LABF13 - Homer the Whopper

Bart: Milhouse, watch me make a loser lose it.

CBG: What the...? Suffering Steve Ditko! How can you not know that Spider-Man first appeared in 1962's classic Amazing Fantasy #15?!

Bart: 12 cents! I'll take 8.

CBG: What the...? You idiot! Mint condition copies are, like, $40,000 each! Must lie down on pile of unsold Hulk Hands.

Everyman: Power-Absorption Power... Absorb!

CBG: No. If copies got out, it would be ridiculed by the online community SonofSpock, TheDorkKnight, and IkilledKenny6475.

Bart: Don't be afraid of them. They're just lame-o's like yourself.

Milhouse: Two of them are me.

Matt Groening: I'm so rich. I'm so rich.

CBG: Let me get to the point. It is not money I am after, or women, I know that is impossible.

CBG: Thank you.

CBG: I played hardball with Hollywood. The closest I will ever come to playing a sport in my life.

Homer: Great. Do you want to see me naked?

Homer: Let's go around the table, and everybody say one amazing thing that happened to them today. Lisa?

Lisa: Well, I qualified for the National Math Bee...

Homer: Great. Marge, go.

Marge: Guess who the garden club elected president?

Homer: You? Awesome. Next.

Marge: No. I lost.

Homer: They can go to Hell. Bart?

Bart: Dr. Hibbert found out my thyroid isn't pumping out enough...

Homer: Time's up. Okay, Maggie "suck, suck" that takes us to... me. Some Hollywood idiots hired me to star in a movie.

Homer: I'm a yo-yo dieter: "Yo, hot dog man. Yo, peanuts." Why aren't you laughing? Don't you know what "yo" means?

Homer as Everyman: Don't thank me. Thank Captain America for giving me the patriotism to want to save the president's life. And thank Wonder Woman for giving me the boobs to distract the guards.

Marge: Ooh, Homie, take your shirt off again. Oh! There's less of you to love, but I love you even more! Aah! What was that?

Homer: Your other hand.

Homer: Don't look at me! Don't look at me! You, you watch.

Homer: Oh, Marge, I'm ready for some lovin'.

Apu: Well, I don't know, I... might have some milk that has expired. Ah, here we are. A delightful buttermilk from 1961. Oh, '61... everyone was twisting again like they did the previous summer. Whatever you do, do not chew the chunks.

Apu: Oh, boy. Cleanup in aisles in three, two, one...

Lenny: Half the shots he's fat, half the shots he's thin... it's taking me out of the moment. Like when you're kissing a girl, and she burps.

Homer: I'm so cold.