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Previously on E.
: You can'tlet this happen,Tony.
No! Come on,Mom,you've got to wake up.
What they got you for? I helped some people get some medications they needed.
Thanks for bailing me out.
I'll make sure you getyour money right back Greg.
I told you toshut it down.
Why didn'tyou do that? Oh,my God.
I got a little boyand a man with extensive burns! - It started downstairs.
- In my apartment.
I want you to put your hand in that vise there.
I want youto feel that.
"Dying is Easy" Plenty morewhere that came from.
There we go.
Here,come on.
Come on,eat.
I've been slaving over a hot griddle all morning for you.
Please,at leasttry it,okay? Here you go,there's a fork.
- Satisfied? - No,I'm not, and I'm not goingto be satisfied until I hear, "Wow,Tony,I can'tbelieve you made me your world famous pancakes.
" Wow,Tony,I can't believe you made me your world famous pancakes.
All right,here'syour lunch.
It's time to go.
Are kids gonna act weirdto me today? No.
- I don't want to talk about Mom.
- You don't have to.
Are you sending me to live with Grandma and Grandpa? Why do you ask that? Isn't that what you were talking about at the funeral? We were talking about a lot of things at the funeral.
I don't want to live with them.
I want to stay here with you and your crummy pancakes.
- Bye.
- Bye.
X rays showyour lungs are improving.
I need inhale Well,if your oxygenlevel stays up, you can go home and ****.
Tell Timmy.
He's been worriedsick about me.
So has Alex.
How is he? He's,uh he's been acting weird.
You think he did it,don't you? I know I blew outthose candles.
I don't believe it.
He's a good boy.
You know,he's stealingDr.
Morris' credit card,he's disrespecting you.
- I don't know what to think.
- If he did do it, I'm sure it wasn'ton purpose.
Do you think Alex started that fire by accident? I thinkyou should continue to take himto that therapist lady.
As far as the police go, they think it was a candle.
Let it go at that.
Well,I'm glad tohear he's doing okay.
Yeah,he just needed a little time for the hand to heal.
Look what we have here: not one but two late doctors.
The Blue Line was stuck.
- Some bozo jumped infront of the train.
- Where's your main man? Um,he's gonna takeone more day.
Yeah,no problem,I got it covered.
Then cover this.
Some suit camefrom upstairsand said to give that towho's ever running the floor.
- Damn.
- Damn.
Where's Pratt? - You suck balls! - Hold still,ma'am.
- Hold still yourself,bitch! - Can we giveBenzos IM? - That'll take a halfan hour to work.
- Okay.
All right,I got access.
What do you want?Four Ativan? - Ativan? - Haldol?What? You're ruining my high,you retard! - Pratt,we need to talk.
- Yeah,I'm a littlebusy here,Morris.
- Get me midazolam.
- Okay.
Faster onset,knock her downin less than a minute.
- Can we,uh,step outside,Greg? - Yeah,sure,soon as shesettles down,Morris.
- Settle on this! - Watch out! Pratt,I-I'm,I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna have to You're gonna haveto wait,Morris.
Please,one minute.
- Let go of me! - Pratt.
- You scum of the earth.
- Pratt! What?! The Medical Boardsuspended your license.
ER Season 13 Episode 15 Hey,uh,can we talk? Yeah,sure,whatcan I do for you? I was Pratt's accomplice.
- Excuse me? - I,I helped himat the clinic.
- What? - I know,I know.
It seemed like the right thingto do at the time.
I can't believe this.
Look,I told Pratt that hedidn't have to protect me, but he wants meto stay out of it.
Well,listen to Pratt.
- I'm gonna burn in hell,aren't I? - No.
I mean,you might havesome explaining to do.
Hey,I'm sorryabout this,man.
I thought I could at least work half a shift before the hearing.
Well,it's just a formality.
They'll reinstate you.
GI bleeds from NSAIDs happen to thousands every year.
Morris,Abby's asking for you.
Her guy in Oneis throwing up.
Be strong,brother.
Fight the power.
- A liter wide open? - Yeah,and ten of reglan.
Okay,does it hurt here? No,but if youtug on Willie, I'll sing DionneWarwick's greatest hits.
- Tempting,but no thanks.
- No,really,I I thought that's whyyou put the gloves on.
Seriously,I havea latex fetish.
I even tried to give myself a Brazilianusing rubbercement once.
Didn't work,butI got into Hustleras one of those guys whohas the three,uh - All right,I get it,yeah.
- Ever hadfood poisoning? I puked once after biting into a Red Hot with stretch marks.
Okay,uhwe have to run some tests to rule out anything seriouslike appendicitis, but after that,hopefullywe can discharge you.
What's up with this guy? Vomiting,low-grade fever,exam is equivocal.
Doc,DocYou gotta get meout of here,man.
I got a hot date tonight.
Does,uh,she take air or helium? She takes Visa,but that was funny.
- Can I use it? - Sure.
Do you want meto image the belly? No,hydrate him.
He may spiff up.
Uh,four of morphine,antiemetics.
We'll get you out of here.
Just sit tight.
Okay,you're aboutto meet the Grassos.
She's been on dialysissince 2002.
He's got a kidney,but they don't match.
And our exchange pool pairedthem up with two cousins who are in exactlythe same situation.
Kidneys for everyone.
You guys set? You bet.
No more dialysis,no more infected shunts.
This is Dr.
She's going to be assistingon the transplant.
I am? Ah,well,someone's about to getsome A-1 kidney meat.
I'm like a,I'm like a racehorse.
I can drink a six-packwithout even peeg.
Actually,micturition capacity is related to bladder sizeand neural sensitivity, not renal function.
Th,we'll give 'emsome bladder,too.
Okay,I'll see what I can do.
Do you guys have any questions? Concerns? No?Okay,I'll see you in the O.
Our goal is to enroll 200 donor-recipient pairs.
By mixing and matching, we'd find kidneysfor almost 50% of them.
Yeah,I'll introduce youto the Herrero cousins.
They're rightwn the hail.
So Marina's gettg akidney from one cousin and Thomas is givinghis to the other.
- Yep,kind oflike a kidney key party.
- Key party? Except the donorsand the recipients aren't allowed to meet.
That could get a little messy.
It's the E.
I'll catch up to you.
What's a key party? Oh,it's a little gimmickto help swinging couplespick their partners.
Forget it.
Before your time.
Sounds dirty.
Jessie,come on,hold still.
- If he's got lice,you're cutting his hair.
- I'm a doctor,not Vidal Sassoon.
Abby,I need you.
Funny boykeeps throwing up.
- Okay,Ray,you got this,right? - Hey,n-n-no.
Don't leave me here.
Don't Did you give himthe reglan? An hour ago.
It should beworking by now.
It's probably justgastroenteritis, and if your labs are okay,we'll get you home.
Ugh forget home.
I got a gig at 10:15.
The big room at Zanies.
I've been trying to get in there for a couple of years.
- You're a comedian? - Aspiring.
- You should aspirea little harder.
- Ah,a heckler.
Don't make me goK-K-Kramer on yo ass.
Yo,blondie, need to get violent.
Four of zofran.
Repeat P.
Ah geez.
May I? Lay down,Simon.
Oh,my gosh.
I got to practice my routine.
I got to change my clothes.
I was going to wear this shirt, but now I got chow meinall over it.
We're tryingto get you better.
How long you beendoing stand-up? Moved out here from Detroita couple of years ago.
Very courageous.
Yeah,my old boss pushed meinto it.
- 'Cause you werefunny at work? - No.
'Cause he fired me twice,hated my guts.
My dad ao had a lotto do with it.
- He hated you,too? - No,he died.
Life took ona whole new perspective.
All right,I'm gonna call the lab,try and seewhat's taking so long.
Just relax.
I will try to relax.
I will We spent four weekse-mailing each other.
We finally meet and hesticks me with the bill? So you chased after himand you fell into a hydrant? I would have caught him,hadI been wearing my flats.
All right,yourbreath sounds are perfect.
Lay back for me,will you,please? So what if I told him I looklike Cindy Crawford? - He said he lookedlike Matt Damon.
- Did he? More like Matt Damon'sfat uncle's ass.
- Pulse ox 98on room air.
- Tell meif this hurts.
- Aah!Yeah.
- All rightYou havea broken rib.
I'm gonna give yousomething for the pain and,uh,we'll takean X ray,okay? Percocet,CBC,and 2-view chest.
- So you outof here,man? - Yeah,I guess so.
Well,hopefully it'lljust be temporary,huh? Yeah,that'll betoo bad for you.
- Good luck,Dr.
- Yeah,thanks,Tiy.
- Dr.
- Ye.
You're gonna be okay.
God is on your side.
Yeah,well,let's hope so.
Okay,I could gowith you.
I just didthe overnight.
I'm almost off.
Hope,go home,getsome sleep,okay? Dr.
What are you doi y here? I'm going with youto your Medical Board hearing.
No,I'm okay,really,please.
Hope,come pull the PICC linefor the guy in Two.
Okay,I got to take this.
What about it,Greg? The Church's supportcouldn't hurt.
You're stilloperating the clinic that got meinto this mess.
Look,I'm just tryingto better the community.
Yeah,what are you doing about black male incarceration? **** ******** next week.
Okay,make sureyou tell 'emhow you and yourprogram got me there.
Greg,I ju want to help.
My license is suspended.
I'm facing jail time.
I think you've helped enough.
So how'd it gowith the counselor? Uh,wasn't what I expected, butnothing in my life ever is.
- What did she say? - She,uh wants me toenroll Alexin an academy forat-risk youth.
Which is a code wordfor "nut jobs".
My kid's not a nut job He's just goingthrough some stuff.
Well,maybe it's some stuffthat he can't handle.
I know about those places.
They starve them and beat them.
I can't send him there.
Well,I could helpyou check some out, see if there's anythat might be okay.
Thank you.
But I,uh need to do it alone.
I'm really sorrythat I dragged you into everythingin the first place.
Don't worryabout it,Sam.
I I really like you.
But I have to focuson Alex rit now.
And I don't have time for any kind of a relationship.
All right.
I get it.
- You do? - I do.
Your kidcomes first.
So take as muchtime as you need.
- Is thereany discomfort here? - No.
Do you have a boyfriend? Uh,not exactly.
We're stilldefining it.
A girl like youdoesn't need thenternet.
I haven't had a Valentine sinceJimmy Bachner in sixth grade.
- Ouch! - She's into S&M.
If you want her to stop,say "mayday.
" It's thesafe word.
Mayday! Mayday! There's no right upper quadranttenderness; liver is fine.
Let's observe herfor two hours, check another CBCand follow serial exams.
Wait up.
- You okay? - Yeah.
You? Yeah,yeah.
Got home fromWisconsin yesterday.
How's Sarah holding up? - It's notgonna be easy.
- I can imagine.
- Listen,Ishould've called.
- Look - Go.
I'm sorry.
No,I should'vecalled.
it's just,the funeral wasawkward, - the relatives - It's okay.
- No,Neela - I'm fine.
I'm sure you've gota lot on your plate.
I mean,you've probably got two plates and a little saucer.
Yeah,a heart-shaped saucer.
It's Valentine's Day Wednesday.
Let's have a quiet dinner,huh? - Yeah,we'll see.
- Hi,guys.
- I-I've got surgery.
- Neela - She all right? - I don't know.
What about you? Lockhart,your comic CBC is back, and it ain't funny.
- White blood count 32,000with 60% blas.
- He has leukemia? With all the immaturewhite cells, he's anemic,neutropenic.