LABF14 - Treehouse of Horror XX

Dracula: Ah, Halloween, the one night when we can walk the streets undetected.

Jimbo: Hey, lame-os. Turner Classic Movies called. They want their costumes back.

Frankenstein's Monster: We lame-os?

Marge: Friends of Homer's?

Homer: They're not my friends.

Dracula: We brought a bottle of booze. Boooooze!

Homer: Come in! Come in!

Dracula's Wife: You'll be sucking your own blood tonight.

Homer: Lighten up, ladies. It's not cheating when you're wearing a costume! (screams) Not the face!

Ralph: Hooray for Different-Face!

Skinner: Lisa Simpson in detention?! My horoscope told me I'd see something interesting today, but I thought that meant the horoscope itself!

Bart: Crisscross!

Edna: Hello? Hello? Oh! I've been ding-dong-ditched!

Bart: Yeah, 'cause you're smart. You don't say kill, you say prank. Like Mom and Dad say snuggle when what they really mean is let's lock the door and hug.

Lisa: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Edna: Oh, Lisa! Come hold this blade so it doesn't slice through my neck. Come on. I trust you completely.

Bart: Slice her like a bagel!

Bart: I've been waiting for you...and trying to figure out how girls pee.

Willie: Crisscross! Like the plaid on me kilt!

Bart: You're not wearing a kilt.

Willie: Uh-oh.

Moe: A little might want to wash me before you eat me.

Homer: (whispering) Now remember, no loud noises. (shouting) Oh, man, that breeze feels good! To the panic room!

Marge: We don't have a panic room!

Homer: To the panic room store!

Marge: That was so noble of Apu to give his life for us.

Apu: Where are you going?! You were supposed to stop at the bottom and wait for me!

Marge: Hold it right there, bub. What kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their savior?

Moe: (singing) Oh, why can't no girl love a guy with this mug. Whose mother declared you're too ugly to hug?

Barney: How's about pouring me a beer, ugly?

Homer: Woohoo! An unattended tap! Like taking beer from a baby!

Kang: This is the best musical in light years.

Kodos: Light years measure distance, not time.

Kang: You know what I meant.

Moe: Marge, I loves youse. Will youse be mines?

Marge: Homer, does this mean you still love me?

Homer: Of course I do, Marge. Can you still love a man who's half-beer?

Marge: I always have.