Z Nation (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Die Zombie Die ... Again

Previously in Z Nation.
I call it the Z Whacker.
Look, I just don't trust Murphy, okay? There's something wrong with that dude.
What if it's true? What if Murphy's who they say he is and there's a chance for a vaccine? Cuz that's hope, Mack.
It's not hope.
It's a lie, and it's gonna get us both killed.
Well then I'd rather die believing in a lie than live believing in nothing.
I'm so tired I could sleep for a thousand years.
Let's just camp here, yeah? We should get moving.
Why can't we stay here? We're probably two days out from the rendezvous.
Maybe three.
This may be our last chance to sync up with the others.
Yeah well I hope Z gets it right this time.
Well we went south.
They went west.
Hopefully we'll hook up somewhere in the middle.
We got to angle west.
West is that way.
California's that way.
If it's still there.
Well if we can power up somewhere I can try to get in touch with Z.
See if maybe I can get an update on their location.
I sorta envy that dude.
So far away from all this.
Yeah, and all alone.
We're gonna go west.
We're gonna meet up with the team.
We're gonna get Murphy to that lab, and then we are going to cure this virus.
That's a lot of stuff we're doing.
It sure is.
What about some of the things we aren't doing? What do you mean? Like talking, for starters.
Lately it seems like you can't even look at me.
Like right now.
Addy, what's going on? I told you, Mack.
I'm working through it, okay? It's a big knot that I'm just not sure I want to untie right now.
Not everything is about you.
It's really beautiful.
Can we just stay here please? Beauty attracts trouble.
You should know that.
We should've stayed at the at the creek.
Thought we'd get farther on the gas.
That's on me.
All right? Addy, what are you looking at? You okay? Addy? You okay? Hmmm? What? Have mercy Oh, have mercy.
It's like you go somewhere.
I mean what is it you see exactly? Mack, I'm too tired for this.
We need to talk about when you drift off like this.
I mean obviously something is tearing you up.
I might be able to help if I knew what you were dealing with, but you keep shutting me out.
It's a memory, I think.
I don't know what triggers it, but whenever it happens it's like it's like I go somewhere where I've been.
And when I try to remember, it just it gets further and further away.
What do you see? It's the same thing.
It's over and over again.
It's dark.
There's there's like a light.
And then a Z.
Like a really bad one.
And it's fighting.
Who's it fighting? I don't know.
Maybe you.
Me, huh? Yeah, I can never make that part out.
But the Z will not die.
Can we I'm sorry, can we talk about something else? Okay.
Sure, babe.
What would you like to talk about? We're not talking about me.
Talk about you.
This is probably gonna be a short conversation.
I'll keep it going with questions.
Ummm, okay.
What If you could do anything, what would you do right now? Besides the obvious.
What would you do? I'll tell you exactly what I would do.
I would take you out to a great restaurant.
The best in town.
I mean dress up.
Whole package, the whole deal.
I would open the doors for you.
I would pull out your chair.
We'd order some wine.
Have a great meal.
Order some more wine.
And then I would just I would just stare into your beautiful eyes all night and listen to you talk about yourself.
Then we'd go back to our fabulous pad and We never stood a chance, Mack.
Hold on.
What are you saying to me? Think about it, like our relationship.
What's it based on? Do we even have anything in common? We're alive.
How's that for starters? Yeah, but that's about it.
We met on the first night of the outbreak.
We don't even know each other.
All we know is zombies and mayhem.
Addy, we've kept each other alive.
I mean no matter how bad it's gotten, we've been there for each other.
That's so much more of a bond than any ring could give us.
Yeah, but we're trauma bonded.
We kill together, we survive together, and we have sex together.
But that's it.
That's all we have.
Yeah, we met on night one.
And I don't even remember that night really.
Like for me it's just one blur of Okay.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean that was bad, and and we got a lot of bad shit to go through before this is all over.
But Addy, I need you.
I don't know what you're talking about, we we never had a chance.
What do you mean by that? I mean, babe, in three years we have never thought about anything past tomorrow.
You know until this crazy mission came about, which you know is probably done as far as we're concerned.
That doesn't mean we're done.
Yeah, but who are we kidding? What what kind of future do you and I have? What are we gonna do? We gonna get married? Have some kids? You can't even think about that stuff.
It's crazy.
It's impossible.
We have each other.
We've never been on a date.
No? That's not gonna cut it.
Do you have a middle name? Yeah, I got a middle name.
What is it? It's Grace.
Of course it is.
Addison Grace Carver, will you go out with me? On a date? Mack.
I promise we won't kill a thing.
You know what You just sit here and look pretty.
Don't go anywhere.
Where am I gonna go? All right, Addy.
You wanted a date? Here is our first date.
Addy? Addy? All right, that's fine.
You go ahead and get your sleep.
It's been a long apocalypse.
Mack! Addy? Addy? Mack! Addy? Addy, you in here? Addy? What the hell? Are those bites? What bites a zombie? Addy.
Addy? Please tell me you did a hit and run on this bastard! Damn, dude.
Freaking Andre the Giant.
Addy! All right.
Baby, no.
Where'd you get that necklace? Where did you get that necklace? Huh? Answer me, you brain dead freak! Oh, baby.
You're fine.
You're fine.
Mack! Addy? Addy? Where'd you go? Addy! Oh, wait a minute.
What? I've been here.
Déjà vu.
Bite me.
Doesn't mean she's dead, Mack.
She could've given it her best shot then bolted.
She's a smart girl.
Hey, ugly! Addy.
You can have all the others! You cannot have her! She didn't deserve this.
Sometimes you're the windshield.
Sometimes you're the bug.
This is her necklace.
You can't have it.
No mercy.
Come on.
You on steroids?! Huh?! I was brought up to compete clean.
One foot to the right, Mack.
Go away.
I'll be dead soon.
Not soon enough.
Addy? Addy? Mack! Damn it.
To the right.
To the right! To the right, Mack! Too far.
You again? Mack! Mack! Mack! I know that door.
Where have I seen that door before? What is it, huh?! What do you want from me?! What is it, huh?! What do you want from me?! Huh?! Answer me! What is it Addy?! You can't have her.
I won't let you.
Is there something behind that door you don't want me to see? Is that what this is? What is it? What is it, man? Is it Addy? What is it you don't want me to see? Mack? Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, ummm No.
I don't know.
You want to talk about it? I had this dream.
It's more like a premonition than a dream.
You know it's like a psychic nightmare.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Psychic? Mack Thompson, world's most skeptical man, is having psychic premonitions? Come here.
What are you doing? Taking your temperature.
I think you're having a fever dream.
Addy, come on.
This is serious.
I'm serious too.
Okay, if you haven't noticed, we're in the middle of nowhere.
We have no water.
We have no food or fuel.
I can't have you falling apart on me, babe.
I'm sorry.
I'm not falling apart on you though.
I'm not.
It's just It just felt so real, you know? You know it felt like it's about something, you know? It is about something.
It is.
It has to be.
But I don't think it's the future.
I think it's about you.
I think your subconscious is trying to tell you something.
Okay? So let's let's figure it out.
What happened? Okay.
Ummm, it's It's one of these dreams that keeps repeating, you know like each time it's a little bit different.
Each time I wake up next to you.
I look over and you're gone.
I hear you crying.
Okay, well that one's easy.
You don't don't need Freud or a brain scan to figure that one out.
Mack, you're worried about me.
And listen, I'm worried about you too.
But that's that's not just it.
That's just how it starts, right? And then I hear you, and you're in some kind of trouble.
And then and then I hear this sound, this like zombie howl echoing off in the distance.
It's super creepy.
There it is.
That's the sound.
There it is again.
That sound.
I'm telling you, that thing is out there.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's a zombie.
Okay so hey, hey listen.
Let's go kill it, together.
Okay? Watch, watch, watch.
It's gonna show up right over there.
You sure? Any second.
Mack? What? That's so weird.
It's I've stood right here and and and seen it every time in my dream.
Right here! Mack, listen.
Mack! Mack! Mack! This isn't right.
This was Is it here? Stay back, stay back.
Okay, okay.
Mack, what are you looking for? A snake.
It's here.
It's it's it's always right here.
Uh Uh You think I'm crazy, don't you? No.
Maybe a little bit.
But Mack, hey listen, listen.
It's the world we're living in.
Okay we're all a little bit crazy.
Something's not right.
Mack! Wait! Mack! Lock and load.
This thing is badass.
6'7" maybe 280.
And when you hear a hawk, you stand right next to me because all hell's about to break loose.
What's happening? This is where it killed me the last time.
Sounds horrible.
I'm glad that was just a dream.
Hey Mack, is that Is that the door from your dream? Yeah, that's it.
Maybe we should go see what's inside.
I don't think that's a good idea.
In your dream, did you ever go inside? No, Frankenzombie always killed me before I made it that far.
Yeah, we should see.
No, come on.
What if this is just a dream again? I mean what if that thing is just waiting in there to kill us? Mack, we can't both be having the same dream, okay? Because I'm awake.
You sure you want to do this? Yeah, we've come this far.
Don't you want to know what's inside? No.
Whatever it is, it's bad.
So let's just let's just get out of here.
Mack, it was a nightmare.
There's probably nothing bad in there.
But if we don't look, we'll never know.
Addy, no.
Okay, great, mystery solved.
I feel so much better now.
Can we go? Dude.
Can't give up yet.
All right, Addy.
What do you see? Uhhh.
I don't know.
It's so dark.
Maybe it's some kind of room, but I can't tell.
Okay, well keep trying.
There's nothing in there.
Let's just go, okay? Keep trying.
What is it? Hang on.
My eyes are still adjusting.
It's so dark in here.
It's pitch black.
Looks like a staircase leading down.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Mack! Addy? Addy? Don't! You're hurting me! Don't! It bit me.
Why won't you die? Why won't you die?! Why won't you die?! Mack, wake up! Wake up! Hey, hey, hey.
You're having a nightmare.
Hey, you're having a nightmare, okay? You're talking in your sleep.
What was I saying? Why won't you die, why why won't you die.
Mack? Addy, there's something I have to tell you.
Does it have to do with the dream? What is it? Addy, I have to ask you something.
Where did this come from? I am not afraid.
Don't! You're hurting me! Don't! Oh my God.
Oh my God.
What happened? Mack! Mack, I need your help! Hang on.
Okay? We're gonna get you help, okay? Mack! Somebody there? What's wrong? Mom? Are you infected? Did you do this to him? Why won't you die? Why won't you die? Why won't you die? Addy? Addy, where'd you go? Mack! Addy! Hey, hey, hey.
Addy, baby, baby.
Baby, what's wrong? Hey, what's wrong? Mack, I'm so sorry.
I thought it was you.
All this time I thought it was you.
I know what the flashbacks were about.
I thought it was you, but it was me.
Oh my God, it was me.
It was me.
That first night I didn't know.
I didn't know.
I didn't know how to give mercy.
I didn't know you had to kill the brain.
I just kept stabbing her over and over and over again.
Oh my God.
I killed her, Mack.
Oh my God.
Forgive me.
I killed my mom.
I killed her.