Z Nation (2014) s04e13 Episode Script

The Black Rainbow

1 Previously on Z Nation.
Welcome to Zona.
I can't wait for you to meet the Founder.
We've met before.
Without him, all this wouldn't be here.
Come with me.
You're no longer safe here.
[MUFFLED SOUNDS] These visions that you're having, don't ignore them.
Unconscious is a very powerful thing.
I mean we want to believe.
But you've got to give us something to believe in.
- [GASPING] - What'd you see? I felt it.
What she's feeling.
We have reason to believe that someone intends to launch a biological attack on all surviving humans and zombies.
Your thumbs would've given us access to change the launch codes for some kind of doomsday weapon.
You don't need my thumbprint.
You need the thumbprint of the person who was president during the outbreak.
Why hello, Mr.
I'll know it when I see it.
We're getting close.
We're on the move.
You know this whole place is radiated, right? Well whose fault is that? Wasn't my idea to have a third strike weapon.
Now we're all gonna get cancer in 20 years.
- Let's hope.
- [GROWLING] - [GUNSHOT] - Shit! Watch it, Murphy.
We're gonna need him.
Him? Come on, tasty snack.
They'll bite your ass too.
[MUFFLED SOUNDS] Warren? Whatcha doin'? Warren? She's got that look again.
Hold this.
What are you looking at? - Stand here.
- What? Stand here and put your hands up.
Put my hands up? Higher.
[SIGHING] Is this really necessary? I haven't worn deodorant in like three weeks.
Murphy, would you shut up for once and do what the lady says.
- You do stink though.
- Shhh.
Seriously, does anyone know what's going on? Shhh.
Get up on the rock and put your hands together.
Well of course.
Cuz that makes perfect sense.
Sarge? Seriously, does anyone know what's going on? Shhh.
[MUFFLED SOUNDS] Can I put my arms down now? Hey, would you look at that.
Yes, open it.
[GROWLING] Explain to me again why we got to bring President Klutz along.
I mean why can't we just bring his thumbs? Because his thumbs would shrivel and might not work.
What does that other fellow want with those thumbs then? Almost there! Maybe he just wanted to keep us from getting them.
Kaya thought that he may have already changed the launch codes when he hacked in from Northern Light.
- [GROWLING] - [THUD] Sorry about that! Got him! Comin' down! [SNARLING] That's gonna leave a mark.
On the floor.
[CLUNK] [SNARLING] I think he likes you.
You're not my type, friend.
So where to next on our VIP tour of hell? - That-a-way.
- Come on, sir.
All right, I got him.
I got him.
El Presidente's awful quiet.
Murphy must be getting his mojo back.
It's like walking a damn slinky.
- Tell me about it.
- I just did.
[SNARLING] Ugly sum-bitch.
He could use some sun.
Probably hasn't seen daylight in eight years.
[CLANK] [GROWLING] [THWAP] Blind zombies.
What'll they think of next? You know what that means Murphy? They're tracking by sound.
So no farting.
Me? I'm a perfect gentleman compared to General Off-gas here.
I got to get down there.
Must be 30, maybe 40 flights down.
Well what are we gonna do with Stumbles the Clown here? - We got to carry him.
- Carry him? That'll take forever! Maybe we can make a stretcher to carry him on.
Good idea.
So here's what we'll do.
[THUMPING] - Whoops! - Murphy! - Really? - He fell.
Did you just throw the President of the United States down 30 flights of stairs? Ex-president.
And he fell.
I swear.
Saved us some time.
Right? We better get down there before he wanders off.
He'll be fine.
[GROWLING AND MUNCHING] Mad Zs? Yeah, more blind ones.
And they're snacking on the President.
I got it.
[CLINK] [SPLORCH, SPLORCH] Eight thousand four hundred fifty two.
And fifty three.
Get President Thumbs and let's go.
He's fine.
Fine? He looks like he fell off a cliff in a cartoon.
Just grab his legs, will ya? All right.
Ready? - Pull.
- [CRACKING] There.
See? [GROANING] There you go.
Walk it off, Prez.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Look alive.
All right.
Let's go.
Let's go.
First strike, this way.
That's the strategic air command eagle.
Second strike's over here.
Destruction delivered worldwide.
Hey, check this one out.
Third Strike Command.
Kill, kill, kill.
Fourth strike weapon? [HOLLOW SOUNDS] [HOLLOW SOUNDS] This way.
Wouldn't you rather go that way? I'll bet they got a swell cafeteria.
Sugar packets.
Stale crackers.
No? Why do we always got to go the way of the skull? Hold.
[GROWLING] [GROWLING] [THWAP] [GUNSHOTS] - [GROWLING] - [HITTING] [SPLAT] [GROWLING] - [THUD] - What the hell was that? Over here.
Where did that come from? [GROWLING] [THUD] Somebody up there doesn't like us.
I don't think God has anything to do with this.
No, for real.
Somebody's up there chucking zombies.
Incoming! [THUD] [GROWLING] - You?! - [GROWLING CONTINUES] [GUNSHOTS] [AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] If that's the same Zona bastard that hacked Northern Light, he has the launch codes.
We can't let him get to the drone before us.
Any ideas? I'm on a need to know basis.
When I need to know, I'll know.
This way.
[CLEARLY] Ad Omnia Finem.
What is that, Latin? How'd you know that? Ad Omnia Finem.
To the end of everything.
You speak Latin? Not a word.
Keep coming.
You're safe now.
It's nice to see you again.
Doctor Teller? Hello, Roberta.
We have a lot to talk about.
I bet you have a lot of questions.
Uh, yes.
Starting with where am I? Zona.
You were shot and almost died.
We put you into an induced coma while you healed.
Luckily, the bullet passed through Murphy, and that seems to have given you some kind of immunity.
What about Murphy? He survived too.
He's a reluctant hero now.
He's donating his blood for a new vaccine.
Thank you.
For what? For waking me up.
I have a reason.
Our world is still in grave danger.
I believe that we've reached an inflection point that might be more significant for life on the planet than the zombie apocalypse.
Except this time the danger is from ourselves.
There's still time to save what's left of humanity.
And you're the only one who can do it.
Again? [PNEUMATIC WHINING] [WHISPERING] What do you think she sees? [WHISPERING] I'm not sure [WHISPERING] I'm not sure I want to know.
This is what it's all about.
What you're seeing is a mockup of the launch control panel for a Doomsday Weapon code named Black Rainbow.
Launch control? What, for some kind of nukes? We already launched what was left of those.
No nukes.
Something worse.
A fourth strike weapon.
We're going to repurpose the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and use it to make the world new again.
I know, it's a lot to grok all at once.
But you're going to have a lot of help.
By the time you get there, you'll know exactly what to do.
[WHISPERING] Looks like that clock is running down.
[WHISPERING] I think somebody beat us to it.
[LIGHT BEEPING] [WHISPERING] Do you think we should wake her? [WHISPERING] Don't mess with her mojo.
[MOANING] [GROWLING] Hey, guys! We got some locals coming this way.
- [GUNSHOTS] - Shut the door.
- [GUNSHOTS] - What's the code? - What's the door code? - Warren? Warren, we need the code.
Warren, the code! Warren! Don't try to remember everything.
Just relax.
Let your subconscious do the work.
[MUFFLED AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] [GUNSHOT] Here comes everybody! Everybody and their mother! [GUNSHOT] Eight thousand four hundred fifty four.
If we don't get this door closed you might make it to ten thousand.
[AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] [MUFFLED GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Well what do you think happens when it gets to zero? [MUFFLED GUNFIRE CONTINUES] I mean really, how much worse can things get? - Ask her.
- We need that code! Hey.
Hey, Warren? Chief? Chief? [MUFFLED GUNFIRE CONTINUES] [BEEPING] [GUNSHOT] We need that door code! Or a lot more ammo! [GUNFIRE] Warren, snap out of it! We need the code! Okay.
Typing in new launch codes.
Now what? Where it asks for the geographic area to be treated, select all.
Selecting all.
Who do you think she's talking to? I don't know.
[BUZZER SOUNDING] What's in these? The end of the world as we know it.
And the beginning of a new world we can't even imagine.
These two cylinders contain enough chemical agent to cover the entire Northern Hemisphere.
Prevailing winds will spread our cure globally within a few years.
[GUNFIRE] [MUFFLED GUNFIRE AND GROWLING CONTINUES] Once you start the final countdown, you only have three minutes to change the cylinders.
But remember, whatever you do Warren! Warren, wake up! We need your help! - Murphy? - We need the door code.
[MUFFLED GUNFIRE] Eight, nine, zero, nine.
Eight, nine, zero, nine.
Got it.
Doctor Teller? He woke me up during my coma to train me to stop Zona's plan to launch Black Rainbow.
Hold on.
You mean that dude from Mercy Labs? The one that The Man was after? Yeah, he developed an aerosol vaccine.
That's what's in the cylinders.
I've got to change them for the cylinders of Black Rain.
When I give you the signal, you need to turn these two keys to launch the drone.
At the same time, you need the president's thumb to push the red launch button in the middle.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
President, not now.
You need to keep an eye on him.
And what are you gonna do? I'm gonna change the cylinders on the drone.
I've got to go alone.
We go where you go, boss.
You can't ditch us now.
You got to stay here and turn the keys.
Where I'm going, no one can follow.
If you get to Newmerica, and you find Addy, Sun Mei, or Red, you tell them I love them.
And if I'm ever in a coma again, don't wake me.
[BEEPING] [CLICK] You're too late, Lieutenant Warren.
Your actions have been noble, heroic even, but ultimately misguided.
Misguide this.
[GUNSHOT] [MUFFLED GUNSHOT] [MUFFLED GUNSHOT] - We have to help her! - She said to stay here! He's shooting at her! [SMACK] [THWAP] [GRUNTING AND GROANING] [CLANK] [GRUNTING AND GROANING] [THWAP] Nevermind.
Warren kicked his ass.
She's got the vaccine, and she's headed for the drone.
We better get those keys ready.
We still got a situation here.
- [GROWLING] - [GUNFIRE] I'm out.
[GUNSHOTS] [BEEPING] It's a tight fit just for maintenance.
You wouldn't want to fly in there.
Now remember, the red canister goes in your right hand, the blue in your left.
Where do the canisters go? Red in my right, blue in my left.
[PNEUMATIC WHINING] [CLANK] Blue goes in my left.
Left hand, blue canister first.
You're almost done, Roberta.
Just install the red cylinder.
[HISSING] What happened? Our simulations indicate there's a 78% chance for release of some gas during the loading routine.
That's why you have to do this alone.
If I do this, I'm not coming back, am I? If you don't do this, humanity's not coming back.
That's it.
That's the signal.
We have to turn those keys.
Okay Mr.
President, it's showtime.
Hang on, Murphy.
Doc, you turn the left key.
Sarge, you turn the right.
- Wait for my signal.
- I got it.
We got to wait till Warren clears out of there first.
She said to wait for the signal.
She signaled.
We have to do this - Murphy! - [GROWLING] Guys, we got a rabid puppy! - [CLUNK] - [GROWLING] [GUNSHOT] Doc, come on! [THWAP] [GROWLING] We have to launch! 10K! I got this! Turn the keys on three.
One! Two! Three! (FEMALE VOICE) Launch sequence initiated.
Countdown t-minus three minutes and counting.
- [ALARM SOUNDING] - Well that was fun.
What's happening? Look.
That Zona bastard's still alive.
[ALARM SOUNDING] Warren doesn't see him.
- [ALARM SOUNDING] - I'm going in there.
Murphy, wait! Warren said don't go in there! [ALARM SOUNDING] [ALARM SOUNDING] [SLAP] [MUFFLED SOUNDS] [MUFFLED SCREAMING] Lieutenant Warren? - Lieutenant Warren? - [WHIMPERING] Sorry about the fire and brimstone.
We needed an image so strong it would imprint on your subconscious.
So we could bury your mission commands deep in your psyche where they'll be ready when you need them.
Why the secrecy? Some plans are best kept hidden, even from ourselves.
What's that supposed to mean? You're only one step from completing your training.
But there's somebody who would like to personally thank you for your sacrifice.
[RESPIRATED BREATHING] Hello, Lieutenant Warren.
We've met before? Many times.
I just wanted to come and see you one last time before we send you off on your mission.
And to personally thank you on behalf of everyone in Zona for your heroic efforts to make the reset a reality.
Who are you? What reset? My mission is to stop Black Rainbow.
There's been a small change of plans.
You are the savior of Zona.
By delivering Doctor Teller's flesh eating bacteria to the drone, you help us cleanse the remaining filth from this world, and help us start anew.
And what makes you think I'm gonna go along with this reset plan of yours? Warren, please Oh my dear, - you don't have a choice.
- [GASPING] [WHISPERING] I'm the reset.
Come on, chief.
T-minus two minutes and counting.
What the hell is she doing? Whatever she's doing, she better do it fast.
She's going back inside the drone! T-minus one minute and 45 seconds until launch.
[PNEUMATIC WHINING] [SCREAMING] [PNEUMATIC WHINING] Where the hell is Murphy? [MOANING] T-minus one minute and counting until launch.
[MOTOR STARTING] T-minus 45 seconds.
[MOTOR ACCELERATING] [MOTOR ACCELERATING] sixteen, fifteen, fourteen The drone is taking off with Warren! Ten seconds! What do we do? - Can't stay here.
- You got that right.
Warren was right.
What the hell? Are you okay? It's beautiful.
Are we all gonna die? Looks like it.
[CLUNK] Surprise, surprise.
Saw that coming.
Do you think we should make a run for it? Nah.
We'd end up getting run over by some giant wheel of zombie cheese or some damn thing.
Maybe the reset isn't such a bad idea after all.
Guess we'll find out.