07 Ghost (2009) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

It's that dream again.
Just who is that guy? What's wrong, Teito? It's nothing.
Something you can't even say to me? It's just that I don't remember it well Worry about yourself.
Okay everyone, wake up! Before the bell stops ringing, you guys have to be at the meeting place.
If you're late, you'll fail.
So please hurry, okay? The time has finally come.
Let's go, Mikage.
1 The Future of Painful Thoughts is As the 315th class of our honorable Barsburg Empire's Military Academy, we are the elite chosen to be potential soldiers of Hohburg Fort.
Let us all endeavor to become superb soldiers who will not bring shame to the name of the Empire.
I am President of the graduating class, Shuuri Oak.
Chairman Miroku, I've heard that the level of this year's students is very high, isn't it? Seems like it.
However, out of 500 people taking the examination here, only 20 will pass.
By this, I wonder who can overcome this barrier.
The army's chief executive officers will be here for tomorrow's graduation exam.
Please try your best to show the results of what you have achieved so far.
Shuuri-san, you must have already prepared for this, huh? There's nothing like that.
As one would expect from the Noble Oak Family, you are different aren't you? By the way, Teito Klein.
You never came to my practical skill lessons.
I'm sad.
I was excused from all general practical lessons.
As one would expect from Miroku's dog.
It gets special treatment doesn't it? Sensei, Shuuri-kun brought porn magazines with him.
So many of them.
No, it's not like that! It's not! Teito, what's been going on with you since this morning? Why are you suddenly acting so serious? Nothing special.
Worrying about tomorrow's graduation exam? Of course not.
It's so cool! Hey, Teito, let's both pass the graduation exam and get accepted to that Fort Hohburg together.
I'm going to fight for the empire and protect my family.
Be sure to pass the exam, Teito.
Okay? Family Oh, you still don't remember anything about your family? No, but sometimes I have these strange dreams.
Dream? If that's so, then maybe they are memories of your family.
Well, because I have no memory, I don't even know my age.
But Teito, even if you don't have any past memories- It seems that people even die in the graduation examination.
Anyways, I wouldn't be so carefree if I were you.
Why call me "you"? Calling me "you" Come at me seriously, Mikage! Don't lose your attention, Teito! Don't be so compassionate, Teito.
All right! That is your greatest weakness.
I lost.
I lost, Teito-kun.
That was a close one, man.
Is that so? As long as you can move that swiftly, you'll make it into the army for sure.
The army? You shouldn't say stuff about something that hasn't come yet, you know.
However, you are really special.
Somehow I get that feeling.
Are you asleep, Teito? Nope.
After entering the army, we will be given different assignments, won't we? Yeah.
Contact me once in a while I'm your best friend after all.
Are you listening? You knew that I was a slave before I came here, right? What's wrong with that? Not just any other slave, but a slave used for battle to fight until death.
After my judgment, I was taken in by Miroku.
Although I didn't know the meaning of the love of a family.
However, I guess I do feel like you're my best friend.
What the What are you crying for? Idiot! Why would you suddenly say something so big? I don't know how to react But since it is the first time you said something like this to me, somehow I feel very happy.
All right! Before the graduation exam, let's swear on our friendship.
If you ever get in a pinch on the battlefield, I will never abandon you.
I swear by the name of God that if we have to, we will die together.
Since Mikage promises that with me God, for Mikage's sake, I will also swear to you Yes! Today is, at last, the graduation exam day! Please form your designated teams and enter the assembly halls.
Well then, good luck! I was up all night long with you, and now we have this to deal with.
It's because you keep on chit chatting.
I'm in the same group with this slave? Since you're just Miroku's dog, I bet you'll have a hard time passing the examination.
Your name seems to be pretty famous nowadays.
What? A Team, gather! You should get along with each other, got it? Yes, ma'am! Hurry up, Teito.
Hey, hey, what's going to happen here? Who knows.
Well then everyone, this is the graduation exam subject.
To pass the graduation exam, you have to defeat this prisoner.
In short, kill him.
Be sure to get him before he gets you.
If this guy is not defeated or if you abandon your comrades, you will fail.
Make sure you give it your best, otherwise you'll likely be killed.
Are you serious?! We have Shuuri with us! It's gonna be easy! Oh? This year's brats are pretty energetic.
I'm going to enjoy this.
Well then, it's examination time! If I fight like I always do, everything will be fine.
Then I'll back you up, Shuuri.
Shut up! Watch this, Teito Klein.
Hey, don't look away! Whenever I beat up one of you guys my sentence gets reduced.
This guy is fast.
Welcome, Chief Executive Officer Ayanami-sama.
How are the students this year? Well, they are Please help me! I'm going to get killed! Disgusting.
How unsightly to let us see such a thing.
Nothing matters when it comes to the real thing.
No matter how good they perform in training, or how well they are selected, it doesn't mean a thing if they can't prove it in battle.
So the last ones are you two? Please help me! I'm going to get killed! Dodge it! Teito.
Mikage! Teito.
Don't be so compassionate, Teito.
That is your greatest weakness.
Give up.
If you move, I'll kill you.
I give up Don't kill me In this situation, the exam hasn't ended yet.
I clearly said to kill him.
This guy is not our real enemy.
There is no need to kill him.
You're too soft.
What is with that guy? Teito, I heard that there were 19 people accepted today including us.
Back then, who the hell was that guy who used his Zaiphon Chief Executive Officer, Ayanami.
Ayanami There's a lot of rumours about him.
No one knows how many thousands of people he has killed.
I'm so pathetic.
My hand is still shaking.
I owe you one, Teito.
You saved my life and I was able to pass.
That time when you were in a pinch, I just didn't want to abandon you.
And I'm proud of you not deciding to kill that prisoner, my best buddy! Then, I'm going to sleep.
We're finally graduating tomorrow! Starting from tomorrow, we're both soldiers.
Hey, you're going to sleep here? It's okay, right? Tonight is the last time.
Stop joking! I'm sorry, Teito.
I really wanted to be by your side forever.
Teito, I'll definitely come back for you.
What the? This is Red Red Those who passed the graduation exam, please proudly carry out your report.
Who is that man? Is he dead? This sound is Raphael is reacting.
The stone must be around somewhere.
However, autopsies were performed at the Raggs War, but the stone wasn't there.
No, we may have overlooked a blood relative of theirs.
We must find him, the one that wears this necklace to be the King of Raggs.
The eye of Mikhael.
The eye of Mikhael? That is That person is Father That time, I was standing next to father.
The one standing there was What is it? Is it a rat? Don't do that.
If you attack Aya-tan, I might kill you.
Why did you attack me? Speaking of which, isn't this kid the slave taken from Raggs? If he happens to know anything, I want to hear it all.
Are these all of Teito Klein's belongings? Um, what happened to him? It's the end for him.
He stood against that Ayanami.
Ayanami? Don't say unnecessary things.
If I get caught, I'll be dead meat.
Teito, are you there? Teito Sorry, Mikage.
I can't stay here any longer.
I can't carry out my duty as your best friend anymore.
Stop! Mikage! I don't want to get you involved! Idiot! Do you want to get killed? Those who oppose Ayanami never live to tell about it! There's a Hawkzile that I stole ahead of here! Hurry! Mikage! Right now, only think about how to escape.
Don't think about anything else.
God, if you're really out there, please protect Mikage for my sake.
Escaped? He really did it, didn't he.
That cadet.
Get him back immediately.
It's okay, I've informed everyone already.
They're here! You two, stop right there! Step back.
If you move, I will kill this guy.
I can't get you involved in this.
I will run from here on my own.
Mikage, we will always be best friends, right? Of course.
Go, Teito.
Eh? He can even create a barrier to avoid mortal wounds like that? We've decided to partway for the sake of love.
What is it that covers Teito's future? Radiant light or pitch darkness? The one planting seeds knows that.
Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain Please tell us Hana-san.