upgraded me to the Radisson.
He even tried to take Rocky.
It says "Number 1," 'cause that's what you'll be when you sign with me.
And you say, "Hey, I wanna get in on that too.
" - I I'm sorry? - You see me as weak.
"What's grandma gonna do? Hit me with her purse?" That's what you say to yourself.
I that doesn't sound like me.
You know how a queen keeps her throne? By ruling with an iron fist.
Excuse me.
Now, obviously, my grandmother was not afraid to get her hands dirty.
Neither was I.
I need that.
I need a boogie board.
But sometimes, she would go too far, and she knew it.
Today, my mom left you mangoes.
Look, she pre-sliced some of them the way you like it.
Why does she keep leaving fruit? - Why doesn't she just talk to me? - She's ashamed.
She uses big fruit to intimidate people, and small fruit to apologize to people.
She lets the fruit do the talking.
I can't believe she thought I would stab her in the back and sign an exclusive contract with Yao.
I mean, if anything, I'm the one that should be mad about that screwjob she pulled on me at the Battle Royale.
What the hell are you doing? Lia changed finish last minute.
I saw you with Yao.
I double-cross you before you could double-cross me! I did meet with Yao.
You are a degenerate scumbag loser with bad hair and a cocaine problem.
Rocky Honey, yeah, I think she does think you're mad.
That's why she feels so bad.
- Good.
- Ugh, that red light is back.
It's been blinking since yesterday.
It's driving me crazy! Just call the front desk.
They'll fix it.
Or throw a towel over it.
Oh, hey, I spoke with Vince about my run in the New York Territory.
He wants to pair me up with Tony Atlas, and if things go well, set us up to be future tag team champs.
Oh, remind me to call Tony, and tell him to stop talking about women's feet in public.
"Rocky Johnson, WWF tag team champion" sounds pretty good.
So does "Ata Johnson, 'Star Search' champion.
" It's been a couple weeks.
When are you gonna hear back from that audition tape you sent in? I'm not holding my breath.
I'm sure they just threw it in the trash.
Hey, you can't think that way.
Dewey, did you put this under my pillow? That's where that is.
I was looking for it.
We've been through this.
You're too young.
Ugh, not the age thing again.
Hey, careful! That towel is there for a reason.
I've seen kids half my age riding these.
You've seen a five year old on the open ocean - boogie boarding? - Hey.
Remember when Dewey was five, and I used to let him sit on my lap and "drive" the car? What are you talking about? I don't know.
I just walked in mid-conversation and wanted to be in the mix.
It started blinking a day ago.
I think you need to replace the phone.
Your phone's not broken.
The red light means you have a message.
A message? But I pressed the red light.
- Nothing happened.
- No, no.
You have to press the button with the envelope.
The envelope? I thought that was to summon the mailman? It's fine.
I'm listening to your message right now.
It's some lady named "Star Search"? She loved your tape.
She's inviting you to come to Los Angeles - for an in-person audition.
- Oh, my God! What is it? A spider? "Star Search" loved my audition! - Yay! - And the phone's not broken! - Yay! - Yes! And your dry cleaning's ready to be picked up.
Okay, thank you.
They're flying me to LA tomorrow for the second round of auditions.
They want me to sing my original song I auditioned with, and prepare a second song, a cover.
- "My Sharona.
" - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart.
" I need to make a list of emergency contacts.
I need to write out Dewey's allergies.
Oh, you need to forgive my mom.
Oh, uh, why is that a thing? Because it's time, and we need her to watch Dewey while I'm gone.
I'll get her to go to the beach, find you a beautiful apology seashell, she can rinse it and wrap it Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe? I got time before Vince needs me in New York.
I can watch Dewey.
You've never watched me before.
Boy, yes I have.
- No, you haven't.
- Haven't I? - Definitely not.
- You haven't.
Okay, well, we'll start right now.
It'll be easy.
The boy's ten, he's practically grown.
He's still a little boy.
Who are you calling a little boy? I can pick you up.
Oh, hey, no, no, no, no, no! - Stop.
- Look, I was 13 when I went out on my own.
Now, I'm sure Dewey can handle being watched by his own father for a few days.
Okay, yeah.
You can have some father-son bonding time.
That's right, ah! The Johnson boys are gonna hit the town! I'm only talking spaghetti and go-carts, baby.
Okay, so, I'd like to bring us back to the boogie board idea.
If Dad left home at 13, feels like I can lie down on a piece of foam shaped like a Pac-Man ghost and feel the joy of being pushed by a wave.
You can get the boogie board.
- Yes! - And to celebrate my good news, I'm taking the family to Lorenzo's tonight for a nice dinner.
Great idea, baby! Ha, I love it.
Ooh! That's how you do it, son.
And I'm inviting my mother.
Even though it wasn't my mom's fight, she was the best at bringing the family together.
I gotta say, Lia, this is one beautiful apology shell.
- Thank you.
- Peter gave it to me when I caught him watching women's volleyball.
I'm so happy we squashed this.
I'll never doubt your loyalty again.
- Ah, water under the bridge.
- That's right.
- We are family.
- Family.
- Always got your back.
- Your back will always be had.
Are you guys done? Can I please have some of Grandma's attention now? - Sorry.
- Mm, go ahead.
Look at my new boogie board, Grandma! My goodness, sweetheart.
I love it! - Her name's Tanya.
- So wonderful.
I had something very similar when I was a kid, but it was a piece of driftwood.
I can't believe this is happening.
I can't believe I'm going to LA to try out for "Star Search.
" That's wonderful, la'u pepe.
Your father used to say your voice was so special.
Thank you, Mom.
You'd be so proud, Peter.
This is all for you.
And while you're gone, Rocky and I are going to plot a revenge against Yao.
I already took his cowboy boots.
He'll be feeling that for a while.
That's only the beginning.
Next, we're gonna crush his spirit.
Mom, you can't do that.
Yao is after our business.
Your father's business and our family legacy.
In this family, we stand up for ourselves.
Isn't that right? - That's right.
- Definitely.
He must pay.
"He must pay"? - What are you planning to do? - Nothing.
Then why are you smiling like that? No reason.
No! What? Oh, my God.
My bird of fire! Greek Gods and Goddesses! Sugar's corrosive on a clear coat! Just declined the insurance on these.
Now, some fights you choose and some fights, they choose you.
I'm Sebi.
Hi, Sebi.
I'm Dewey, and this is my boogie board, Tanya.
Kenny wants to fight you.
I didn't know who Kenny was or even why he wanted to fight me, but like my grandmother said, in our family, we always stand up for ourselves.
Hell yeah, I'll fight him.
- Who's Kenny? - That's Kenny.
By the way, I'm not affiliated with him.
He stole my shaved ice and said he wouldn't give it back until I Can't talk.
My ride's here.
You missed that one! I know, Sebi! I know it's not your way Hey, sorry to interrupt.
I know you said this is the perfect acoustic chamber for you to practice your song, but it's also the perfect chamber for something else, if you know what I mean.
I just need five more minutes.
You know what? I love you so much, I'll give you six.
Not your way They took Tanya! - Who's Tanya? - My boogie board.
Who did? Kenny, heard you wanted to fight.
You're in my surf spot.
If you don't want to get your ass kicked, you gotta pay the price.
- Pay the price? What price? - 50 bucks.
And your boogie board.
Well, I don't have any money, and you sure as hell ain't getting that.
So looks like we're gonna have to settle this another way.
I was ready to fight Kenny.
Hey, yo.
Check this kid out.
But Kenny rolls deep.
Thinks he can take on the local boys.
Your board is gonna make a great present for my mistress.
They cut my leash, took my board, and beat my ass.
They were gonna bury me up to my neck in the sand, but I ran away.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- Hey.
Never apologize for standing up for yourself.
Oh, no, I wasn't apologizing about that.
I was saying sorry because I lost.
- Oh, okay, good.
- Yeah, I'm glad I fought.
All right, good.
Um, listen, Dewey.
Let's not tell your mom about this.
She's got a lot going on right now, and we don't want her to worry.
But as soon as she leaves for the airport, you and I will deal with those kids.
Lia? Yao called.
He says he wants to have a sit-down with you.
I think our threats worked.
He says he wants to end this beef.
I already know what I'm gonna wear.
Drab boots.
They're temporary.
Okay? I'm having new ones custom made.
I'm just waiting for this special African yellow dye We're indoors, take your hat off.
Show some respect.
I know you're the one who's been threatening me and damaging my property.
Then you stay away from my wrestlers.
I run the Hawaii territory, and if you want to put on a match, you go through me.
I don't work for you anymore.
You think because you take my wrestlers that we are equals? I am a shark, and you are Bob, what's the name of those small fish? - Guppy.
- No, no, no.
The ones that attach themselves to the sharks and eat their leftovers.
- Oh, remora? - Yes.
You are remora.
And you eat what I let you eat.
You know, this business is tough.
People die in this business.
My husband, he died because of this business.
Didn't Peter die of cancer? He died how I say he died! Okay.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
You rent the rings and the venues through me.
You book my wrestlers, and you pay my tribute fee of $5,000.
I don't have that kind of money lying around.
Then get it! Hi, Lia.
What are you having today? Oh, good morning, Marisa.
I'll have silver dollar pancakes short stack with a side of sausage.
- Home fries with gravy.
- I'll have a cobb salad No, no, nothing for him.
He's leaving.
Hey, you tell Bob when you have it.
And I keep some extra money in a coffee can in the closet, just in case.
Oh, don't let Dewey eat too many mangoes.
He's mildly allergic.
He gets puffy lips.
Please check in on my mom.
She's under so much pressure.
- I'm really worried about her.
- I will.
You just concentrate on this audition.
I'm gonna blow the doors - off "Star Search"! - Oh, I know that's right.
I'm so proud of you! - Oh.
- Good luck, Mom.
Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much.
I'll see you in a few days, okay? - See you in a few days.
- Well, hopefully not.
- What do you mean? - I mean, hopefully this is just the beginning.
You kill the audition, they put you on the show, a label signs you, you go on tour! I mean, how cool would that be? Both of us on tour, you with your music, me with the WWF? Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
But that's the dream, right? Right.
I I so, if we're on tour, what about Dewey? Uh, he'll split time between me and you.
Sometimes he'll stay with your mom.
We'll figure it out.
So, I just wouldn't see him half the time? No, no, not half.
You wouldn't see him, like, 40% of the time.
But but don't worry about that right now.
That's in the future.
This is just the beginning.
It's just the beginning.
- Okay.
- All right.
- I love you both so much.
- Bye, Mom.
Now, you drive safe.
You got precious cargo.
Bye, babe.
There she goes.
Bye! All right.
Show me those punks who jumped you.
Let me tell you, if you were ever jumped by a gang of bullies, you wanted Rocky Johnson in your corner.
- There they are.
- Hey! Heard y'all jumped my boy.
That's a bitch-ass move.
Eight against one.
Now, listen up.
My son would kick the crap out of any one of you one-on-one, and he'll do it right now.
- Uh - And I heard one of y'all pulled a knife! No one pulled a knife on your You shut the hell up! Y'all like knives, huh? Well I got the knife now.
That's what I thought.
Dewey! Get your board.
All right! Dewey and Dewey's dad! Sebi, are you okay? I'm buried straight down, but I'm fine.
I'm clapping right now.
You can't see, but I am.
Anytime, one-on-one.
Dad, that was amazing.
- Bye, Dewey! - Thank you, Dew.
We believe in standing up for ourselves in this family.
But sometimes, the fight isn't always fair.
When that happens, know I always got your back.
Dad, do you wanna go boogie boarding with me? No, son.
You know I don't like to get my hair wet.
Aloha flight 24 will be boarding shortly.
You into surfing? Oh.
No, I just got my son one of those boogie boards.
Uh, that'll be $6.
He's not here with me my son.
But I thought he'd like the magazine when I get back.
I'm only gone a few days.
And, you know, if I have to be gone longer next time, we'll figure it out.
I mean, when I was growing up, we traveled all the time.
My dad was a wrestler and my mom and I were on the road constantly with him, and it was fine.
Of course, my mom was always with me.
She was that steady presence.
I remember that made me feel like no matter where we were, that was home.
That's sweet.
Please take the change from my hand.
Mom? What are you doing here? I have bad news.
"Star Search" called and changed their mind.
Really? - Wait, they called you at the airport? - Yep.
Announced it over the loudspeaker.
Said they made a mistake and accepted too many talented people, but they're gonna keep me in mind for the future.
I'm sorry, Mom.
- Are you sad? - No.
Because now I get to be here with you.
Did you have some good bonding time with your dad? Yeah.
We had fun at the beach.
Is that a knife? Let's sing a song together.
- Your favorite? - Yeah.
Don't go breaking my heart I couldn't if I tried Oh, honey, if I get restless Baby, you're not that kind Don't go breaking my heart Ultimately, my mom decided the fight to become a star could wait.
It wasn't worth losing these moments with her family.
Francine, go pee-pee for Mama.
No, don't lick my shoes.
Go pee-pee.
Hey, Lia.
Where's Dewey? He's relaxing at the hotel.
But I got these for you.
Yao's boots.
Look how they glow in the moonlight.
Ooh, look how the pores in the leather accept the dye.
Mm! Anyway, how is everything? You okay? I think I finally got everything under control.
'Cause Ata was worried about some of the stuff you were saying at the restaurant.
I shouldn't have said those things in front of her.
But you know, Peter built Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling and I won't let it be torn down.
No one can question, you are one badass woman, Lia.
And loved.
I like that.
Put it on a T-shirt.
Come on.
Help me put on my new boots.
Sometimes, when you think a fight has just been won, you find out it's only just beginning.
Did you hear, FBI? Did you get it? We got her asking you for a tribute fee, which sounds to me like extortion.
Yes, good! - So you can arrest her? - Yeah.
If we can get more, we have a better chance of making sure the charges stick.
My grandmother didn't know it, but her biggest fight was yet to come.
My whole life, I've watched my family fight to keep what's theirs, fight to keep us together, and fight to keep their dreams alive.
And as President, I will follow their example, and I will always fight for the American people.
And that's what I hope my legacy will be.
That was your "quick story"? You exceeded your allotted time by, what, 20 minutes? Yes.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, candidate Johnson.
Let's move on to the next question.

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