ER s14e09 Episode Script

Skye's The Limit

Sarah? Sarah, shake a leg.
We gotta get going.
- Can I have a sleepover tonight? - Tonight? I don't know, Sarah.
Tony, now that I'm back living "here " me and my BFFs has some serious catching up to do.
- How many BFFs are we talking? - A few.
I promise we won't make mess or noise and we'll be asleep by 3.
- Twelve.
- Two? - One.
- Deal.
So it's okay? - Yeah, it's all right.
- Yes.
Your friend Julia can come too.
She's cool.
She is, but she's busy tonight.
Why don't I pick you up some videos and maybe some pizza, ice cream? - Cool.
You're the best.
- Yes, yes, I am.
Oh, you should know.
Steffie's a vegan, Kiki has a soy allergy and Mary Claire is lactose intolerant.
What's left to eat, air? All right, come on, Joey.
- Hi.
What time did you get to bed? I didn't hear.
Oh, I didn't get to bed till early this morning because I'm writing up a case for grand rounds.
- Hi, honey.
You need your sleep.
Well, late night's the only time it's quiet around here, so Thanks.
- Hey, come here, come here.
- It's my fault, keeping Luka up.
No, I didn't mean to imply that Yeah, we wasted so much time not talking.
- Now it seems we can't shut up.
- We? No, no, it's good that you two have this time together.
Um But, you know, I have to go, okay? Bye-bye.
- Bye, sweetie.
- Bye.
Hey, so I'll stop by later.
Frank's been holding my mail.
I need to talk to Anspaugh.
Okay, well, find me.
Abby, we should all go out sometimes.
That way, we could talk a little bit more, and I can tell everyone in Croatia what you're like.
I mean, we will.
I just need to get a break in my schedule.
Bye, Joe.
I know I don't know you very well "yet " but anyone who can make my brother this happy is, uh Extraordinary.
Extraordinary person.
And thank you for the Thai food recommendation.
Best "Tom Yum Gai" I've had outside of Phuket.
Well, any time you wanna vent over a bowl of sticky rice just let me know.
- Hey, why is Mrs.
Lawlor still here? Medicine won't accept her without CT results.
The CT isn't gonna change the management.
Come on.
Frank, where's Anspaugh? Don't shoot the messenger.
He said he'd be down.
Hey, Dawn, did you get the, uh, EKG for the CHF'er? I tried, but someone moved your patient.
There's a baby in Curtain 4.
Thought that's where they put the septic hip.
How can you accept a Neurosurgery transfer if we don't have a bed? - We have to if it's for higher level.
- Not if we don't have a bed.
Neurosurgery can see them even if there isn't an inpatient bed.
Were we talking to you? Do you have chest CT results? No.
Okay, hold your water.
Ultrasound is on the phone again.
Somebody has to pick up that ovarian-cyst lady.
Listen up.
Two victims, one critical with vascular injury.
Three-minute ETA.
Okay, people, gather around.
Everybody, gather around.
Morning, everyone.
I know we're all busy, so I'll be brief.
I have some unfortunate news.
It's with deep regret that I announce Dr.
Moretti will not be returning to the ER.
Kevin fully intended his absence to be temporary but due to personal circumstances " he's" not certain when or if he will be able to return.
Here we go again.
A search committee will be convened, find a replacement to consider - Dr.
- Yes? With all due respect, the ER needs a chief now.
There's a lack of communication among the staff and departments.
Waiting room times are up and patient care is compromised.
We can't wait, and neither can our patients.
Yes, it sounds like it can't wait.
So until the search committee meets and until further notice the acting chief of the ER will be Dr.
What? She's a sly one, that Skye.
You see the surprised look on her face when Anspaugh made her acting chief? - She didn't look surprised.
- Exactly.
I'll admit, I believed her funky, laid-back surfer-girl act.
- But she's been playing us.
- She's only been here for a month? - How could she know what ER needs? - She can't.
Cannery accident.
Sleeve caught in a conveyor belt.
Pulled his arm into a metal cutter.
Long extrication, heavy blood loss.
- What's your name, sir? - Um Murphy.
- He's out of it.
- Got 15 of morphine.
- Type and cross, CBC, chemistry.
- Call for O-neg too.
- Who does Skye think she is? - Let it go.
She's not fooling anybody.
She wants the job.
I don't want it.
Hey, I hear congratulations are in order.
You make me acting chief just like that? Okay, well, I got a lap chole to scrub in on.
- Don't I have a say? - You did.
You made it quite clear the ER needs a leader.
I am not the administrator type.
But you are the most experienced ER Attending we have.
I only signed on at County as a moonlighter.
Well, your new duties will require more than that.
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Budget meetings, politicking and ass-kissing? This is not me.
I'm gonna be surfing in Uluwatu at Christmas.
Well, look, the bump in salary will buy more sun block, board wax and shark repellent.
Anspaugh, all I want is to do my shifts and get out of Dodge.
Wexler, I need you to step up.
So it's either Dodge or nothing.
You use the ratcheted forceps to grasp the apex of the fundus.
Harold, you into the blues? - Watch the omentum, Neela.
- Yeah, I see it.
Recent events have led me to discover that musical genre.
My true passion is the urban blues style of the '70s.
Sam Lay, Jimmy Rogers, Magic Slim.
Carey Bell, Eddy Clearwater, Left Hand Frank.
Zelinsky, what do you see? The cystic duct and artery.
The next step is to dissect them circumferentially, taking care to That's my beeper.
Could somebody get it? Thanks.
It's the ER.
What, you're leaving? Yeah.
I'll pop my head back in after I've checked in.
No, you can't.
I mean, where's Dr.
Crenshaw? He's stuck in fem-pop bypass on a 400-pounder.
You're doing great, Neela.
You got this.
Uh - Get ready to ligate the cystic artery.
- You know what this means, right? - Yeah, to ligate, we - No, not that.
- You are the senior surgeon in the room.
- I'm aware of that.
Listen, about before, I had no idea Anspaugh was gonna do that.
I'm sure if we work together, we can get this place back.
- Yeah, sounds good.
- You've been here longer than "me " so I hope I can pick your brain when things come up.
Sure, anytime.
Anything going on that I need to know about? Morris and Abby are with an industrial-accident victim in 1.
And the second victim is imminent.
- Okay, I'll go check on them.
- All right.
Hey, Frank.
Wexler's gonna make a terrific chief.
And personally, I have no problems taking orders from a woman.
Call Radiology.
We're still waiting on that chest CT.
- I called them three times.
- Fourth time's a charm, Frank.
I liked you when you were a blond.
Dolores Salazar, cleaning woman, injured while trying to free a worker.
Sam, what's open? Curtain 2.
Gates, go with Sam.
Skye's in 1, let her know.
Vitals stable, full range, minimal blood loss.
I'm Dr.
You have problems with any medicines? No, no problems.
- Mr.
Murphy is okay? - I don't know who that is.
You allergic to anything? - Sorry, my English is not good.
- Yeah, my Spanish is "muy" bad.
- Sam? - High school French.
- Hey, Chuny, we need a translator.
- Be right there.
- Do you know how my husband is? - Pop's a tough SOB.
The doctors can answer all your questions.
You're welcome.
Damn, what a mess.
- Hand is dusky.
No radial pulse.
Oh, this is bad.
BP is 80 systolic.
- Honey, John and I are here.
- Stop pushing.
- Grady, set up.
Abby, supervise.
- Betadine, sterile drapes, central line.
- Let them do their thing.
- Sure you want an intern doing a line? - He can handle it.
Do we have matched blood yet? Another five minutes.
Hang the O-neg.
Sir, you need to hold still.
- I wanna sedate and intubate him.
His airway's okay.
We need to control the bleeding.
- Yes, you do, soon.
- I'm on this, okay? Okay, how are we doing? Tied off the artery.
Just lots of nonviable tissue.
- Got a flash.
- Introducer.
Ortho and vascular if there's even a chance.
- Okay, who are you? - I'm Dr.
Dubenko from Surgery.
He's three hours out.
Wexler, second cannery victim is in Curtain 2.
She has a few lacerations, minor.
- That patient, she the cleaning lady? - Yeah.
- Be right there.
Femoral line's in.
Another unit of saline.
We're gonna need your consent including all possibilities.
- Okay, like what? - Amputation.
- No.
- We will do everything in our power.
No, you know, you're saying my father's gonna lose his "arm " but that dumb spic, she's gonna walk away? - Okay.
- Calm down.
Ma'am, I cannot take your husband to the O.
Until you sign.
No, no way.
No, we want a second opinion.
Don't worry about anything, okay? They're not gonna take a thing.
Okay, guys, what do we have? This is Dolores Salazar.
This is Dr.
- Hi.
- Neurovascularly, she's intact.
This one needs a two-layer closure.
The rest can be Steri-Stripped.
So, Dolores, what happened today? I clean and I hear moaning, and I see a man, Mr.
His arm was in the machine.
It was full of blood.
He begged her to help him.
And then what happened? - I know the yellow box.
The yellow box? The green button was on.
And she pushed the red button to shut it off.
Electrical control box.
I yell for help.
Try to help.
But his arm, it is stuck.
- And that's how you got hurt.
- Mm-hm.
You're a very brave woman.
- No, not me.
Are you kidding? The company should give you a raise.
This is Manny, Manuel.
- This is my son.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It was nice to meet you, Dolores.
Chuny, tell him his mother will be discharged.
I speak English.
Manny goes to college.
The first Salazar to go law school.
It's pre-law, Mama, and these people don't care.
Chuny, will you cover this closure with loose gauze dressing, please? - Yeah.
- Dolores, we'll be back soon.
Thank you.
- Nice kid.
His mom's proud of him.
- Hello? Extra blankets are in the hall closet.
Because it's R-rated.
- How is Sarah? - Driving me crazy.
Having a sleepover, it's like she's planning Normandy.
- Well, she's a teenager and a girl.
- Yeah, nothing I can't handle.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah, Dubenko saw him.
The family won't consent without a second opinion.
Open fracture, proximal humerus.
Arm already looks ischemic.
"I'll be right down.
" - Thanks.
Hey, Sam.
I heard you have to pass a strength test before shifts for Transport.
They wanna make sure you can lift.
- Make a muscle.
- What? No.
Check out the guns.
- Those are more like water pistols.
- No, I can help you train.
I took the liberty of getting you some fitness balls.
Start with the lighter one, and you squeeze.
Archie, you couldn't pay me to touch your balls.
Gates, Exam 3.
Kid with a facial lac.
Hey, Pratt, for what it's worth, I think Anspaugh should've picked you.
Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.
Skye's more than welcome to it.
You know what? I'm going out to get a coffee.
I'll be right back.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Why? Maybe you wish Anspaugh tapped you instead of Skye? - Hey, that was his choice.
- Talk to him.
- Tell him you want it.
- I already did, months ago.
Look, I know I'm too young and less experienced than Skye or Moretti or Kovac or Weav Even that nutcase Clemente.
But, man, I'd be good at it.
- You'll get your shot.
- Really? When? Hmm? How long do I have to wait? What do I do to be taken seriously? Dr.
Morris, we need you in Trauma 1.
- Murphy's arm started gushing.
- Okay.
I don't know, man.
What else can you do? I mean, it's not like you're gonna quit in protest.
We're on our third unit.
Keep the blood bank ahead two units.
Order FFP.
- I thought you had this under control.
- I got the artery.
- Might be DIC.
- Did you push five more morphine? Moretti said not to give meds without orders.
Moretti's not here.
Push it.
BP's back up to 120 systolic.
- It's not DIC.
He's over-resuscitated.
- Had to give fluids, he was bleeding out.
- He's bleeding out? - Ever heard of controlled hypotension? - You bitch.
Look what you did.
- Keep the BP around 90.
No, don't worry about my dad.
Enjoy your free medical care.
- Anything else our taxes can pay for? That is not helping your dad.
- Free school for your "niños?" - Talk to me.
- Venous hemorrhage.
- He was fine.
- Started bleeding again.
- Axilla's a mess.
Crits? Twenty-four, down from 30.
Curved Kelley.
- What's his BP? - 128/72.
That's too high.
It's called controlled hypotension.
- When are you gonna learn this? - That's what I told them.
Okay, that should hold him for a while.
He needs the O.
What have you decided? Uh I don't know.
- We're waiting on a second opinion.
- We're gonna wait for that.
Did you talk to Anspaugh? - Yes.
- Well, why isn't he here? Get him down here and get consent now.
Wexler, can I have a minute? - Yes, Dr.
Morris? - I was thinking I should be angry.
But then I figured since you're new here, I'd help you out.
- Help me.
- Back-seat doctoring doesn't go well.
- Is that what you think? - Instead of criticizing, you could help.
It's called collaboration.
When a decision needs to be made about my patients, I will make it.
I see.
Anything else? Yeah.
Yeah, what's with all the buddy-buddy business with Surgery? Conferring with Dr.
Dubenko on a surgical case is somehow bad or disloyal? This is our case.
Until we hand it over, we Get a life, Morris.
Excuse me.
I'm not done yet.
Kicked in the face.
I know how that feels.
Not good, huh? - Uh-huh.
- All right, here, go like this for me: All right, no jaw dislocation.
- Tate's gonna need some stitches.
- Stitches? Take it easy, son.
Don't worry, I'll make sure you don't feel a thing, okay? See? Doctor says it's all gonna be okay.
Set me up sterile saline and an irrigation tray.
Sorry about that.
- About what? - Oh, he's the sensitive type.
You know, I thought karate was gonna toughen him up, but Well, he's not his older brother.
There's one tough kid.
Cystic duct is clear.
We're kicking ass.
- Don't jinx it.
So, Harold, you have any pictures from the homecoming dance? I don't need any pictures to remember that magical night.
All I have to do is close my eyes and I'm there.
A little suction here.
You and Lacey had a good time? It was awesome.
I only ask because you never said.
And you were a little apprehensive about the night's, um, expectations.
A gentleman never kisses and tells.
All right, so, Tate, I'm gonna get the anesthesia I don't want anything.
- What? - Don't give me anything for the pain.
I wanna be tough.
I wanna show my dad I can do it.
You seem tough.
You took a kick in the face.
- Yeah, and I cried like a big baby.
- There's nothing wrong with crying.
That's not what my dad thinks.
- Lf I were you, I would want anesthesia.
- No.
I don't need it.
- Hey, Greg.
- Hey.
Can't stay away, can you? Ha-ha-ha.
- Whoa.
You can't hide from the U.
Postal Service.
- Thanks for holding it for me, Frank.
- No problem.
- How's your dad? - Doing better.
He's under 24-hour care.
My cousin's looking in.
- Come back to get the stitches removed.
- We'll make sure she does.
- Get the paperwork for workers' comp.
- That won't be necessary.
Oh, but she got hurt on the job, so she's eligible.
Actually, she's not.
She's paid off the books.
So you're undocumented? No, she's illegal.
Come on, just tell it like it is.
- You should go back to Mexico.
- She's from El Salvador.
- But to you, we're all the same.
- I'm tired of pressing one for English.
- That's enough.
No, my father is probably gonna be a cripple, and it's all her fault.
You're wrong.
She got hurt helping him.
What? What? What? You people, you want everything we got.
Why don't you work for it? My mother's been working here longer than you.
This is not the place.
Amigo, I got no problem with you foreigners coming here.
Get on the list, wait your turn.
Don't go sneaking across our borders.
I was born here, man.
I'm as American as you.
- Frank, call security.
- You're a criminal.
I'm gonna make sure that they deport your fruit-picking spic-nic-on-the-side-of-the-road ass.
- Hey, knock it off.
Ow! Manuel.
What do you have to say now? What you gonna do now? - Get him off.
- Break it up, break it up.
Okay, people, show's over.
- Hey, can I go be with my dad now? - Yeah, just a minute, Mr.
- You okay, Sam? - Yeah, I think I just caught an elbow.
You saw, he attacked me.
It wasn't my fault.
Someone put a gun to your head, made you say stuff.
Okay, you know, I was upset, okay? My dad, he's all messed up.
So, chief, what do you wanna do? Well, I think I'd like to hear what you think.
Well, he didn't take the first swing and his dad is in bad shape.
So I say we escort him back, post security in the hall.
Well, I say, sick dad or no sick dad, we keep his racist ass in Waiting.
Yeah, I'm with Pratt.
Okay, thank you for your input.
We'll go with your suggestion, Dr.
- Take him back to Trauma 1.
You can see your father now.
Let's go.
You too.
Hey, Sam, I left something for you in your locker.
- What is it? - Oh, I can't say.
But it's guaranteed to pump you up.
- Morris wants to give you a pump? - Not if I can help it.
So are you playing tour guide for your brother? Well, we've been to Navy Pier and Sears Tower.
But what he really wants to see is a taping of "Oprah.
" Kovac, I gotta say, you always have perfect timing.
I thought you staged all that to welcome me back.
You know, the break room was open if you wanna go through that.
And I think the coffee's only about two hours old.
- I'll buy you a cup.
Come on.
- All right.
I'll be in the break room if you need me.
Take your time.
Hey, Frank, would you mind buying a couple dozen doughnuts? - Doughnuts? - Yeah.
My treat, for everyone.
- Frank, you all right? - You know what I think? I think Skye is an angel sent to walk among us.
Who the hell knows how long we're gonna be here? Reschedule the home inspection for Monday.
Udecker, Tate just told me he doesn't wanna be numbed "up " before I suture.
- Tate said that? - Wants to prove he's tough.
Really? Okay.
Okay? He's gonna be in a lot of pain.
- That's fine with you? - No.
If he wants to man up, it's better to learn now.
- It's cold out there in the real world.
- He's 13.
This is wrong and cruel.
You have children? No, I don't.
Then who the hell are you telling me how to raise my kid? Just do your job and sew up my boy.
Okay, boss.
Whatever you say.
So when you getting back on the schedule? Here.
- Uh, next week.
- Good.
Is there any chance you'll consider being chief again? No.
You know, Moretti's gone.
And today, Anspaugh made Skye the acting chief.
Really? - How about you? - Me? No.
No, I'm years away from that.
In fact, I was thinking maybe it's time for me to start looking around.
- Build up my résumé.
- Leave County? I might need a letter of recommendation.
So I was wondering, maybe you could write me one.
Yeah, of course, Greg.
But, uh, if you wanna run an ER one day there's no better place to learn.
Yeah, maybe.
But I'm feeling real invisible around here.
Well, what have you been doing to get attention? - What do you mean? - Well, be proactive.
Show Anspaugh and the administration you can make their lives easier.
What do they always complain about? Document compliance, medication reconciliation.
Just give them a plan to fix it.
Pratt, sats are down on your pneumonia guy.
All right, I'll be right there.
I'll let Abby know that you're here.
- Thanks.
- It's good that you're back, man.
I know she missed you.
Hey, and thanks.
I'll think about what you said.
Murphy, can you wiggle your fingers for us? Ancef is in.
- So, what about my dad's arm? He's suffered nerve and artery damage and I doubt if we can repair it.
Okay, that's not good enough.
If you leave a non-viable arm attached, it could kill him.
- I'll sign the consent.
- No, Ma.
Ma, what are you saying? Dad's gonna lose everything.
How's he gonna work, okay? How's he gonna drive? - How's he gonna play pool? - There are a lot of great prosthetics.
Your father can live a long and productive life without his arm.
I thought your friends liked my impressions.
What? What do you mean they don't know who Elvis Presley is? Well, then stop calling me.
I didn't call you.
Problems with the Normandy invasion? The Allied forces had it easier with the Germans.
I'm not gonna get an ounce of sleep.
Her friends are gonna keep me up all night.
Gonna want me to tell them my funny stories.
And, you know, DJ and such.
- Can I help you? - Where do you guys keep the TAC? - It's right here.
- Oh, good.
And could you mix up, uh, 30 mics of fent with 3 cc's of sterile "NS " and load it in an atomizer for me? What are you doing? I've got this sweet kid.
He's got a facial lac, he needs stitches.
Wants to be tough for his old man, so he doesn't want anesthesia.
You're gonna give the boy anesthesia without telling him? - Yeah.
Gonna think he's toughing it out.
- You can't without the dad's consent.
The dad's an asshole.
And trust me, this kid needs to win.
- Gates - Look, it's a topical agent.
And a tiny whiff of fent.
It's like zero risk.
- Where are they? - Exam 3.
- I'll meet you there.
- All right.
Thank you, Sam.
Thank you very much.
Keep him on nasal canula and continuous pulse ox till he's more awake.
We'll tell your family everything went well, and then send them in to see you.
I remember my homecoming date too.
Way to go, tiger.
That's right.
- Harold, what's the matter? - Nothing.
You should be on top of the world.
We rocked in there.
She left the dance with somebody else.
Who? Lacey? - That's awful.
- I can't say I blame her.
I mean, Ned Birnbaum is the president of the chess club.
How can I compete with that? Well, you know, it's her loss, not yours.
I bet they had sex.
I bet she had my sex with Ned Birnbaum.
Someday you're gonna meet the right girl, fall in love and your first time is gonna be special.
I don't think so.
I think I'm gonna end up a lonely old virgin.
Hey, you mustn't give Lacey or any girl the power to make you feel bad.
You've done something well.
Don't let her ruin that.
What good is success when you have no one to share it with? Can we get this show on the road? - Okay, big sniff, Tate.
- What's that? Oh, it's something to dry Tate's nose up so it doesn't run and mess up the field.
Ready? One, two, three.
- Good job.
- All right.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Still time to back out.
All right.
Hold still.
All right.
- How you feeling, buddy? - That doesn't hurt at all.
Really? Well, you're tougher than I am.
He's got a high tolerance for pain.
What do you know? Way to go, son.
Okay, Mr.
Zangolia, the endocrinologist will be right down.
- Hi.
- Heard you had a fight.
- More like I helped break one up.
- Did you bring Joe with you? - No, he and Niko are home decorating.
- It's November.
- I know, I know.
But Niko won't be here for the holidays and he wanted to celebrate with us.
- What? What's the matter? - Nothing.
- You don't like my brother? - He's great.
Did he have to visit now? - You said you wanted to meet my family.
- Yeah, someday.
You were gone for a really long time.
- You want me to ask him to leave? - No, no.
That's not what I mean.
- I just - Listen, I'm sorry.
I know it was tough for you with me being away.
You think? To be honest, things have seemed a little tense since I've been back.
I think it's because you and I haven't had time Do you think it's wrong for me to want you to myself? - It was tough for me too.
- Really? Because from the stories Niko tells, it sounds like you two had a lot of fun.
- Fun? - Yes, while I was here alone working, taking care of Joe and paying the bills.
Half the time, I didn't know where you were.
I was taking care of my dying father.
- Oh, hey there.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
Not too awkward.
- Is that Dr.
Kovac? - Yeah.
He's a great guy.
I thought he'd be taller.
- My father has multiple myeloma.
- I know.
You're a doctor, I'd think you'd understand.
Of course I understand.
But your being there didn't change his diagnosis or his disease.
- Your life is here.
- You think I liked being miles away? Yes, at times.
I heard it in your voice.
I love my father.
- You expect me to turn my back on him? - This is so unfair.
- You wanna do this? - No.
I gotta go.
Let's talk later.
Fine, I'll put my brother in a hotel.
Twentysomething male, baseball bat vs.
Bradycardic, lost pulse en route.
- What happened? - Friends say he was hanging out next thing, car pulls up, guys jump out, start wailing away on him.
- Any ID? - No, but family followed the rig.
- Manny.
- Oh, my God, it's her son.
Iv's blown.
Hold the compressions.
Still V-tach.
No pulse.
Shock again.
No change.
Resume compressions.
- CT's ready for him.
- No.
- Forget it.
He's too unstable.
- What have you got? Twenty-year-old bludgeoned in the head with a bat.
We treated his mother.
Blown pupil suggestive of intracranial bleed.
Pulseless V-tach for almost 45 minutes.
Okay, well, uh, there's nothing for me to do, then.
Lucien, wait.
Let mom see we did everything we could.
Um Another mig of epi.
- You want me to go through the tube? - Put in a central line.
- Chuny, where are they? - Tiffany was supposed to restock.
I'll be right back.
- How you feeling? - Stupid.
- I can't believe what I did.
- What you did? Everyone knows it was that cleaning lady's fault.
What? Yeah, but I took care of it.
Took care of what? What are you talking about? I left the cutter on, bypassed the safety guard.
If it wasn't for that woman, I'd be dead.
But it was her fault.
I mean, that's what they said.
What did you do, John? What did you do? What did you do? - Here's the kit.
Hold compressions.
Tell security I need to talk to them.
And post a guard outside Trauma 1.
- Resume.
- What? He's been down for almost 50 minutes.
Just for a few more moments.
Hey, I'll take over for you, Abby.
We have been working on your son for almost an hour.
The injuries to his brain and body were too severe.
His heart has stopped beating.
His body has stopped breathing.
No, "por favor.
" No.
Please, don't.
Justin broke up with Brianna.
When did that happen? - The week before he moved back.
- She caught him texting Emma Rosen.
- Men.
- Men.
Here we go.
Top one's no cheese.
- So how's it going? - Good, I guess.
All right.
So, what do we wanna do first? Watch videos? Want me to grab my harmonica? Wanna sing some songs? - Can I talk to you for a minute? - Sure.
Be right back.
Yeah? - Can you give us some privacy? - What? I thought we were having Oh, all right, sure.
But, at least, could I have a slice of pizza? Yeah.
Just gonna - So anyway - Anyways So you met him? - Hey, Abby, you off soon? - No, I'm on till 10.
Harold and I are on all night.
Heard Moretti's gone.
What's the story? - I don't know.
- His son.
Did you know he had a kid? No.
Uh, maybe.
- I don't know.
- Okay.
- Well, good night.
- Good night.
Hey, Neela.
Um, would it be okay if I stopped by? There's a bunch of stuff I left there.
Yeah, sure.
You've got some stuff in the hall closet.
How's it going, Sam? Dolores Salazar and her family just left.
That was a tough one.
Yeah, I just keep thinking about how much she's gone "through " and how hard she worked to have a good life here.
She and Manny deserved better.
- You working out? - Oh.
They're not mine.
Hey, I wanted to say thanks for suggesting I look into the program.
- I'm going for it.
- Good.
It's good to have aspirations.
It's never too late to be what you might have been.
- That's George Eliot.
- He's a writer, right? He was a she, actually.
Mary Ann Evans.
She used a pen name because the work of men was taken more seriously.
Like anything's changed.
- So how was your first day as chief? - I'm clear and strong, I'm a bitch.
If I play it loose and Socratic, I'm perceived as weak.
I even bought doughnuts for everybody.
Maybe you can ask Hillary Clinton for advice.
Either way, I can't win, so screw it.
Tough when I have to be, nice when I wanna be.
Hey, they're taking the Murphy kid.
- Good.
- Yeah, you said it.
Sam, do you know where Room 2G-315 is? No, sorry.
I do.
- I'll show you on my way out.
- Great.
"We're off men" for the rest of our natural lives.
The perks of being chief.
I have a feeling this isn't really quite what you wanted.
Yeah, I've never been one for putting down roots.
But I'm fine.
- It'll all work out.
- Yeah? Well, why don't we celebrate? I can make a mean lasagna.
I'll come over to your house, break in your new kitchen.
Lucien " I" don't wanna be "presumptuous " but I like you, and I think you like me so I wanna be completely up-front.
I welcome honesty.
When it comes to relationships I guess you could say I have a fluid attitude.
When I'm with someone, I'm with them.
And when I'm not, I'm not.
Love the one you're with.
So if you can handle a relationship with no strings sex with no commitments, then we're cool.
Does that freak you out? Uh No.
I'm all good.
How about drinks tomorrow night? Why wait? It's like It's 2 a.
Yeah, alcohol probably isn't the best way to unwind at this hour.
You know what really relaxes me? Yoga.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
After a couple of long hours in the O.
, a few poses can really mellow me out.
I'm not into yoga.
No? - So this is your office.
- Mm-hm.
Nice desk.
Need help with that? You're up.
Where have you been? It's after 2.
Oh, my God, already? I was worried.
I called the ER.
They said you left.
Early, in fact.
Why didn't you answer your cell phone? Um Why didn't I answer my cell phone? I don't know.
Why didn't you answer your cell? - You didn't call me tonight.
- I'm not It's not When you were in Croatia and Joe was hurt " and" I couldn't find "you " " why" didn't you answer your cell phone? - What's wrong with you? - Nothing.
I just I had a long day.
- Where's Joe? - Joe's fine.
He's asleep.
You know what? Why do you do that? - Do what? - Drink in front of me.
You never once asked me was that okay with me or did that bother me.
You used to have a problem.
You're better now.
Well, it takes what it takes, right? What does that mean? I don't wanna do this now.
You don't wanna do this now? It's about what you want, isn't it? - This isn't the best time.
- What about what I want? I mean, you promised and I believed you.
What are you talking about? You said "let's do it together" in front of everyone.
You promised.
- Okay, let's go to bed.
- I'm not tired.
- I have things to talk about.
- Okay, tomorrow.
We're not gonna talk tomorrow.
We need to talk now.
My father died.