Z Nation (2014) s02e06 Episode Script

Zombie Baby Daddy

Previously on Z Nation.
What did you do to her? Saved her life.
What did you do? You in there? Cassandra? Party's over, everyone.
Here she comes! Congratulations, daddy.
Murphy! Do your zombie voodoo thing! It's not working! Get away from my baby, you damn dirty zombie! Go! Oh god.
Come on.
Come on! Doc! Holy acid flashback, man.
It's okay.
Let me out! Come on guys, help! Let me out of here! Guys, come on.
Open the door! What in God's name? Oh good, you see them too.
Addy! Hot potato.
Warren! Lucy! Have mercy.
Oh, have mercy.
This was so wrong.
I'll take her now.
Adorable, isn't she? Thought you didn't like babies.
I never said that.
I said I didn't like that baby.
But she's daddy's precious little angel, aren't you? What? I can't believe people used to wear these.
I mean they're cool and all.
But what's the point? Storage.
Can you imagine sitting in a theater behind someone wearing that? No wonder they shot Lincoln.
What, too soon? How's little Lucy? Finished all her sugar water like a good little girl.
Didn't you, LuLu? That's my little stinker.
Have you smelled yourself lately? Please.
Come on.
Get away from the big bad man.
Yeah, that's it.
Come on.
Oh that's right.
Okay, let's sit down.
Oh, there you go.
Is anybody else worried about the baby? I don't know whether to be worried for that baby or afraid of that baby.
You see the way she attracts Zs? That baby, and I use the word loosely, is gonna get us all killed.
Bro, she's a baby.
A baby sprung from Murphy's loins.
She's not just a baby.
She's something else.
She could grow up to be the savior of the human race or the queen of destruction.
And we need to find out which and do what we got to do.
You know Fatherhood changes you.
It makes you want to be a better man.
Rub my feet, darlin'.
These dogs are barking.
Oh, oh.
Caught some trout.
Kid, you are a fishing guru.
What's your secret? Be one with the fish.
Far out.
Atta boy Well I got some foil in here somewhere.
We're gonna fry one of them bad boys up.
All right.
Hey We need to get a look at that baby.
Yeah, well good luck.
Super Dad over there won't let anybody touch her.
I'm guessing he's afraid we're gonna leave her behind.
Which isn't something that we're actually considering doing, right? Something tells me she's gonna outlive us all.
Where's Vasquez? Disappeared again.
I passed him in the woods.
Heading south toward town.
Well I'm gonna find out where he keeps disappearing to.
And you two see if you can't get that baby away from Murphy.
Hey, Warren.
Save me some fish.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, Murphy.
How you doing? What do you want? I just thought I'd give you a break and hold little LuLu for a while.
She's fine.
We're fine.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, what is she chewing on? I dunno.
Something she picked up.
Is that a finger? Maybe.
Come here.
You happy now? Shhh.
Look, Murphy.
Nobody's saying you're a bad father.
We just think it'd be a good idea to you know give the baby a little checkup.
That's all.
There's nothing wrong with little LuLu.
And since when are you a pediatrician, huh? Murphy, she's just had sugar water to eat.
Let Doc have a quick look at her.
She looks fine to me.
Takes a village.
I don't know what you up to.
But I don't like it.
Stop following me.
We're not following you.
You're afraid of her.
Or afraid of what she might become.
What we might become.
Don't forget.
I've seen how you treat babies.
And we've seen how you treat humans.
I'm not gonna let you hurt her.
Baby and I are going for a walk.
Make sure they stay here.
Nobody leaves.
Nobody leaves.
Where do you think you're going? Someplace safe from people like you.
It's okay.
We don't need them.
Daddy's got you, and nothing and nobody's gonna hurt you.
Get out of here, you zombie varmints.
That was creepy.
Even for the apocalypse.
You're hit.
I'm losing a lot of blood.
You too.
We got to get out of here.
Yeah, but we got to do something about this bleeding.
But first, we got to get out of here.
Enough is enough.
Daddy really needs you to be quiet now.
Okay? There you go.
Bad? You? Got to stitch these wounds or we're gonna bleed out.
We won't make it back to camp.
The ER is this way.
You think anything will be left? No, but it'd be better than out here.
We can hide from your friends.
I think we got to go after him.
He shouldn't be out there alone.
Especially not with the baby.
What about little miss sunshine over there? He told her to stop us.
She can't stop all of us at once.
Well I dunno.
I think we should wait for Warren and Vasquez.
They'll be here soon.
Yeah, but we don't even know where they are.
And what if something happens to the baby? Or Murphy? He didn't take any food for the baby.
Why would he not take food for the baby? Oh.
He wouldn't do that, would he? We don't know what he's capable of.
He's more zombie than he is human.
I know, sweetie.
I miss mommy too.
Sort of.
But someday, when you're old enough, like 50, I'll tell you the whole horrible tale about how I met your mother.
But right now, I need you to shut your little baby face.
Please? For daddy? Come on.
No Zs around.
Anything? I don't think they're following us.
We're safe for now.
I'm out.
Me too.
Down to my special.
Now might be that special time.
We need sutures, bandages, and antibacterial anything.
Come on.
Head to optometry.
There's three of us and one of her.
If she tries to stop us, we'll do what we have to do.
What does that mean? She's not Cassandra.
Not anymore.
I don't know, man.
She is getting weirder.
And you've seen how strong she is.
She would not hurt us.
Not really.
I wouldn't be so sure.
We all run in different directions.
She'll grab one of us, and the other two can go look for Murphy.
All right.
We're doing this.
I hope she doesn't overreact and do something crazy.
Cassandra! Stop! Stop it! Stop! Cassandra, stop it! What the hell are you doing?! Nobody leaves.
I told you.
It's not her.
Of all the horrible things I have had to do in the apocalypse, this is probably the most horriblest.
Found a suture kit.
Any pain killers? Hold still.
This might hurt.
Actually it will hurt.
How bad is it? Missed the artery.
No passing out or dying on me.
Remember somebody's got to sew me up.
Hey, Warren! You with me? Just a few more.
Hang it there, Warren.
You're doing great.
Being a real man about it.
Women can take more pain than any man.
Scientific fact.
Maybe you're right.
Crazy That's it.
Bleeding stopped.
Better not leave a scar.
Don't worry.
It'll be a sexy scar.
It'll do.
How's the arm? Feeling's starting to come back.
What are we doing about it? We can't just stay here.
Who knows what Murphy's up to.
Could we try talking to her? I don't think she's in a talking mood.
She'll talk to me.
Get ready to run.
What the hell is he doing? I don't know.
But when somebody tells me to get ready to run, I get ready to run.
Cassandra, we need to talk.
You really hurt Addy, Cassandra.
Cassandra, listen.
We need to look for Murphy.
We want to help him, but we need to find him first.
Nobody leaves.
That didn't sound good.
Damn it.
Come on.
Come on.
You know to leave the bullet, right? No Hollywood shit trying to dig it out.
What were you doing out there? Is this really the time for that? It'll distract you from the pain.
You know what I was pre-Z? Does it matter? I was a DEA agent.
I worked cross-border trafficking in Texas.
I was good at it.
Busted a lot of cartel members.
Worst of the worst.
Worked the US Mexican task force trying to dismantle the Zero Cartel.
Go on.
So the Zeros did what they always do when someone gets in their way.
Try to kill you? Tried to buy me.
Said I'd still do my job, just busting their competition.
And said I'd make millions on the side.
So you said yes? No.
I said no.
So they made me a different offer.
They kidnapped my wife.
My baby girl.
Offered to let me kill them quickly or they'd kill them slowly.
Then one of the Zero shot-callers showed up.
He said he'd do me a favor, but I'd owe him big time.
I said anything.
Just help my wife and child.
He said deal.
Shot them right there in front of me.
That way day one of the zombie apocalypse.
My wife was the first person I ever saw turn.
So you're trying to find the Zero that killed your family? Yeah, but I don't know what he looks like.
He wore a hood.
You know uh All I remember is he had a tattoo of a face on his shooting arm.
So was he one of the ones we killed today? No.
So how do you know he's even alive? Someone that evil? He's alive.
Probably right.
That's a effed-up horrible story.
How do I know you're telling me the truth? Doesn't matter.
Why not? I think you took too long sewing me up.
Come on.
Don't die on me.
Go away, damnit! We can hide in here.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm Damn zombies.
What?! I said damn zombies! Right! Shhh.
I guess you and the baby better come inside.
What?! I It's okay, Ma.
He's got a little baby with him.
Oh, a little one.
She's afraid of strangers.
I'm sure she's hungry.
We've got some rabbit's milk.
Uh, that's very kind.
What's wrong with you? Why are you so blue? Vitamin deficiency? We don't get many folks out here.
What's your business? Could you point that some other way? Can.
You were telling me your business.
My daughter and I got separated from our group.
Don't you lie to me, mister.
I will kill you right where you sit.
Just like that last fellow.
Thank you.
We left a group of survivors that we were traveling with.
I think they wanted to take my girl.
Her crying attracts zombies.
Well now we're getting somewhere.
Where you headed? I don't know.
I just wanted to get her away from them.
You don't mind me saying, mister, that's not much of a plan.
You don't have no food, no water, nothing? No.
Not really.
I ought to shoot you for bad parenting.
Ummm I have an idea.
I can't take her back to the group.
And I can't take her with me where I'm going.
You seem like good people.
You got a nice safe setup here.
It's a real home.
Would you Would you take my daughter and raise her? Are you serious? I've never been more serious in my life.
Oh, Pa.
Could we? I know it's a burden, but here she is.
A little angel, fallen into our lives.
What's her name? It's Lucy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What the hell is it? Is she bitten? I don't see anything.
But she's awful blue.
And her eyes Okay, mister.
You are going to take your daughter and you're going to leave before I spill blood, okay? Just let me explain.
I said go! Okay.
Okay, we're going.
Can I ask one small favor? For Lucy? I hope you find your wife and your little girl.
I give you mercy.
Jesus, Warren.
I thought you were dead.
Guess not.
Uh oh Well they've definitely been here all right.
God Okay.
All right.
Well where did they go from here? It's hard to say.
I wonder how 10K's doing.
He's all right.
She wouldn't really hurt him.
Stop it! Stop it! Well we didn't find Murphy.
But we found these two.
And not a minute too soon.
We didn't have much fight left.
What's that? Cassandra.
Oh my God.
What happened? I did what I had to do.
You mercied her? She gave me no choice.
Saw that one coming.
She was our friend.
No, she wasn't.
Cassandra was our friend.
That wasn't Cassandra.
It's okay, kid.
We understand.
Don't try to make me feel better about it.
I don't want to feel better about it.
There's nothing to feel better about.
That's what I want to feel.
What's going on here? Where's Cassandra? She's dead.
I'm sorry.
Dead? How? What happened? I mercied her.
I gave her life.
And you had no right to take that away.
She wasn't human.
That wasn't human.
Not since you bit her.
Three thousand two hundred fifty five.
Not right now.
Not now.
Where's the baby? Where's Lucy? You don't have to worry about the baby anymore.
I think this is for the best, Pa.
I agree, Ma.
It's the only decent thing to do.
That way that nice fellow can get back to his friends while Lucy is safe here with us.
Isn't she beautiful? We have to be the two luckiest people in the whole apocalypse.