Youngers (2013) s02e01 Episode Script

Divided Ain't Cool

1 Yeah, it's Linkster, on my ones, you listenin' [HE LAUGHS] Brushin' the sideman, bunin' the haters Drawin' the girl dem, And that's just for fun Makin' my movements, reppin' my music Doing it solo cos I'm number one! Bring your cussin', bring your huff in' and puffin' No effect I be the master, the general, the veteran, so come correct! Man got bars, you feelin' it? Don't try front like you ain't brickin' it! I bury dead bars, that's what I record - You tief from the net, but still get - Fam Man kinda forgot to press record.
I'm going work to work, man.
Bun this! Youngers - S02E01 [Divided Ain't Cool] [FEEDBACK] Hello, Peckham! I hope you're having a blessed afternoon.
My name is Pastor Ezra.
We are Praise International Ministries Pentecostal.
And we are here to rejoice! Take it away, Yemi! Yemi? Yemi? [PLAYS INTRO] Rejoice in the lord always And again I say rejoice Rejoice, rejoice! Rejoice in the Lord always And again I say rejoice Rejoice, rejoice! Again I say rejoice with me - Again I say rejoice - Rejoice, rejoice! - Again I say rejoice - Rejoice with me Again I say rejoice with me.
RAPS: It's plain to see, all I want to do is get from A to B.
Cos in a few years I'll have big money.
You're wasting P.
My version's better.
Driving down the road with a fine honey Jay getting jealous, now that's funny.
Cringe-worthy bars, Dad.
Well, come back at me then, player! All right.
Brushin' the sideman, bunin' the haters Drawin' the girl dem And that's just for fun Makin' my movements reppin' my music Doing it solo cos I'm number one! Bring your cussin', bring your huff in' and puffin' What are you laughing at? What's all this "Doing it solo cause I'm number one"? Cos I'm about that life.
Don't need no entourage, no manager, no groupies.
Like you'd say no to groupies! I mean yeah, I'll deal with them, but I won't be catching no feelings.
I ain't making that mistake again.
Still sounds a bit moist, you know, even for you.
What you know about moist?! Stick to boiler moistness and leave my bars to me, yeah? Trying to find you Oh, as I walk through I am trying to find you Keisha, Keisha.
That's right, here we go We're better than Whitney - Better than Christina.
- We're better than - Britney - Everybody.
- Wait.
- BOTH: And nobody can stop us now.
They can't stop us! Stop us! Back, back, back and forth.
This is how we do it Oh, yeah! Next! Davina the Diva.
What brings you here? The flyer on the Maximus FM site.
Sorry, I didn't know you were the one.
I'll go.
No, no, no, stay.
You know man's a big fan of your voice.
But, this time I'm looking for professionalism.
I can't go through what I did with The Youngers.
- You still chat to Jay and Yemi? - Not since the Avengerz Krew concert.
[INDISTINCT RAPPING] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sorry, didn't see you there.
Er, bruv? Like, what is this? Come out and wait your turn.
Davina, you ready? - All the best with everything, Ash, yeah.
- Sorry, sweetness.
We didn't mean to mess up my girl's audition.
Man like us don't wait on no man We make our own plan, lace this place like an Essex spray tan - MC Marlon - A Bad Breeds man - D Dirty Dirt - A Bad Breeds man - Scru-scrufizzal - A Bad Breeds man - B Badabadness - A Bad Breeds man All right, enough with the badabad, bruv! Just cos you can spit don't mean you can come in here and start taking liberties.
Get out, wait your turn like everyone else.
- Hey Badders, let's cut, man.
- Yeah, cut.
Chief! Next! [OVERLAPPING RAP] [INDISTINCT RAP] [DRUM 'N' BASS TRACK] Bruv, this won't do.
- Relax.
I'm just sketching, famalam.
- You're always just sketching.
When we work on your second EP I think we should go for a more of a moody feel.
Let's just finish this first, yeah? [DOORBELL RINGS] Who's ringin' on ma door like the goddamn police?! All right? What's happening, sweetnesses?! - Yeah, come up! - Bruv! It is big-chest Meesha and thick-lips Kiera! Can't this wait?! Oi Del Boy! It's Rodney here.
No fool.
And no horses.
Whassup!? Yo! You're that lightie from The Youngers, innit? I've heard a lot of your stuff.
You're a dope singer, still.
My name's MC Marlon.
How come you need to audition if you're in The Youngers? - I'm not in The Youngers any more.
- Oh skeen, yeah? You're too fly to be rolling with them fool-fool breders anyway.
So I'm guessing you're on Soundcloud and got YouTube videos and that? - Not yet.
But soon, though.
- A'ite.
I'll look out for you.
Wait, wait, wait, You really going to bounce without setting man your number? [DOOR OPENS] - Your music friend is here.
- Yeah? Davina! Davina! Shalom, Yemi! - So how long you been rapping? - Not now, yeah? Tell Kiera to hold it down, I'm tryna record.
Let me ask, hold on.
So you still following us to my cousin's bredrin's house party? - Nah, we're recording.
- Sorry.
You showed man to be honest ting to get de tings, right.
And now we have two of those tings begging us to follow them, and you want to go and stoosh! What did he do to you? All right.
All right, but we're coming back to finish the tracks.
Say nuffin', bruv.
Ladies, let's roll.
I saw those people laughing at my singing.
That's why I got to get harder, better, stronger, faster.
Do you think you can record me singing acapella? Abraham, I've kinda got homework to do, yeah? It won't take long.
I just need my Christian brother's support on this one.
Step up to the mic, bro.
[POUNDING MUSIC BEGINS ABOVE] Trust the devil to play his music now.
Do you want to just hold on for a bit? Nah, man.
I'm not going to let him win! I'm gonna sing I'm gonna sing Sing about, sing about My redeemer! My redeemer! [MUSIC STILL POUNDING] Go to bed! How do you expect me to compete with this demonic music? Just ignore it, man! Second book of Timothy, chapter one, verse seven, "The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear," Yemi.
I'm going upstairs! Whoa, Abraham! Abraham, wait! Abraham! I don't know who lives there, bruv, could be crackheads.
[MUSIC POUNDS] All right, Abraham! Bruv, calm down.
I'll handle this.
Yemi, Yemi, Yemi.
Come here, boy.
You ain't coming in until you give me my money.
I don't care who you try send for.
You can bring yardie man, triad man, Cosa Nostra man, I don't care! I think we should leave.
I agree.
No-one in! No-one out! Full lock down! Let's get crunk.
[LAUGHS] [DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] That's just live porn, man.
Stay strong, we'll be out of here soon.
How do you control your breathing when you're rapping? Ah, allow the music talk, man.
Hey yo, Bakes, let's get some juice, fam.
Wagwan, Mandem! It's a been a hop, innit? What's the wall saying? The wall's fine, bruv.
It's still standing.
And where's where's Failia at tonight, man? Ah, heh, he's about.
Oooh, he's handling his "business", yeah? We all know how Failia rolls.
Sounds like man's got catching up to do! Ey, you know Yemi's here, you know.
Yeah, Yemz, hey, your bredren is here.
Yes, Yemz.
Longest of time.
How's life? Blessed.
You? I'm living the dream, fam.
I mean, I got my little solo ting lined up.
I'm collaborating with Leon.
Yeah, the man knows his stuff! Life is good.
Who's this? We went the same school.
That's all.
Same school? Is that how you're going on now, yeah? Yeah.
Cool, enjoy your life.
Where's the Mandem gone? Yo, Failia, Wagwan! What you saying? All right, Jay? Imagine, that tongue used to be in your mouth.
That's peak, bruv, that's peak.
Good people, it's the Diva right here.
'Sup, people, it's the Diva! [SHE LAUGHS] Hi, it's the Diva and this is my new song.
Don't wake me up I am trying to find you Oh, as I walk through You're hiding in the corners of my mind Never fear, I'll be close [DUBSTEP MUSIC] Me and Failia have been going out for nearly two weeks and he ain't cheated on me ONCE.
- Let me sample that, bruv.
- What's in that? A little piece of vodka, a little piece of amaretto, a little piece of rum and a little piece of Nando's sauce.
Go on! [HE GRUNTS] Oooh-hoo! [THEY RAP] Oh! - Is that Davina? - Yeah, but - she changed her mind.
- Hmm.
At this rate, you gon' see every yute in South and still not pick anybody.
Hm! Not if he just picks up the phone and calls The Youngers.
Er, I'm trying to make money, not lose it.
It's not always about the money, you know.
All right, let's see if you're still saying that when the little one's here.
- Who are these boys? - They're called the Bad Breeds.
I know, but in their defence they claim to represent "the true soul of grime.
" - Oh, the true soul of grime.
- Hmm.
You want to know the true soul of grime? Pick up that dustbin over there.
Whole heap o' grime on dat! [BAD BREEDS RAP] You know what? I just might go for these boys.
What happened to only dealing with professionals? Yeah, but they can't be professional and waste.
They gotta have that something-something about them, right? And these boys have that.
Well, if you do go there, just make sure you know what you're doing.
Of course he knows what he's doing, Louise.
This man manage one little three-piece, now him tink him the black Simon Cowell.
[LOUISE LAUGHS] When's he gonna let us out of here? Too much fleshliness.
- Hi, I'm Meesha.
- Hi.
I just wanted to ask, do you still produce? Cool, cos I've got this song I'm learning to sing, but I wanted to ask your advice on technique? Oh Oh, erm, yeah, sure.
Only if it's quick, though, cos we're actually on our way out.
Yeah? Hey, hey.
Hey, Linkster! Is that your girl over there Yemi's moving up, yeah? Ho-ho-ho! Hey, fam, you see this? Hold that.
Oi, this my ting! I'm not a "ting", you idiot! - You need Jesus.
- You need to shut your mouth! Oi, don't chat to him like that! Who'd you think you are? What? What, he thinks he's some badman, trying to move to MY girl, yeah? - He wasn't teefin' no-one.
- Am I talking to you? Meesha came to me, yeah? Just get over it! It's not my fault your game's slipping.
Like the way your game slipped with Davina! I respected Davina, she weren't just a ting or a game to me! - Remember what Pastor preached on anger.
- Not now, Abraham.
- You had no chance with Davina! - At least I can put my boys before any girl! I'm loyal, remember that word? Do you even know what it means? Oh my days, you wanna talk to me about loyalty? OK, here's two words for you, Oliyemi Akinfenwa Taiwo Avengers Crew.
I did one track for them, I didn't join them, man! I'm gonna sing, I'm gonna sing - Sing about - Wasteman! - I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! - [LAUGHTER] My redeemer, my redee Bun Youngers.
MC Links is here to show you, wagwan, innit? Yo, Leon, you brung a beat? Man don't even need a beat.
I'll do this a cap a cap a ca I'll do this, I'll do this thing beat-less, innit? Get some water, man.
Brushing the sideman, bunning the haters Drawing the gyal-dem And that's just for fun Making the movements, ripping that music Doing it solo, cos I'm number one Bring your cussin', bring your huff in' and pu [HE RETCHES] ALL: Eugh! The wages of sin.
- I got you, bro.
- All I can taste is carrots.
You two! Out! [HE RETCHES] You're gonna need to do some serious fasting and praying.
Abraham, let's keep this between me and you, yeah? - My mum, she doesn't need to know.
- Doesn't she? Just like your mum doesn't need to know about all the "fleshness" you were looking at.
See you at church, yeah? Yemi! Yemzi.
I wanna know why a little sideman like you thinks he can step to a girl like Meesha? - Get off me, man! - Yo, this is like school days, when we used to play Mercy.
- We'll be downstairs.
- Oi, I'm just playing! - Come off me, man.
Come off me.
- No.
- Ow, Jay, man! - Get off me, Leon, man! - Say mercy, then, innit? - All right, mercy! You're nuts, man.
And you can forget about studio time.
And you You're still a sideman.
Do you wanna borrow a T-shirt? Yeah, yeah, all right.
- Thanks.
- It's cool, man.
My mum's asleep, so you can stay for a bit.
Abraham was was checking her page earlier "A-A-Abraham was" [JAY SIGHS] - Did you know she posted a new video? - No.
Don't wake me up, I am GIGGLING: She's moved on.
Means we can go back to how it was.
I'm talking South London's Finest days, bro.
That is if you still wanna do music? I-I only do gospel music now.
[HE LAUGHS] You what? Why you? It's Shut up.
Here, what d'you think of my new bars anyway? Oooh.
What? Honestly? - Yeah.
- Ahh, bruv.
"Brushing the sidemen, bunnin' the haters, "drawing the girl dem, and that's just for fun.
"Making my movements whilst ripping the music, "doing it solo, cos I'm number one.
" What you talkin' about? Sick.
Look, I think it would be better if it was something like "I don't need no-one, I do this on my ones, "set me any hot beat, I'll show you how it's done.
" - It sounds more you, you know.
- That's why I need my wingman, you know.
- I mean that in a good way, stow.
- Yeah, you better do! Ow-w! - You wingman.
- I heard that, man! You didn't tell man you was working here.
You gonna have to set me your digits so I can stay updated still.
I'm not giving you my digits.
- YOLO, wifey! - YOLO, baby! The Youngers got the attention of a record label.
- Why you only showing us this now? - This is a step backwards.
Nah, fam, what you're hearing is raw, unpolished talent.
No, what I'm hearing is ghetto! - Are you threatening me? - What?! My boyfriend will knock you out, mate.
I will be on my best behaviour.