Zac and Mia (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Make The Cut; Last Dance

1 Hold on to me tonight And we'll run up the stairs Fingers crossed In a I'm haunted by all kinds of reminders.
Reminders that, after 100 days in confinement Tiniest prick on your fingertip I might finally break free today.
Remember, you are on lockdown until the official verdict, and after yesterday's stunt, I wouldn't be too optimistic.
[beeping] [gasps] How are you liking your new room? I miss my neighbor.
Anything I can get for you? I don't know, something to drink maybe.
[sighs] [door closes] [phone vibrates] Hey.
Hey, how's the whole mom situation? It's still awkward, but it's not awful.
We decided to take Rachel up on her offer for therapy, so baby steps.
Please tell me you're not still nervous about your release.
It's a possible release.
I guess I'm just more worried about you.
I can't even get too nervous about the actual surgery right now.
My brain's too busy being upset over missing prom.
How stupid is that? It's like I was programmed to be a prom zombie or something.
Like, a prombie? I would totally pay to watch that movie.
Look, if you get released before I'm done, can you please just stick around for me? Yeah, you know I would never ghost on you.
I guess I'll see you after.
I guess so.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Going under is completely different from going to sleep.
Are you ready? Okay, count down for me from ten.
Ten You don't drift off to dream.
- Nine.
- Anesthesia is a very controlled, mathematical equation, all numbers Eight.
From the milliliters of meds Seven.
To lights out.
[murmuring] - Everything is gonna be okay.
- I don't know what to do.
- I'm here.
- Wait, did I did I not have my surgery? You did.
I'll grab Dr.
What's going on? Hey, how are you feeling? Any pain? You guys are freaking me out.
During your procedure, we discovered that the sarcoma had spread much further into the bone than we anticipated.
[heart beating] So at the time, I made the decision to made the decision [echoing] [gasps] Hold on.
Stay with me.
[panting] What did you do? [gentle music] Baldy, you want to give me one good reason why you're not helping me with this? Number one, I don't have a green light for release yet.
Number two, Mia just got out of surgery, and I really want to be there.
[door opens] Oh, good, I have an audience.
Am I good? Can I go? Given your recent escapades that gave the staff of this hospital a collective heart attack, this whole song and dance seems kind of anti-climactic.
- What are you saying? - Your numbers are exemplary, despite your best efforts to trash them.
Okay, a lot of big words.
So he's? He ain't my problem anymore.
You're in remission.
You can go home.
Yes, dude.
Hell to the yes.
Oh, get over here, you sexy little nurse.
Enjoy being bald while you can.
Mwah! Congratulations, Zac.
What about Mia? Is she done? - Hold on, Zac, Zac - Zac, don't Zac, Zac, Zac.
[knocking] Hi.
I'll be down the hall.
Thank you for being here.
Mia, I would've been here sooner, but I just got emancipated.
I'm a free man.
Mia, you did it.
The hard part's over.
You said I was gonna be okay.
What do you mean? Did the cancer spread? I just need you to leave.
Mia, tell me what's going on.
Just leave.
[sobbing] [sobbing] - I didn't - Just stop.
When they cut me open, they found cancer way up above just the ankle, in the bone, and they made the emergency decision to amputate.
You said that I won the cancer lotto and know that I had the best odds in here and that everybody else was a no or a maybe but that I was a yes.
I was a yes.
- Mia - That's what you said.
- Leave.
- Don't, Mia Just get the hell away from me.
I'm sorry for everything.
I don't care what you are.
[door closes] And I know you're feling more I'm staring at the floor Too tired to find the words to say You've cried But you don't think of her [sobbing] 'Cause we're stuck in our little worlds Think we can hear your pain Ring out with the appeal of the lonely Scream out with the appeal of the lonely - You did it! - He did it! - Whoo! - [exclaims] All the pain you've been hiding The lost and found 'Cause I can hear you now The chances we'd end up together? Zero divided by zero.
Evidently I was wrong Turns out that life goes on without you Without you All alone now, on my own And I don't know what I'm gonna do without you Without you So what went wrong? The stars, they've all gone home [sighs] Sometimes when I come home I sit and I sing this song about you Without you With every note that fills my lungs I realize that it's just not home without you Without you So what went wrong? The stars, they've all gone home Thought I might find you here.
Have you tried calling her? 23 times, straight to voice mail.
Maybe you should Facebook stalk her until she files a restraining order.
Can't she deleted all of her social media.
Okay, her loss.
Check this out.
I know a girl, and she knows another girl who knows a girl who's super into bald guys.
Hey, the clock's ticking.
You got to move on this before your hair grows back.
[waves crashing] [door opens] Hi, Mia.
- Get out.
- Please don't freak out, okay? I know about your leg, about everything.
I called your mom, and she said I should leave you alone, but, I mean, since when do we listen to that bitch anyway? Don't talk about my mom like that.
Anyway, I wanted to stop by and see if I could maybe cheer you up.
- Cheer me up? - I know you must hate me.
Hell, the whole school hates me, - but I totally hate myself more.
- [scoffs] Hooking up with Rhys was the worst thing I've ever done.
It's over between Rhys and me.
I'm the worst person in the world.
But please, if you could just forgive me, please.
I miss you, Mia, a lot.
Well, there's a lot less of me to miss.
How did everyone find out I have cancer? Um Someone must've overheard me and Rhys, which is another thing you can hate me for.
Everyone must think I'm certifiable.
The whole school is rallying behind you, Mia.
They love you, like, really, and they definitely hate me and Rhys, especially now.
Okay, I brought you something.
I mean, I know you haven't forgotten that it's prom this weekend.
Dun-da-da-da! Ta-da! - How did you get that? - Broke into your house.
I thought it would be nice bait to lure you back to the dark side, yeah.
Who are you texting? Rhys.
He wants to be your date.
[knocking] Hey, babe.
I know that you're not allowed to have real ones, so don't worry.
They're fake.
Go, come on.
So? I mean, we all know how important prom is to you, and I really want you to know how important you are to me.
- To us.
- Us.
Yeah, prom was really important to me.
But it doesn't matter now.
So if you could just shut the door on your way out.
I need to get some rest.
Can you take the flowers with you? [muffled arguing] [chuckles] [sighs] [guitar music] [guitar music] [ping] So yeah, the rumors are true.
I was never in New York.
I was a few miles away, dealing with cancer.
And now I don't have my left leg.
I understand that there's been a lot of blame that's been spread around, and I know that game well.
At first I blamed my mom and then God and then ultimately the best Helga a girl could ask for.
You guys might remember me as the girl who wanted to go to prom.
Now I'm just a girl who wonders if she'll ever have a normal moment again.
The purpose of this post is to just come clean.
I no longer blame anybody.
Neither should anyone else.
If you must, blame cancer.
I hope that one day I can stand up to it.
Hi, this is Zac Meier.
I know what I want.
[upbeat music] All right, are you ready? We work so hard to hide our feelings Hide our fame, and save our faces Try to do right, try to delight So we're faking You know what would cheer you up? Take your lead, and so I left for good And now you suck the powers of damp firewood And it won't feel like won 'Cause it's you holding that gun Yeah, it won't feel like you won Is this yours? This is beautiful.
Try it on for me.
[gasps] Please, no jokes.
I got nothing, only doctor's orders.
- Lydell needs to see you, now.
- Okay, well, wait.
Let me get out of this dress then.
Ah, keep it we'll see if that weirdo even notices.
Wait, Vinny, Dr.
Lydell's office is the other way.
Zip it, I'm driving.
Ain't ever felt this way Can't get enough, so stay with me It's not like we got big plans Ooh Zac, what's going on? And you need to know I can take it from here, Vinny.
Only one, all right What? All right I need your left hand.
[chuckling] That you keep me up all night All night, yeah Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you babe, so bad, so bad [gasps] Oh, my.
Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you, babe So bad, so bad I can't believe this used to be your room.
Mad cool in all my clothes Mad warm when you get close to me I guess I'm gonna forgo formally asking you to prom since I kind of brought it to you.
You remembered my favorite song.
Yeah, I kind of have this problem where I can't forget anything about you.
That nobody could take your place I'm sorry for blaming you for I know.
And you need to know That I'm hella obsessed with your face Dance with me? Your face, yeah I can't.
You can if I help you.
I love you, babe, so bad Come on.
So bad Oh, yeah Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you, babe So bad, so bad Yeah All this was your Make-A-Wish, wasn't it? You wasted your wish on me.
Mia, I didn't waste my wish.
I wished for you.
And you need to know You're the only one, all right Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you, babe So bad, so bad Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you, babe So bad, so bad Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you, babe So bad, so bad Ooh, ooh So bad, oh Oh, my heart hurts, oh, my heart hurts Oh, my heart hurts