ER s14e08 Episode Script

Coming Home

All right, so tell me again, who were those weird forest chicks? The Wilis.
The spirits of girls jilted in love left to haunt the woodland.
And that macarena thing they were doing? To make the prince dance until his heart gave out.
But Giselle came to his rescue.
- Yeah, well, I guess that happens, huh? - You don't like ballet.
Not about haunted girls in the woods.
I like sugarplum fairies, it's Christmassy.
This was pretty groundbreaking.
I mean, Gautier created the whole idea of investing emotion and sincerity in ballet.
You're smart, aren't you? - You've only just noticed? - I've been in denial.
- You'll get over that.
- Or else what? Or else I'll make you dance till your heart gives out.
You know, I have "The Nutcracker" DVD back at my place.
- It's got bonus features.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- How long have you been living here? - Uh, two months.
- It sucks, huh? - Shut up, Kim, it's not that bad.
Yes, it is.
Isn't it, Sarah? - Yeah, it kind of sucks.
- Yo, losers.
Meet our friend.
This is Sarah, she's new.
- Hey.
- New from where? - Chicago.
- Chicago, that's dope.
I haven't seen you around.
- Yeah, I'm not your year.
- What are you? - Sophomore.
- Cool.
It's crazy in here.
Uh, I'm gonna go out front.
Wanna come? Come on in.
It's, uh, very dark.
Oh, yeah.
Look, I have one of these.
Watch this.
Huh? It's nice.
It's not bad.
It's, uh, not bad at all.
- Is this Sarah? - Mm-hm.
Yeah, that's her at Halloween a few years ago.
You said she lives with her grandparents? She's a beautiful little girl.
Yeah, she is.
Party's lame.
Wanna go for a drive? Here, give it back if you're not gonna smoke it.
Well? Wait, I'm coming.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
- You want some? - Oh, no, I try not to.
I think it's the way God would want it.
You know, the Rastafarians consider it a sacrament.
- I'm very ecumenical.
- All right.
What? Was it something I said? Oh, no, this was great.
- Great? - It was nice.
- Nice? - You know, it was fun.
- What did we just do, go to Disneyland? - You rocked my world, okay? But I don't like sleeping over this early in a relationship.
All right, well, just leave the money on your way out.
I still have to go.
Oh, good, this is my next appointment.
- Hello? - Tony, I need you to come.
I messed up, I'm in trouble.
Sarah? What happened? Where are you? - I don't know, I don't know where I am.
- "Where are you?" Tony, just come.
I'm kind of busy, Dad.
I've been up all night working, studying for my history midterm.
Yeah, I can tell you look a little worn-out.
Maybe you should just try getting a little more rest.
I just told you I've been up Did you not hear what I just said? No, I heard you.
I heard you.
I just wanted to check in and see if, um, you had given any thought to what we discussed the other day.
If Obama wins, do you think there's gonna be riots in the streets? - Brian, look, I want - "I mean, because people have to unify.
" - "Like, you know? Right now.
" - Right.
I've been reading about Watts.
It's like Do you remember? Watts? Well, yeah.
I mean, I know about it.
White America is so racist.
It's such a shame.
- Right.
- "I mean, this country, Dad, is a crock.
" Yeah.
Look, Brian, did you see that therapist? You want the answer? Is that what you wanna know? The answer to your putrid question? None of your damn business.
- Okay.
- "I have privacy rights.
" Which means you need to leave me the hell alone or else you can go to jail.
That is not what we're talking about.
What we're talking about is I'm just asking you - "I gotta go.
" - Hey.
- Look - "I gotta study.
" The This thing is in like a couple hours.
- "I wanna go to the gym first.
" - Okay, but look Son, look, wait a minute.
Can you just talk to me, son? Thanks, Dad.
Thank you so much for your paternal concern.
And, Dad? I hope one of your patients stabs you with an AIDS needle.
So you're back on, huh? Yeah, I took a few days.
L Yeah, that's a I have a seizure patient.
CT shows an AVM.
I was gonna admit to Neurosurgery.
- All right, just make sure that you call IR.
- I did that.
Okay, good, thanks.
Hey, look, Abby Grady has a hip dislocation in 3 he wants to run by you before he sends to, um, Ortho.
She wouldn't go to the police.
She wouldn't do anything.
I don't see her.
You know who Teri is? I talked to someone named Teri.
- About the little girl? - Yeah.
She's in the back.
It's okay.
It's all right now.
Oh, hey, hey, hey, take that.
Hey, I haven't seen you in a few days.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
Are we okay? That night outside Ike's, it got a little ugly.
That wasn't a big deal.
Haven't been yourself.
I'm not the one who's noticed.
This place is a breeding ground for gossip.
It's not gossip, it's more like worry.
Well, maybe they should worry about themselves.
It's just hard with Luka not here, that's all.
I'm fine.
When is the big Croat coming back? He was gonna get a flight today, so hopefully he'll be here tomorrow.
- Well, that should make things easier.
- Yeah, it should.
Marcus Faneca, No LOC, complains of chest and right hip pain.
- How'd this happen? - I was cleaning leaves from the gutters.
BP, 100/60, tachy at 120, had two of MS in the field.
- Hey, buddy, how old are you? - I'll be 13 in January.
- Where are your parents? - Just my father.
He's coming behind, we couldn't fit the chair in the rig with us.
My dad's a paraplegic.
He gave me a sip of something out of a flask and started touching me.
Sexually? Yeah.
It's okay.
You can tell him everything.
I reached down and grabbed something and hit him with it.
- Hit him with what? - I don't know.
It was, like, metal, heavy, kind of like an L shape.
A tire iron? I guess so, maybe.
You hit him with a tire iron? Okay, we're gonna sit you up now.
My dad, he might need help getting in here.
It's okay.
The hospital's wheelchair-accessible.
- Aah.
- A little more morphine? No.
His pressure's borderline, another 250 of saline first.
Small pneumothorax, gonna need a chest tube.
Oh, damn it.
Displaced femoral neck fracture, right? - You asking me? - No.
- That's what it is.
- Okay, I'll get Hare Traction.
No, I wanna try 5 pounds of Buck's traction.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, Sam, I'm sure.
Hey, pal.
I got here as fast as I could.
How you doing? I'm sorry, Dad, I should've had the ladder angled better.
Oh, hey, no, no.
That was not your fault.
- You his doctor? - Yeah, I'm Dr.
So, what's the deal? Well, your son has a collapsed lung.
We're gonna need to insert a tube to expand it while it gets better.
- How bad is that? Is that bad? - Not too bad, it'll heal.
- He also has a fractured femur.
- What? A broken hip bone the surgeons will take a look at.
We're gonna try to reduce it under anesthesia.
If they can't, then what? - Well, why don't we wait for the consult? - What could happen? Sir, maybe we should talk out here, huh? I'll be right back, okay? I don't think you need to be worrying about What? Worst-case scenario? Why the hell shouldn't we? Okay, avascular necrosis of the femoral head, chronic pain hip replacement at a young age, he never walks normally.
- That's what I was afraid of.
- Mr.
Faneca, what I'm trying to tell "you " is the surgeons should be able to realign and stabilize your son's leg.
- It doesn't need to get to that.
- Yeah, like I've never heard that before.
Two-layer closure.
And what else? And a Psych consult.
The guy's a nut job.
Right, well, get on it.
By the way, I need to be out of here by 6.
It's Lacey's homecoming tonight.
Big deal.
- Right.
Go, go, Badgers.
- What? - That's their school mascot.
- The Woodland Badgers.
- Americans.
You ready, stallion? You got your moves all worked out? Wait, wait.
Okay, let me see.
First you have the yawn reach-around.
- Ooh.
- You yawn like a horse.
Oh, then there's the earnest emo shoulder-hold.
- I really, really care about you, Lacey.
- Oh, please.
Is that even a move? And finally, the false drop intentional-accidental face-to-face.
Oh, excuse me.
How clumsy.
Please, you're making me queasy.
I'm letting him have the sex machine for the big night.
- Oh, wow.
I appreciate it.
- Got it detailed, you're gonna love it.
- I thought you were mad about your car.
- No.
MORETTl: Haleh? - No more dings, okay? Can you man the triage desk? We got a backup in Waiting.
No, but I can woman it.
Abby's bitching about her chest tube.
- We're on our way.
- Let her sniff your hand first.
- Is there a problem? - Yeah.
Abby keeps going like this, I'm gonna slap her with a colostomy bag.
I only have to take it for a few hours before I switch to my O.
Shift at noon.
- O.
Shift? - Mm-hm.
It's part of my transpo training for intubation experience.
Morris, go and supervise, okay? Maybe you should, I was just about to see this swimsuit model with knee pain after slipping on runway.
I'll take that, you go deal with Abby.
Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.
Three-centimeter incision over the fifth rib.
- How's that? - Good.
Okay, 36 French tube.
Thirty-six? You mean 28, right? Right, sorry, 28.
- Tunnel over the intercostal space.
- Uh-huh.
- You all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
Why? - It's just, a kid under 50 kilos needs a - I know what he needs.
Another vascular clamp.
- A curved clamp.
- Are you kidding me? Okay, you know what? You wanna show off to your sidekick here, fine.
It's all you.
What? What's wrong? Nothing, everything is fine, sir.
- I stay superior to the rib, right? - Lf you were to go inferior I could bag an intercostal artery and then he'd bleed out.
How old are you? What I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm.
- What? - Yeah, this being my first chest tube I am committed to getting it right.
You're kidding.
Is he kidding me? This is a teaching hospital, and Dr.
Zelinsky's a qualified Resident.
Well, I don't want him.
I want someone with more experience.
Why can't she do it? Hello? I thought you were coming tomorrow.
I caught an earlier connection to Frankfurt.
- What? - Nothing, I just wish you told me.
- I would've taken the day off.
- Last minute.
I thought I'd surprise you.
- No, it's nice.
- Yeah? Yes.
Are you exhausted? No, I feel good.
I just wanna go home and see Joe.
You should go home and see Joe.
Marnie probably has him at swim class now " but" they'll be home I just wanted to stop by and see you, the look on your face.
And, um, I got you something.
- You did? - Mm-hm.
It's, uh, licitar.
I know it's corny, but it's Croatian.
What you're supposed to get your girl when you haven't seen her in a long time.
And since you had a blackout, I figured, you know, candle You know, like God, I missed you so - Oh, I'm sorry, sorry.
- Sorry.
Hi, you must be Dr.
- Yes, I'm Kevin Moretti.
- Nice to meet you.
I hear you really whipped the place into shape.
Yeah, well, you know, I certainly tried.
- Well, so how was your? - No, being Being chief is a lot of responsibility, and after we had the baby " I" decided I'd rather spend the time with my family.
Yeah, well Yeah, I mean, it's a tough job, but - Someone's gotta do it.
- That's right, someone's got to.
- Okay, if you'll excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too, thanks, bye.
- Well, doesn't seem like such a bad guy.
- No, he's all right, I guess.
- You called him Mussolini.
- Yeah.
Okay, I'll see you later.
I'm gonna run by the desk.
I got some souvenirs for the guys.
And when you get home, I have a surprise for you.
I missed you too.
Well, you got some nerve.
- You don't wanna start.
- I don't? Sarah got in trouble, she didn't call you.
Think about that.
About why she didn't turn to you when she needed help.
I know why.
Because we have rules here and discipline.
We don't just let her talk or dress or do whatever the hell she wants.
Hank, go finish with the horses.
- I can do that later.
- Hank.
Sarah's taking a bath.
She likes me to wash her hair for her.
More coffee? No, thanks, we gotta go.
Let's go, Julia.
Where are you from, Julia? I was an Army brat.
My family moved around a lot.
- Mostly the Midwest, though.
- What part? Indiana.
And some time in South Dakota.
I got apples need peeling.
How are you with that? Where's your paring knife? Hey, Abby.
We should talk.
- We don't need to.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's going on? - Hey, um, Mr.
Sorry, excuse me.
I was just reviewing your son's chart.
Where'd you go? You just left.
Well, the chest tube was placed and I'm here now.
- Repeat CBC is back? - Hemoglobin's stable.
Ortho ready for him? - Tied up with an open tib-fib.
- I'm concerned about his chest pain.
It hurts when I breathe.
Take it easy, Marcus.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, Harold, I'll try.
- Should I repeat the chest x-ray? - Um No.
Breath sounds are good, sats are fine, BP's normal.
Try four of MS.
I'll try to get an ETA on Ortho.
- So it's all good? - Yeah.
It's normal to have pain when you have a tube in.
The morphine should help that.
You know, you seem distracted.
- Should I ask for another doctor? - Excuse me? I need you to fix this.
Get things moving along.
- We're wasting time.
- Just calm down, sir.
- We're doing our best, we really are.
- Look, he's my kid, okay? He's all I've got.
Guys, excellent.
I need a little fashion help here.
You can say that again.
Look at your tie.
For Harold.
- Which one should he wear tonight? - Go black.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- The black's "short " and Harold is lankier than he seems.
- I was measuring his inseam earlier - Whoa, TMI.
All right.
I gotta pick up a choledoco-jejunostomy for Dubenko.
Greg, what is up with Ortho? We need to get that kid up.
They were still working on the tib-fib.
It's gonna be a bit longer.
I heard Luka was here.
You told me tomorrow.
Yeah, I know.
It was a surprise.
Um They need to hurry it up.
That's what I've been telling them for 15 minutes.
And thanks for taking care of that chest tube.
It was really Harold.
Tell Luka I said hello.
Hey, Benito left this stack of preemptive orders for you to sign off on.
- Where is he now? - I'm not sure, he went to take a call.
Something about his kid.
You people and your dysfunctional families.
- Hey, you just can't go in there.
- Thank you, love.
- A little help, mate.
- He's hurt his ankle rather badly.
- And how did you do that? - Cheese rolling.
Cheese rolling? It's an old, rather pointless pagan ritual that some of us in the local ex-pat community periodically reenact.
They roll the wheel down the hill and you tumble after it.
- The first one down wins the cheese.
- Morris, this one is all you.
- What can I do for you? He's hurt his ankle.
Oh, wow, wait, are you one of those cheese rollers? - Yes, I am.
- Cool, cool.
I've read about that.
Let's find you a bed.
Heard you were looking for me.
Check out that rack there.
Pick out a suit for tonight.
What? Really? Wow.
- Hey, are you a cheese roller? - Yes, I am.
- Sweet.
- So you're the lucky winner, huh? Enough Double Gloucester for a year.
- You must be proud.
- He's quite a catch.
Well, probably just a sprain " but" I'll get an x-ray, give you something for pain.
Look, this won't take long, will it? We must be on our way.
We've gotta pick up some biscuits and mustard at the market.
Well, I'll get you moving fast as I can, governor.
On your way, then.
Good chap.
- Still waiting on Ortho? - Yes, doctor.
Nice suit.
- You look good.
- Oh, this? I have a date.
I wanted to check on my buddy before I sign out for my big night.
You rock, Harold.
- Pressure's down to 80/40.
- What? - Harder to breathe.
- Oh, that's not good.
Sats are dropping.
- Oh, jeepers, subcutaneous emphysema.
- Go get an Attending.
- No, you stay.
Help them, I'll go.
What's happening? Because of your fall, the air in your chest is leaking into your neck and torso.
- Seventy over thirty.
- It's constricting, 10 blade.
- Come again? - I need to open him up.
- He needs sedation.
- Pressure won't take it.
There's no time for a local.
This is gonna hurt a bit.
- I'm scared.
- Me too.
- Harold, what are you doing? - Harold.
Oh, my God.
Sats at 99, pressure's 120/85.
Sorry about that.
That's a rental.
Hey, they said you wanted to see me ASAP.
What's going on? Yeah.
Housekeeping's gonna have to clean up this sink.
- It smells like somebody puked in here.
- Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Um, I have to go.
Frank's getting me a "flight " " but" I'm gonna go to the airport and just wait.
Where are you going? Cover the shift.
I know that you've expressed You know, the desire for more responsibility in the past " and," um, let's use this as a trial run, okay? Oh, okay, thanks.
- Until when? - I don't know.
"Um " I don't usually let my personal obligations interfere with my work and I expect the same in my staff, but I This, um There's Hey, you okay? It's my son.
He's having a tough time at school.
He got very agitated during an exam in a lecture hall.
Agitated? And he accused the kid next to him of cheating.
And then when the professor tried to intercede, he just He lashed out at her.
So I'm sorry, I didn't realize.
Yeah, no, I know, I didn't either.
Maybe I should've.
Yeah, if there's anything I can "do " Thanks.
All right, that's it.
Okay, here goes.
Harold, why don't you get changed and get out of here? Are you sure? But Marcus and Yeah, you'll have plenty of other chances to scrub in on O.
Okay, I see the cords.
Only one high school homecoming.
Well, actually, it's my third, but, okay, if you say so.
Okay, I'm in.
Nicely done.
Yeah, wow.
Congratulations, Sam.
Bye, Marcus.
I'll check in on you tomorrow.
Well, it's a night of many firsts.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for one more.
Bye, everybody.
What is taking so long? You should be to the joint capsule.
- What? - Kidding.
Ten blade to? - Neela Rasgotra.
Okay, 10 blade to her.
Between the sartorius and the tensor fasciae latae, right? Trauma surgeons, so serious, I love it.
Can we get some tunes going in here? She's good at that, Tony, must have some farm experience.
Only a little.
Oh, fold that right, that's no good.
Did you know Meg, my daughter? No, ma'am, I didn't.
She was good at her chores, helping out around the place.
Then she got older, bored, a little wild, and she moved away.
- She doesn't need to know all that.
- No, it's fine, I'm very interested.
You're here, you seem nice enough.
Maybe you can help him understand.
Understand what, Becky? Sarah's been changing.
Talking back, disappearing, having trouble at school.
She's becoming more and more like her mother.
Now, we love her and we never wanna lose her from our lives.
But we're old and we've been through this once before.
You fought to keep her.
You wanted it like this.
The child's not happy here.
She's 13 now, it'll only get worse.
We don't have it in "us " to go through again what we went through.
- All the struggle.
- You never thought about that before? We were grieving for our daughter looking for a way to hold onto her.
Do what we thought was best for Sarah.
We made a mistake, Tony, but out of the best of intentions.
I don't wanna punish her because we were wrong.
Much better.
I knew the black one wouldn't fit.
I told those guys, you're lanky.
- This is pretty hardcore.
- Oh, yeah, I like it.
Can't be late.
Don't keep the little lady waiting.
No, Lacey's 5-foot-10.
She's on the volleyball team.
Okay, now, this is for her wrist.
Don't jump into the deep end right off the bat.
And this is non-alcoholic, but you can always hope for the placebo effect.
I gotta get back downstairs.
My gimpy limey cheese freak is waiting to get his ankle wrapped.
I wanted to show Neela before I go.
All right, don't dawdle.
Or your chances of getting some are ruined.
I almost forgot.
Remember, there's a reason we have speed limits.
Come on.
The periosteum slipped into the fracture.
We will flip it back out.
First liter of NS in.
Want me to hang another? Don't bother, we'll be done in a minute.
Whoa! Damn, damn.
Pulse 144, 78/45.
Hang O-neg, saline, whatever we've got.
Something bad's happening.
It appears that the broken bone injured the artery.
Once they repositioned it, the tear started bleeding.
It's rare.
No way the doctors could've predicted this.
- How bad is it? - It's bad.
I mean, the body's entire blood volume could just Dr.
Rasgotra's a wonderful surgeon.
She'll save him.
I thought you had somewhere to go.
I'm gonna stay here with you until Marcus is okay.
- I'm sorry, Grandma.
- What about? For the way I acted.
Listen here.
You acted the way you needed to, to make me see.
I wasn't gonna see it any other way.
And now things will all turn out how they're supposed to.
So no being sorry.
You watch her, now.
I'll be coming to Chicago soon, so you be ready.
- He's gotta be here somewhere.
- May I help you? - There he is.
Hey! Oh, man.
- You stole my cheese.
Oh, sod off, I won it fair and square.
- Gareth crossed the line first.
- Off him, you plonkers.
We have proof, you little slag.
Break it up, guys.
David Beckham is a wanker.
Just kidding.
Love the guy.
Until we decide the rightful owner I will be the keeper of the cheese.
Heard he was flying out tonight.
Frank's getting him a flight.
- Really? - Something about his kid.
- Serious, from what I hear.
- It must be.
Mind if I leave you to this? I gotta check on Pratt's MI in 3.
Sure, I got it.
- See you soon, Dr.
- Okay, sure thing, Haleh.
Take care, Abby.
I hope everything works out.
Heparin's in.
All right, good flow, no leaks.
We were able to stop the bleeding and repair his artery.
We have every reason to believe he's gonna recover.
And the leg? Gonna need a few screws, but in time, should be good as new.
- Awesome.
- All right, kid, get out of here.
Are you sure? I wanted to see if Marcus You can talk to him in the morning.
Go to your thing.
Okey-dokey, then.
Um, congrats on a successful outcome.
Nice kid, that one.
- A little weird.
- Yeah.
A little.
That's Margaret.
She saw the whole thing.
- Coming up right there.
See, see, see? Gareth won.
- He passed out before the finish line.
- After you pulled me down.
Oh! Poor Henry, they had to cart him off in a stretcher.
All right, all right.
After careful review of the tape, I am ruling it a tie.
- You each get half.
- You're gonna cut the cheese? Ha-ha.
Well, I mean - Yes, that's right.
- Fine, split it in two so I can go home.
No, no, no.
He can have it.
The cheese should not be divided.
I would rather see it absconded by a cheater than be split in half.
- I knew you'd cave.
Not so fast.
- Gareth, the cheese is yours.
- But you just said According to the wisdom of Solomon, Gareth has shown himself as the true cheese lover and its rightful guardian.
He was willing to forfeit the cheese rather than see it torn apart.
Well, thanks for nothing, doc.
- What a bunch of gits.
Hey, tossers.
Frank? Your roof kid's doing well.
They're moving him to Recovery.
Oh, great.
Oh, well, I thought you'd wanna know.
- Thank you.
- Are we fighting? No, I don't think so.
We're friends, right? - Right? We confide in each other? - Yeah, we do.
Forget it.
Hey, Neela.
Hold up, Neela.
Just Look, I know I've "been " I don't know, bitchy or something lately, but I just hit a rough patch.
And, um, Luka's home now, so everything's gonna be better.
I'm gonna check on the Fanecas.
I heard he's doing well.
Um, listen I wasn't attentive enough before.
You were right to be angry.
Being angry's kind of my baseline.
I was 28 when he was born, but I was still a kid myself.
Wouldn't grow up.
I was reckless, out of control.
I had this sweet Ninja ZX-9.
Loved it.
Kayla, that was his mom she was riding behind me the night I had my accident holding on around my waist.
When I came to, I saw her lying on the pavement.
I saw them pull the sheet over her face.
I did that.
One stupid night.
But you're a really good father.
I can tell.
I'm sure that makes up for a lot.
I don't know.
You know, I've "just " I've carried this thing in my gut for so long.
He spends all of his energy trying to make me feel better.
He's my kid.
That's not his job.
Well, you could try to change that.
You know, everybody screws up.
You know, you just try not to make the same mistake again.
There's some things you can never fix.
You can't unring a bell, they say.
No, I guess you can't.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, hi.
So this is my surprise.
Niko, this is Abby.
Abby, my brother Niko.
Oh, hi.
Wow, you didn't mention that We thought it was time.
Niko's never been to America.
I hope I won't be in the way.
Oh, no, not at all.
Oh I was just a little bit surprised, that's all.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Joe's asleep and we have pizza coming, so - Okay, great.
- You want some drink? No, I'll get it.
So your flight was good? Yeah, the Germans know how to travel in style.
We were lucky to make connection.
Luka wants to give you big shock.
Well, he did.
Welcome home.
- Hey, what are you doing? - Nothing, I spilled.
Uh Niko's almost ready to go to bed.
So we can be all alone, just the two of us.
Okay, I'll be right down.
Don't wake him up.