ER Episode Scripts


That beats the house, missy.
CHRIS STANNERS BEEPING With over 50 different careers to choose from, you don't have to be a pilot to fly in the RAF.
Contact us now.
Has resulted in sporadic power failures.
' Soon they'll be blaming this on global warming.
All those years of plastic cups and Styrofoam are coming home to roost.
So, because I've used spray can deodorant my whole life, now I'm supposed to feel guilty about the resurgence of malaria in Kenya? You talk so crazy, Frank.
I read it in the paper.
I read that cow farts are going to be the death of all of us.
Cow farts? Yeah, we eat too much livestock, which release gases into the atmosphere, killing the ozone.
Thank you, Al Gore.
I would rather drop dead right now over a bone-in rib eye than live forever on organic spinach.
The truth is very inconvenient.
Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have gotten smart.
Hooked myself up with a tight little sex machine, energy efficient to the tune of 40-plus miles per gallon and draws babes to Archie like bees to honey.
Ew! That made me throw up in my mouth a little.
Me, too.
(LOCKHART) What about Hope? Didn't you take an oath of fidelity or something? Yeah.
What, she's saving starving kids in Venezuela, and you're out here cruising for chicks? Hope? Hope, Hope Oh, oh, that Hope.
Uh, we broke up.
(TAGGART) No, you didn't.
You did? I'm sorry.
No big deal.
It was very It was very mutual.
That's good.
Except it was all her idea, and I begged her not to do it.
But I'm fine with it now.
It's all good.
Lady for you on three, chief.
Hope she chokes on a Mojito.
Your ex-wife.
Something about your son.
All right.
I'll take it, er, in there.
He was married? Poor woman.
(RASGOTRA) Ah, the very person we're looking for.
(IMITATES ENGINE REVVING) What's he doing? Oh, don't forget the clutch, dummy.
Well, you said I could teach him to drive your car today.
I did? Yeah, you did.
No, no, no, no, no.
That was before I hooked up my new wheels.
You have new wheels? Cool.
No, not cool.
I'm not going to let some pre-pubescent intern ding up my chick magnet.
Is it? For reals? (MORRIS) This car makes a statement, and the statement is, "I am bringing sexy back.
" Sweet! Um, hello? Look, he's got his homecoming soon.
He wants to be able to drive his date.
Give the kid a break.
ENGINE STARTS Oh! I had to pull strings to get this.
You can't even buy one of these babies yet.
Well, I'll get you the number of that new PACU nurse.
The one from Nashville? I heard she was in the circus.
She does look flexible.
All right.
Now, let's see.
What are you doing? Doing a walk-around.
I want to make sure it comes back in the same condition.
God, you're so anal.
Pristine, beautiful, unblemished.
Thank you, Dr Morris.
Now, let's run down a few things here.
Wait Harold, the brake! Hey! Wait! Wait! Harold? Harold, be Be careful, Harold! Stay aware of your surroundings! It's all about peripheral vi (GRUNTS) # "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" by Tchaikovksy Bolton's family baker is now Britain's favourite baker.
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The banter's not bad either.
I've discovered something amazing.
I can finish my tea .
wthout finishing theirs, too.
Introducing the brand new Discover Plan from WeightWatchers.
I've discovered I can drink tea.
without dunking biscuits in it.
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(GATES) What we're talking about here is pain.
Proactively treating it right here in triage with you guys, all right? Most of you know how to use the Wong-baker scale.
BABY CRYING (GATES) Any kid coming in, we assess the pain from zero to ten.
Any score above zero, we give them analgesia at the desk.
Put it on your charts.
The docs will be checking.
Someone's been Moretti-sized.
Mm-hmm, Gates drank the Kool-aid.
(GATES) How old? Three months.
She's been like this for hours.
Fussy, crying.
It's probably the heat.
Chuny, can you take her back? I got this.
Follow me.
It's never been this bad before.
All right, here, check this out.
(MORRIS) Come on, guys, stop goofing around! Victim of auto versus pedestrian.
Possible blunt head trauma.
The car didn't hit me.
I walked into it.
I told them that.
What's with the backboard? Patient resisted treatment, so we took all precautions.
I do not meet trauma centre criteria.
What do we have here? He was combative on scene.
No, I wasn't! A little bit, a little bit.
Because I don't need any of this.
Might need a head CT.
Definite possibility, Dr Gates.
What?! No.
No! I don't need spinal immobilisation.
No, no, no, no.
No, you might need an x-ray, sir, before you take this off.
No, the hell you do, and stop calling me sir! Oh, could be a distracting injury.
Distracting I'm going to distract your face with my foot! Look! Huh? Huh? I'm fine.
All this wasted energy is seriously inflating my carbon footprint.
So, are you refusing medical care, sir? Yes.
Yes, I am.
You're wasting valuable time and resources on this silly little comedy routine.
Ooh! Aah! Stupid doors.
SNIGGERING Next time that happens, give him a Foley in the field.
(PRATT SNIGGERS) (JULIA) Make sure your grandma follows up with the clinic visits, OK, Jeffrey? Refuah shleima, Beatrice.
Toda raba, Ms Dupree.
And a happy shana tovah to you.
Oh, nice try.
Jewish new year was two months ago.
Oh, I got you your musicians.
My what? Well, you said you wanted some help brightening up the place, alleviating the misery, so, Ken and Willow Monterey, this is Dr Gates.
Oh, hello! Thanks for having us.
This is our first time in the ER.
We're super-excited.
We mostly perform in paedes.
Love bringing joy to the little people.
But this gives us a chance to dig a bit deeper into the old set list.
Oh, good.
All right, well, er, make yourself at home.
(BOTH) Namaste.
Nama (JULIA SIGHS) Where'd you find them, God Camp? (SCOFFS) Oh, man, I almost forgot.
Is it? It is.
Today's the day.
What day? Er, D-Day.
Or Independence Day.
Starting to sound like stupid day.
Don't push me, Sam.
It's hot, and I don't know where my Smart car is.
Greg and I get our board results back today.
I'm worried about him.
I'm not sure he hit the books hard enough.
Hey, Vin Diesel, where's my car? It's parked around the corner.
I've got to go to a laparotomy.
Zelinsky, did you damage that vehicle? Oh, no, sir, not that I know ofwell, er, yeah, a little.
What?! (RASGOTRA) A tiny ding to the fender.
Gives it character.
You'll hardly notice it.
I got to go.
Air conditioner broke down at the nursing home.
Multiple victims with hyperthermia and dehydration.
Another five coming in the van.
Yeah, they turned our place into Kentucky Fried old folks! How you doing, sir? Hey, I did not survive a pogrom, a gulag and bris in a back alley just so that I could be baked like a strudel! (DUMAR) This is JJ Perkins, history of hypertension, previous MI.
Temp high of 104.
Mr Perkins? Positive O sign.
Not good.
Is he OK? We're room-mates! Hey, Grady, get some more wheelchairs.
Power shortage, my ass.
The engineers are selling off the energy to the highest bidder, just like they did in California.
# You don't stop a rockin' # To the bang bang boogie, say up jumped the boogie # To the rhythm to the boogie, the beat # Skiddly bee-bop, a-bee-bop, a scooby doo # And guess what, guy? # We love you # Now what you hear is not a test # I'm rappin' to the beat # (WOMAN) Do you think our apartment's too hot for her? I can't say yet.
(BABY CRIES) Any vomiting or diarrhoea? No, none of that.
# To the black, to the white, the red and the brown # Does anything help to calm her down? Car rides or noise machines? She doesn't like any noise really.
Even music.
Well, I can't say I blame her for that right now.
(WOMAN) Our doctor thought it was reflux, so she ordered this scope test.
And? Everything was normal.
Do you think it could it be colic? Well, we have to rule out some other stuff first.
How are you guys holding up? Mm It's been kind of hard.
This heat and the brown-outs.
She just seems so unhappy all the time.
It gets easier.
It does.
I'm going to run this by my supervisor.
I'll be back.
# And on and on and on and on # Now, the next time that the power goes out, don't go using jumper cables to juice up the AC, OK? Where I went wrong was, I had the wide screen and the massage chair hooked up to the same battery.
# First I was afraid I was petrified (SIGHS) # Kept thinking I could never live # Without you by my side # And I spent so many nights # Three-month-old, intermittent crying spells times three months.
The kid's whole life, huh? If it's been going on that long, it's not an emergency.
Well, seems to be OK - afebrile, alert.
Fontanelle's flat, no signs of injury, exam's benign.
Of course it is.
Exam's always normal in babies like this.
# I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give # OK, I'll check it out soon.
First, I got to put a stop to this.
Where the hell is Gates? More importantly, where are our board results? Oh, they're not in yet.
But the Vegas odds are ten-to-one you both failed.
(PRATT) Look, just tell Gates to get rid of the Captain and Tenille.
We're supposed to be healing people here, not driving them to suicide.
You nervous? about the results? No.
Are you? No.
You got those old folks all fixed up? Yeah, Moretti ordered evaporative cooling.
I got Javier babysitting.
All right, let me know if you need any help.
# Do you really want to hurt me? # Do you really want to make me cry? # Patient was in his usual state of excellent health until 1.
00pm today, when he got up from the living room sofa OK, stop.
I'm bored and lost.
You're going to put him to sleep.
But that's the history.
Yes, yes, presented in the most obtuse way possible.
What do you think is wrong with this guy? Dehydration.
OK, spit it out up front, so Mussolini doesn't eat you alive.
And can you please shoot me or shoot them? I really don't care which.
How's it going? It's weird - this music seems to be soothing her.
That is weird.
My supervisor's on his way over.
OK, Grady, one more time.
syncopal episode after skipping breakfast and lunch.
OK, now I know what you're thinking.
No chest pains, palpitation, weakness, headache.
That's what I'm talking about.
Please, Gates, make them go away! Yeah, I'm with her.
I pushed them in the back.
What do you want me to do? (ALL) Get rid of them! Guys, what they're doing is a nice thing, OK? And some people actually like it.
Oh, yeah? What people? (FRANK SINGS ALONG) Frank's not people.
I'll see what I can do.
(MORETTI) Grady? Break room - it's time to present.
Come on.
Say, here's an update, folks.
Green line is down, there's scattered looting on the west side, we got two X-ray machines out, the temperature in the OR is 84 degrees, and, er, oh, oh, oh, that's right, boys, the, er, test scores are in.
What?! What?! Why didn't you say something? Stop playing games.
Hey, man.
Heyyou got us waiting like this.
(FRANK) So, did the medical board make another deadly error in judgment? Yes, they have, Frank, I passed.
CHEERING AND LAUGHTER Hey! Congratulations.
Morris? Come on, baby.
Yeahit's good.
It's all good.
Yes, they passed! My man.
Morris and Pratt passed! All right, after work, drinks on me and Morris.
(WILLOW AND KEN) # Nothing to do, nowhere to go # I wanna be sedated.
# Chuny, how's Mrs Lidner? Down to 99, she's perking up.
Chest X-ray clear, no hypernatremia.
Hey, you should see this, JJ.
It's very good.
What's it called again? Grumpy Old Men.
How's Mr Perkins doing? He's fine, hey, he's better, leave him alone.
Minimally responsive, tachy to 130, having some ectopy on the monitor.
We were hot and thirsty.
We don't need any more witchy medicine.
Temp? The cooling blanket didn't help - he's still 103.
Mr Perkins? (MUMBLES) Hey, don't do that.
What are you doing to him? His neck's stiff.
Are we missing meningitis? (GRADY) He's stiff all over.
Increased muscle tone.
Let's go - trauma two.
Blood cultures, two milligrams Ceftriaxone.
Let's get a head CT.
Stop it, you, you're not a real doctor.
I want a real doctor.
You're some stuffed-up quack! (JAVIER) Calm down.
He's going to be all right, right? Sure.
(MATTHAU AND LEMMON GRUNT AND SHOUT ON TV) (DUBENKO) Worse when I press or let go? The same.
CT? White count is 11.
Mildly inflamed appendix that doesn't fill with oral contrast.
Looks like early appendicitis.
(WANG) Oh, jeez, I need surgery? If we take it out laparoscopically, you'll be back home tomorrow.
(HAROLD) Might we be jumping the gun here? There is an alternate diagnosis to consider.
It could be epiploic appendagitis.
Rather unlikely, doctor.
So, in terms of the laparoscopic procedure He hasn't been vomiting, he's got a normal white count.
No single sign, symptom, or test confirms the diagnosis of appendicitis.
OK? So as I was saying Just hold the phone a minute.
The CT isn't that impressive Dr Zelinsky.
If I'm on to something, then he'll get better with rest and non-steroidals.
Dr Zelinsky.
He won't need surgery.
So I don't need surgery? That's not what we're saying.
His CT lacks all of the predictable findings to support your theory, OK? I don't want an unnecessary operation.
Are you sure? I'm very sure.
Dr Rasgotra will be back to consent for surgery.
I'll see you in the OR OK.
Thanks, Mary.
Uh, Dr Dubenko, I'm interested in why you think Harold.
that the CT shows no signs of an ovoid pericolic lesion.
Shut up now.
Go round.
Drinks at Ike's on Morris and Pratt.
They passed their boards.
Wow, great.
Um, I'd like to discuss Zelinsky's progress with you.
Yeah, about that Tomorrow, not now.
Tomorrow? I don't want to say anything too cruel, which I am at risk of doing if we discuss it at this moment, so we'll talk about Dr Rain Man tomorrow.
Can you help me out here, please, a little? You want me to fire the volunteers? Yes, in a nice way.
Look, they love them in paedes, they're a hit in oncology.
Why do you ER types have to be such snobs? Just do what God would do - cast these people out.
The mocking use of religious imagery always works with me.
Well, I'm just trying to speak to you in a language you understand, that's all.
# Da, da, da # Da # La # Still having ectopy.
So chest pain in three should have had an EKG and troponin, but the resident cancelled the orders.
He's breathing.
Dawn, bring them in.
What resident? Lockhart.
Did you sign off on it? Uh, must have been Pratt.
I'm sure there was a good reason.
What are you doing to JJ? Shh.
Mr Leftkowitz, did Mr Perkins have any new pills at the home? They're always giving us pills.
If you can't poop, they give you a pill.
If you complain about the government, you get a pill.
Can you be more specific? Try to get people to vote for Obama - they got a pill for that, too.
Papi, listen, did they give JJ anything today? He got feisty because it was so hot in there.
Does this look familiar? How about this? Maybe this - it was yellow.
I bet he's got neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
Interesting theory.
Dantrolene (BABY CRIES) I'm pretty sure what we have here is a beautiful, healthy little girl with a bad case of colic.
That's what the paediatrician said.
There's nothing we can do, like no medicines you can give her? No, you just have to wait it out.
But it's too hot to keep her all wrapped up like that.
We read a book that said to do that when she gets fussy.
No, not in this weather.
Now, if you feel the blanket, you'll see she sweated right through it.
That's normal - she gets all worked up when she feeds.
All right, well, just hang in there.
(PRATT) A nurse will be back with your discharge paperwork.
Hey, do me a favour.
See if you can get some kind of referral for some new parenting group or something.
That's it? You don't want to do any more of a work-up? For colic? No, why? There's no need, it's classic.
Well, it's not classic, actually.
When I worked in OB, we did a lot of anticipatory guidance about this and colic doesn't usually start until six weeks of life.
This baby's been fussy since birth.
It hasn't killed her yet.
Yeah, but the sweating when she feeds could be an indication It's a million degrees outside.
Her parents keep her wrapped up like a burrito.
I have a feeling Look, this is a long-term pre-existing condition with no signs of abuse.
Just let them follow up with the paediatrician.
And Abby, relax, OK? You are now talking to a board-certified emergency medicine attending, thank you.
You still have to take the oral boards.
Nothing but a mere technicality.
See you at Ike's? So we done with them? The Burke baby.
Hey, wait, no.
Hold on, I just want to check one more thing.
Hey, you coming out tonight? It's brown-out Thursday at Ike's.
Drinks half-price if you bring a candle.
I thought Pratt and Morris were buying.
Only a round.
Your AC is putting out air at You mean it's working.
Yeah, but it's 62 degrees at the compressor.
That's a lot of waste.
Hey, Frank, what's going on? Oh, the green Nazis are here.
Oh, you must be the energy manager.
Ethan McInerney.
And you are? Sam Taggart, the charge nurse.
I spoke to your office.
We, er, made sure to change out the incandescents for compact fluorescents.
We're down to That's very green of you.
Just doing our part.
Maybe you can show me where the utility access is around here.
Sure, er, come with me.
I'm going out back and burn some tyres with kerosene.
You good with that? I'm leaving these for Sam.
You're out of here already? What about the party? God, it's like junior high around here.
Shift over already? Uh, Pratt's up to speed on my stuff.
Your intern presented to me.
Did he forget to kiss the ring? No, in fact, Grady was letter-perfect, which I'm sure had absolutely nothing to do with you.
Absolutely nothing.
(MORETTI) Doctor.
Yeah? I understand you've been cancelling my pre-emptive orders.
In selected cases, I have, yes.
On what criteria? Well, a 20-year-old with epigastric pain from ibuprofen doesn't need a CBC, chem panel, and a UA.
He needs to be sent home with some antacid.
But that's an exception.
I mean, the system is the system and the system is working.
Yeah, not for me.
I didn't go to med school to check boxes and push paper.
When are you going to stop with the end-runs, huh? Huh? I mean, what is it? You just feel more comfortable with Dr Pratt because you've worked with him longer or or is this just, like, the path of least resistance? Or is it simply that you just don't like me? What? You know what? It doesn't matter.
What doesn't matter? If I "like" you or not? No, forget it, forget it.
No, I don't like you.
You know what? You do whatever the hell you want, OK? And I hope it all works out for you.
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Is somebody going to make a toast or something? No, no, no, nobody's saying anything until my partner in crime gets here.
Oh, and by the way, I know I'm still on, so this is a seven and seven minus one of the sevens.
(LAUGHS) Can you guess which one? Hey, here he is! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Can't stay long, somebody's got to mind the store.
Well, then, allow me.
We are going to talk later.
I saw what you did to my car.
Is he mad at me? .
to become a doctor No.
Shh He is.
and a lot of successes, a fair amount of failures as well, but I think it's important that we all reflect and appreciate the milestones, so I would like to be the first to congratulate Dr Pratt and Dr Morris, who will become newly-minted, soon-to-be Board-certified (ALL) .
attending emergency physicians.
CHEERING Salute! This chaplain thing, it's really more of a hobby.
My true passion is hustling pool.
I see.
You know, I got to tell you, to be honest, you don't really strike me as the chaplain type.
Mm! And why is that? I don't know - cos you don't look the part.
I mean, the way you dress, your vibe, yourtat.
Oh, I have lots of tats.
Oh, yeah? Uh-huh.
What is, what is that one? It's a labyrinth.
It's a pretty common symbol, actually, in the Native American cultures, in the Vedas.
The Minoans use it, too.
It represents life's real journey - the spiritual journey to the inner self.
Reminds me every day that I have to constantly be seeking.
And how easy it is to get lost.
Have you been lost? Haven't you? So what other tats you got? You know Harold was just trying to impress you.
I thought we weren't going to talk about this now.
Well, I don't understand why you don't like him.
He's unshaped, he's immature.
That's not enough.
Well, he's a little rough around the edges, sure, but instead of getting hung up about the presentation, maybe we should start commending him on the insight.
And by "we," I of course mean "you.
" He's not ready to be a surgeon on my team, Neela.
Lucien, he wants to be here so badly.
I believe he can do it.
You really want to mentor this kid? Well, if you'll agree not to kick him out.
Give me a month.
It's not just about turning him into a doctor, Neela.
It's about turning him into an adult.
Do you understand that? (ZELINSKY) Oh, hey, guys.
Looks like I'm getting kicked out.
Check you on the flipside! OK, you've got a month.
It's weird to think of Morris and Pratt as the top of the heap.
I still remember when Mark Greene and Doug Ross were running the place.
Who? Who? (ETHAN) Hey, Sam.
Hey! I came over soon as I was done with my evaluation.
Um, this is Chuny.
And Dawn.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Anybody need anything from the bar? Nothing.
No, I'm good.
Apple Martini.
Coming up.
Hello? What? What's up with the fine brother? He wanted to see if I wanted to have a drink after work, so I just What about your hunky beat cop? You sly dog.
No, no, no.
It's not like that.
It's just, um OK, you know that time in your life when you're in your teens or your early 20s? You know, when you get to look around and see what you like and what you don't like? You mean, like positions? LAUGHTER No, it's like Well, I never had that.
And I think I should.
So, now is my chance.
You know what I mean? Oh, yeah, we know what you mean.
Mm-hmm, the boy in blue wasn't hitting that buzzer.
LAUGHTER That's not true.
Apple Martini.
I miss something? Let's hope you don't.
(LOCKHART) Excuse me.
Hey, hey, hey, is this where the party is? Hey, Abby! what's up? Hey.
Abby, what's happening? Hey.
It does not look very festive in here.
(LAUGHS) That's better.
Oh, no, no, no.
Do I have to? Frank? I love Frank.
LAUGHTER Frank never misses a party.
Where have you been? Nowhere.
Sam, you look fantastic.
Yes? I do? You look so hot.
GIGGLING Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You're getting some, aren't you? You are.
Who's he? Who are you? Ethan.
Ethan McInerney.
I work for the county as an energy (GROWLS) Look at his eyes.
He's very sincere.
Hey HORN BLARES Congratulations.
All right, come on, let's get some coffee.
Oh, no, thank you.
No, thank you, boss.
It's a night to celebrate, right? Right? Tonight is a night to celebrate, right? Am I right, Chuny? You are right.
Whatwhat is Chuny short for, anyway? Nothing, just Chuny.
Actually my real name is Ethel.
Get out! No, I'm serious.
Frank, put that hat back on! (NEELA) Abby.
Uh-oh, surgeons are here.
You guys better be careful, because you are outnumbered.
And if there's a throwdown, we will kick your ass.
Oh, is there going to be a throwdown? You never know, Lucien, you never know.
Heads up.
Um, who wants a drink? No, we're good.
Anybody? What's up? It's a party.
Cheer up.
Is she all right? Yeah, she's just letting off some steam.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
(BANGS BAR) Can I get something, please? Hey, look, about before You shouldn't do that, you know.
What? What you've been doing.
What have I been doing? Playing the tyrant and then flirting.
Flirting? Yeah.
You should stop that.
I was not aware that I was flirting I'm not stupid, you know.
No, I know I never said you were stupid.
I never said that.
OK? Good, cos I get it.
You come in here on your white horse and you just figure What? What? What do I figure? Nothing.
You just "figure.
" (PRATT) Abby.
Hey! Hey.
I just got paged back on the Burke baby.
She's been screaming for an hour and the parents are threatening to sign out AMA.
Who? The baby we saw.
Oh, yes.
That's her prerogative.
Their prerogative.
Their prerogative.
You were supposed to discharge them before you left.
Now instead, they're waiting on studies that someone ordered without my permission, studies that this kid doesn't need.
Now, do you have any idea who could have done that? Was it me? You know what? Let's take this outside.
OK, if I ordered tests, I'm sure I had a very good reason, Greg.
Even if you don't remember it? I remember it.
What's the big deal? A chest film shouldn't take this long.
It does when half the X-ray machines in the hospital are down.
Oh You know, totally disregarded my instructions to send these people home.
OK, power trip, what do you want? I'll go over there.
I'll discharge them.
What? No, no, no, you can't be serious right now.
Well, I don't know.
It's your party.
Cry if you want to, I'll just take care of it.
No, no, no, no.
You're not going anywhere near the ER like this.
Like what? Hey! Like what? Huh, what? You know what? I don't know what your problem is, but you should really take a cab home right now, really.
Both guests of honours are gone - this place is kind of dead.
I know a little blues place over by Northwestern.
Mm! I know where we can go.
There's a little place that has salsa nights on Thursdays.
(ALL AGREE) (DAWN) Hey, hey, Abby.
We're getting ready to go somewhere else.
You want to come? No, um, I'm just going to finish this and get out of here.
(GRADY) You sure? Yeah, but have fun.
Did you drive here? No.
I got his attention.
(GROANS) Thank you.
Everything OK? Yes, work thing.
Fixed it.
So where's your husband? He's in? Croatia.
How much longer is he going to be there? You would have to ask him that, cos he was supposed to be home weeks ago.
It's hard to, um it's complicated to balance the whole, you know, the kids and the spouse You want to hear about a complicated life? I will make you cry.
I'm not kidding.
Really? (LAUGHS) I'm sorry.
Look what you said before Yeah, forget about it.
Listen to me.
I know.
(LAUGHS) Welljust forget about it.
You're not.
You're not.
Really, OK? All right, all right, all right, all right.
It's a good thing about Pratt and Morris, though.
That's good.
Here's to Pratt and Morris.
Yep, Pratt and Morris.
Oh, sorry, sir.
I'm sorry.
Sorry about that.
No problem.
We ain't closing for no stinking blackout, either, all right? Next round's on me.
CLATTERING Damn! > (GROANS) (MORETTI) Power's back.
This family shouldn't even be here.
The plan was chest X-ray and EKG, and then discharge if the studies are normal, right? That was Abby's plan, not mine.
(BABY CRIES) How's she doing? She's been, er, sweating and breathing really fast ever since I fed her.
She's retracting.
(MORRIS) And really diaphoretic.
(TIFFANY) No fever, her temp's normal.
You guys better check this out.
(BABY CRIES) (MORRIS) Heart's big.
Yeah, and her lungs are wet, she's in failure.
(HALEH) What's the SAT? Er I don't know.
You don't know? I'll do one now.
So, all this started happening after she had a bottle? (MORRIS) Sweating with feeds is a sign of congenital heart disease.
What's going on? I'm sorry, you're confusing us.
Someone tell us what's going on.
Her heart's not pumping strong enough and the fluid's backing up into her lungs.
How come she doesn't have an IV? I was told she was going home.
Get me an IV kit.
(PRATT) And where's the EKG Abby ordered? I haven't done it yet.
(MORRIS) We're moving to one, let's go.
Listen, I know you're new and I don't know your name yet It's Tiffany.
but that EKG was ordered hours ago.
We didn't have neonatal leads down here.
I called central supply.
Central takes forever.
You can't wait for them on a day like this.
Run to the NICU.
Get those leads and get back here.
Where did you find that one? (MORETTI) You sure you don't want to have a glass of water or a cup of coffee or something? I gotta go.
Before you go? (CLEARS THROAT) Yeah.
I gotta go.
What happened? How did I get here? Well I mean Look, why don't you stay for a little bit.
Don't drive right now.
It's late.
Oh, my God.
I don't think you should go.
I gotta go.
Wait, Abby, hold on.
Wait a minute.
Honey, wait, wait.
No, I gotta go.
Abby What are you doing?! Don't! All right, sorry.
Dr Morris? Is she? You sure the leads aren't reversed? I checked three times.
Look at the lateral leads.
Oh, damn.
All right, call cards, we're on our way up.
The blood flow to your baby's heart has been compromised.
We're not sure how.
And the EKG shows the classic pattern of an acute MI.
An Man MI? what's an MI? Your daughter's having a heart attack.
Come on, let's go.
We're taking her up to the cath lab right now.
We're gonna do everything we can for her.
You told us to go home! You said we should go home! (SOBS) Why did you tell us to leave? He told us to go home.
I don't know, officer, I don't know.
It's OK, she's home now.
Doris, I'm really sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's almost 3.
00 in the morning.
I know, I'm really sorry, and you can go now.
But he, um, he slept the whole time, right? He just slept? Are you OK? What's the matter? Here you go, just take that.
Take that and take that.
And you can go now.
Take that.
Maybe I should stay - you're worrying me.
No, I'm OK, honey.
I'm fine.
I can call my mother, tell her I won't be home.
Get out of here.
(SNIFFLES) Hey, Joe.
Hey, buddy.
How you doing? We're gonna go see your daddy, huh? (JOE CRIES) It's going to be OK.
All right, sweetie.
(JOE CRIES) It's all right.
It's OK.
It's OK, honey.
Shh, shh, it's OK.
(JOE CRIES) (JOE WAILS) Hey, taxi! I'm going to O'Hare.
(JOE WHIMPERS) International.
Ow! Ah Lady! You can't hold the kid like that in here.
Yeah, it's OK, just go.
(JOE CRIES) Go! Croatia, please.
Uh, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, whatever you got, just get me there.
Ma'am Um, and do you guys go through London or Frankfurt? London, but London it is then.
Ma'am, there are no flights going out tonight.
Yeah, but, you just need to get me a ticket, OK? Because of the blackout, it's affected all our All right, but just give me a ticket.
It doesn't have to be for right now.
OK, you need to calm down.
No, you need to do your job and sell me a ticket, OK? Ma'am, you need to relax a minute before we can do anything.
I don't understand what's so hard about this, I really don't.
I have a passport, and I have a credit card.
And I'm not a terrorist.
Do I look like a terrorist? I think she's been drinking.
Why do you have to be so bitchy? OK, here's how this is gonna go.
You won't be getting a ticket or boarding a flight to anywhere as long as you keep behaving like this.
So I want you to go sit down over there, get yourself together so I don't have to call security.
Got me? (JOE CRIES) (JOE CRIES) Keep the urine alkaline and recheck labs in another six hours.
I'll let the ICU know.
You'll have your room-mate back tomorrow.
He doesn't trust lawyers, accountants, anybody with a degree, but he appreciates what you did.
Uh As doctors go you seem to be a pretty decent one.
Just got back from the cath lab.
Baby was born with an anomalous left main coronary.
Blood was getting diverted into the GI tract.
The heart gets shafted, which explains the fussiness after feeds - she was having angina.
They can fix it? Well, she's in the OR now.
Cards said the prognosis was good.
Guess we got lucky.
Hell, yeah, we got lucky.
I don't remember any questions like this on the boards.
Come on, coffee's on you.
Looks like we survived the blackout.
The news said Commonwealth Edison's got it all under control.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I failed, Greg.
What? Oh.
Why didn't you say something? I was ashamed.
It happened so fast, everybody was so psyched for us.
Look, man, the only thing that this test measures is how well you take the test.
Doesn't mean you can't keep working.
Just have to take it again, now, come on.
Wh In the meantime maybe we can keep this between us.
Not tell anybody.
Yeah, if that's what you want.
(LAUGHS) Oh, man.
Especially Abby.
She coached me a little on the side, when I had some family stuff a while back.
I kind of feel like I let her down.
Eh, well, I'm sure she wouldn't see it that way, but OK.
We won't tell anyone.
Thank God for Abby, huh? She saved that kid's life.
Thank God for Abby.
(JOE CRIES) (JOE CRIES) (SOFTLY) Shh But it could be fun, if we caught our mammoth .
or whatever.
Then, life changed.
In many ways, it got easier.
Nobody had to run around for their food, or anything else much for that matter.
Until one day we woke up and realised that nine out of ten of our kids would grow up to have dangerous amounts of fat built up in their bodies, which meant they could get things like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
And many could have their lives .
cut short.
So we thought that's not more of a life, that's less of a life.
Maybe we should get together with our kids, and .
better, .
more, .
And change for life.
And we all lived happily, not exactly ever after, but more ever after than we had done.
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