Z Nation (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Fracking Zombies

This is Citizen Z here at forward listening post Northern Light.
Northern Light to Mount Wilson.
Anyone from the Mount Wilson CDC.
I have important information regarding Delta-Xray-Delta and Operation Bite Mark.
Come on, California.
Your package is on the way.
All you got to do is be there to sign for it.
Gaaaahhh! This is Mount Wilson.
This is Doctor Hastings at Mount Wilson.
Yes! Mount Wilson, you have Northern Light.
We've been attacked by a swarm of level four infected.
Our defenses have been breached.
Our escape has been blocked by a high voltage fence.
Can you access the power grid from your location? Negative.
There are too many Zs between us and the breakers.
All right.
I might be able to do something from my end.
If I can access anything on your lab network powered by the same generator I might be able to overload it, knock out power to the fence.
I don't know the password.
Not to worry.
We're the NSA.
All of it.
Please hurry.
All right.
All right.
I'm I'm already in.
Uhhh, Mount Wilson.
We are ready to execute overload.
But I'm showing your mainframe and gene sequencer on the same network.
That means any vaccine files that you have on that mainframe are likely to be destroyed.
Please advise me.
Mount Wilson, I'm ready to execute overload.
Please advise.
If I do this, I'm going to fry your work.
Do you have a backup? Mount Wilson? There's too many! You've got to get us out of here now! Damn it! That's it! Go! Go! Go! Come on, Mount Wilson.
Hang in there.
Whatever you do, don't stop.
Haha, ya think.
Go around! Ha! Too late! Nice driving.
Oh no.
No! What? Oh, we're out of gas.
Well that was fun.
Out of gas.
Running on fumes.
All right.
So it looks like you got a flat.
Heads up.
We got company.
That's right.
Keep rolling and we all live to see another day.
All right.
Let's do this quick.
All right.
Doesn't look flat, but it won't turn.
We ran over some fun stuff.
Well help me get it off and let's see what's going on.
Well that explains the pull to the left.
What are you waiting for? Kill it! Kill it! All right, you.
Time to go home.
Even after all this, It's still beautiful.
Take a good look.
Might be not back for a while.
So long New York.
See ya in the next life.
Mount Wilson, this is Northern Light.
Mount Wilson, this is Northern Light.
Come in.
Mount Wilson, this is Citizen Z.
Making sure you're all still in business.
Do you copy? Does anybody copy? Does anybody copy? Operation Bite Mark.
Operation Bite Mark.
This is Citizen Z from Camp Northern Light broadcasting live on all known frequencies.
Even a few nobody knows about.
If you have any way at all to communicate, any way at all.
If you've got short wave, long wave, dark wave, broadband, xband, two cups and a string, smoke signals.
Just get back to me.
I've got a satellite.
I'll see it.
All right.
Anyone from Operation Bite Mark.
This is Citizen Z from Camp Northern Light.
I have an update for you on the California situation.
We need to discuss some operational realities.
Mount Wilson, do you copy? Delta-Xray-Delta, do you copy? I can't believe I lost everybody.
Is that a dog sled? Is that people?! I I think it's people! Oh thank god! Somebody's here! Finally.
Snacks! They're gonna want snacks! They're they'll be hungry.
Got to clean up the bathroom.
People! Wait.
People or All this cars.
And not a drop of gas.
Just when you thought you saw the worst of it, huh? They didn't stand a chance.
Black Friday sale? You find any gas? No.
This area's been picked clean.
What? You on vacation? Somebody has to keep record.
You know we're probably the last generations of humans on earth.
To us it's the apocalypse.
To her it's the memories.
Would it hurt the antibodies if I kicked him in the nuts? So what's your name, kid? Ten Thousand.
That is not a name.
It's a number.
It's my name.
Made it up myself.
Well I suppose you'd have to.
Does it mean anything? How many zombies I'm going to kill.
Well that's a whole lot of zombies.
Already on 1,055.
Damn! So what happens when you get to 10,000 Change my name.
To what? Twenty thousand? Jeff.
I like the name Jeff.
Ah, shut up.
Where did everybody go? I haven't seen a survivor except for those two bikers.
Black Summer.
Everybody starved to death.
I was in Philly for Black Summer.
It was bad.
I lost thirty pounds.
Thought I was dead.
How did you survive? Did what I had to do.
- Hey - Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.
Hold on.
It's not a Z.
No bites here.
What happened to your friend? Turns out he had other friends of low morals.
Took my ride.
Horse thieves should be shot.
You should choose better friends.
Good advice.
What can we do for you? One peaceful group of humans to a lone traveler? Could use a lift.
Sure don't want to spend the night out here alone.
We ain't running a taxi service.
Which way are you headed? Any direction but back.
Word is there's a horde on the move south on the New York side.
I see you're scrounging for gas.
You know like we used to say, ass, gas or grass.
Nobody rides for free.
I know where you could fill up.
Now would be the time to share that information.
Place called Jersey Devil Refinery, maybe five miles off, just off the turnpike.
How do you know there's gas there? Got overrun day number one.
All the tanks are still full, just rusting away.
All right, take us to this refinery.
And if there's gas there like you say, you can ride with us to the next outpost.
You won't be sorry.
You got that right.
Let's get out of here.
New guy's gonna ride with me and Warren.
Everybody else load up in the truck.
So are we just gonna pick up every sketchy loser at every place we stop? Well we brought you along, didn't we? Besides, nobody consulted me.
We're not really going to California with this guy, are we? You know the Apocalypse is a lot like rehab, kid.
Just take it one day at a time, and then do the next indicated thing.
In this case, that means get more gas.
After that, who knows? We're doomed.
Well there you have it.
We're officially on E.
How much further? Spittin' distance.
That's not a refinery.
That's a zombie factory.
Frackin' zombies.
They seem to want something in there real bad.
It's that sound.
Like bees to honey.
Or Zs to shit.
Hey, you know about this? Hey, all the easy gas is gone.
So what's the brilliant plan? Die, get eaten, go home early? What's that smell? The undead and gasoline.
Both highly flammable.
So no firearms of any kind.
So how do you want to handle this? Well first we got to shut off whatever's making that noise.
Okay, it's probably some kind of pump.
But where? Follow the zombies.
They all seem to be headed for the top of that tank.
We'll get up there and check it out.
Then we got to have a sound that draws the Zs away from the pump so we can get to the gas.
Sorry, I left my guitar back at Camp Blue Sky.
Car horns? No, they'll all just head this way.
And so will every other dead head within earshot.
I have something.
Zs like high-pitched sounds.
The more musical the better.
Wow, learn something everyday.
That's great.
You're our decoy.
I'll go with her.
I don't need his help.
No, you need cover.
Take him.
And start the music when you get to the top of that catwalk.
You two, get to the top of the other side and see if you can kill that noise.
Got it.
Where'd that kid go? He was here a minute ago.
Oh and his name is Ten Thousand.
Well he better be back by the time we're ready to go.
Hey, if we get that tanker started and we could fill it up From the main tank, that much gas would get us to California.
I like the way you think.
So what should I be doing while you all are getting incinerated to death? All right, why don't you take Mr.
Congeniality here and the suburban and get back to a safe distance, just in case.
What if you know zombies? If this all ends in tears, you got to get him to California.
No problem.
Wait one second, buddy.
Wait one second.
I got you.
There you go.
All right, let's warm you up.
Oh yeah, it's cold outside, isn't it? Yeah.
Good boy.
Good boy.
You're crazy.
Sunshine! Hold up! Hey! Slow down! You're gonna get us both killed.
Actually just one of us.
I know what you're trying to do.
It is not gonna work.
You don't know anything about me.
I know Tobias and the rest of the family is never gonna let you leave Sunshine.
Well I'm never going back.
And my name isn't Sunshine.
That girl died a long time ago.
You don't understand.
I can't go back without you.
That's no way to treat family.
Look, I just don't trust Murphy.
Okay? There's something wrong with that dude.
He's more than just a little crazy.
This whole mission is insane.
Warren and Garnett don't think so.
Hammond died trying to protect him, and so did a lot of other people.
You want to do the same? No.
What if it's true? What if Murphy's who they say he is and there's a chance for a vaccine? You don't get a do-over on the end of the world, Addy.
It's too late.
If there's the slightest chance of waking up in the world I remember Where dead things stay dead That's a chance I'm gonna take.
Cuz that's hope, Mack.
You know how long it's been since I've felt something like that? It's not hope.
It's a lie.
And it's gonna get us both killed.
Well then I'd rather die believing in a lie than live believing in nothing.
Damn, you're sexy when you get all philosophical.
Keep cranking.
Cranking enough to light up a small city.
Try it.
Okay, hurry up.
It's almost running out of gas.
Not for long.
Get ready to go as soon as they kill that noise.
That was cool.
This bad boy's the problem all right.
Nothing zombies like more than fire and noise.
Yeah, except brains.
How do we turn it off? Well the stop button doesn't work.
Must operate on pressure.
Like some kind of relief valve or something.
Maybe we can jam it up.
Well what about the pressure or whatever it's venting? Yeah, we don't hang around to find out.
Get the gas and get out of dodge.
We just need something to jam it up with like a pole or something.
No! I love this thing.
Figure it out! Hey, what happened to all the zombies that have been coming up here? Huh? Okay.
They did it.
All right.
Get ready.
We should go.
Watch out! That was handy.
Now we know what happened to the zombies.
Okay, it's really time to go.
Wonder how it's going? Haven't heard anything blow up.
Go fish.
Do it.
Now it's really time to go.
Here, boy! Where'd you go, fella? Here, boy! Where are you? Come here, doggy.
Come on.
There you are.
How are you, boy? Do you want some water? Are you thirsty? Yeah.
Come here.
Let's get some water.
Are you thirsty? Are you a thirsty boy? There we go.
Yeah, that's right.
Drink up, buddy.
Drink up.
Dog! Dog, come back! Dog! Nice job.
What was up there? Some kind of a pressure valve thing.
But that tank is full of zombie goo, like to the top.
It ain't gonna hold, guys.
Start the music! Let's dance.
I'll be damned.
I got the hose.
Give me that.
You ready? Firing up.
First time I've ever seen anybody cheat at go fish.
It's a gift.
What the hell is taking so long? Full service just ain't what it used to be.
Garnett and Warren know what they're doing.
Too many Zs around here.
It's freaking me out.
I got a phobia you know ever since I got bit.
I've been meaning to ask you about that.
So these bites Wait.
What kind of doctor are you anyway? Not really a doctor, more of an amateur pharmacologist.
What about you? How'd you get to be the savior of the human race? You really wanna know? Truth is for a guy who's been wrongly convicted, I'm actually very civic-minded.
I volunteered.
You got the wrong guy.
I didn't do nothin'.
Look, I'm being denied my due process, man! Come on.
Let me go.
I'm innocent, man.
Let me go.
It wasn't easy, but somebody had to do it.
You have been selected for exposure to an experimental Man, they would have to beat me senseless, strap me down, before I'd ever let anybody inject me with a live zombie virus.
Yeah, well it wasn't about me.
You know you do what you got to do.
For the kids [munching and screaming So you you got the vaccine and then you got bitten? Eight times.
Good God.
If you say so.
That must have been horrible.
Must have been.
Luckily I blacked out, so I don't remember any of it.
Somehow Hammond rescued me.
Better late than never, I guess.
And been on the run ever since.
Now Hammond's dead, too.
Good times.
We got some nosey neighbors.
- Call the others! - You're attracting them! - Get us out of here! - Shut up! This is great.
Your friends tank up, and we take it from them.
There is no we.
I'm not going back.
Not alive.
Why do you keep fighting this? You know he's never gonna let you go.
I will do whatever I have to do.
You'll do what?! Tell your new friends who I am? What happens when I tell them what you are?! No! God! Good grief, dude Murphy, all right.
Look at me.
In my eyes.
You're safe in here man.
They can't get you.
Now just try to breathe through it, man.
Right there.
Right there.
All right, that's enough.
Look, there's only two of them.
Look man, I'm gonna go out there.
I'm gonna draw them away and I'm gonna mercy them.
Now you just just chill out.
Why is nothing ever easy? Okay, follow me boys! Come on! Fresh meat.
Oh, nice guy.
Did you feel that? Listen.
Get in the truck! Come on! Oh.
Hey, boy! Hey! Damn it.
Hey, stupid! You don't want him.
He's all chewed up already.
Come on, friend.
Come on.
Raise your chin for your ol' pal Doc.
Hang in there, Murphy! They can't get you! One thousand fifty eight.
Get them off! Get them off! One thousand fifty nine.
One thousand sixty! Nice shot, kid! Murphy! Hey, Roberta.
I can't get this damn hose off.
We got to get going.
Get off! Get off! Get off! Is that Murphy? Unfortunately, yes.
Get out of here.
Get out of here! Go! Come on! Wait a minute.
What are you gonna do? I got to save Murphy.
Come on.
Get out of here.
Get out of my way, Travis.
I don't want to have to kill you.
That's not gonna be a problem.
It's time to go home, Sunshine.
You forget.
I'm used to it.
Coward! Shit! No! No! No! Get off of him you bastard! Hey! Stop! You're not gonna kill the only living thing I've seen in a year! Come on! Got to get out of here.
No! There's too many! I can't! Come on! You don't understand! I can't.
I can't.
I can't.
Yes! It is not the time! No! No! I can't! This is gonna explode! You don't understand! I can't! This works easier in the movies.
One thousand sixty two.
Come on.
I'm alive? Hey.
You're You're still alive.
No way.
You're still alive.
I'm still alive.
Yeah! Yeah, take that Cujo! That's what I'm talkin' about! We did it, pup.
Me and you, we did it.
We're alive.
We're alive.
It's just you and me, pup.
Just you and me.
Okay, I've got beef patty and sloppy joe.
You look like a beef eater to me.
Here we go.
This is actually one of the best first dates I've ever had.
Here we go.
Oh yeah, doesn't that look good? Whoa.
Slow down, dude.
I only have ten year supply.
Dude? Hmmm.
That's not a very good name, is it? Nah, we can do better than that, can't we? What about 'the dude?' I really like that movie.
No? Yeah, we can come up with something better than that.
Good boy.
What is that? Looks like somebody's been playing with matches.
What is that? Is that a refinery? So did we get the gas? Great.
Who screwed that up? Oh.
So where's your friend? He didn't make it.
And he wasn't my friend.
Hello? Hello.
It's me, Citizen Z from Northern Light.
To whom am I speaking? Sergeant Charlie Garnett.
Good talking to you again sir.
How's it going? It's going.
And the package? Still alive.
Please tell us where to drop him off.
California? Wait.
Hold on.
That's not gonna happen.
We need to go some place closer.
Closer? Uh Sorry Sergeant, but there is no closer.
Can I speak to someone in charge? Yeah, copy that.
I'm sure they'd like to talk to you too.
But that may be a little problematic.
What do you mean problematic? More puppies and kittens.
Why can't I speak to somebody at the lab? Well, sir.
What's going on?! We've lost contact.
Are they even still alive? I'm working on confirming that, sir.
I've got a screen full of incoming Zs headed your way.
You'd better get moving, Sergeant.
I'll find you.
But for now, go west till you hit the ocean.
Hello? Sergeant Garnett? Sergeant? I know.
I know.
But they're the only chance we got.
I need some music.
Yeah, we can.
Yeah, that's a good boy.
Never thought I would see this thing again.
Wait! Here comes the kid! Found these.
You're a god.
Yeah well hurry up.
Excuse me, ma'am.
You have a finger in your hair.