ER Episode Scripts


'Why is light given to those in misery 'and life to the bitter of soul? 'To those who long for death that does not come? 'Who search for it more than for hidden treasure? 'Who are filled with gladness 'and rejoice when they reach the grave? 'For sighing comes to me instead of food.
'My groans pour out like water.
'What I feared has come upon me 'what I dreaded has happened to me.
'I have no peace, no quietness, 'I have no rest, but only turmoil.
' Faithlessness is the only natural disaster.
Sugar is evil.
Cast away that pop! Safe haven, right? That's what you said.
Well, I left my baby here, and now I want him back! You call this a safe haven?! Dr Lockhart, Purdy can't sleep.
Give me my baby! Ok, I'll be with you in a minute, Mrs Gaines.
Thank you, doctor.
How much longer I got to wait? Come on, sir, I'm taking you in.
Paul Traylor, 34.
GSW to the chest.
Shot by an intruder in his apartment.
Ok, I'm Dr Lockhart.
Some dumb kids.
Made a mistake.
Tachy at 120, BP's good.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Sats down to 89.
It's getting harder to breathe.
What? Just give me the clamp, quick now.
Repent sin, lest ye be stricken.
What are you doing? Reidy, you gotta know that covering a penetrating chest wound creates a one-way valve causing a tension pneumo.
Then the reckoning will commence! Thanks.
No problem.
Welcome to the end of the world.
Today everything changes! Today? Really? I thought that was next week.
On my count.
One, two, three.
Can you call St David's Academy? No exit wound on the back.
Tell them I won't be coming in? We'll get on it.
Nothing below the waist.
What do you do? Tutor and run the sports program.
Axilla's clear.
Get him back down.
Gates, you get started on the chest tube.
All right, boss.
Haleh, can you call for c-spine, chest and belly films? Uh-huh.
I'll do that.
No, you're supposed to let me do the grunt work while you supervise.
Oh, that's true.
So, how did this happen? Stayed at my girlfriend's last night.
When I got back, a bunch of kids were there.
In your place? They were partying or something.
Told them to leave.
Things got out of hand.
One of them had a gun.
How'd they get in? I don't know.
All right, a little pinch.
So, does being the attending feel different? No, not really.
Yeah, a little bit.
Sorry, guys.
I got hung up with the intussusception kid.
What do you got? GSW to the chest, no exit.
BP and sats are good.
All right, slight pressure here.
That's my blood? That's pretty normal for a gunshot wound.
Type and cross for six.
Morris, excuse me.
We have an attending here.
Of course.
I told them family only, but they wouldn't take no for an answer.
Coach, you ok? How'd this happen? Thanks for showing up, guys.
You got morning drills and school.
We ain't practicing without you.
Call me when you get the films back.
Excuse me.
You ok? Had a run of double shifts.
Oh, why don't you take a couple days off? He won't stop working.
Yeah, the interns are all in procedure lab, and we're already stretched thin without Greg.
Have you met the new,uh, chief yet Banfield? No, not yet.
Soon enough.
She's on today.
Dr Morris, I got two kids here with possible gastro.
I'll take it.
Why don't you take a break? This is Mrs Weddington with her sons, Larry and Curly.
Where's Mo? No Mo.
Uh Larry? That's Curly.
They were up all night vomiting, but they seem to be better now.
Probably had too much cake.
We were at a bowling party all day yesterday.
Sam, I thought you went upstairs.
Ah, they said it might take a while, so I might as well work.
They're making her go in front of some stupid disciplinary board.
How come? She left a heplock in a patient.
Ok, why don't we fluid-challenge these guys? Give them some popsicles, see how they do.
Oh, excuse me? Um, I was wondering, um My boys are getting to the age where they need to know about certain things, and I'm sure they have questions Oh, sex.
Rock and roll.
Could you maybe talk to them? Uh yeah, sure.
Oh, great.
Thank you so much.
I'll be back here in a little while.
I'll just I'll catch up with them.
You look pretty.
Are you stoned? So, I just, uh, heard a rumor.
Is it true? This kid's here to see his coach.
He's, uh he's right through there.
Some of your friends are already with him.
What's the rumor? You got a job at Mass General.
That you're moving to Boston.
Who told you that? Girl who works in HR told a scrub nurse.
Oh, really? Is this the same girl that said that Chuny was pregnant with Crenshaw's love child? I'm happy for you.
I really am.
I'm happy for you and Luka and Joe, even if it kills me to think that you won't be working here anymore.
You'll be living far away.
But I wish you would have told me.
Well, what for? What? So you could plan some embarrassing party? Because I'm your friend.
Well, we're still going to be friends, aren't we? Well, first shift as an attending, last shift at County.
It's quite a day.
How soon are you leaving? Tonight.
Tonight?! Abby! I'm sorry, I know, but can you just please not tell anybody? Cos it's just it's too weird, and I'll I'll figure out a way to do it later.
Rule of today no crying, right? Hey!I got two guys coming in fight at a synagogue.
Oy vey! Couple of feisty jews, huh? Hmm? I don't know.
The gloves are off today.
What the hell is this? Oh, Frank's learning to tango for his 30th wedding anniversary.
I promised Connie that I would dance with her at the party.
Keep your head up, Frank.
I can't.
Then I can't see where to put my damn feet! You're not a mohel, you're a butcher! The baby is fine, Sheldon.
A little blood is normal! You were sloppy! You were sloppy with my baby's penis! End of conversation.
I'm done with brises! Who needs the aggravation? Hey, do I know you? I don't know.
Do you? I performed your wedding ceremony.
It's Abigail, right? Um Yeah.
Abby, actually.
It's Abby.
So, how's the first year of married life been? Oh, well, you know.
Has its ups and its downs.
What? He's a slob? Leaves the toilet seat up, never does the dishes, that sort of thing? Something like that.
Listen, the ceremony was meshuga.
Those are the ones that last.
Keep this on it.
It was nice to see you again.
Don't worry, it'll get easier.
Shalom to that.
Guys, where's your mom? Ok, uh, here we go.
I sometimes talk to kids about, you knowstuff.
So why don't we just go right over here? And if you have any questions about sex or drugs or alcohol, you can just shoot.
I know it's hard for kids your age to talk about this stuff, but I think it's import We can ask you anything? Yes.
Is it true that if you sneeze with your eyes open, they'll pop out? Can vampires get AIDS? If you put a penny on the El Track, will the train crash? Why can't we wear pajamas in the daytime? Our brother got a girl pregnant, but he won't marry her.
Why do you think he won't? Ok.
Am I? Am I being punk'd? Crit's dropping in two.
You guys, stay right there.
How do blimps fly?! What about chest and belly films? Haven't done it yet.
What's taking so long? Processor's down.
That's ridiculous.
hemoglobin's dropped to 11.
All right, hang o-neg, call for type specific This is Lily.
His fiancee.
He's gonna be ok, right? That's the plan.
Sats only 83.
All right Deep breaths for me.
Put him on a non-rebreather.
Let's set up for intubation.
Etomidate and sux 8-0.
Paul, we're gonna have to put another tube in to help you breathe.
You're not gonna be able to speak.
All right.
Zeke it's not your fault, ok? I don't blame you.
Hear me? Say you hear me.
I hear you.
Pushing the meds.
Uh, no, oh, no! All the bulbs are out.
Ok, folks, give it to me straight.
GSW to the chest.
First unit is up.
First unit? That's all? Hemodynamically stable five minutes ago.
Ok, get this crowd out of here.
This is his girlfriend.
All right, just the globetrotters.
All right, you guys, you're gonna have to step out while we work, ok? No way! We're not gonna leave until you guys Hey, meadowlark, did you hear what the lady said? I prefer to give blood products before the vitals take a dive.
It works out much better that way.
I don't like to transfuse without a clear reason.
Oh, like being shot in the chest? Where's the bullet? Oh, what's the CT show? - CT takes an hour.
Oh, please.
Our patients don't need the radiation and a thousand dollar bill for an unnecessary scan.
Oh, yes, the victim complex "It's all so hard here at County, "boo-hoo, takes so long, nothing works.
" You think this is tough, kiddies? Try a cinderblock hut in Malaysia.
I'll call radiology again.
Look, I know you're like Tsunami Mary or something, but we really don't need the war stories right now, ok? I don't believe we've been properly introduced.
I'm Cate Banfield.
Abby Lockhart.
You're a baby attending, flying blind here.
Take my help if you want to stick around.
Otherwise, feel free to use the door.
And I'm talking about the big picture.
So, there are your options.
I'll keep that in mind.
Who wants to intubate? Hemoglobin's stable, 11.
That might be a sign that the bleeding is slowing down.
Not necessarily.
Hang another unit.
Let Gates finish that, I need you to run the board.
Call me when the films are ready.
All right.
He said they were from the neighborhood.
He did? What, you didn't hear what Coach told the cops? I don't know who they are! You guys, settle down.
Try to stay out of the way, ok? They live in your building, don't they? Dr Lockhart! She's so blue.
Can you give her something? I'm not a vet, and cats aren't allowed in the ER.
Is there anything else I could do for you? Oh, my water pill.
I need a refill, please.
You know what? This has got to stop.
You have to get yourself a real doctor.
You're not a real doctor? Mrs Gaines, you know what I mean.
I'm not gonna be here forever.
You have such a dark perspective.
I'm drawn to you, dear.
So so sue me.
Can you hang on a minute? I'll be right back.
Hey! At least you don't sneeze anymore! Yeah, I take antihistamines when I see you coming! Aah! What are you doing? I thought you were taking a break.
Ever been at a crossroads? Who do you think you're talking to? That's how I feel, like something's changing, but I don't know what it is.
It gets easier once you get used to it.
I keep thinking about what he said.
The last words of Greg Pratt were, "Don't screw it up, Morris.
" You won't.
If I were in trouble, Archie, I would call for you.
I would.
I would trust you with anything.
And I didn't always feel that way, but I do now.
Actually, why don't you get up and come with me? Can you die from eating pop rocks and soda? If I hold in a fart, will I explode? Why don't you try to find your mom.
Check the front desk.
Dr Morris, this is Roxanne Gaines.
She's on captopril, lasix, Ambien and glyburide.
She comes in around once a month for refills, sometimes more often when she shares her meds with her cat.
Yeah, well, Purdy has insomnia.
Ma'am, you can do all of this at your primary physician's office No, wait, Morris, please, can you just do this for me? What? If I'm ever not here, Roxanne, ask for Dr Morris.
Abby Look, just do it.
I'm trusting you.
Got films on your guy in two.
Maybe you guys should chat.
Get to know each other.
A little kooky, but I love her.
Join the club.
What's going on with the heplock? I got duped the guy used it to OD.
Well, that's a calculated risk we've all done it.
What, are they gonna put a letter in your file? Nursing supervisor called me, said to be prepared.
What, they gonna fire you? I don't know.
Screw 'em.
I can always find another job.
Oh, come on, you don't really want that, do you? Got your films.
Blood gas looks good.
Where's Cruella De Ville? Covering for you, we hear.
And real happy about it.
Bullet's in the belly call surgery.
And you threaded the subclavian into the neck.
How's the board look, doctor? Um, clear with a white frame, lots of writing on it.
If you put pressure on the clavicular fossa as you're threading in the subclavian, it prevents if from going up into the jugular.
You know what that's called? The "finger in the fossa" trick.
Points to the new lady for stealing the punch line.
Nice pickup.
Go next door and see what's going on.
Ok, you know, as much as I enjoy being your bitch, I Dr Gates has been duly schooled, we'll take it from here.
Get set up to fix your line.
Hey, hey, hey! You did this, man! It's your fault! Can I get some help in here?! Why? Why'd you guys do it?! Guys, knock it off! Guys! Come on, guys! You did this! It's his fault! He got Coach messed up! Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's his fault Coach is in here! Outside.
Get off me.
Get off me! Hey, I'm trying to help you.
Come here.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Hold this on it.
What for? Just do it.
Is Coach ok? He's gonna be.
It's not my fault.
Why would it be your fault? I just said it's not.
I didn't even think he'd be there.
Where, his apartment? Coach knows how it is.
He's been through his own rough times and got past it.
That's what he teaches us.
That's a good thing to teach.
I think you're gonna need some stitches.
Zeke Why?! It's it's not like they say.
He would give you anything you needed! You know that! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! Oh, Lily, you're gonna have to step out, ok? You know that! Haleh, can you bring her back in there? Then I'm gonna need some 4-0 prolene and a 1% lido.
Abby Lucien, have you seen a kid running around? He's about 15, like yay high? No, not that I know.
I thought you were working at a surgi-center somewhere.
Well, I was-I wa Haleh, you seen that kid, Zeke? Not since you were with him.
I'm getting your lido.
I told myself, you know, I could walk away and never think twice, but Frank, if you see any of my basketball kids roaming around, let me know? Okey-dokey.
This is County.
Is, um, is Frank dancing? Yep.
Keep your head up, Frank.
Well, it turns out I can't imagine working anyplace else.
You can't? No, I can't.
Can you? Well, I mean, it wouldn't wouldn't be easy, but I think for the right reasons, yeah.
Is there something you're not telling me? No.
Come on.
Luka and I are moving to Boston.
What?! Don't tell anybody.
Really? Yeah.
Oh I can't go there cos that'll just get me started.
Right, right, right.
There's your lido.
Well, then no problem.
Ok, so we'll talk later, then.
So I have to find this kid.
All right.
Why do monkeys love bananas? What's a douche bag? Where the hell is their mother? I wanted to talk to you about my future.
Yeah, you know what, Grady? I'm not the right person cos I'm a short-timer.
You are? Yeah.
How short? Really short.
Today's my last shift.
Don't tell anybody.
But I was just about to say what a great mentor you've been and ask you I find this pretty upsetting.
Look, you're good.
You don't need me anymore.
You don't.
Abby, he's on the roof.
Hey, Zeke, I didn't get a chance to finish dressing your cut.
Don't come over here.
Hey, you know, these things, they don't, don't usually work out the way we think they're going to, cos it's, uh you know, it's the middle of the day, it's a crowded street, and you'll probably end up landing on a bunch of tourists.
Hey, what are we doing up here? After Jamal got shot out in Tinley, Coach told us if we ever needed a place to go to be safe or just chill he left his key in one of those little magnet boxes behind the radiator.
Those kids hassle me all the time.
I told them I could take them to a place, where we could just party, hang out, do whatever we wanted there.
After Coach came in, everything got crazy.
I couldn't stop them.
I promise I'm going to fix up your coach, if you'll just please, please, just come back away from there, ok? I All right, listen.
I'm gonna Look at this.
Come here, look at this, just look at this, all right? You take it? I don't live up to my end of the deal, you inject that into your vein and your heart will stop beating.
I'm not stupid.
I'm not kidding.
It's called a fatal arrhythmia.
And if I don't live up to my part, you could take the syringe and you could do with it whatever you want.
Are you nuts or something? I just know what it's like to be out on a ledge.
And, yeah I'm nuts.
So why don't you just please, just please come back here, ok? Come on.
Come on, Zeke.
Come here, come on.
It's ok.
Listen to me, we have a man bleeding out.
Another unit on the rapid infuser.
We are bringing the GSW now.
Switch to the portable, we're going.
Can someone tell me what's going on? He is losing blood faster than we can replace it.
The surgeons need to get in there and repair the injury.
Seems too red.
Run of six! All right, let's roll.
He's still got a pulse.
If we send him upstairs with a crappy BP and intermittent v-tach, he's gonna arrest.
The longer we argue about it, the greater the chance of that.
She's right about that.
Well, we're much more equipped to handle a code down here, trust me.
Abby He's in v-tach.
All right, loss of pulse.
Thorocotomy tray.
Starting compressions.
Charging to 360.
Sterile 7s and a 10 blade.
What are you doing? We have to open his chest.
Abby, look at this.
Look at the left hemi-diaphragm, the edge is obscured.
Yeah, it's a hemothorax.
It happens.
Clear! Still in v-tach.
All right, Haleh, prep the chest.
You slowed us down enough to make this inevitable.
Isn't it possible that the chest tube went through the diaphragm? You can see the tip of the tube right there.
Clear! Yeah, well, maybe it only looks like the tip.
The end is obscured by blood, see? Back in sinus.
Strong radial pulse.
All right, let's get him to the OR before this happens again.
All right.
Grady's right.
That is highly unlikely, and we can't prove it here.
Maybe we can see it with the ultrasound.
Here, let me see that.
We did an ultrasound an hour ago.
Yeah, but it's easy to miss.
A dislodged clot in the spleen could have caused Could have caused a precipitous arterial bleed to drain out the chest tube.
Get out of the way.
Yeah, I can't get a good view.
Haleh, call down to the pharmacy and have them deliver some fibrin glue.
Dr Lockhart Fibrin what? It's a tissue adhesive.
It can be used for splenic hemostasis.
I think the dose is 2,000 units, but you'd better check.
We are done.
He is a green resident, and you're a newbie attending.
And we're not messing around on that kind of hunch.
But wait, just hold on, hold on! I know it's my first day.
You don't know anything about me or my clinical judgment, but it's not really my first day.
I've been here almost ten years, and I know when I know something.
And you've been here for a week.
So just Can you just give me this? Your five minutes are up.
Almost there.
Over a litre out now.
I'm so sorry, we were stuck with a grade five liver.
Put him in Trendelenburg.
Ok, here we go.
How long does it take to clot? How long does what take? Fibrin glue.
Couple seconds, I think.
We think the chest tube's actually in the spleen.
You think? Yeah, no scan, we can't see anything.
So how'd you come up with this plan? Grady.
He was paying attention.
Seems to have worked.
Oh, God, thank you Systolic's up to 90.
Ok, clamp the tube.
Let's get him out of here.
Can I go with him? No, it's better if you wait down here.
Well I'm a skilled practitioner and an excellent teacher.
It's just getting too hard to deny it.
Well, I've never heard of using fibrin glue this way.
Yeah, to tell you the truth, I have absolutely no idea where that came from.
Just lodged in here somewhere.
Well, it's a good job it was, and I see you've met our new chief.
Hmm? She's not the chief of me.
Lucien's waiting for us in OR 1.
Zeke, you can't be up here.
Go do your thing.
What are you doing? Where's the nurse I left you with? He he looks bad.
He's pale from blood loss.
But the surgeons are gonna fix that.
If he doesn't make it Hey, hey.
Now I kept my end of the deal so far, right? All right, now you have to keep yours and just go down there and wait with the nurse.
Zeke, this is going to be all right.
You just have to keep telling yourself that.
All right, I'll see you later.
A little more traction here.
End tidal looks good.
All right, into the peritoneum.
You guys are gonna bring this home for me, right? Splenic artery's sheared off.
You know, we get tired of hearing how you guys had to come in and clean up our messes We can autotransfuse what's left back through the splenic vein.
But the fact is, sometimes you do.
VBG's 7.
Ok, pickups.
Oh, let's make this one more for the road, huh? Here's our bullet.
Curved clamp to Neela.
Splenorenal ligament is isolated and And cut.
Looking up, Abby.
That is great.
Okay, Bovie.
Let's watch out for the Gastroepiploic artery.
I see it.
Ok, bullet completely spared the stomach and liver.
You guys are so good at this.
I mean, just really, really good Systolic's holding at 98.
And I love what you've done up here.
This new observation deck is very comfortable.
Nicely lit, nice, big window.
Way to go.
Posterior margin's free.
Mobilize it.
Curved clamp.
Clamp to Lucien.
And you know, you two are like like yin and yang.
Have you ever thought about I don't know, dating? I mean, why ask, what if, right? Ok, I'm gonna go tell them he's out of the woods.
Yes, why don't you do that? Yeah, we're fine here.
And I'm going to be punching out soon, so Thank you for this.
I'll see you sometime.
Be good.
They're almost done.
It's going well.
His people are in the family room.
I'll update them.
You know, you won't really have me to beat up on after tonight.
So I understand.
You know, despite some obvious issues with authority, I'm wondering why you're leaving.
For my family.
I have a husband and a little boy.
We just need a fresh start.
How old is your son? A little over two.
That's a great age.
I love that age.
Well the shift's almost over.
Nice knowing you.
Good luck here.
Can you give us a minute? Sure.
I want my syringe back.
He's ok? Mm-hmm.
And you're gonna have to talk to some doctors to make sure you're ok, too.
I know you think you're a bad person.
We all think that about ourselves sometimes.
But you're not.
You just did a bad thing.
Don't make the same mistake again, ok? You would have never let me use that thing, would you? You know what? I really hadn't thought that far ahead.
See you later.
Dr Lockhart! Dr Lockhart, oh dear, you made me so nervous, I just, I just had to come back.
What's the matter, Roxanne? You're sick, aren't you? No, not anymore.
No? Well, but the way you were talking, is something bad gonna happen? No, something good.
Hey, Sam, are you going up now? Dead nurse walking.
I want to talk to you.
Will I see you next time? Ask for Dr Morris.
So you have to do some stupid monkey dance for a bunch of cheap suits to try to justify how we navigate through a broken system, which is the problem that they should be looking at in the first place.
You're very articulate today.
I know.
Nurse Taggart, it'll be a few more minutes still.
Are you kidding me? It's ok.
No, it's not ok.
She's working, all right? She can't keep bouncing up and down like some kind of registered yo-yo.
Abby Hi.
I'm sorry, but don't you think this is kind of ass? Excuse me.
Who are you? Abby Lockhart.
I used to be a nurse in the ER.
I am now an attending physician as of today.
You'll have to be on the agenda if you want to Yeah, right.
Let me break it down for you.
What we do is take care of the patients that nobody else wants to deal with, all right? The homeless alcoholics, drug addicts, psychotics.
All of us, especially the nurses, put ourselves at risk every day.
Every day.
And when the wards don't want to go over the nurse-to-patient ratio guess who sucks up the surplus? The ER does.
And never mind that that means having admitted patients parked on gurneys in the hallway for days, and that our nurses have to cover three times as many patients as anybody else, we're the safety net.
We do not have the luxury of abiding by the rules because we don't kick patients out on the streets.
So, we get creative.
And yes, it's against the rules to send a patient home with an IV because worst-case scenario, he'll do something stupid, but Sam Taggart is not a worst- case-scenario kind of person.
But none of us are, because to work down there, you have to have some sort of faith in people and in your ability to help them.
She didn't inject the drugs into the IV, the patient did.
And what would you have her do? Deny a potentially lifesaving treatment because the guy maybe might do something stupid later? She's an excellent nurse.
And she did what almost anybody else would do, and she should not be punished because a patient made a bad choice.
I mean, we have so many things working against us.
Don't be another one of them.
And they all deserve a raise.
Don't make me come back here.
Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea or walked in the recesses of the deep? What are you doing with that? Souvenir.
You come with me.
Some we had to put up for them.
Dr Greene, Greg.
You're the only one who's ever gotten to do two.
I don't see Carter up there.
He wouldn't do it.
He said it was defacing government property.
We're gonna miss you so damn much.
Have the gates of death been shown to you? Hey! I was looking for you.
Do I have to go up there and apologize? No.
Um, I got a week's suspension, no pay, but it could have been a lot worse, so Thank you.
Nurses got to stick together, right? All right, I gotta run the catch.
What is the way to the abode of light? And where does darkness reside? Frank, passion, intensity! It's a dance of immigrants stuck between two worlds.
Yeah, well, I'd better get better at it by Saturday, or I'll be deported.
What, is Connie gonna kick you out? Worse.
She'll make me buy her something expensive.
Hold on a second.
Let me show you.
Now la cadencia.
Five, six, seven, eight.
I've been stumbling around here all day! What were you waiting for? Where is everybody? There's a double run coming in.
I'm taking this.
I'm not here.
Me neither.
Hey, tell that big Croat to bring you back for a visit sometime.
Keep your head up, Frank.
I guess I let the cat out of the bag, huh? This kind of group thing, I was sort of hoping to avoid, but, um, Luka's picking me up, but since you're all here, I just, I want to say it's been a great decade.
Excuse me? What the hell? She's leaving, Archie.
When? Now, you idiot.
What?! You are? Yeah.
She You are? Oh, you never said anything.
Well, I just, I I kind of thought you got the idea.
I didn't! I didn't! Oh I Well, I'm, well You know, Archie, it's amazing that you've managed to make my last moment here about you.
I love that.
I love you, too.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
We'll be thinking about you.
So long.
Bye, Abby.
Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth? Tell me if you know all this.