Latest TV Show Episode Scripts

TV ShowProd #SeasonRef #Episode Title
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e11Masked Ball
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e10Dispute Between Brothers
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e09Arbitrary Law
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e08Drive with a Dead Girl
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e07Lonely Souls
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e06Demons
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e05The Orchid's Curse
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e04Laura's Secret Diary
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e03The Man Behind the Glass
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e02Coma
Twin PeaksN/A2s02e01May the Giant Be with You
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e08The Last Evening
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e07Realization Time
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e06Cooper's Dreams
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e05The One-Armed Man
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e04Rest in Pain
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e03Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e02Traces to Nowhere
Twin PeaksN/A1s01e01Pilot (90 min)
12 Monkeys (2015)N/A3s03e10Witness
Into The Badlands (2015)N/A2s02e10Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire
Steven Universe (2013)N/A4s04e24I Am My Mom
12 Monkeys (2015)N/A3s03e09Thief
Bob's BurgersN/A7s07e21Paraders of the Lost Float
ElementaryN/A5s05e24Hurt Me, Hurt You
12 Monkeys (2015)N/A3s03e08Masks
Madam Secretary (2014)N/A3s03e23Article 5
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015)N/A3s03e13Kimmy Bites an Onion!
Inspector George Gently (2007)N/A8s08e01Gently Liberated
Lucifer (2016)N/A2s02e17Sympathy for the Goddess
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