ER Episode Scripts


Well, the heat is still not working, but the stove is just fine.
Yeah, I can smell that.
We've got eggs poached, English muffins, rashers, juice, coffee.
You're catering to my every need.
Every? All the ones I can think of.
I'll try and come up with some more.
You know, my mum used to bring me breakfast in bed every Saturday morning when I was a kid.
We had no money really, barely scraped by, but it was the one luxury I could always expect.
That sounds nice.
You? Me what? What was it like when you were a kid? You never talk about that stuff.
I was barely living before I met you.
What about your parents? Do you have brothers and sisters? I don't know anything about you.
Aliens dropped me from a spaceship just outside of Perth as a fully-formed adult in 2007.
I'm two in Earth years, but I-I really love this planet.
Uh, raised by my mother, only child.
Tell me more.
Oh, come on.
Now, why does every conversation with you have to end in sex? Well, that sounds like a complaint.
I mean No.
How do I look? Y-you look fine.
The turtleneck's not too severe? No.
What are You're nervous.
Well, yeah.
I hear the director's really tough.
I want to be sure when she looks at me she sees a mom.
You know? Yes, she does, baby.
Oh, excuse me.
You'd think with all the money we're spending, we'd get some sushi or something.
Chicago Connection Adoption Agency.
For 10,000 bucks, you get cold coffee, a stale bagel, and a baby.
You stop.
Did you? Come on, that was a little funny.
Come on.
Burt Mulligan, knee and shoulder pain, drove his car into Lake Michigan.
He did what? I never had a moving violation.
It wasn't his fault.
Were you the one driving? No, no, he was, but we were only following directions.
Someone told you to drive through Lake Michigan? Kathy did.
Who's Kathy? Our GPS system.
Your GPS said to drive into the water? Not exactly.
It just turned out that way.
Multicultural adoptions have been on the rise in the last ten years.
Shorter wait times and reduced fees have all played a key role.
Reduced fees? Why wait a year for a white baby when you can pick up a six-pack of black kids on the way home from work? You think this is funny, huh? The devaluing of black children? Calm down.
It was a joke.
I mean, why are you guys here? It's obvious that you're not serious.
What is your problem? I'm sure you're all feeling some stress from this process.
My problem is the two of you making a joke out of this.
Cate, they're just blowing off steam.
Humour is an important coping They need to shut up and pay attention to what's going on.
Please try to be respectful of each other.
You need to get that stick up out of your ass.
OK, let's get out of here.
I feel bad for the kid who ends up with you.
The GPS system said go straight.
Kathy has this kind of authority.
But guys, Kathy was telling you to drive off an embankment.
We asked for an alternate route, but she kept saying go straight.
So you knowingly crashed into the lake because a computer voice in your car told you to? She's got satellite data.
And you don't think there's anything wrong with that? Of course there is.
Kathy's broken.
I'll be back to sew up the cut.
OK, well, I'm sure they can get her back to baseline if they just give OK, all right, I'll be there.
See you then, thanks.
That your mom? Yeah, she got a little loopy on the plane.
Well, the altitude could have dropped her SATS.
That's what I thought.
They'll buff her up in the nursing home.
It'll be fine.
I'm gonna head over there after my shift.
How long has it been since you've seen your mom? I don't know.
It's a a while.
I better get that.
Frank, Keflex for the cellulitic mime in three and Duct tape girl needs a note for her parole officer.
I forgot how much I love it here.
You can't discharge a patient without a med reconciliation form.
A what? New requirement from the joint commission.
We have to be sure all meds are current in our records.
I see.
And we pretty much stopped using Keflex a few years ago, you know, with all the MRSA around.
Explosion in an apartment building on Dearborn.
Six coming in, five minutes out.
Gates, Sam, outside.
Somebody find Morris.
We need another attending down here.
Um hello? Oh, I thought you might want to lay low, sit out your first one.
It's not my first one.
You know what I mean.
You've been out of the loop.
I spent the last five years running a refugee hospital in Darfur.
That's more loop than anyone should see in a lifetime.
All right then, you do what you feel comfortable with.
All right, get Brenner down here! It's been over a week.
You said she could only live like that a month.
Well, they'll find another heart.
I heard it can take a year sometimes.
Yeah, but she's on the top of the list.
Can I stay here today instead of going to school? What do you think? No.
-No, no.
Now, how's your, um, how's your foster family? Elaine's OK.
She's the mom.
Stan's a little weird.
He's weird? He's, like, all flirty and silly.
Makes dumb jokes and walks around without his clothes on.
He does what? He's a freak.
He acts more like a kid than an adult sometimes.
It creeps us all out.
I've got to go down to the ER now, Lucy.
I want you to wait here with your mom until it's time for school, OK? OK.
a radial deformity.
GCS is 15, vitals are good.
Curtain three, IV, morphine, x-ray.
Got it.
Mom! We'll go see her as soon as we can, OK? Annie Dixon, 37.
Complaining of abdominal pain and headache.
Honey?! Tachy and hypotensive, SATS 92.
Trauma one's open.
I'm Dr Banfield.
My kids.
They're doing OK, Mrs D.
They're just more scared than anything.
This is Norman, the good Samaritan of the neighbourhood.
They're in 3a, I'm in 4b.
Heard the explosion, ran in to get the kids out.
I live alone, she likes to cook for me.
She says cereal is not a meal.
Hypoxic eight-year-old with a crush injury to the leg.
All right, curtain three, get Dawn to help you.
Breena? Breena, honey? They're in good hands, Mrs D.
Cleared all the ortho cases to the cast room, picked up five more beds.
This is Norman.
He needs access, fluids, and pain meds.
Oh, no, no, take Mrs Dixon, she's much sicker than me.
Yeah? No, I got her.
Uh, you help Gates.
Maybe you can benefit from having an experienced resident in the room.
Just in case.
Just in case what? I got your back, Johnny.
First you can't trust a GPS system, then it's your parents.
Then it's the government.
It's a slippery slope.
You're losing me.
We're not ashamed of it.
If more people in the world were like us, the world would be a better place.
Maybe, but there'd definitely be a lot more cars at the bottom of Lake Michigan.
What are you, some kind of rebel breaking all the rules? Some defiant bad boy riding around in a leather jacket on his unlicensed, un-carburetted hog? Uh, Tildie That's our Dr Morris.
Is that what you are? Knee's all done.
I'll go check on their x-rays.
We pay our taxes.
We-we don't jaywalk.
I change our air filter every six months.
What's so wrong with that? Nothing, but, you know, being a little free-spirited can be healthy at times.
Might even save your life.
We're free-spirited.
You ever go skinny-dipping? Hmm? Built a bonfire on the beach? Question authority of any kind? Who'd you vote for? We were afraid of change.
OK, well, it's obviously time for you two to live a little.
See this? Cut it off.
What? Wait.
That's against the law.
Guys, guys, you're missing the whole point.
Sometimes you just got to cut the tag off.
Yeah! Archie? I've got a kid here with an open radial fracture, another in danger of losing her airway.
I'll be right there.
Lots of mattresses around here, guys.
Go to town.
You know how Peter Parker gets bit by the spider and becomes Spider-man? Mm-hmm.
That's kind of what happened to me.
You were bit by a spider? No.
It's just ever since that ambulance blew up last year, it's like I'm fearless.
Its like I've got a whole other sense.
A "sense"? I can feel when someone around me is in distress.
Like how Superman always knew Lois Lane was in trouble.
I don't know.
Whatever it is, it's a gift.
I'm supposed to use it for good.
Tachy to 110, SATS 99.
Let's get some Silvadene down here.
Oh, you mean Aquacel? That's what we use now.
It's, uh, it's better.
Big improvement.
You'll like it.
A little fluid on Morrison's.
You have any pain? No.
And that's the strange part.
I never get hurt.
Fire, car crashes, storms If someone's in danger, I just go.
And I'm fine.
Well, that fluid on the ultrasound, that could be blood.
We need a special x-ray called a CAT scan.
Well, hurry up.
I want to go see her kids.
PO contrast and send him down.
Oh, we don't use contrast for belly CTs anymore.
Oh, no? Mm-mm, no.
Not since we got the 64-slice scanner.
How long you had that? Oh, couple of years.
I'm going to go get the Aquacel.
Must have ruptured her TM.
From the blast.
Ear drum's the first thing to go.
Please, my kids.
My kids We'll get them in to see you as soon as we can.
How's it going with the hero guy? Fluid on the fast.
We're taking him to CT.
How's Dr Carter doing? He's cool.
A little rusty.
It was only for a little while.
My mom's been trying to get some money.
Pay the electric company.
SATS 89 on a hundred percent nonrebreather.
She hooked up the gas grill for heat? I told her it wasn't safe.
Hemo-pneumo on the left.
What's that mean? She's bleeding in her lung from the explosion.
We have to drain it.
Chest tube, 20 French.
I'm going to go check on Clay, OK? I'm calling for Stan Griswold.
I'm the doctor on Joanie Lipson, Lucy's mom.
Clay, you OK? We were talking today Is Breena all right? I don't know.
Doesn't that hurt? I just want to make sure that everything's all right No.
with her living there with you.
Can you call me, please? Uh, at County as soon as you get this.
Thank you.
Is his arm going to be OK? Yeah, I gave him a nerve block.
He can't feel a thing.
Now, you're going to need surgery on that wrist.
For real? You weren't at home when this happened? I was up on the roof.
I got a pigeon coop up there.
Well, that's a good time to have a hobby.
I'll go check on Mom and be back, OK? Archie, ortho knows about this guy, right? Yeah, but bug them again.
They're slow.
Annie, we're going to put a tube down your throat to help you breathe.
Oh, please don't.
We'll take it out as soon as we can.
Doctor, let me see my kids first, please? All right, someone find her son.
Does it strike anyone else as strange that she can hardly breathe, but her SATS are a hundred percent? Grady, put her on a hundred percent O2.
Sam, good call.
I eat fire.
I wrestle lions.
Sinus Tach with PVCS.
All right, Dr Carter, get your patient on a hundred percent O2.
He has carbon monoxide poisoning.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Confabulating, the hallucinations - it fits.
Did you send for a carbon monoxide level? Doing it right now.
All right, would you feel better if Dr Morris took over in here? All right, lift your leg.
What? You've been out a long time.
Come on, Norman, move your foot.
I know how that is, but this patient is sick Wiggle your toes for me.
I know what he needs.
All right, I want you to be comfortable.
I'm comfortable.
Norman, wiggle your toes.
Norman? They won't! What won't? I can't move my legs.
Subluxation fracture of T-10.
Oh, my god, you're pretty.
Hey, you have to keep this on.
Norman Chapman.
He has no sensation in his feet.
They're going to regenerate! Attending is John Carter.
Well, I'm new, sort of.
Systolic only 92.
Spinal shock or blood loss or both.
Let's pack him up and get him up to the OR.
We're going to the hyperbaric chamber.
What? We've got to get some oxygen to his brain.
No, neurosurge needs to get in there now.
I'd rather be paralyzed than brain damaged, how about you? His crit's dropping, could bleed out in the chamber.
OR's ready.
Tell them we'll be right there after the decompression.
We'll transfuse and load with Solu-medrol before we take him in.
No, Solu-medrol is no longer Shut up, Gates.
I know the debate.
Dr Carter, with all due respect, the decision whether a patient needs surgery or not needs to be left up to the surgeon.
Neela, with equal due respect, I remember what it was like to be you.
To be me? When you're a surgical intern, you feel like surgeons are the only real doctors in the hospital.
But that approach to a patient can be a little narrow.
I am not an intern.
Protecting his brain is our highest priority, Doctor.
You'll thank me later.
Marisol, can you get Lucien on the phone, now? How long has it been stuck here? It hasn't moved in five minutes.
All right, Frank, call maintenance.
Already did.
They were eager to tell us they'll get to it when they get to it.
It's an old infrastructure.
Try to be patient.
Shoulder films on your GPS drone.
You OK? Yeah.
Just ran all the way down from radiology on account of the elevators.
Mary Taggart, end-stage emphysema.
Decompensated on a flight.
Hey, I'm sorry.
The home wouldn't take her without getting checked out first, so Who's this? Sam's mother.
She's tachypneic in the 30s and has a left hemiparesis.
Yeah, that's her baseline.
She had a stroke a few months ago.
All right, I'll take this.
Exam two.
Ready for the thora-seal.
Another unit, type specific.
FFP and platelets.
And let surgery know we have a potential customer.
OK, duly noted.
Grade-two liver lac and pulmonary contusions.
We're going to try to stay ahead of the blood loss, so she can avoid OR.
Sounds like a good plan.
How is her carbon monoxide level? stable enough for hyperbaric.
Neither is Carter's patient.
So can you please explain to me why he won't listen to reason? All right, get the rapid infuser.
Sometimes reason doesn't get you anywhere.
Excuse me? We have four kids who could be orphaned despite all reasonable efforts.
You know, it's part of the deal.
Doesn't mean we can start abandoning protocol.
Carter was out in the field.
Without all that technology, you learn to listen to your gut.
Systolic's down to 82.
Can't say I blame him.
Looks like reason's having a bad day.
He's hypoventilating.
Are you sure you don't want to tube him? No, he'll wake up in the chamber.
Why did you roll over on this? Oh, something about "reason having a bad day.
" But this robs him of any meaningful chance of walking again.
OK, you're being very dramatic.
Well, ask any neurosurgeon.
We're making a mistake.
OK, neurosurgeons are biased.
And by the way, so are we.
We see every case through the haze of our own experience, our own expertise.
Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is a valuable thing.
This is crap.
You OK? No.
I'm having a horrible day, and we're totally blowing this case which nobody seems to Frank, any messages for me? Nothing.
You were saying? Oh, never mind.
No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm listening, really.
No, it's all right.
Hi, Neela.
Hi, Simon.
Time to go.
I'll walk her out.
OK, I'll see you later.
When can I live with my mom again? Well, that depends on a lot of stuff.
I don't like living there.
I don't feel comfortable.
Well, it's not going to be for much longer, OK? -OK.
Hey, Lucy.
How's she doing today? The same.
Mrs Griswold, can I have a word? Uh, it's Dr Brenner, right? Yeah.
Well, I've got to get her to school, and drop off my little one at her grandma's, then be at work by eleven.
I'm, uh, curious.
How it's going? Excuse me? At home with Lucy? Did she say something? She seems a little uncomfortable with Stan.
I tried ringing, but Oh, oh Everyone's uncomfortable with Stan.
Look, he's my husband and I love him, but he's weird, OK? "Weird" is not a qualification for being a foster parent.
We got two of our own and three foster kids in our apartment.
He's great with them.
It's me he's not so great with.
Laid off in October, and he still won't get off his ass and find a job.
Look, I really got to get going.
Yeah, she was fine at first.
Then she started having trouble breathing and not making any sense.
I wouldn't even recognise her.
Yeah, well, it's been a really long time.
Yeah, it's hard to believe how easy it can be just to shut stuff off.
Looks like your mom has right middle lobe pneumonia.
IV antibiotics? Yeah, but her SATS aren't too bad, though.
What does that mean? It means, uh, we can probably buff her up and she'll be back in the nursing home in a few hours.
That's good.
She's going to be more comfortable there.
I've got to go change my flight.
Can I use the phone at the desk? -Use the break room.
You remember where that is? Yes.
Looks like the O2 is working.
Yeah, she'll be coming around.
I don't even know what to say to her.
Oh, I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Yeah, I just hope it's not something like, uh, "Why did you have to be such a crappy mom?" Or "Why couldn't you just stay in Dallas and die?" Oh, I'm guessing you'll come up with something better.
Where is my? What's going on? What'sgoing on? Hi, Mom.
It's me, Sammy.
You're in Chicago.
Where? At the hospital where I work.
You're a nurse? Yeah.
Sammy Sammy.
Sammy? I'm sorry that it's been so long.
Do Ido I know you? Have we met before? Thanks for waiting.
You know, we can do this inside.
I need my nicotine fix anyway, and the baby's sleeping.
Got to take the trash out.
I left a, uh, message for you on your answering machine.
Yeah, I don't know how to work that thing.
My wife's the one who checks it.
Right, well, I was just, uh, wondering how it's all going with Lucy.
She's a good kid.
Been through a lot.
Well, she, um she says she feels uncomfortable here.
That's natural, right? I mean, new place, new people.
And she is a little bit of an odd duck.
They're always my favourites.
Not the most adaptable, but in the end She says you make her feel, uh, uncomfortable.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look I got a really narrow tolerance for the way people treat kids.
That's a personal foible of mine.
What the hell is a foible? Are you crossing the line with her? Did you come here for this? My wife and I love these kids - all of them.
You're gonna stand there and accuse me of some Shut up, shut up, shut up! Just stop stop talking! Listen, I don't know what's wrong with you, if you're nuts or you just got the wrong idea somehow.
You walk around naked.
What? Oh, is she lying, is she? Is she lying? She came home early one day.
I got out of the shower in my towel.
I'm not some pervert, man.
I'm not some freak.
What, you think I get off on kids? Is that what you think? I'm sorry.
Look I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
We don't have a lot of dough.
I'm sorry.
And maybe I look like a loser to you, but I don't need some rich doctor coming in here accusing me of terrible things that I would never, never do.
They spiked your soda? It was like a diuretic or something.
And nailed up a stuffed animal by your desk? It's hazing.
It'll stop eventually.
You don't think this has anything to do with what happened? Same difference.
Either way, I'm going to ride it out.
If this goes on too long Yeah, I know.
I got to stop it, but this time I'll deal with it, OK? OK.
I can take care of myself, Archie, really.
I know.
I got to admit, I do like that you worry about me.
And here's my partner to pick me up.
Archie, this is my new partner, Ed Bernstein.
Archie Morris.
Nice to meet you.
I hear you're looking out for her.
She looks out for herself.
I'll be right back - I left my phone inside.
You're the doctor friend, huh? Yep, the outfit gives me away every time.
How long you been on the job? Been in HGS almost 15 years.
Oh, you can show her the ropes, you know, back her up.
Cops take care of each other, doc.
You know that.
Let's get out of here.
Sure thing.
See you later, Archie.
Thanks for the coffee.
-No, no, it's still blinking.
Come on, Burt, live a little.
Come on, come on, come on! Guys.
Guys! Burt, watch out! Brenner called, said he's not feeling well, gave his pass-ons to Gates.
I just love how this place runs itself.
-It's OK, Burt.
I got hit by a moped, Tildie.
But it was exciting, risky, daring.
I'll take them into three and call an ortho consult.
Please do.
He'll be all right, won't he? Yes, but you two really have to get control of yourselves.
You're the one who said to tear the mattress tag.
Tear the what? No, it was a metaphor for living fully, taking chances.
A metaphor? Why didn't you tell me she was so altered? Well, she's not always like this, you know.
When she's home and everything's OK, she's pretty clear, but the plane just really tipped her over.
All right, well, she can stay here tonight, and then we'll move her tomorrow.
You can stay with me, if you want.
Uh, actually, I I can't, but I'll check in with you when I get to Tokyo.
What? You're going? Sammy, I have to.
I No, you said you were gonna stay until we got her settled into the nursing home.
I can't, Sammy.
Look, this is this is hard.
I know it's probably more than she deserves.
Thank you.
FFP's in.
Order more from the blood bank.
Clear! I heard you could use a little help in here.
Nah, we're good.
You sure? Clear! Still in v-tach.
Resuming compressions.
Another unit, type specific.
Liver lac must've opened up.
She needs the OR.
Well, yeah, that's a good idea, but she goes into v-tach every time we try to move her.
James, do you understand what's going on? Is she going to die? What are you doing? If we find the source of the bleeding, she's got a shot.
What, are you going to do an ex-lap right here? No, he's not.
Surgeons come to camp once a week, the rest of the time, we're on our own.
Ten blade.
I don't understand.
You're going to cut her open? I'm going to pack off the liver and try and control some of this bleeding, and buy us a little bit of time.
Tell me about your mom.
Tell me something she likes.
The beach.
She likes to go swimming.
OK, hold her hand, and pretend that's where you are.
Thirteenth unit's up.
Lucky 13.
Gates, switch out, get sterile.
I'm going to need an assistant.
You heard him.
Come on.
-Do you think we should tell Surgery we're doing this at least? No.
Hey, how is Mrs D and the kids doing? I'll try and get an update for you.
Hang in there, Norman.
You know, when you're an attending, you'll get it.
Get what? How the subtle administrative, political nuances become a big part of your job.
I don't get how you can let that trump the care of an actual patient.
You know, the right course of action was, frankly, a little unclear.
He has a spinal fracture and paralysis.
Seems pretty clear he needs the OR.
We'll see.
You never take my opinion seriously.
That's not true.
You don't view me as an equal.
I have 15 years of experience on you, so, actually, no, I don't.
And how's that ever going to change? You know, Neela, you You might want to call neurosurge.
He is moving his toes.
What you did in there It had a really good chance of working.
It did, so spare me.
It was smart and gutsy.
I thought she was going to make it.
Well, "almost" doesn't really count, does it? Your guy in the hyperbaric chamber is moving his legs.
Really? Mm-hm.
Neurosurgery's up there now.
All right, would you tell her I'm upstairs if she's looking for me? Thank you.
You know, this has been one incredibly weird day.
Well, I read in the paper that Mars is transitioning from Capricorn to Aquarius.
That must be it.
Blast injuries can force air from the lungs into the bloodstream.
An embolus is likely lodged in his spinal cord, causing transient paralysis.
And the chamber shrank the embolus? Well, it forced it into solution, where it was carried back to the lungs.
So you all think the spinal fracture is stable, no chance of cord injury? It's too soon to know for sure.
We need to have a look.
Call me when you get to the unit.
You got it.
Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Am I done? You ready to come out of there? Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Man Ow.
This is like the pod from the Planet Of The Apes, the original one.
You're a very lucky man, Mr Chapman.
That's what I've been trying to tell you! I am indestructible.
Hey, how is Mrs D and the kids doing? The kids are stable.
They've all been admitted, but Mrs Dixon had very serious injuries to her liver and spleen.
She died.
What? We did everything that we possibly could, but we couldn't control the bleeding.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I don't believe it.
Mrs D can't be dead.
That doesn't make any sense.
-You saved those children, Norman, don't forget that.
We have to take you to the OR now, make sure you're not bleeding internally.
Oh, God.
This last year was like being under a magic spell or something.
I guess I got kind of hooked on it.
But I guess it's pretty much over now.
What's over? The era where everything works out.
Make sure to grab the pseudo- tumor grobe, Brenner was supposed to do it before he left and never got to it.
What happened to him anyway? Went home sick.
Seemed fine this morning.
Hello, everybody.
You're here already? I don't get off till seven.
I know, but my hand's feeling a little worse for wear.
I thought someone could take a look at it.
Yeah, let me see.
Please, ignore my advice.
OK, you were doing fine without me.
Just don't rely too much on the GPS system, OK? OK.
So no more running with scissors? I think not.
No more sex on the Definitely not.
Oh Well, it was fun while it lasted.
I feel like I just drowned their puppy.
That's what you get for telling them to tear the tags off mattresses.
Grady, would you set my husband up in curtain two? We might have to do a hand series.
Oh, sure thing, Dr Banfield.
After you're done with that, make sure you get to the other stuff, cos I'm leaving soon.
Right this way, Mr Banfield.
Russell's fine.
I'm not an old man.
So, uh, how's it going with the cop? Good.
Very good.
In fact, I kind of want things to move forward, but I'm not sure how.
You know what I just did for the old lady as a romantic gesture? Adjoining burial sites.
She cried and cried.
I'll keep that in mind, Frank.
How does, uh, Claudia feel about things? I'm not sure.
I can't tell.
So it's making me a little nervous.
You know, I don't like to get into all this personal stuff you people drag around here, but, uh, I'm going to offer you a bit of wisdom I heard on the street, Dr Morris.
Sometimes, you've just got to cut the mattress tag.
Mattress tags? I'm telling you - Dan and Rose's shared plots and cremation urns.
I got the number in my phone.
Well, I suppose I could tell you that I cut myself with a scalpel.
Or that I slipped in the snow.
Or make up some other stupid excuse, but why bother? A shunt.
It's for dialysis.
I had it revised yesterday, but it seems to be oozing a bit.
I'd call that more than a bit.
Why are you on dialysis? Oh, bad luck, really.
Some years ago, I lost function in my left kidney after an incident here.
I, uh I got stabbed by a patient, and a med student was killed.
And then when I was in Africa, I developed amyloidosis, secondary to schistosomiasis, which took care of the other one.
Well, that is bad luck.
For a while, I kind of had this idea that it would all magically disappear, but a week in a Nairobi hospital cured me of that.
So, I need a kidney and I came back to the States to get on the list.
I'll, uh, keep my fingers crossed.
Well, actually, as it turns out, you and I have the same blood type and minor antigens group.
Really? In fact, the truth is that I wanted to work here so that I could meet you.
And try to convince you to donate one of your kidneys to me.
What do you say? I'm just kidding.
I have no idea what blood type you are.
Oh, so serious, Cate.
You going to want to do a resection or a primary repair? I don't know.
Depends on what we find when we get in there.
Neela, you know the main reason that you and I fight is that you're one of the only people around here that I actually find worthy of arguing with.
I don't like these new brushes.
Which is another way of saying that I respect you and look forward to working together as colleagues.
The, uh, committee's announcing appointments at the end of the week.
I think you're going to be very happy.
Lucien, I've, um, withdrawn my application.
I'm not staying at County.
This morning at the agency, I was acting crazy.
Yeah, you and me both.
You were just defending my honour.
Still When was the last time I hit a guy? Do you think our erratic behaviour was some sort of sign? Sign of what? Maybe adoption isn't the right thing for us.
I don't know.
Me, either.
Being there, thinking about being a-a father again, what that would mean Hmm.
It was harder than I thought.
Well Still, it-it doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it.
It doesn't? Let's just sit with it a while.
See how we feel down the line.
Can I get you anything? Uh, still waiting on your X-ray.
I need soup.
-Neela? Simon.
Oh, baby, I have missed you.
Are you drunk? Yeah.
No, no.
Just-just a little bit.
Well, where have you been? I've been calling.
Yeah, well, I had the ringer on my phone turned down, so Oh.
Well, I bet my day was worse than yours.
Want to play the who's-more-miserable game? Boy, that sounds fun.
I completely went out on a limb against the ER, all by myself, and Dubenko wouldn't back me up.
I mean, I knew I was right.
I absolutely knew it, and you know what? Turns out, I wasn't.
Neela, just let it go.
That's it? Yeah.
Look, you were wrong, so, there's no point in getting upset about it.
Well, how can you say that? OK, how about how about you take your aggression out on me? What? Simon, please.
Why do you do this every time .
I try to talk about something that matters? OK.
Neela, what-what? Shoot away.
What do you want to talk about? I don't know.
I don't know.
The-the things you think about, the things you want.
I mean, talk about the real stuff.
The hard stuff.
I mean, that's what being together is.
I had a bad day, too, Neela.
I did something stupid.
I did something really stupid, really messed up.
But I don't have a neurotic urge to come over here and-and-and burden you, bore you with some ridiculous little tale of woe! Do you need to get that? I don't know.
I-I mean, no.
I You go ahead.
Yeah, hi.
Sorry, I left the, uh, frostbite guy in curtain three.
There's a homeless shelter that's supposed to come by and talk to him.
It's OK.
When's your shift over? Uh, T-minus-six.
Hours or minutes? Minutes, but I'm gonna stay until my mom gets a bed.
It's hard seeing your parents age.
Seems like yesterday, she was a tough broad, and now, she's a terrified old lady.
How do you get from there to here? That's the million dollar question.
It's nice to have you back.
Brought you something to eat.
Why won't they let me go? I don't know anything.
Well, we got to get you healthy first.
They're lying to you.
I don't belong here.
You're confused.
Things'll be clearer soon.
You just got to eat something.
I don't know that I can trust you.
Can I? Can I trust you? Are you scared? I understand.
You know, when I was really little, I used to have trouble sleeping.
My mom used to sing to me to calm me down.
# Hush, little baby, don't say a word # Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird # It's OK.
# And if that mockingbird don't sing # Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring # Hush little baby # Don't say a word # Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird # And if that mockingbird don't sing # Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring # And if that diamond # Ring don't # Shine # Mama's gonna buy you a valentine.
# I wish I had a daughter like you.
See you next time, Dr Carter.
See you then.
Good job today.
It's like you never left.