Younger (2015) s07e02 Episode Script

It's the End of the World, Worm Girl

Previously on "Younger"
We don't have to rush.
I'm not going anywhere.
I can be impatient when
I know what I want.
The question is out there.
There's something I think
you should know; it's big.
- Will you marry me?
- Oh, my God.
Did she say yes? Are they engaged?
- We just lost Millennial.
- What?
Everything that we've
worked for, it's gone.
Relationships don't have
to be defined, right?
I want to be happily unmarried to you.
I do know what I want,
and it's not some kind of fantasy.
I didn't want things to end.
I just don't want to get married,
but I guess that's a
deal-breaker for him.
I'm impressed at Chaz's passion.
I mean, I basically thought
he was a man-shaped building
with a good haircut, and
then you brought him to life.
Just in time to see
him walk out of mine.
Oh, please. He's not going anywhere.
You're gonna see him every day,
and he's going to see you doing
all the things that turn him on,
like wearing reading glasses
or chewing on pencils.
He'll come running back.
This is just hurt pride.
I tried calling him
three times last night,
and he just let me go to voicemail.
- I didn't think he'd be this
- No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You want me to trash him,
and then the two of youse are
going to get back together,
and I'll be as welcome as that
short hair in a bar of soap.
Uh-uh. No.
No. He's great. You're great.
This is gonna blow over.
I'm not going to change my
mind about this, Maggie.
Liza Miller?
It's happening!
No, no, but she's one of my people.
Yeah, yeah, I can take those. Thank you.
Oh, boy. Looks like someone
got the answer you wanted.
- Ooh. Who are those for?
- They're for Liza.
Can you go give those to her?
I can't say any more.
Ah. I don't work for you,
and more about what?
Kelsey. I am in a circle of trust here
that you are not a part of, okay?
And I'm gonna make sure the
shit gets celebrated properly.
10:30. Conference room.
All will be revealed.
Oh, my God.
Charles again?
God, what will florists do
when all the Boomers die?
"Some people care too much.
I think it's called love."
It's Winnie the Pooh. It's sweet, huh?
Oh, it's not from Charles.
It's from the benefit this weekend.
"Thank you for your
support, table sponsor.
See you Saturday."
Children's Literacy
Fund. You know, CLIT.
That's the name? C-L-I-T?
They better hope those kids don't read!
Oh, God. You're right!
- Mm.
- Hey
do you have a minute to talk
before the morning meeting?
Me first. Check this out.
Shame on you, big shots.
You have ruined the world.
Example microphone
for each person is waste,
and ice in glass! Why?
Much energy dies to make these cubes.
That is Fupa Grunhof,
the 16-year-old Austrian
climate change doomsayer
in Washington taking on the
House Committee on Environment,
and she's in town right now.
She's amazing. 16 and speaking
truth to power like that?
Everyone wants to publish a book by her,
and she's turned them all down.
But I think that we're different!
We're like her. We're women.
We are fighters.
We haven't lost our hope
that things can get better.
Oh, Charles is here.
That "Arabian Sea" book
that Zane left me with
is just blowing up,
and I have to go pretend
to be happy about it.
Good news, everyone.
"Arabian Sea" just hit the
"Times" best-seller list
at number eight.
Wow. Oh, we're so happy about that.
Super happy!
Hi. Crazy morning, sorry. What'd I miss?
Just congratulating the
team on the McCoy book.
Oh, thank you so much.
Yeah, I'm just doing my job.
I did get the author on "New Day USA"
in the prime first-hour
slot on Wednesday.
- Oh, that's confirmed?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
I reached out to Rebecca,
the booker, last night.
Well, reached over, but same diff.
- Oh, that's nice.
- Thank you.
Really, but Liza and I
actually have an idea
that we would love to pursue.
It is a nonfiction, current-issue book,
and it could be a publishing event.
- It's
- Oh, my God, hey!
Speaking of publishing events,
could I jump in with a pitch of my own?
It's a love story set in a glamorous
arena very close to home.
Liza, can you get the lights?
Thank you.
Okay. Let me set the stage
with the characters.
Love isn't just for the young
and obviously desirable, right?
I mean, even with people
ripening in the September
and early Octobers of their years,
love can find a way.
Love, say, between a publishing titan
with very big hands and shoes
and a housewife from New Jersey
who moved to New York to
impersonate young people
and learn about memes
and Snapchat lenses.
- Lauren, I don't think that's necessarily
- Actually, can we
And this lovable, kitten-eared
impostor soon won the heart
of the boss/slash/hero
who, incidentally, believes
in promoting from within,
and he summoned up the
courage to you know what?
I believe that he can say
this far better than I can.
Will you marry me?
- Oh, my God.
- You take my breath away ♪
- Okay.
Now, we didn't get her
answer here on video,
but he got it, obvi,
and therefore, it brings me
great pleasure to present to you,
our Empirical family, the future Mr.
- and Mrs. Charles Brooks!
- Lauren Lauren!
Lauren, we're not, um
- we're not getting married.
- Never hesitatin' to ♪
We're not engaged. It's not
it's not happening.
Wait, he proposed to
you at Diana's wedding?
Uh, yes, I did, and I got my answer.
Charles, I love you.
I just don't need a piece
of paper to prove it.
And I love you, and I never
thought of marriage
as just a piece of paper, but if
that's what it means to you
- So it's your way or the highway?
- I just I
Oh, my God! Oh, right, the cake
for the "Arabian Sea" success.
Ha, ha! To the kitchen, please.
Thank you. So, so thoughtful.
My apologies for everyone
having to hear this, um
Excuse me.
Oh, my God. Liza, Liza, I am so sorry.
I-I got I got this really wrong.
I just you know, I wanted
to make a big fuss over you.
I know. It would have
been fun if I'd said yes.
This is what you wanted to tell me.
Yeah, for days now, yeah,
but you were going through
own heartache with Zane.
I couldn't pile on.
So what do I do?
The same thing that I do when
my life blows up in my face.
Kels, I don't want to day drink.
Not drink. Work.
Come on. We've got a writer to sign.
He just left me on the carousel.
I must have ridden that
thing for an hour in shock.
Well, clearly his ego just
couldn't handle the rejection.
But I didn't reject him!
- You get it, right?
- No, no, no.
I get that, but I'm not
the one that needs to.
- Wait, where are we?
- Fupa Grunhof's Insta
says she's holding a
composting rally near here.
Ooh. Mina Soul Food.
I don't think I can handle
chicken and waffles right now, Kels.
Mmm, you're going to
have to. Like, literally.
Let's just hope their dumpster's full.
Come on!
If you want to get into
the meet and greet,
you've got to donate,
so we basically have
our VIP passes for free.
Well, my VIP pass is leaking
chicken guts all over my shoes.
Oh, my God. Is that a beak?
Oh, look! There she is. It's Fupa!
Food waste is 1/3rd of all garbage
here in New York City.
We can use it to save valuable wetlands
that are being consumed
by landfill dumps.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Stop patting yourselves
on the back for this!
This is nothing. I've seen
your portions here.
- Stop eating so much.
- Ha.
Supersize is a sin, and why
are there triple patties?
Are there three mouths in one face?
- You are idiots!
- Wow, she's incredible.
She's like one of the von
Trapp children, but hangry.
Oh, my God, the smell.
I can feel myself turning vegan.
You are all dilettantes.
Get your hands dirty.
Like that person there! Hurrah!
Come here, filthy one!
Come here. Yes. Show them.
It is not about looking good.
It is about doing good for the planet.
Fupa! Kelsey Peters, Empirical Press.
This is Liza Miller.
Do you have a minute?
Of course I don't. No one does.
The planet's dying.
It's a time bomb with a few
nice beaches. That's it.
Well, that's why a book by you
could do so much good
in sounding the alarm.
I get a dozen offers
from publishers a day.
- They just care about money.
- I know.
They're terrible vultures, but
I love vultures.
Nature's recyclers,
but these book people, they
know nothing about glaciers
or carbon impacts or composting.
Well, I love composting.
Eggshells, coffee grounds.
I have a daughter. She's in college,
and we compost together.
I worry about her future.
- That's why your voice is so important.
- They're here!
The worms are here!
No, no, no. We're not worms.
We have a true passion
for what you're doing.
Oh, no. I think she means worm worms.
For the compost. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Hi.
- I hate worms.
Just the sight of them
makes me want to
- They look really angry.
- No, they are beautiful.
They are our saviors, turning
our waste into liquid gold.
Ah, yeah. They're great. I mean,
you don't even have to look at them
to know how great they are.
My fellow composter,
I want you to do the honors.
Into the box! Pick them up.
Go ahead.
Oh, God.
And now dump the whole
thing, the whole box,
into the compost bin.
Now, mix. With your hands. Get in there.
It feels like they could
just do it on their own
if you just give them some space.
Let me show you.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh.
- See? It's fun.
- Yeah.
Sometimes they break in the
middle, but they don't care.
Uh-huh. Ugh.
No, no, no, no, my God!
My bracelet, it slipped off!
Well, you know what?
We can get you a new bracelet,
like a signing bonus kind of thing.
No, no you don't understand!
It was given to me by Al Gore
and blessed by Baby
Yoda's main puppeteer.
It's everything to me!
Really? Oh, okay.
I'll get it. I'll get it.
Oh, God.
Danke, mein Engel!
Oh, anything for you, Fupa.
That's how much we
believe in your message.
I like you, Liesl.
We must talk about this book you want.
It's good news, right?
You look like you want to, uh kotzen.
No, it's great. I'll kotzenlater.
I can't believe she's coming in
for a pitch tomorrow with us.
We beat out everyone in New York City.
Ah! Today is a good day.
Yeah, it's great.
You know what, Liza?
All I heard is that Charles
Brooks said he loves you
in front of all of us.
That's what happened today.
He did. You're right.
Thank you. That feels better.
Great. You've got a worm in your hair.
What? Shit! Oh, my God! Get it out!
- Guten morgen.
- Fupa!
I'm sorry I'm late.
We had to stop the car
and take a straw out
of a child's juice box.
Oh, this is my handler.
Don't worry. She won't speak.
- Right, Mutter?
- Ja, liebling.
- Oh, this is your mother?
- Yes.
Is handy for buying drinks and voting.
Are we ready?
Time is a resource, too.
Well, we are all very passionate
about conserving resources here,
and so are our readers,
thanks in large part to you.
Yeah, I actually only shop organic.
This foundation is, in fact, moss-based,
and you should check out my Insta.
- I'm mostly barefoot.
- Yech, performative activism.
Posting and retweeting, so difficult.
Millennials do not want
to do the hard work.
And books! All that paper.
It's like tree murder.
Is it really worth it?
Of course we will heavily promote
the digital and audio versions,
but books reach older people,
and those are the minds
you have to sway.
Is true.
Old oaks must fall so young
saplings can thrive.
And this young sapling got
one of our authors booked
on "New Day USA" tomorrow.
That's the kind of reach
Empirical can provide.
Tomorrow? I will be on that show, too.
That's great!
Maybe you could mention in the interview
that you're going to be
doing a book with us.
Yes. Okay.
Bring the contracts.
Maybe I will sign them before
I leave for Davos Thursday.
So soon? Isn't Davos a month away?
I will be traveling there in
a zero-emission sailboat.
It takes time. Anyway, tomorrow.
Oh, and one more thing.
A gift for you.
Your bracelet? From yesterday?
But that's your most
valuable possession.
I do not care about this bracelet.
Is a cheap souvenir.
I was playing little
joke on you yesterday.
"Save it! Save it!"
So fun. The book will
be full of my humor.
You make me laugh, worm girl.
- Got a minute?
- Uh, yeah, come in.
Unless you have a slideshow.
Oh, God. That was horrible yesterday.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
I usually don't let my emotions
get the best of me.
Silver lining. We said
a lot of nice things.
Well, shouted a lot of nice things.
We're never gonna say bad
things about each other, are we?
But how do we manage around here?
We can't have a scene like that again.
I've got some vacation saved up.
Maybe I should take it now.
We can find a way to work together,
regardless of what's
happening between us.
And you're needed around here.
Not just by me.
I just I don't know
what the rules are.
Are we allowed to have lunch together?
Dinner? Free tonight?
Now, for instance?
Uh, I am seeing Bob and Julia tonight.
Well, tell them I said hi.
I will.
But Saturday is the
Children's Literacy Fund.
We still have a table, right?
The girls have it on
the kitchen calendar.
So we'll see you there.
Oh, great. Good.
Well, good night.
Good night.
Not to say that women aren't important.
I like women, and I write them well.
- So I've been told by women.
- Wow.
Not every guy can manspread
and mansplain at the same time.
Oh, my God. I know.
He needs some kind of
award like a Manny.
Oh, my God, no. A Teste.
I insist on very small
print, understand?
To save trees. On paperback
only. Easy to ship.
- You put that in?
- Absolutely.
Ah, Liesl.
I can tell you have a deep sadness, no?
I like sad people because
they know we are doomed.
Oh, is this your author?
A plucky, waterfront
prostitute who sacrifices
Yeah, this is Josiah
McCoy, "Arabian Sea."
Ah, is oceanographer. Let me see.
Now, some reviewers are commenting
on the timeliness of this book
because the rise of piracy
can be traced to climate change, right?
Warming waters impacting
fishing economies,
forcing coastal populations
to pursue a life of crime
on the high seas.
Climate change? Please. Not proven.
It's just weather, pal.
It means nothing.
Climate change is a myth,
a left-wing conspiracy theory
You know what? I saw some responsible,
- low-emission snacks back
- This is what your company promotes?
- I will be in bed with him?
- No, I sent him bullet points.
- He's going rogue.
- You know, Fupa,
why don't we go to the green room,
and we can sign the contract?
- You are a bad, bad man.
- Who the hell is this?
Hello, America.
Do not buy this book, good peoples.
But if you've bought it already,
don't burn it. That's pollution.
There is use for this paper, yes?
You know what I'm saying.
- No.
- This is perfect for toilettenpapier!
For the number two!
Did she really just say,
"Don't buy this book"?
I mean, great. We had a golden
goose in our driveway,
and then she backed over it.
We're roadkill.
Fupa isn't responding
to any of my texts.
Wait, I'm sorry.
You still want to sign her
after she just crashed
our biggest moneymaker?
Relax. I highly doubt she
still wants to sign with us.
Maybe if we promise to donate
the profits of her book
to her foundation.
We can't bribe authors
to publish with us.
Uh, guys, "it's just weather,
pal" is trending on Twitter,
and Tucker Carlson just retweeted it
- with a link to our website.
- What?
I mean, this will mean a
fifth printing for the book.
Hey, sorry. I'm just trying
to do my job over here.
At least we don't have
to cry over losing Fupa.
Oh, no. No. I had my arm
in a barrel of manure.
I had a worm in my armpit.
I'm not letting this go.
There is no point to this, Liesl.
You publish him, you can't publish me.
Fupa. Fupa, please.
Look, I love how strong you are,
but sometimes, those strong principles,
they push people away,
the very people that
you are trying to reach.
Empirical can reach those people.
They'll come to buy McCoy,
and your book will be right
next to his on our website,
on our shelves, like
a little stealth bomb.
I am also against bombing.
But maybe you are right.
I do get tried sometimes,
always having better principles
than everybody else.
Okay. I will bend to
have my voice heard.
That is good advice, Liesl.
I am so glad. So
But I will give you small wisdom, too.
Adults give me advice all
the time, and usually
no, always, it is advice they
need to hear themselves.
Maybe you don't bend, too?
Ah, but what do I know?
I'm just a 16-year-old girl
who's saving the world.
Mutter! The pink suitcase goes on top!
Poor Liza. Poor Charles.
He told us the whole story
the other night at dinner.
Oh? What did he say?
That you two wanted different
things. We're so sorry.
Oh. Bob is waving me
over. We'll talk later.
Okay, you can look that
sad at a CLIT party.
She's one of Charles's best friends,
and she thinks it's over.
What do you think?
Well, look at him. He's here,
and I think he's still
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm an editor.
I know endings, and it doesn't
seem like that's where we are.
At the end.
Go turn the page, and find out.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thanks for being here.
Lucky me.
I won everything that I bid
on at the silent auction.
You overbid. You always do
at these charity things.
It's 'cause you're one of the good guys.
Can we compromise on the
whole marriage thing?
Compromise how?
I think I was wrong to say never.
It's how I feel now, but who knows?
In time, maybe I change my mind,
or maybe you do,
but let's give ourselves that time.
And if we each bend a little
Liza. I've had to bend a lot to
be with you ever since we met.
You never asked me to,
but I walked away from
my company for you,
and I had to bend on
the custody agreement,
time with my girls,
'cause Pauline was so
upset about your lie.
So if I bend any more, I'm gonna break.
That's not what I'm asking.
We just want different things.
I realize that now, and
there are no villains here.
Hard as it is,
it's best we both move on.
With respect, not with anger.
But if we still love each other
I found her. We can go.
Can you come spend the night, Liza?
You can make pancakes tomorrow.
Daddy's aren't as good.
You know I would love to see you.
See, Daddy? She wants to come.
You're just being mean.
He's not being mean.
I mean, he brought us here, didn't he?
He didn't want to come,
but you begged him,
so he's not being mean.
I couldn't come anyway.
I have things tomorrow.
Come on, girls. Goodbye, Liza.
We didn't say goodbye.
Come here.
Okay. Promise me if
you come to the office,
you'll come say hi, okay?
And the secret to the batter
is the chocolate chips.
I hid a bag behind the flour.
- I told you
- See you Monday.
Next time on "Younger"
I just can't believe it's really over.
I am blown away.
Surf legend Kai Manning.
He said he wants to hang.
- Liza can hang with him.
- What?
- Liza, what do you think?
- I don't know what to think.
Hasn't anyone told you?
Don't ask me if I'm okay.
I'm gonna scream my head off.
Isn't it true that with every loss
comes unexpected opportunity?
What what is she doing here?
No way.
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