ER s13e13 Episode Script

A House Divided

Previously on E.
Did you work on Edgar Dixon today? Yeah,yeah,yeah.
Um,why? What's up? First Mission Baptist is dispensing meds without a pharmacy license.
It's a felony,Pratt.
A man died.
Thank you for the hot dog.
It's my pleasure.
I'll catch you later,Joe.
So,how long you staying,Gracie? Just till you row me out,not a bit longer.
Luka,this is - Eddie.
- Eddie.
Nobody called you a whore.
My mom did.
Your mom's mistaken.
I'm gonna find budget cuts somewhere else.
There is no way we're losing.
Thanks,but I resign.
Abby Lockhart.
I'm calling from County General, and ca you te him I t s la result and he needs to come in and discuss them? Th ks.
Since when do u call E.
patients from home? I was worried about th guy.
I want to ma sure he gets seen.
Isn't that more of a job for his imar care physician? He doesn't have one.
Well,no incentive to get ne if you'r gonna make h se alls.
I phoned his hotel to make sure he comes for follow-up.
Hotel? Yes,he's from out of town.
- Who is this guy? - It's Eddie Jackson.
You met hi What? Nothing.
Well,why are you acting weird? Hmm,I just I j t think it's a lit e strange the amount of rsonal attention u seem to be giving some guy you met in a b .
You di 't talk to her,di you? I didn't ee her.
I thought you were gonna talk to her last night.
Yeah,but got home so lat and she was excited about how well she did on her history presentation,so Tony I'm gonn do it.
I'm gonna do it.
You've een saying that for week.
She needs to hear this from you.
She needs to know that it was your idea, otherwise, she'll never forgive me.
I right,I'll tell her.
Tonight,I promise.
Oh,man,would you look at this board? We got cough,cough and vomiting,itchy feet,diarrhea, diar ea and vomitin I haven't seen a decent trauma my last three shifts.
People are getting too damned careful these days.
Chop r's bringing in some kind of snowmobile accident.
Ca ed it.
- Is this the snowmobile? - Yeah,one of 'em.
Clar Sutton,13,lost control and hit a fence.
It was an accident.
I was trying to turn.
Where's Dennis? McKay's unloading the older brother.
I think this one got the wo t of it.
His brother carried him almost a mile to get help.
Can I be in the same room with Dennis? It hurts to breathe.
Okay,try t to talk.
Gates, hy don't you go up to the roof, grab the next one? I'll take this.
- No,I got this covered.
- Nah,I got this one.
Nah,I got this one.
who knows how to treat him,all ri t? This kid needs treatment, Okay? And that'd be me.
I'll call you if I need you.
Okay,guys,knock it off Come on.
Okay,who gets this patient? Me,if you're gonna act like babies then that's how I'll treat ou.
Luka,sats are dropping Okay,bag him.
Abby,run ahead and intubate.
Way to go.
This was your fault.
- Yeah,right.
- Yeah,I am right.
- Don't be an idiot.
- Ass for brains.
Edgar never liked to talk about his troubles.
In fact,the only thing he ever talked about was football.
But I remember one Sunday Edgar looked troubled, and I said to him "Well,is there anything I could do for you?" So he said,"No,no,Pastor,you can't help my problem.
" I said, ell,maybe I can't,but I know someone who can.
You know,God always listens.
" Oh,amen.
Pastor,that was a nice service.
- Thank you.
- Very nice.
Dixon, I just w d to pass on my condolences once again.
I just, , want to let you know if there's anything, anything I can do, please don't hesitate to call the hospital.
Thank you,Dr.
Thank you.
ER Season 13 Episode 13 Greg! The Medical Board called me.
I bet they did.
They said that they're issuing a letter for us to cease and desist our drug program.
at's not a surprise.
I told 'em to go to hell.
You did what? They don't understand what we're doing.
Yeah,but I'm sure they got a pretty clear idea now.
Look,I like what you're doing,but it doesn't work.
People need a continuity of care and the church clinic isn't open every day.
How many people do you think we've helped since we started this program? I'm sorry.
Well,we're not giving up on the program.
Then you're headed for trouble.
My people have now re else to turn to.
They're already in trouble.
I'm out.
Sats are drifting into the 70s.
Come on,Clarke,stay with us.
- Want me to do that? - No.
- You sure? - Yeah.
If you want to help,you can give me some cricoid.
I got blood here.
What do you want? Uh,CBC,LFTs,chem7 I'm in.
Bag him.
UA and a blood gas.
You're probably not gonna need that.
Decreased on the left.
Pull back the ET tube.
No,I stopped just past the cords.
Well,it's obviously not,so pull it back.
I'm gonna call the Blood Bank.
Uh,good idea.
Still decreased.
Sterile sixes and a chest tube tray.
Hold on.
Let's not ump the gun.
He's got a bruise d bad sats.
I'm not jumping the gun.
It's a pneumothorax.
Right,I'll call for a portable chest.
Let's see what we're dealing with here first.
X ray.
You taught me that.
Nice to know you were listening.
We have time to wait for the film before we start cutting.
What about the sliding lung sign? Okay,lungs are up.
No hemothorax or rib fractures.
What's happening with Clarke? Why isn't he sitting u They put a tube down his throat to help him breathe.
Good bowel sounds.
He got the wind knocked out of him.
I had to carry him to the road.
It's a good thing you did.
Crits 38,pressure's still good; 122/76.
Let me know if anything's sore.
He kept begging me to let him drive His father's gonna kill me.
I thought you two were brothers.
He's my stepbrother.
My dad died when I was little.
My mom remarried in August.
He thinks I'm a screw-up.
This i 't going to help.
Pretty much wrecked his snowmobile.
Ow! All right,left lower quadrant.
Call Surgery.
Not so fast.
It's not a contusion.
It's an abrasion.
He's guarding.
Do you have to keep doing that? I'm sorry.
He's hemodynamically stable,and his crit's good.
Let's get a CT of his belly,and if it's normal, then we won't have to waste a surgeon's time.
Well,I'm going to have to disagree with your assessment.
Let's run it by Kovac.
Let's not.
I decide when we present to an attending.
No lung sliding.
What the hell is lung sliding anyway? Normally there's lung movement on ultrasound.
If i s not there,then the lung must be partially deflated.
Okay,chest tube tray to Abby.
What? You don't want to do it now? I wanted to do it 15 minutes ago.
Well,it looks like Abby was right and Luka confirmed the diagnosis radiographically.
Good work,team.
What the hell do I have to do to get someone to come down here? Dr.
Gates from the E.
That's with an "E" for "emergency.
" You called for a consult? Actually,I dialed the Hot Surgeons chat line.
Which room? What's the matter? No,"Hey,how you doing? You look sexy in that white suit"? Hey,what's wrong? You mean besides the fact the last time I saw youthe woman that you liv with practically assaulted me and her daughter called me a whore? I told you I was sorry.
I don't live with her anymore.
Not for long,anyway.
How's Sarah? We're working through it.
No blood out.
It's not the chest.
Xeroform and the thoroseal.
Could be cardiac contusion.
Get a 12-lead and hold off on the blooduntil the troponin's back.
CT's ready.
I'll take him up.
- I'll take him.
- You sure? Yeah,in case he crashes.
Well,that wasn't awkward.
Further proof workplace romance,bad idea.
Is that so? Uh,yeah.
Hey,look,the other night you kindacaught me off guard with that kiss, and I don't I have a ruleagainst dating people at work.
You do? Yeah,it's kind of a new rule.
But a solid rule.
That's cool,really.
This is Dennis' father,Gary.
Gary,this is Dr.
Gates and Dr.
Where's Clarke? Oh,upstairs for more X rays.
Is this a social visit? Tony asked for a consult.
I hope you're happy now.
I'm sorry.
We were being really careful.
You obviously weren't being carefulif you put Clarke in the hospital.
I want to see my son.
Where is he?! Uh,Lily,could you? I can take you to him,sir.
Thank you.
You better pray he's all right.
Uh,Neela,I'm sorry youhad to come down here.
Um,he doesn't need a co ult.
Oh,well,I'm here nowand I'm almost finished.
Okay,fine,then can you explain to him why Actually,I'm suggesting weadmit him for observation.
Why? His kidneys look good.
His liver and spleen appear to be normal.
Did I miss something on the CT? Well,an occult injurycould take time to declare itself.
- He's right.
- No,he's not.
The surgeon concurs with my assessment.
Hey,don't worry,boss.
I'm not one of those "I told you so" kids.
Can I speak to you outside? - Certainly.
- Okay.
Not you.
What's up,Alex? Hey.
Alex is signing up for theVolunteen program today.
He's real excited about it.
I had to practicallydrag him here by his ears.
Alex,even if you volunteerfor a couple hours a week, it'll still help on yourcollege applications,okay? And maybe you'll even like it.
Just keep telling yourself that,Mom.
When I was your age,I had two jobs.
Yeah,doing what,milking the T-Rex? I worked on the Milfords'farm before school,smartass, and at night I worked in Addison's Bakery.
If you'd like,I could take Alex to thevolunteer center,show him around a bit.
That's great.
Thank you,Ben.
Well,actually,I probably know this hospitalbetter than you do.
That's great.
Then you can give me the tour'cause I still can't find the gift shop.
Come on.
He gets cuter every time I see him.
I heard you.
You should be going after that one.
It's a little tricky datingsomeone you work with.
What's tricky about it? Having sex without getting caught? - Gracie- Look,honey, I know what your life has been like.
Trust me,Sammy,I know.
All the women in our family are the same- very fertile,allergic to chestnuts, prone to bladder infections And we all have that damn gene that predi oses us to bad boys.
Chestnuts? Sammy,life is short.
You deserve to be happy.
You deserve a good man.
If you like this guy,go for it.
Okay,the least you can do is give mean honest and professional opinion.
- I did.
- No,you didn't.
Well,how would you know?You're not a surgeon.
Neither are you.
Sorry,look - No,you look.
I came down,I assessed- We established You shouldn't have come down - I made a professional call.
If- you disagree with my opinion - it's personal,just like your visit.
- fine,tha s your prerogative.
- What you can't do The reason- why you're siding with Gates - is because you're screwing him.
- is accuse me of being I can't believe you just said that.
So it's true? No.
And even if it were,it'snone of your damn business.
And it certainly hasnothing to do with this case.
It does if it's clouding your judgment.
Hey,maybe we should get anattending to weigh in on this.
- No.
- No.
Somebody want to tell mewhat the hell's goin on here? Oh,so everything's just all good now,huh? Well,somebody better havea good explanation.
Ray? Okay.
13-year-old drovea snowmobile into a fence.
Normal CT,stable crit and B.
Gates wanted a surgical consult, I said we didn't need one, but hedecided to call Neela down here anyway.
Better safe than sorry,right? Wrong.
It wasn't your call to make.
Ray's above you.
Now if you have a problem with yourresident or you disagree with his judgment, then you call an attending.
I wanted to present to Kovac.
And I didn't.
He was busy with another trauma anyway.
And now they've taken thehospital's last surgical bed.
That kid needs 24-hour observation.
You cannot give up the last surgical bed.
I need to follow serial exams.
- Then do it down -here.
- You're already full up.
Th send him home and have him come backin 12 hours for a re-exam.
You know,I'm trying to help you guys here.
No,you give up your last surgical bedto this kid and we can get stuck boarding a real surgical trainwreck down here for days.
Ray's patient,Ray's call.
Keep him down here.
Less w k for me.
Thank you.
Yeah,you better be right.
Thanks for the vote of confidence,boss.
- Luka.
- Yeah.
You get a chance to speak withAngela Gilliam about Edgar Dixon? Who? The guy from the church clinic.
Oh,ye ,she-she said she'd,uh,look into it.
All right,I'm just a little concerned.
Someone called the medical boardand they called the church.
Okay,I'll talk to her again.
All right,thanks.
You looking for something? A patient.
Which one? Hockey dad,Jim Singer,30.
Hockey puck versus face.
It was a slap shot.
This is his son,Jimmy,Jr.
God,he spit out his teeth.
Okay,Jimmy,we're gonna fix your dad up and you get to play X- Box,okay? Margo,can you take Jimmy? How you doing,sir? I can't breathe.
Looks like a fractured jaw, multiplebroken teeth.
His pulse ox is down to 88.
Okay,he needs an airway.
Pratt,you want a piece of this? sure.
How come they didn't bring Clarke back? They probably moved him to another bedto free up the trauma room.
And that can be a good sign,so Your stepfather hasn't come by,huh? No.
Why didn't you ell him youweren't the one who was driving? What's the point? I don't know,maybe so that he knows you didn't do this.
He'd still find a way to blame me.
At least now he can't get mad at Clarke,too.
You o are close? Yeah,I guess.
First,it was kind of wedhaving a little brother.
But he's cool.
His dad's really stric on him.
I'm afraid he thinksthat I'm a b influence.
Sometimes I let m dothings his father doesn't.
Like drive the snowmobile? I'll find out how he's doing,okay? Thanks.
Forget it,we're nevergoing to see the cords.
All right,let's bag him up and prep the neckfor a seldinger crike.
Hey,Abby,what's the statuson the other snowmobile kid,Clarke Sutton? CT showed persistentpneumo,Kovac put in a second tube.
But other an that he'sgood.
Try Exam Three.
Pratt,I'd like you to stop by my officeat 4:00 today if that's possible.
Cricothyroid is right here.
Ye .
Um did you talk to Dr.
Kovac ye Yes,we need to have a quick sit-down withthe hospital lawyers about Edgar Dixon.
Guide wire.
Yeah,I was just at his funeral today.
I spoketo his wife.
She's not pressing any charges.
She's not the problem,the board is.
They're not too happy Mr.
Dixon was gettinghis medications through his church.
Medications that you distributed.
Yeah,but who got theboard involved in this? I don't know.
- Abby,here's your introducer.
- Greg Dr.
Pratt,we got a hot MI five minutes out.
Uh,Greg Yeah,all right,um est X-ray,call for a vent,page Head and Neck, and,uh,come find me when you're done.
Do either of these belong to you? He How'd it go? Spectacular.
Sarcasm is a poor substitute for wit.
Do you know who said that,young man? Do I car Alex,don't be rude.
Say you're sorry.
Just relax,okay? Hey.
Don't tell me to relax.
I think it's time we ent home.
Okay,let's go.
March! Hey.
So,uh, nally get things sort out with Neela? There's nothing to sort ou man.
You sure? Because it looks like yougot some sorting out to do.
Look,man,if you need myadvice,all you have to do is No,no,no,no.
No,I don't need your advice.
I don't want your advice.
I took your advice,remember? You know,"Give her some time,Ray.
" "Give her so s ce,Ray.
" Yeah,I did that.
In fact,I gave her so much time and so muchspace, she started seeing somebody else.
- So thank you or the advice,Pratt.
- What? So that's Stop acting like a baby.
Why are you even here?Nobody invited you.
It's time you startedshowing a little res ct.
And you need to mind yourown damn business,bitch.
Don't u ever talk Hey! And don't you ever to h me.
You ever raise your hand to me or your mother or any other woman I'll break every bone inyour sullen little body.
Grandma's got some game.
Ray your snowmobile kid's t looking too od.
The one you insisted didn't need su ery.
Hey,I got his.
Hey,look,um I'm sorry about Alex.
You know,he's not always likethat.
He's had a rough year.
You don't need to apologize for him,Sam.
- I just don't want you to think that - That he's what? That h s a teenager? Sam,I was a holy terror at his age.
My principal suspended me fromschool one time r fighting.
So you know what I did? I slashed all the tires on his Corvette.
That is a little delinquent.
Yeah,I was a real piece of work.
My mom raised me by herself,too,Sam,so I know it's not easy.
We fought every single dayfor probably ten straight years.
And now we talk at least once a week.
And we're best friends.
And in time,I'm sureyou and Alex will be,too.
Hey,have you seen Dr.
Pratt? He's out in the ambulancebay waiting on a rig.
Hey,Abby,I have a working girlwith a mandible dislocation.
I've tried everything.
You know any tricks? No pun intended.
Can this wait ten minutes? No,I've already paged Kovac and Pratt.
She pre-medicated,they're all tied up.
I've tried everything.
It on't budge.
I gave her 100 of fent.
Add some midazolam.
How'd you do this,big yawn? From what I gather,it was an oral occupational injury she got while performing a service.
Two milligrams in.
Did you try it from behind? Oh,you're talking to me? Relo ting the mandible.
No,that's a new o .
From the back,you've got better leveragefor downward force.
And you can put your weight into it.
Makes sense.
You also get a better gri Hey,Tony,got a visitor.
Sarah,what are you doing here? I went up to your room I saw your boxes.
Why didn't you tell me? I was going to.
You lied to me.
Sarah,this really isn't a good time.
Why don't you guys go in the break room? Go with Sam and I'll bethere in a few minutes.
You want to leave,thenleave.
I don't care anymore.
- Sarah.
- Want me to get her? Go ahead,I got this.
You okay? Sarah,wait.
Hey! Stop and listen to me.
No! You can't tell me what to do, you're not my dad.
Yes,but I'm your friend.
Friends don't leave.
Damn it,abdomen's rigid with fever.
Crits stable,he's not bleeding.
Could be a bowel perf with peritonitis.
Blood cultures and Zosyn 3.
Should I get Gates? No,no,no.
No,I need urgery down here.
I already called them.
Okay,mix up dopamine.
Dennis,De is,can you hear me? I need you to start fighting,okay? Your brother wants to talk to you.
Tell her I need her down here,now! Here you g "Thank you,Tony.
"You're welcome,Sarah.
Hey,come on,you can'tbe mad at me forever.
Why not? Because of this What are you doing? My sym thetic doctor face.
You look stupid.
No? All right,you know what,you're making me bring out the big guns.
When somebody is really sick and it'svery fatal I say to them,"Mr.
Smith, "it's very fatal you're very sick, "the tumor's too big"for your very tiny little head.
"It's fatal.
You're not going to live.
Sir,you're going to die!" - Okay,stop.
- Then I give 'em this face.
Then I go Stop.
Stop it.
It's not funny.
I'm mad at you.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you.
Why do you have to go? Because it's the right thing.
Is it because of Neela? You called her? She was worried about you.
Come on.
Come on.
What's happening? Free air under the diaphragm.
Systolic's only 90 after two liters.
I'll throw in a subclavian,then straight to the O.
He s med okay.
Where's his stepfather? I sent Dawn to find him.
- Thanks for coming.
- It's my job,Ray.
Cordis introducer.
Prime the infuser.
All right.
You have a minute? Yeah.
Why,what's up? It was me- I called the medicalboard about Edgar Dixon.
You? Why the hell would you do that? Because I heard he was getting hismeds from some octor at a church.
I thought it was some unlicensed crackpot.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right.
I'm sorry,I thought Iwas doing the right thing.
You were.
We both were.
Sometimes you do the right thing an youstill get shafted.
Don't sweat it.
Hey,Greg,these detectiveswould like to talk to you.
About what? Your involvement with apatient named Edgar Dixon.
I called Angela.
She's on her way down.
All right,thanks.
Pratt,is there someplacewe could go talk in private? Yeah,sure.
Right this way.
Yo,Ab ,I've been looking for you.
That patient you were asking about? - Boom,he left a message.
- anks.
Let me g ss,your friend Eddie again.
What,are you jealous? No,I just don't understand why you'regiving this guy so much attention.
He's a 60-year-old man with lungdisease.
I'm just trying to help him out.
Hi Kerry Uh,we can talk about this later.
Or not.
Everything all right? Yeah,just a disagreement about a patient.
I still can't believe you're leaving.
Yeah,it feels a little weird.
Scary,but,uh,it's exciting.
I'm actually going to miss this place.
- You know- List ,I just want to - No,no,no- No,go ahead.
- No- You go.
I just want to say that Ithink that you've probably uh,seen me at my best, and um and at my wo t.
And even though we didn'talways see eye to eye,um you helped me go from a urse to a med student to a doctor to a mom.
I'm the one who's supposed to be upset here.
I know.
You were always thereas a nurse and a doctor and most importantly,yo ve Iways been here as my friend.
Do you think this ppens the guyswhen one of them leaves? I heard Carter bawledlike a baby when he left.
I'm going to miss you.
Thank you.
And now it's time for usto take care of ourselves.
You can still hang out with Tony.
It won't be the same.
No,but it will still be good.
You can go to Tony's placewhen I get on your nerves.
I don't wantthe kid living wit me.
I can stay at your place sometimes? If it's okay with your mom.
I'm going to have a swinging bachelor pad.
I'm going to have abig-screen TV over the Jacuzzi, trampoline and a shark tank,the works.
Nothing stays the same forever,Sarah.
It's part of growing up.
Besides,you won't care about mein a few years anyway.
You're going to run offand marry that horn dog character and have six kids and eight cats We broke up.
- What?- Yeah.
Oh,you know,I really never liked that guy.
It was my fault.
He found out I I like Kevin Mclntyre.
Better get going,kiddo.
Let Tony get back to work.
Baby girl.
His vitals have stabilized.
Let's get him up to O.
I'll call you when 's out of surgery.
Neela,I need to say something.
No,you don't.
You did what youthought was right for the patient.
I respect that,Ray.
No,see no,that's not it.
Then what is it? Uh this is probably wrong,I know.
It's the wrong place,thewrong time,but,uh Why didn't somebody page me? We handled it.
What happened? Seems like your patienthas a perforated viscus.
Really? Good thing we didn'tsend him home,huh,Rock Star? Looks like h needed observation after all.
It's not small bowel perforation,okay,Tony? This has nothing to dowith the seat belt sign.
How do you figure? Small bowel doesn't seedthe peritoneum like this.
It's colonic,maybe diverticular.
Really? Interesting.
Tell me more,Doctor.
Where are they taking Dennis? He's going up to surgery,if you really care.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? You know,I sent a nurseto find you 30 minutes ago.
I was with my son.
Yeah? Well,this one needed you,too.
You know what,actually I'm sorry.
He needed a parent.
Maybe Ishould have called his mother.
Hey,y e gut line.
ithe one them would even be(inhere if Denni wasn't scre ng aro T/ Denn w n't en iving.
Clark was.
- That's nkt true.
- Ye it is.
But did you even ther to ask him?No,you just blamed him from the get-go.
Why didn't he say something? Would you have believed h ? He was trying toprotect his little brother.
Dennis is older.
Heshould have known better.
He's 15.
Do you know that he carried Clarkealmost mile to the road to get help? So instead of busting his balls, maybe you should be thanking him.
He probably saved your son's life.
Hey,you know,I don'tthink I like your attitude.
Really? I n't thin I likethe way you treat your kid.
ere do you get offtalking to me like this? Where's your supervisor? You don't know a damnthing about me or my family.
No,no,no,that's wrong.
'Cause I know that Dennis is a good kid, and I know that you are an asshole.
Yeah,and if I were you,I'd probablystart to treat him a little better.
Because in a couple years he'sprobably going to be bigger than you, and he is going to rememberevery single time you treated him like crap, and one day he is goingto kick your ass,okay? You got a valid medical license,Dr.
Pratt? Of course.
What about a pharmacist lic se? My medical license allowsme to write prescriptions.
Write,yeah, but diverting controlled substances to anunauthorized distributor that's a felony.
I wasn't diverting anything,Iwas treating patients.
At this illegal clinic of yours? Illegal clinic? All right,come on,fellas,let's no get carried away here,okay? Look,I was helping out at a churchwhere most of the congregation doesn't even have health insurance.
Like the man that you killed? Isn't one of you supposedto be the good cop? Ray.
Weaver,I just spent the whole day withthis great kid who saved his little brother's life, and when his stepfather came in and started toberate and belittle him in front of everyone,I just I don't know,I guess he just reminded meof someone I used to know.
Yeah,I was just coming to say good-bye.
I may have done a great disserviceto the world of rock keeping you here, but you could be a great doctor,Ray.
I kind of thought I was.
I'm kidding.
rt of.
Um Wow,um Thank you,Dr.
Thank you for everything.
So what do we do now?Um,hug,kiss? All right.
So what's next,you guys gonnabeat me with a rubber hose? What the hell is going on? Dr.
Pratt is under arrest.
On what charges? Violation of the Controlled Substance Act.
Do you believe these jokers? You had to handcuff him? It's a felony charge,Doc.
Aw,come on,guys,you can't do this.
Back off,Doc.
Unless you want to go with him.
She's playing with thebunnies,I'm looking for my camera d then,suddenly,we hearthis God-awful scream, and we see this billy goathas Sammy by the pigtails.
Speak of the devil! Gracie invited me to dinner.
She did? Hi,Mr.
Don't worry.
I'm not staying for dinner.
Thanks for the dessert,Gracie.
I baked a blueberry pie.
I'm making fish and chips.
Hey,you need a hand thanything,Mr.
Owens? No.
I'm good,thanks.
I I was just telling the boys about howthe goat ate your pigtails at the petting oo.
Where's Alex? He's in his room.
He's doing his homework.
At least he better be.
Nice shot.
Hey,what are you doing here? Why didn't you ome back to the hospital? How did you find me? Guy at your hotel said you might be here.
And,in case you're interested, your test results show that yourlungs aren't expanding properly.
They've become fibrotic.
Guess I'll have to switch to menthols.
You didn't have to come here.
Eight ball,corner pocket.
You're not getting enoughoxygen in your blood.
You're going to need an echocardiogramto check your cardiac function.
tter luck next time,chief.
You need to be referred to a specialist.
No more doctor stuff,huh? Well,we need to find outwhat's causin this,Eddie.
No,we don't.
Abby,listen I don't understand why you got the tests ifyou weren't planning on following through.
I don't care about my damn lungs.
I didn't keep coming tosee you for health reasons.
Well,th ,talk tome.
What's going on,huh? I been taking care of myself my whole life, usually at the expense of others.
I appreciate your concern, but I don't deserve it.
You know,I I shouldn't have come here.
Abby? Look,just stay away from me.
Okay? Let me explain something.
No,you don't Don't.
You don't have to.
It'sjust a mistake,all right? Abby,I know what you're feeling.
No,I don't think you do,because I don't know what I'm feeling.
And you're right.
Ididn't need to come here.
And I shouldn't have come here.
Abby,I lied to you.
I didn't want to scare you off.
My name isn't Jackson.
It's Wyczenski.
I'm your father.
I talked to Maggie a while back.
- Probably going on three years.
- No.
I got caught up onyou and your brother,Eric, - fore she started screaming at me.
- No no This is not happening.
Yeah,it is.
She told me you wereworking at the hospital here in Chicago.
You know,why are you doing this? I wanted to see for myself.
After 30 years? Yeah.
I wanted to see what sortof a person you grew up to be.
- Oh,God! I can't do this.
- Took me two years - to work up the nerve to come and visit you.
- I cannot do this! One of the nurses atthe triage desk,she pointed you out to me, - and I got cold feet.
- Taxi! You know,if you hadn't walked into the bar, I I probably would have leftwithout ever speaking to you.
But when I met you,I wanted to know more, but I didn't have thegut to tell you the truth, because I thought you'd tell me to go away.
Well,guess what.
You were right.
Go away! - Go away.
- Oh,Abby Abby,please.
Just leave me alon All right? You don't get to do this.
It's not fair.
Hey,Kerry! Hey.
I didn't get a chanceto say good-bye to Pratt.
I'm on my way to the policestation to bail him out.
That's one of those parts of the jobthey never tell you about.
One of the many partsthat I'm not going to miss.
Look,hey,I never had a chance to tell you Luka,Luka,you know what? I'm done talking about th .
Please? I I knowbut,hey,you you hired me.
I still remember my first day.
An oxygen tankrocketed through the E.
- almost killed me.
Well,no one ever said thiswas the safest place to work.
You you changed mylife by giving me this job.
You may even have saved it.
I don't know where I'd beif hadn't found this place.
And you taught me a lot.
Thank you.
Come here,you big Croat You know what? Don't get up Don't get caught up inthe politics,all right? A good hospital is aboutpeople and medicine.
Thank you.
I'll see y around sometime.
Luka Take care of this place for me.
I will.
It's getting late,so I'd better get going.
But we don't even work tomorrow.
Yeah,but I'm like Gracie.
And I need my beauty sleep.
Well you could sleephere tonight if you want.
It would save you all that driving.
Yeah,but you have that ruleagainst workplace fraternization.
It's actually more ofa guideline than a rule.
And it applies moreto doctors than nurses.
That's good to know.
And Alex and Gracie would be okay with this? Come on.
Here's a two bedroom onLakeshore with a concierge.
Hey,I always wanted to livein a building with a concierge.
You can't possibly forda place on Lakeshore.
$3,600 a month.
Like I said $1,8 apiece.
What? Are you going tosplit it with the concierge Funn Make yourself laugh there? You like that one? Is that a funny one? Hold that thought.
Sarah? I think mom' reallysick.
I can't wake her up.
What? Where are you? In the car.
Where? Where where's the car? I don't know where we are,Tony.
But you have to do something.
I think she's dying.
Sarah? Sarah? * * * * Okay.
All right.
All right,one second.
I'll get you out in one second.
Shh! Okay.
It's okay.
Here we go.
We're home.
Just one sec,okay?One sec.
Here go.
Come on,Luka.
Pick up.
Hey,it's me.
Um,uh I'm home.
I just got Joe from Ellen's.
Listen,can you call meas soon as you get this? It's kind of it's kind of urgent.
Here we go.
I know.
It's okay.
Yeah,I know.
Shh! Shh! Sh Shh! Okay,okay,here e go.
Call our husband.
I I just did.
He's not picking up.
Call him again.