Z Nation (2014) s04e04 Episode Script

A New Mission Keep Moving

1 Previously on Z Nation.
These visions that you're having don't ignore them.
Unconscious is a very powerful thing.
I heard rumors about unkillable Zs.
The virus mutating.
- [gunshot] - [splorch] You start to wonder if something's happening out there.
What's up with Warren? She's all there, but it seems like there's more there there than there used to be.
She's going the wrong way.
[smacking] [gunshots] [smacking] [gunshots] [smacking] [breathing heavily] Oh Hope they're not all gonna be that hard to kill.
[electronic guitar theme music plays] Have mercy, - [two gunshots] - [thunk] Oh, have mercy.
Why can't the virus mutate into happy peace-loving zombies and crave weed instead of brains? Let's get moving.
Let's go.
Murphy! Catch up! You know, we must've lost those Zona goons by now! Yeah, well keep moving! What kinda ass menagerie.
Looks like Satan's parking lot.
They warned us about this in our mission briefings.
Officially, it's "Spontaneous Mass Mortality Sight number 247" But civilians call it "The Great Pile.
" Goes on for 200 square miles.
No way around it.
No road through it.
Just one big no-go zone.
And yet, here we go.
Newmerica is looking better all the time.
Roger that.
You know, if I was a zombie, and I am kind-of an honorary one this is exactly the kind of place I would hang out waiting to eat the brains of someone stupid enough to come along.
Murphy, move your ass! So Warren, I don't mean to be a buzzkill or anything on your mission from God or whatever it is.
But do you have any idea where the hell we're going? East.
East? Just East? How far East? Not sure.
But for now, as far as we can go.
Picking up anything? Everything.
(DOC) So here we were, marching through The Great Pile after eight years of apocalypse.
Junk so thick, I wouldn't know a Z if it was three feet in front of me.
All of this on Lieutenant Warren's orders.
I can't shake the feeling this was all a big mistake.
Are you talking to me? Cuz I already know this stuff.
Oh, yeah no, I'm just working on my inner monologue.
Yeah, well try focusing on the inner part.
[growling] So when they briefed you, what'd they tell you about this place? According to our intel, a few years back there was some sort of crazy cult leader lady broadcasting out of a radio tower near here.
Claimed space aliens were gonna land and take all the survivors to some zombie-free planet, but they didn't.
(Murphy) Well that sounds insane.
And oddly familiar.
Faith is a crazy thing.
(Doc) Well, we've seen a whole lot of crazy.
(Sarge) Almost a million people.
(Lucy) What happened to them? No one knows for sure.
Some kind of mass die-off turned them all Z.
For some reason, all them Zeds took off from this place en mass (10K) Even Zs don't like this place.
Last drone footage we have shows the mother of all zombie hoards heading straight for the Grand Canyon.
(10K and Doc) We were nowhere near the Grand Canyon.
[growling] My wife.
Have you seen my wife? Help me.
Kill me.
What? Nothing.
Just I wanted to check in and make sure you're okay.
After Addy.
Like you care.
Of course I care.
I'm your dad.
She was my friend, sort of.
She was not your friend.
And you aren't my dad.
My dad was blue.
My dad could talk to zombies.
My dad could feel me from across the country, and I could feel him.
You aren't my dad.
I'm still your father.
You know, things change.
You changed.
Zona cured me.
You didn't need to be cured.
You weren't some kind of disease that needed to be cured.
And neither am I! [growling] I can't believe we left Addy behind too.
Yeah, you've had to leave a lot behind.
Haven't you, kid? First 5K.
Now Red.
Yeah, that's a tough one.
Are you okay? Not much choice.
Huh? I wanted to stay and keep searching.
But we promised.
Promised? Red and I.
If we were ever to be separated, we'd leave a sign that we were still out there.
With no sign of life, we'd move on.
She made me promise.
Yeah, well.
That's the first rule of the Apocalypse.
You did the right thing.
If she'd have turned, I would have found her.
Or she would've found you and eaten your brains.
She's alive, right? She probably went to Newmerica with the others.
Yeah, well you know hopefully Addy's with her.
Sure like to zombify that son of a bitch that shot Addy.
Uhh [clears throat].
Yeah, you know, 10K, about Addy Doc.
Don't move.
Is there something in my beard? No.
Something's watching us.
Something big.
Mad Z? No.
It's some kind of critter.
[squeaking] - [screaming] - [squeaking] [squeaking] [squeaking] Rat Zs? - [gunshot] - [squealing] Got him.
[squeaking] - [bang] - [squeaking] [hissing] [squeaking] - [squeaking] - Run! [squeaking] - [screaming] - [squeaking] [squeaking] - [automatic gunfire] - [squeaking] [squeaking] - [screaming] - [squeaking] - [grunting] [smacking] - [squeaking] [breathing heavily] [gunshot] [electric clicking] [snarling] Lucy! Lucy! Lucy? Where are you, sweetie? (Sarge) Lucy! Lucy! [electric clicking] [screaming] Somebody help me! (Lucy) [screaming] Help! [thumping] [smack] [Screaming] Dad! No! Dad! (Warren) Knock knock [thud] [thud] [thud] [sounds of a struggle] [thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [muffled thud] [thud] [thud] [yelling] [thud] [thud] [thud] [thud] [slice] [slice] [slice] [gasping] Lucy! Let me go.
When my dad catches you, he's so gonna kick your [electric clicking] uuhhh Zona sons of bitches.
Behind you! [sounds of a struggle] [groaning] [growling] [growling] Let me out! I'm almost gone! Let me out! - [screaming] - [growling] [growling] You okay? I'm fine.
Thanks for the help! Where the hell were you guys?! Huh? Dude! Z rats.
Heard the screams.
Junk was too thick.
Got here as soon as I could.
What about you, huh? Where were you? You don't care about anyone else? Them, I care about.
You, not so much.
Hey! Come on, guys.
How 'bout you, huh? You're leading us into the middle of nowhere, based on nothing! [automatic gunfire] What we have here is a lack of unit cohesion.
I didn't mercy my two best friends to put up with this shit.
She's right.
Now come on, guys.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Hippie's right.
You're bleeding.
You okay? It's just a flesh wound.
(Doc) Okay, now everybody listen up.
As your friendly neighborhood mental health professional, it's my opinion that we need to stick together and not go running off alone.
Agreed? All right, well I'm glad we got that straight.
Let's go, Murphy.
[creaking] So what about Sundays in Zona? Sunrise buffet, omelet station, bottomless mimosas.
We had bottomless stuff at the camp too.
Wasn't mimosas.
Oh yeah, Bottomless Joe.
What happened to him? Well he died as he lived.
With no pants.
Hey, Luce.
[growling] What's your take on them Mad Zs? [growling continues] Well, with regular Zs, I can hear their names, see flashes of their lives.
I can talk to them.
Mad Zs, it's just screaming.
You can't command them at all? Nope.
Why so blue? Well, my daughter's almost as old as me.
We have nothing in common.
And I don't know what the hell to say to her.
You know, my dad wasn't perfect either.
But he was there.
And sometimes that's all you need.
The rest is time.
She likes you more than me, you know? Mm-hmm.
So does everybody.
Umm, this isn't right.
I'm off course.
We were on course? Let me guess.
We're lost? Are we lost? [sneeze] Gesundheit.
Who sneezed? [sneeze] There! You, in the pile! Stand up and show yourself or be mercied! What is it? Looks like some kinda Ender.
Hey, don't shoot him.
Better an Ender than a Mad Z.
I don't know who he thinks he's gonna scare wearing that thing.
Enders! [screaming] Don't shoot! [screaming continues] [sounds of a struggle] Hey! That's my bag! [sounds of a struggle continues] Oooww! [sounds of a struggle continues] [screaming] [sounds of a struggle continues] - [smack] - [groaning] [sounds of a struggle continues] Oww, they smashed my kiwis.
[yelling] They got our water.
He got my bag.
- Most of the ammo.
- Next time, can we just shoot them? Hey Land-ho.
I can see the way out from here.
Ugh hallelujah! Warren, lead us to the promise land! Warren? Where the hell is she? Warren! Where is she? There.
Warren! Lucy! Come back here! Come on! We can get out this way! Sorry, Murph.
Looks like the craziest person wins.
That's it.
It's time for a vision intervention.
[squealing] (Warren) All right, you got me here.
What is this? This is an intervention.
An intervention? Well, just think of it as words of concern from people who love you.
[clears throat] What are these words of concern? Well, you are leading us deeper and deeper into the bowels of zombie hell.
We're all gonna die horrible painful deaths, gnawed by zombie rats or worse if we don't change course immediately.
Anyone want to back me up here? Murphy.
Boss, look.
You know we believe in you.
And we would follow you anywhere.
But you're making decisions now for all of us.
And lately, these decisions are are Are you trippin'? I got something to say.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and Murphy's still acting like he's the freaking blue messiah.
It's really pissing me off.
This is about Warren.
This is not a free for all.
Warren? I got no problem with her.
Seriously, Roberta.
I mean, we want to believe.
But you got to give us something to believe in.
I just feel it.
I feel it in my gut.
It's not something I can tell you with words.
I just feel it.
What she's feeling is real.
I feel it when I'm near her.
What is it? I mean, is it these visions of yours or these the nightmares from your coma? Or what? I don't know what they mean.
Yeah, well maybe we can help you, you know, interpret them? I'm alone.
And the sky's on fire.
It's the end of the world.
And there's a a black rainbow that's blocking the sun.
Then it starts to rain.
It's a black ashen rain that hisses in the air and melts everything that it touches.
Humans, Enders, Zombies.
And when it when it hits my skin, it burns.
[muffled screaming] Uhh That's all I got.
I'm sorry, but that's not enough.
Addy said she'd meet me there.
All right.
I can't expect you to believe in something that I don't believe in myself.
All of us together.
And you.
Let's get the hell out of Zombietown.
[crying] I won't let you down.
Thank you.
Single file.
Eyes on me.
Due North.
You think we're wrong, don't you? I can feel it.
What I feel and what I know are two different things.
And what I know is we got to get you to Newmerica.
For Addy.
Yeah? For Addy.
Hold up.
Heavily armed.
Over there on the ground.
[growling] Say the word and I'll mercy him.
I think that Ender's a Zombie.
Garden variety.
Not one of them Mad Zs.
[growling continues] His name is Alex.
Check out the artillery on this guy.
[growling] [growling] [growling] Looks like somebody stole more than they could carry.
That is a smorgasbord of badassery.
[growling continues] Well, speaking of weapons, you guys all got guns and knives and shields and stuff.
I feel like I need a weapon.
[click] What the hell am I supposed to do with that? Whittle someone to death? It's not the size that counts.
Keep telling yourself that, kid.
You know, if I'm gonna be fighting zombies I feel like I need something substantial, you know.
Well, there's something there for everybody.
Choose your weapon.
[growling] Let's see.
BFG? Nah, too heavy.
Who wants to carry all that ammo? Grenade launcher.
What about the pirate cutlass? That's always good.
It'll go with your whole, you know, Blackbeard thing.
He'd just cut himself.
Probably right.
Oh hey.
Look at this.
Freeze! [growling continues] Don't move.
It's not stealing.
He's dead almost.
[growling continues] There's a grenade.
- [growling continues] - It's a booby trap.
Everybody, take cover, real easy.
I can get it, Lieutenant.
Sergeant, you too.
It's just the one.
And we need the weapons.
Sergeant, that was an order! [growling continues] Sergeant! [growling continues] [growling] [laughing] Got him! Store's open.
[growling] [growling] All right.
Let's see.
Too hot.
Too cold.
[growling continues] That's perfect.
A cane? You killing zombies or doing a soft shoe? Maybe I should try this thing out and mercy this poor bastard.
Dad! What? [growling continues] Kids.
At least she called me dad.
[growling continues] There it is.
I see green.
We're almost out of here.
Does anyone else smell zombie? [sniff] I'm always smelling myself.
What are you scared of? You got a cane.
He's right.
There is something.
Want to go North to Newmerica? That's your way out.
Let's go.
[growling] - [stab] - [growling continues] [gunfire] [growling] Little help.
[thud] [thud] [growling] Hey! - [thud] - [growling] [thud] - [smack] - [thud] [growling] - [grunting] - [growling] [shink] [growling] [slicing] [thud] [breathing heavily] That's more like it.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Newmerica, here we come.
Where's Warren? She's right behind me.
- Warren! - Roberta! Warren! Warren! Lieutenant Warren! Warren! Warren! Warren! [growling] [growling] [growling] [growling] [slice] [creaking] [growling] - [clinking] - [growling] - [static] - [ringing] [growling] - [creaking] - [growling] [growling] - [clinking] - [growling] How can you have déjà vu for a place you've never been? - [clinking] - [growling] [growling] [growling] Where the hell is she? Well, we knew she was heading East.
She said that.
She ditched us.
She's hoping we'll go to Newmerica without her.
Not the worst idea.
We're not leaving anybody else behind.
I won't do it.
You can connect with Warren, right? Like you did with me before Zona? Yes.
Can you find her? I can try.
I feel something.
This way.
Lucy, slow down! [snarling] It's just a Z.
A regular one.
Lucy, get away from her.
She's scared.
[snarling continues] What's your name? [snarling continues] Audrey? Have you seen a woman with blonde hair running? [snarling continues] Okay.
Let's get you out of here Lucy, leave her alone! [snarling] - Oh.
- Lucy? What is it? Stay back! She's a bomb.
Like the other one.
Lucy, very slowly I want you to walk away from her and come towards me.
No, you get away! Or else we're all gonna blow up! [snarling] Don't! Dad, go! You're too normal! You're making things worse! I am not going anywhere without you! Lucy! You just walk away.
[growling] [Lucy and Murphy arguing] You can't save everyone! I learned that a long time ago.
Now come with me! [Lucy and Murphy arguing] Someone has to care! Okay.
Someone has to make the time! And I won't walk away! She's not worth it.
You'll get killed.
I won't let her suffer! Here come the locals! Time to skedaddle! All right.
That's it.
It's time to go! No, I have to save her! You'll pull the pin.
Let me see if I can disable it.
[snarling] Crap.
There's a dozen grenades.
We've got a situation.
If she moves an inch, we're all dead.
Can you disarm it? That's a negative.
As soon as you cut one wire, she'll move forward and pull the other pins.
(10K) Puppies and Kittens! [gunshot] [gunshot] Lucy, I am your father! Do as I say and make her let go! You aren't my father! My father would never leave her here to suffer! - That's it.
- [shink] [snarling] [stab] [screaming] No! [creaking] Those pins are gonna pull! This won't hold long.
All right, that's it.
Come on! [screaming] I'm not going anywhere with you! Fine.
Then we'll blow the hell up together! - [gunshot] - We have got to go! Guys! [creaking] Baby Girl.
She's gone.
You hear me? We got to go.
Go! Go! [growling] [click] [clicking] [click] [loud explosion] [loud explosion] [muffled] Lucy! [muffled] Lucy! [muffled] 10K! - [ringing] - [muffled sounds] [muffled] Lucy! - [muffled coughing] - [muffled] Lucy.
Are you okay? Are you okay?! Come here.
(Doc) 10K! [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] Everybody okay? Everybody, follow me.
I found something.
This way.
[click] [slicing] So this is the antenna you saw in your dream? Yes.
[radio static] But I'm not sure it's a dream.
The ol' woke up from a coma and now I'm psychic thing, huh? I don't think it's that either.
Warren's right.
You can see the highway headed East straight that way.
[radio static continues] You got anything on that radio? - Nothing military.
- [radio static continues] Not even Zona traffic.
Just some ghost station I can't quite tune in.
Hang on.
Wait, wait.
Go back, go back.
[radio static continues] I got something.
(Kaya) This is Northern Light.
Say hi to dada.
(Child) Dada, hi.
(Kaya) Citizen Z, we're calling.
If you hear us Did she just say Citizen Z? Is he still alive? (Child) Dada, come home.
(child) [babbling] What happened to the poor dude? Did he get brain damage? No, man.
That's Kaya and her baby! (Kaya) Citizen Z.
We're calling.
- If you hear us - Wait, you guys know Citizen Z? (Child) Like a puppy.
It's Operation Bite Mark.
Operation Bite Mark.
Come in.
(Kaya) Your family is waiting for you, Simon.
We always will be.
This is Kaya in he Sky-A signing off.
(child) [babbling] Well, at least we know she's alive and okay.
What about Citizen Z? Nothing worse than not knowing.
- [clattering] - [squeaking] Rats! - [snap] - Oww.
Did that Z rat just say "ow"? Wait a minute.
It's just an Ender.
With a rat puppet? Rats.
We got about two minutes before Mick Rat here turns into Mad Z.
I'd say let's beat it.
(Murphy) Ugh Let's never do that again.
What now, chief? Well, there's still time for you guys to get to Newmerica.
Without you? Yeah, I'm going East.
Doesn't feel like I have much of a choice.
But you do.
Yeah, I dunno.
You know I do hate it when we split up.
I go where you go.
Me too.
Well if you're going, I'm going.
I dunno what's going on in that head of yours, but I'm gonna throw a little faith your way.
For now.
(Sarge) Lieutenant.
Puppies and Kittens.
(Doc) I bet those berries on Zona were canned.
Made the waffles all soggy.
(Murphy) Nope, fresh daily.
Ripe as hell.
With powdered sugar.
Damn it.