ER s13e14 Episode Script

Murmurs of the Heart

Previously on ER: The Medical Board called me.
I bet they did.
They said they're issuing a letter for us to cease and desist our **ug program.
Dr**Pratt is under arrest for violation of The Controlled Substance Act.
You could sleep here.
I don't know where we are,** Tony,but you have to do something! I think she's dying! Call your husband.
Call him.
I just called him.
He didn't pick up.
Try again.
I have no idea where he is.
I don't **en know what he's doing right now.
I just don't.
Try again.
Ames,why don'**you just go,okay? Just please go.
And I'm sure Luka will be happy to talk to you about whatever it is you want some oth** time,okay? What I want? Whatever the reason it is,you're here.
Just,just go,okay? Please go,**nd there won't be any trouble,I promise.
Trouble? Trouble? You don't know what trouble is! Oh,God.
Abby! Abby! You call Luka now! Sammy? Sammy,you smell that? Mm Something's on fire,Sammy.
- Alex? - Mom! Help! Son of a bitch! Sammy! Oh,my God! Mom! Wake up! You have to wake up! I love you! I love you so much.
Oh,please! - What happened? - You have to wake up! I love you! Wait,Meg She got dizzy and pulled over.
What happened? Meg,Meg? Stridorous resps! Let's lie her down! What'd you take,Meg? - It's definitely E.
- **Bunch of stuff - Nothing! - What else did you take? - sarah,quite! - What are you talking about? What,Meg,what'd you take,huh? Alprazol**? Oh works fast.
What is this? Amitrptylene.
That's her pick-me-up medicine.
It's a tricyclic.
She needs a cardiac monitor.
How long have you been on the anti-depressants,huh? There shou** be a lot more pills in here.
- Great.
- Roll her.
Hold on,Meg.
Hold on.
There is no need for this.
He hasn't broken any law.
You'll be able to post bail for him in a few hours.
Sit tight.
Look,this is not a criminal matter.
It's just a misunderstanding.
Yeah,never heard that one.
Hey,uh,sorry,I couldn't pick up before.
I'm at the police station.
- Are you okay? - Luka Can you come home now? No,it's probably going to be a couple of hours.
Pratt's been arrested.
You need to come home now.
What's wrong? Nothing,I just Just something happened and we need to discuss it.
Is Joe okay? He's fine.
Just come home.
Okay,tell me what's the matter.
I need to see you.
Okay,I'll-I'll be right there.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Hurry up! Move away from the building so our people can work! Where's Sammy? Where's Alex? We should allstay together.
She went inside to go get him.
They've got to be outside by now.
They're,they're still inside? No,no,they must be around here somewhere.
- Where are they? - If you can walk If you can walk,head to an ambulance to be assessed.
- sammy - Command,give me EMS plus one at 1215 Granger Avenue.
Ale** That's my granddaughter,Sam Taggart! ******How's he doing? Who? Joe.
****He's fine.
Please? My daughter was easy.
My little boy,I told you,he was always colicky.
Didn't sleep through the night for the firsthree months.
How about Joe? He sleeps fine.
He grew big since the park.
They grow up fast Look,what do you want? I want to talk tLuka.
Like this? This happened to the both of us, him and me, so I see no reason why we should go throu** it alone.
It's over.
Is that what you think? You're the successful doctor,right? You're smart,you're beautiful you got the man you got the baby,you got everything.
So don't take ** personal when I say to you you have no idea where I am right now.
You're wrong.
- Yeah.
- You think so? I think I know exactly where you are right now.
You know,nine yea ago,I had my marriage was over,my mother was in a mental institution for the seventh or tenth time.
I don't know.
And I drank a lot.
A lot.
And I had reached this You know what? One morning I woke up in this apartment and I had no idea how I got there, next to some guy I didn't even remember meeting, and he was going through my stuff looking for money so he and his buddy could get a fix.
So I ran out of there **and I went downstairs and I tried to get a cab,but I had no idea where I was and it was 5:00 in the morning and there were no cars on the street,so I j**t I just sat down on a stoop and I just,I waited **r something to happen.
And at that moment,I'm telling you, I knew,I mean,I was positive that happiness was something I was never going to find.
You getting deep on me now? No.
I am just trying to tell you that things can change.
They can get better,even if you don't see it,they can.
Do you have any bourbon? Dr.
Gates,lo time,no see.
Suction and intubation.
I got it,I got it.
Guess Jenny didn't tell you it was me.
Thanks for coming.
Why do you think we took our time? This lady's pretty messed up,huh? It's Meg.
Hey,I'm sorry,man,I didn't know.
Are you going to give her medicine? Take Sarah to the rig.
I want to stay here.
No,no,I need room to work on your mom.
Go to the rig.
I want to stay here! Pulse is,pulse is thready! Dumar,let's get a move on! We doing this here? Let's lower this thing so we can transfer her.
I need to tell you We're gonna place a tube down your throat.
It's gonna help you breathe,okay? Closer Sarah she's yours,Tony.
She's yours.
Gates,come on.
Let's get her on the gurney,man.
What,you too good to talk to me? No.
You don't belong here,huh? No.
Do you? What they got you for? It's complicated,man.
So now you calling me stupid? I helped some people get some medications they needed.
Medications? Like drugs? Pharmaceutical,yeah.
See,cuz? He belong.
We both the same.
Gettin' drugs to people who need them.
Greg? Oh,great.
Just in the nick of time.
My spiritual advisor.
It's been too long,Ben.
Where are they? Maybe she went out a back way,Gracie,or they went up to the roof,okay? Would you ask 'em again? Ask 'em! Okay.
Chief,Chief,look,please, my friend and her son are up in apartment 2-B and they haven't come down yet.
They haven't Hey! Hey,up here! I got a little boy and a man with intensive burns! He's got smoke inhalation.
No thermal burns,sat 94%.
Pulse ox,chest X ray,carboxyhemoglobi**level.
I'll put him in Exam Two.
Let me take care of your cut.
No,I'll do it myself.
Hey,look,that'll need suturing.
I'll get to you next.
Hey,I'm gonna go check on Grandma.
I'll be right in,okay? Fine.
Is Gracie okay? Yeah,she's on her way in with Ben.
Ben? Ben who? Ben the nurse Ben? He was over for dinner.
Okay,look,I'll fix up Alex.
You come back when you clean up that arm.
Burns to face,chest and arms.
Pulse ox? Below 90.
He's getting stridorous.
He needs a line.
Chem panel,CBC,lactate,C.
He's my neighbor.
He slept through everything.
Owens,you're gonna be okay.
How'd this thing get started? Uh,I'm not sure.
Alex said he,uh,knocked over a candle.
Have somebody look at that,all right? Let's get him exposed and check the airway! Hey,sorry it took me so long.
The traffic was Hey,hey.
I got fired.
What are you doing here? You said if ever I needed anything,I should give you a call.
So this is my call.
What do you need? To talk,to be listened to.
Abby,take the baby upstairs.
No,need for that.
Hey,Curtis Take the baby up**airs.
It can stay right here 'cause we going for a ride.
- No,don't.
- All right,okay.
No,it's okay.
My car's right around the corner.
No,please,come on.
Please,don't do this.
- Abby,Abby - Luka,don't go.
You can't go.
Abby thanks for the talk.
Um,uh,there was a man in my apartment with a gun and he, he's taken my husband.
His name is Curtis Ames.
I can't find a pulse.
V- fib.
- Charge to 360,amp of epi and bicarb.
- Starting compressions.
Let 'em know we're in full arrest.
Back off,back off.
Still in fib.
All right,we're going to take your mom in the ambulance.
You go with Neela in the car.
No,I want to stay with you.
- I want to stay with you! - Sarah,please,I need you to do this.
Go with Neela,please.
We're going to follow them all the way - No - Sarah,go with Neela now! Just go straight.
I can help you find another job if that's the problem.
Look,do you need money? I have money.
Just turn right right over here.
Come on,talk to me,Ames.
I thought that's what you wanted.
Just pull up here.
Park it,turn off the lights.
- No.
- You have no idea how he got in? Look,why aren't you looking for him? I told them I saw the car.
'96 station wagon,light tan? I think so,yeah.
We ran a check,he's got one registered to him.
We're already on it.
Okay,so you know his history - Ames? You know,I told the cops this! He he had a stroke,he lost the use of his left arm.
There was a lawsuit.
Okay,I'll get somebody on that right away.
Okay um,Louise,could you take him to your place for a little while? - Thanks.
- Sure,Abby.
We'll be fine.
Listen,you need to catch up.
There's a medical record with all kinds of information on it- numbers,addresses,there's probably even a psych assessment.
- County General.
I can get it.
- Where? Mr.
Owens,you doing okay? Throw me a cordis,I'll go central.
We don't want to do a subclavian through this eschar.
The fire it started downstairs.
Femoral? Too much infection risk.
In my apartment.
How? I'm not sure.
Proximal arm is spared.
I think it was a candle.
I am so sorry.
Give me the ultrasound.
I'll cannulate the basilic vein.
Can't we give him something for the pain? There it is.
All right,morphine,five milligrams IV.
Look,his nasal hairs are singed.
- No,no,no,not enough time.
- Should we go fiber optic? We got to get in before it closes.
His airway's already swollen.
She's going to be okay,isn't she? Tony's going to fix her.
Your mom took too much of a medicine that can be bad for the heart.
They're trying to get it started again.
Tony can fix her.
Can't see the cords- there's too much edema.
Pulse ox 78.
Help me out,Ray,we don't want to crike this guy.
I know.
I'm working on it.
You need more pressure? No,no,anatomy's too distorted.
Okay,damn it,let's go,crike tray.
Wait,wait,hold on.
Sat's down to 70.
Watch carefully,okay? Look for bubbles.
This will force the air back up the trachea.
The bubbles will show you where to place the tube.
That works? Once in awhile.
Wow,that's really good.
I can see it.
- All right,bag him.
- Well,push that baby home.
You got it,we're in.
Color change.
Sam is the man.
Owens,take it easy,okay? We're taking real good care of you.
Ben went to find her some clothes.
Owens all right? Uh,yeah,I think he's going to be.
He's a nice man.
He helped me with the groceries the other day.
But he drinks too much.
What happened tonight,Sammy? Uh what did Alex say? Nothing.
Won't talk to me.
Well,I don't know what happened.
If it is what I think,it scares the hell out of me.
I heard the cops took Pratt on the long walk of shame.
If they did,they got it wrong,okay? Pratt's as good as they come.
Get away from my desk.
Sorry,man,I was just asking.
- Keep it to yourself.
- Frank Hey,you're either a little late or very early Frank,I need you to cal up to records,tell them to pull Curtis Ames' chart.
- Just do it.
- Curtis Ames? Kovac's guy? - Frank,just do it! - You know,this late,I don't know if Who lives here,Curtis? Quiet.
I've had a gun pointed at me before.
I know you're not the type of man to use that.
You see? I used it.
There's Cheryl- there she is.
Remember Cheryl? She remarried in October.
Investments or something.
I- I don't I don't know about that kind of stuff.
But my my daughter's recital was tonight.
They asked me not to come this time.
Said we would try rotating.
You know,at the movies last week, they wanted to know if it would be okay with me if they called this new guy dad.
I mean,they would still call me that, but they just wanted to know if it was okay if they called this new guy that,too.
I know she put them up to it.
Know she put them up to it.
I know she But the fact is I think they like the idea.
They're just confused.
You can you can help them understand.
Pretty soon,they'll be going to bed.
He's goi** to be screwing my wife with my children sleeping in the next room.
She gets to to move on.
She gets to be happy.
Guys like you and me we got to live with it.
She's gone,man.
There's nothing else we can do.
Please give me a little more time.
Can you spare the room? Of course.
Take what you need.
Another round of epi and bicarb.
Coming up.
Sarah,you want to talk to your mom? Is her heart beating now? We're giving her more medicine,so Is she getting better? I don't know.
Can she hear me? I'm sure she'd like to hear your voice, know that you're here with her.
Is she going to die? Mom Mom,I'm here.
I'm sorry you're sick.
And I'm sorry that you've been so sad.
And I'm sorry if I've been a pain,but,Mom, you've got to fight now,okay? You always said we were survivors.
Didn't you say that? So,please,Mommy,Please.
You've got to survive this.
I know you can do it.
I know you can do it! Thanks for bailing me out.
I'll make sure you get your money right back.
Greg I told you to shut it down.
Why didn't you do that? Because the day hadn't come yet.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Let me tell you about my favorite prophet.
This about your bookie again? Isaiah knew the day would come when the spirit of God would unburden the brokenhearted, give strength to the meek and open the prisons so the captives could go free.
You sound like the love child of David Koresh and Al Sharp**n,you realize that,right? Greg,you're looking for something.
I could see that the first time you walked into my church.
You needed to feel like you belonged to a family.
Well,we are your family.
You know,Isaiah's all fine, but I prefer the one about the prodigal son.
Even he came back eventually.
Don't hold your breath.
Sarah,we've been working on your mom and giving her medicine for over an hour now.
-Fix her.
-It's not working.
That's why you wanted to be a doctor,so you could fix people.
Sometimes you can't fix people if they've taken Shut up! Go away! Why are you even here? We don't want you here! She doesn't want you here! We don't want you! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Now I'm going to s**p CPR.
If her heartbeat comes back,it's good.
but if it doesn't,that means your mom has died.
Are you ready? No,Tony No,you can't let this happen,Tony! No! Come on,Mom! You've got to wake up! You got to wake up! No! Mom,you've got to wake up! Tony,you have to do something! Mom Tony Okay.
Okay,let's go.
Curtis,please,just tell me,what are we doing? You're gonna like this.
I'm gonna show you something that's really beautiful,all right? Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
I should have said that this,this,uh, this could've been beautiful,right? Is this yours? Was.
I bought it four years ago.
I figured we'd live on the bottom two floors and we'll rent out the top.
Started working on it,fixing**t up.
My own two hands.
Those spindles on the staircase.
Yeah,that's-that's that's me.
The paneling it took me two months before I had to stop.
You still own it? I held on to it even after everything that happened.
I tried to keep working on it, but it just took me so long.
You know,I couldn't be as detailed as I used to be.
I gave Cheryl half the market value in the divorce.
You know,it was stupid because I don't know why I didn't just sell it.
Now the bank owns it.
There was a time where I thought that we,we understood each other, where we were,where we were we were hearing each other.
You know,like that time up by the river.
You were just,you were just talking,weren't you? Because you never really felt me.
I don't know what else you expected.
I don't know what you want.
Tell me what you want.
Are you a righty or are you a lefty? Why? I'm right-handed,I'm right-handed.
Why? I want you to put your hand in that vise there.
I want you to feel that.
Do it.
Look,Curtis look,you're confused.
I know you're upset Do it.
Tighten it.
Curtis,look Tighten it.
Report sighting of suspect's vehicle outside a residence formerly owned by suspect located at 321 Parkdale.
You guys get over there,help secure the scene.
I'm going to go pick up Mrs.
Did they find them? Not yet,just the car.
All right,I'm going with you.
That's 321 Parkdale.
Possible shots fired.
The best thing for you is to stay put until we have more information.
Did she say "shots fired"? I know this can't be easy.
No,no! - Are you kidding me? - I'll send an officer back.
He'll stay with you,you'll be apprised - I'm sorry.
- I'm not just going to wait here.
You need to trust us now.
It hurts,doesn't it? Don't be so easy on yourself! Tell me how it feels.
Tell me,tell me what it's what it's doing to you.
I can,uh I can feel,uh crushing of the metacarpal heads.
Uh the digital nerves being compressed I'm losing sensation uh,motor control.
You know what I mean.
You know what I mean? I don't.
- I don't! I don't! Wait,wait,wait.
Hey,hey - You know what I mean.
- Just stop it.
- You tell me how it feels! Come on,Luka! Come on! You see people in pain every day! You tell me how it feels! Oh,son of a bitch.
So do you do you feel me now? What do you want from me,huh? What do you want from me! I can't do it without my hands.
I'm a doctor.
I have a wife,a child.
It's hard,right? Is that what you want,huh? Is that what you want? I won't be able to take care of my family.
I won't be able to do anything.
I'm nothing,okay? I'm nothing! You want to kill me? Is that what you want? You want to kill me? - Now you get it! - Kill me now! Now you're saying something! Now you finally understand a little! Get the hell out of here! This is my house! - I've got to somebody.
- Hey! Get back here! - I got to talk to somebody.
I know him.
I work at - What? - Hey! Hey! I work at County! - Boss.
- Look,let her go.
- I know Curtis Ames.
I brought his medical record.
It's the reason why he's doing this.
There's a lot of information Who are you again? That's my husband in there with him.
- Yes.
- Your husband? We both work at County and I thought that maybe your negotiator could use Yeah,move in.
I don't think this is gonna help.
Somebody was here.
Signs of a struggle.
Command,this is Chopper One.
We got two men on the roof.
One of them is armed.
All right,I want that **chopper to back off.
Tell the pilot to get some altitude now.
Look,does Kovac have a cell phone with him.
I tried to call him before,but he didn't answer.
What does he want? I mean,what does he want? If he wanted to kill Luka,he could have shot him an hour ago.
Maybe he wanted a bigger audience.
What's your status? Securing second floor.
Curtis,it's time to let this go.
The hospital said it.
The court said it.
My damn lawyers said it.
Even my own wife.
"Curtis,let it go.
Let it go.
" You know what it's like to lose everything.
It's not just about the arm.
It's about feeling like everything that ever made you a man has been taken away.
How are you supposed to fix that? How am I supposed to just let this go? Hey.
It's just probably them again,Curtis.
Yeah,this is Kovac.
We're both here.
Yeah,hold on.
It's the police.
They want to talk to you.
Just put it on on speaker.
Ames,this is Deputy Superintendent John Valentine.
we'd like to resolve this quickly and peacefully,so first off, is there anything we can get you? Yeah,could you just go away? Can you just leave me alone? Just go Just go over there.
Just get over there.
Curtis,we both have families.
Children we love.
A lot to live for.
This won't solve anything.
Ames The numbness happened twice.
So it was TIA,right? Yes! Right? You should have considered that! Well,you didn't consider that.
i thought it was from sleeping on the gurney.
We've been through all this.
Intermittent numbness is associated with TIA.
You should've considered that.
You should have thought about my heart.
It was noisy,I explained that.
That's 'cause you listened**ith a steth.
But the standard of care,would have been a cardiac echo.
It doesn't matter.
It does! It does! Because you would have seen the patent foramen ovale.
And you would have pulled the central line! yes!ok yes yes You're right.
You're right all along.
I blew it.
I missed it.
I missed the murmur.
I'm sorry for that.
Why didn't you ever just say that,man? I'm saying it now,okay? Maybe I needed all this to I I'm not innocent.
I'm just Look,if I can take it **all back,if I can fix it but I can't.
Okay? I can't.
I just can't.
I can't.
Luka Mr.
Ames? Mr.
Curtis Who fired? There was no command to fire.
Not us.
It came from the roof.
Grab her! - Go! Go! Go! - No! Let me go! All units,I want status reports now.
a man down.
You have to let me go.
Listen,I'm an ER doc.
Just let me go