Young Rock (2021) s02e12 Episode Script

Let the People Decide

Election Day 2032 has finally arrived,
and people are flocking to
the polls to cast their vote.

Who will win the battle
for the White House
to become the 49th president
of the United States?
I stood by Dwayne after the "Tooth
Fairy" six-episode event series.

I'm sticking with him now.

Taft is it, from his
policies to his nurse's shoes.

I'm voting for the third
party, the Chrome Party.

It's time we had a sentient
AI computer in the White House.

I was on the fence until Dwayne
and Dr.
Julien sorted things out.

Indeed, early exit polls
show Candidate Johnson
experiencing a surge in popularity
after posting this photo to his
social media account last night.

I was actually there.
I'm not
in the photo, but I was there.

By the looks of it,
the sixth grade rivals
have put to rest the public feud
that had become a distraction
in the final days of the campaign,
with evil Candidate Taft
using it to his advantage
to gain major ground
on the awesome Candidate Johnson.

Um, I don't think you can say "evil.
Can't say can't say what? Evil?
Good job, Randall.
camera loves you, man.

I don't know why you ever quit acting.

Maybe I should go back.

You should definitely go
back to acting, Randall.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm, instead of this.

Hey, how did you
get Julien to come around?
Well, Forest Whitaker eased our tension
with a bottle of amazing
wine, and then he asked Julien
what could be done to end our beef.

- Forest Whitaker, the actor?
- And humanitarian.

Yes, he is involved in all
my major life decisions.

Anyways, come to find
out that Julien has a son,
and I guess the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree.

My son doesn't believe
that I was in the sixth grade with you.

I showed him our class
photo, and he was like,
"How do we know that's
the real Dwayne Johnson?"
- It made me crazy.

- Mm.

It's good to question authority.

I appreciate you, Forest Whitaker.

Well, I appreciate you more, Forest,
and I think you know that.

- It's the grapes.

- Mm.

Anyway, when you responded to my tweets,
well, he finally believed,
but that made it worse,
'cause he was like, "Cool,
Dwayne Johnson hates my dad.
He's so hard to please, but I love him.

- So?
- So
So he agreed to squash our beef
if I helped prove to his
son that I didn't hate him.

Hence the photo.

- Win-win all around.

- Mm-hmm.

I am just glad that's behind us.

Our early exit polls are tracking well.

- Hey, that's great.

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna go to the stables.

- But it's Election Day.

Yeah, the horses don't know that.

- Come on, Randall.

- Oh.

Can I call one of them Cimarron?
- Oh, I love it.

- Yes!
So you really are fine
not tracking the results
- in real time today?
- Oh, yeah.

I mean, I've done all I can.

At some point, you just gotta step
back and let the people decide,
like back in Hawaii when
my parents were riding high
after my mom's successful
wrestling event,
- the Backyard Brawl-B-Q.

- Hmm.

And my dad's match went over big.

Matter of fact, in his mind,
the people had already decided
they wanted to see more
Soulman Rocky Johnson
as a solo performer.

So then, through my Uncle Afa,
he booked a couple of matches
in Saudi Arabia with
a new, local promoter.

And he also had an exclusive
contract with the WWF.

He did, which caused
a little bit of a mess
when, a few days later,
Vince McMahon himself called
with some pretty big news.

Time to brush up on your Arabic
'cause I'm sending you to Saudi Arabia
- to wrestle for the WWF!
- What?
That's why I didn't have you
on the bill for WrestleMania.

I need you to help me
open up the Middle East.

It's a huge, untapped market, Rocky.

Hey, that's great.

I mean, I didn't even know
they liked wrestling out there.

I mean, do they even
like wrestling out there?
They love it.

The Soul Patrol will
be the kings of Riyadh.

- Are you in?
- Wait.

So Vince was launching
the WWF in Saudi Arabia
at the same time Rocky
had already planned to go?
Yes, it's a crazy coincidence,
but Vince had been wanting
to take wrestling global for some time.

How did Rocky get out of it?
Vince, I don't know what to say
except hell yeah!
Fantastic! Well, have Pat get in touch,
and set it all up, give
you all the details.

Afa's promoters are already
putting up billboards.

They're promoting the hell out of me.

So you're just gonna
double-book Saudi Arabia
behind Vince's back?
It's not a good idea to
bite the hand that feeds you.

I'll wrestle for Vince
and the other promoter.

Saudi Arabia's a big country.

I don't think anyone will notice.

A toast to the Brawl-B-Q,
the biggest event in the Polynesian
Pacific Pro Wrestling history
thanks to the work of my daughter, Ata.


When you're doing something
you love, it's not work.

One of the puppeteers
from "Alf" said that
in an interview with "TV Guide.
Ata has helped me think about
the business differently,
and I am going to
make a big announcement
at the next meeting, something I think
you're going to be very happy about.

But while my dad was double-booked,
I was taking things
to whole other level.

Hold on.
So wait a minute.

How many girlfriends do you have?
I gave them each
shirts from the Brawl-B-Q.

Went over huge.

Hey, I'm proud of you, Dewey.

So how do you get them to share you?
- They don't know about each other.

- Ooh.

I ride the bus with Cam,
eat lunch with Bethany,
do morning recesses with Sarah,
and since it's the
shortest amount of time,
I do afternoon recesses with Emily.

Emily's better in small amounts.

All right, students,
gather up.
Class photo.

Bethany, I see you're wearing
the shirt I bought you.

Notice anything unusual, Dewey?
- No.

- That we're all wearing the T-shirt you gave us.

School Picture Day,
a forever memory day.

Did you think we wouldn't figure out
you've been dating all of us?
We're in the same class.

You guys talk to each
other when I'm not around?
Who else did you give a shirt to?
I bought this myself.

All right, everybody find a spot.

So I got what I deserved,
and my mom was hoping she'd
get what she deserved too.

Maybe my mom's finally banning
Milk Duds from the locker room.

The guys keep slinging
them at each other,
and they're staining the rug.

Or maybe she'll ask you
to officially join the business.

That is what I'm secretly hoping.

I know.
I know you a little bit.

Okay, everyone.

Many of you know I
consider myself a lone wolf,
whether it's playing tennis
or running my business.

When I was in court fighting the FBI,
I learned the value of having a partner,
someone strong, reliable, trustworthy.

And that's why
I'm bringing in Lars Anderson
as vice president of PPPW.

Uh, thanks, Lia.

You guys have done good so far,
but now you got a
real professional here.

Welcome to the majors, folks.

- Hey, I'm Lars.

- Nice to meet you.

- I'm Charlie.

- Hi.
I'm Lars.


What is happening? Who is that?
Lars Anderson.

He wrestled with Peter in the '70s.

When you said you learned the
value of a strong, reliable partner,
- I thought you were talking about me.

- What? No.

I was talking about
Herman, my white lawyer.

Sometimes you need a
white face to get ahead.

Herman, he helped me beat the rap.

Lars is gonna help us take
the PPPW to the next level.

I guess packing Aloha
Stadium with 60,000 fans
isn't "next level" enough.

Babe, you proved you're
the best promoter in Hawaii.

And when you're the best,
you can't be afraid to think big.

Yes, we invite Lars to go fishing,
- then push him off the boat.

- What I mean is you should start
thinking about stepping out on your own.

- Starting my own promotion?
- Yes.

Baby, your mama don't
decide if you're successful.

The people do.

You and I are about to step into
even bigger and better things.

So when I get back from Saudi Arabia,
we're gonna get to work on
starting your promotion business.


So while my dad got
ready for Saudi Arabia
And this is our penthouse suite.

Vince had just arrived.

Are there any good places to
eat near Prince Faisal Stadium?
I'm scouting it for a wrestling
What the hell?
So when Vince found out
about Rocky double-booking
in Saudi Arabia, did he fire him?
No, but things were
never the same after that.

Vince was really upset
that my dad made a decision
- that hurt the company.

- Uh-huh.

My dad went from Rocky Johnson,
Tag Team champions of the world,
to a guy who was losing
to other wrestlers.

Vince gave my dad a slow death.


We lost New York.

I don't understand.
I thought our
exit polls showed us ahead of Taft.

We didn't lose New York to Taft.

It's the third party
candidate, the Chrome Party.

It's siphoning off just
enough of your votes
that Taft carried the state.

Their ads are all over
my social media today.

Makes sense a sentient AI would
know to weaponize the Internet.

It's fine.
It's just one state.

And there's plenty of time left.

How can you be so calm right now?
When I was a teenager in Nashville,
I learned that you don't always get
to sit in the driver's
seat of your own life.

Sometimes other people get to decide.

It was 1987, and I was
finally finding my groove.

We can try to understand
Hey, hey, just picked us up
some hot chicken sandwiches,
and they are hot as
uh, what's going on?
- Did we get a new apartment?
- Sure did.

In Pennsylvania.

- Wait, what?
- Lawler took me off the roster.

- My run in Nashville's over.

- Are you serious?
After the crowds you've been drawing?
That's what I said,
but Jerry said it wasn't
personal, just business.

Didn't want things to get stale,
so he's bringing in new wrestlers.

But your dad called Uncle Afa,
and apparently, there's
lots of wresting work
- in Bethlehem right now.

- So just like that, we're moving?
And I don't even get a say in it?
It'll be great to be
around family again.

Your uncle said he's doing so well
he bought a new washer and dryer.

We don't need that.

The one in the basement is totally fine.

And I finally started to like it here.

I just broke in my boots.

I'm sorry, honey, but you know this
is how it works in our business.

Isn't that where Jesus is from?
No, that's Bethlehem, the Bible.

This is Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Oh, that makes more sense.

- Bummer.

- Hey, fellas.

Listen, the headliner's
refusing to go on tonight,
something about, I
don't know, a costume.

- Do you mind helping me out on this one?
- Me?
- Can't you just handle it?
- I would, it's just
you know how attracted I am
to women who are mean to me.

Please? Come on.

Uh, Miss Moolah?
Next one won't miss, gingersnap.

You deaf or just stupid, honey?
I grew up around tougher women than you,
so you don't scare me.

You Rocky Johnson's kid?
- Yeah.

- Then you ain't lying.

I know your grandmother well.

She fought the FBI and won, didn't she?
She told them to kill themselves
on a local TV broadcast.

Good line.

So what's the problem?
Why are you upset?
It's my jacket.

My jacket is in a suitcase,
and my suitcase is on a
flight to Tokyo right now
because of the knuckleheads
at Myrtle Beach Airport,
so I ain't going on.

So that's your problem? A jacket?
Not just a jacket, baby.

My jacket.

Without that jacket, the Fabulous Moolah
is just Moolah.

And I worked too hard
at becoming fabulous
to start backsliding now.

So it's not a real problem.

Oh, you got real problems, do you?
I do, actually.

We're moving to Pennsylvania.

Oh, you're moving? Boo-hoo.

Not just moving, moving again.

I just started to like it here.

How am I supposed to
figure out where I fit
if I keep moving every
time I get comfortable?
Baby, nobody knows what their life
is gonna look like
when they're your age.

When I was young, I
wanted to get married,
live in the suburbs,
be the kind of woman that
bakes cookies for the mailman.

- And you know what happened?
- What?
I got that life, and it sucked,
so I grabbed my makeup
bag, and I ran away.

And here I am, 50 years later,
talking to you in the
ladies' locker room,
which is really a storage closet
that smells like dead squirrels,
and I don't regret a second of it.

I thought my journey was over,
but, baby, I was just getting started.

Don't just take my word
for it.
Ask anybody.

I was gonna be Randy Poffo, yeah,
and I was gonna barrel it up
in St.
Louis for the Cardinals.

Ooh, yeah!
Andre had planned to stay
in his village in France,
and become a farmer.

Wrestling, since baby.

Then I blew out my shoulder.

Lost my spot on the team.

Farming is not for Andre.

Pick the carrot, pick the turnip.

Pick the carrot, pick the turnip.

1971, AAU Greco-Roman
wrestling champion.

That's it, papa.

Then I found wrestling,
and everything made sense, yeah.

Andre make the decision
to leave his maman,
come to America, become big champion.

I always want to be wrestler,
so I become wrestler.

Busting my shoulder was the best thing
that ever happened to
the Macho Man, baby.

Andre has no regrets.

See? Proof.
Camera man, zoom in.

Life is a windy path, princess,
but if you trust in
yourself and in your journey,
you'll get where you need to be.

Please welcome the Fabulous Moolah!
You go home!
Oh, boo-hoo!
Hey, Dwayne, ain't that your, uh
Suits her better.

Whoo! Moolah!
On the way home, I thought
a lot about Moolah's words
So you think they got
snow in Pennsylvania?
Could be cool.

And I decided to trust the journey.

They definitely have snow.

Uncle Afa says he keeps
a hairdryer in his car
to keep his feet warm.

Dude's always sweating
but somehow still cold.

Jeannie, we're ready to
call the state of Ohio
for Candidate Johnson.

He's rebounding well after
his surprise loss in New York.

Looks like it's gonna come
down to the wire, boss.

You're right, just gotta
let the people decide.

You know, all we can do is ask
for our chance to succeed, Randall.

Reminds me of a similar situation
when I made my debut in the WWE.

Was this after you wrestled in
the dark match in Corpus Crispy?
Did you just say "Corpus Crispy"?
- No.

- Well, okay, yes.

After my dark match,
Vince McMahon had a vision
for me to make my televised debut
at one of the major pay-per-views
of the year; it was
called "Survivor Series.
So Vince wanted me to
lean in to my family legacy
with this new persona
called "Rocky Maivia,"
and I obliged with, let's just say,
a very memorable wrestling costume.

I was gonna come in like a badass,
jump the top rope, and talk
smack straight to the hard cam
so all the viewers at home could see me.

Wait, what's a hard cam?
That's the main TV camera
that overlooks the ring.

Wrestlers are supposed to play
all their actions toward it
because it's the eye
of the viewer at home.

Yeah, it's Rocky Maivia, baby! I'm here!
It's the Madison Square Garden
Turns out the hard cam was behind me.

I was literally talking to nobody.

But I made up for that.

Two, three!
Yeah, I'm Rocky Maivia, baby, let's
Dwayne, hey, nice work on the debut.

You missed the hard cam, but real good.

You know, we're planning
a big push for you.

You're on your way to becoming
the WWF's next baby-faced star.

I'll do whatever you say
to make that a reality.

- That's what I like to hear.

- Vince.

Lia, how are you, beautiful?
This was the first time my
dad and Vince saw each other
since the double-booking
incident in Saudi Arabia
that ended my dad's WWF career.

- Vince!
- Rocky! There he is.

That's how they greeted
each other after everything?
- Warm like that?
- That's wrestling.

- You know, your kid's really got something.

- It makes sense.

Taught the boy everything he knows.

Lucky for us, he never listens to me.

You made your family
very proud tonight, Dewey.

Yesterday, you were just my baby,
and now you're my "Survivor
Series" champion baby.

Well, you missed the hard cam,
but pretty good, son.

You were like Superman,
except with a very,
very different costume.

You know, if Vince wants me to dress
like I just stepped
out of "The Lion King,"
then that's what I'll do.

After that night, I hit
the road hard for the WWF.

Show after show.
Town after town.

As part of Vince's big push,
I went up against Triple H
for the Intercontinental Title.

It was a match I'll never forget.

Your winner and new
Intercontinental Champion,
Rocky Maivia!
I was the champ, and it felt incredible.

Wait, why were they booing?
Well, that was the beginning
of the Attitude Era.

That was when fans
really wanted more edge,
like the beer-swigging,
trash-talking heel
known as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And there I was on the
other end of the spectrum.

I mean, I had a bad
haircut and a big smile.

Plus it didn't help that
Vince was force-feeding me
to the people as their new hero.

- The people were deciding.

- They were.

Over and over again.

But despite the signs that
things weren't working,
Vince kept believing in
me and kept me on the bill
for the biggest
pay-per-view of them all.


The show your dad missed out
on because of Saudi Arabia.

- That's right.

- Come on, Dewey!
Now, the Sultan was one of the
biggest heels in the company,
and I was one of their
biggest baby faces.

Ah! Usually at this
moment, the crowd rallies
behind the baby face before
he makes his big comeback.

- However
- Rocky sucks! Rocky sucks!
- Rocky sucks! Rocky sucks!
- Boo!
Rocky sucks!
- The crowd did the exact opposite.

- Rocky sucks!
Was this your lowest moment in the ring?
Nope, that was about to come.

So you get to WrestleMania,
all should be well,
- but the crowd hates you.

- Hates me so much.

And that wasn't your low point?
As I said, that was about to come.

Vince had another idea
about how to turn the crowd
around for Rocky Maivia.

It all had to do with legacy.

- Your dad jumped in to save you?
- Yup.

Did everybody lose their minds?

Go, Rocky!
Look at how heavy his breathing is.

But two generations of
wrestlers side by side.

How could they not be moved by that?
I know, and trust me,
you weren't the only
one who was surprised.

Rocky sucks! Rocky sucks! Rocky sucks!
I went into the ring thinking
Vince's gimmick was gonna work,
and my future would be bright.

But instead I left wondering if I had
any future in wrestling at all.

The people had decided
I wasn't their guy.

- Rocky sucks! Rocky sucks!
- This isn't working.

No, it is not.

Did we make a mistake here?
You mean with the dad stunt?
No, about him.

Rocky sucks! Rocky sucks!
I never knew this.
I always just assumed
that once you made it to the
WWF, you were instantly a star.

You know, I think a lot of people assume
that once you hit a certain
level in your career,
it's all easy sailing from there,
but they're wrong.

I mean, you could reach for the stars
and if you're lucky even get there,
but that doesn't mean that
it won't disappear overnight.

So what happened next?
How'd you turn it around?
Oh, there was no saving that day.

- So after that, I went ahead, and I
- Sir, they're calling Texas.

We're calling Texas for
Candidate Dwayne Johnson.

- A huge victory for Johnson
- Yes! Yes!
- In the south.

- Yes! Yes! Yes!
But in a surprise turn,
it looks like Michigan
has officially been called
- for Candidate Taft.

- No!
You were just in the lead in Michigan.

It's the Chrome Party.
still siphoning votes away.

It's okay, I got a lot
of faith that the people
are gonna make the right decision.

And in another shocker, Florida,
seemingly a Johnson lock
according to exit polls,
has gone to Taft.

And California is officially projected
- to go to Taft
- Which seals it.

In a result nobody
could have seen coming,
the 49th president of the United States
is Senator Brayden Taft.

I lost.

But the journey is never over.

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