07 Ghost (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Well, just who is this brat? It seems like there's a reason for this.
Did you help him? You will die if you don't speak.
Please help me! Will you? But of course.
There isn’t just one truth.
That truth only exists because a few people saw it.
Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain As my consciousness slowly faded.
I saw the snow from my hometown.
It was so gentle that it was almost cruel.
That's not good, Frau.
Stop driving up there like that.
It's way more fun like this! If you cause a landslide, you will die.
They say that only idiots and geniuses like high places, don't they? A hawkzile? What the Are you alive, Frau? Some brat just fell out of the sky.
And what about Teito Klein? I already sent men personally.
They should find him soon.
Then I will leave it to you, Ayanami-kun.
It's serious if we lose him.
I feel the same, chairman Miroku.
This is bad.
He probably sought refuge in there.
Then we just need to send a unit- No, I would avoid such action.
That 7th district is known as “God’s Territory”.
If one runs in there and asks for safety, even if he's a criminal, it becomes impossible for us to get our hands on him.
Well, just who is this brat? It seems like there's a reason for this.
Wake up! Hey, that's too loud! He's waking up.
Hey, brat.
How do you fee- Damn.
This is the first time I've seen a brat attack someone and then try to commit suicide.
L-L-Let me go! Is it fun to bully such a small boy? You’re misunderstanding.
Why are you helping me? That's because this place is a church.
A church? Indeed.
This is the Barsburg Church, located in Barsburg Empire's 7th District.
Well, we are sorta the clergymen here.
My name is Castor.
I’m Labrador.
And this evil-eyed person is Frau.
I carried you all the way here.
You should be thankful, kid.
You, are you from the empire army? I’m different from those guys! I saw the mark on your back.
You’re a slave, right? Your name is? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell us.
This is that kind of place.
If you were an empire soldier, I would have buried you alive back there.
You should rest a bit more.
By the way, you shouldn't leave this place if you want to survive.
Mikage I hope you are safe.
Get out.
Mikage, isn’t it? It’s not locked? It appears they don’t mind if one leaves or stays at this place.
Mikage, what do I do? You are too soft, Teito Klein.
That guy was a slave.
I’m called Mikage.
Someday, the time will come when you will understand your true mission.
Don’t move.
Please don't move.
You're hurting me! I-I'm sorry.
I'm sister Athena.
They are Rosalie and Libelle.
Nice to meet you, lamb who fell from the heavens.
Let’s go.
Uhh Uhh W-W-Wait! Here, eat something.
You have to regain your strength.
After the meal comes the medicine.
You have to heal your wounds.
I'll leave your change of clothes here, ok? Why are you helping me? Ah, didn’t you ask Castor-sama and the others? This is just that kind of place, you see.
I can’t believe it.
That you'd help someone without a reason.
We aren't necessarily helping you for no reason.
We're helping you because you are confused and suffering.
You should thank fate that you wound up here.
You have been forgiven and blessed by God.
It's not because I was blessed by God.
I am alive because of Mikage.
Did you help him? You will die if you don't speak.
The pain disappeared.
What is this feeling? I've seen a place like this before It’s been a while since I've seen so many people.
Right? I see.
Over here, over here! What was yesterday's sermon about? There are so many things I don't understand.
I can't believe I was a citizen of Raggs Kingdom.
More than that, why was my father killed by that man? Bishop-sama, please help me, will you? Of course.
That's Please, come this way.
Thank you very much.
Have you heard? It's rumored that this church has a unique way to chase Verloren's curse away.
Verloren? Isn’t that just a fairy tale? No, Verloren's curse really exists.
Before being sealed, the god of death released his messengers.
Even now, after 1000 years, those messengers take a person's soul in exchange for three wishes.
Three wishes? When a person makes a contract with Verloren's messenger, a mark will appear on their chest.
So That kid just now Bishop-sama, thank you for everything! Really, thanks for everything! Please take care on the way home.
Woah! The curse has been lifted.
As expected from the bishops at Barsburg church, the Seven Ghosts are truly protecting us.
Seven Ghosts? What are they? The things called Seven Ghosts? There are a lot of things the school didn't teach me.
Things about dad, lots of things I don't know about Damn kid.
Don't trouble me so often.
Are you okay? I-am-al-right I-am-al-right I-am-al-right Isn't she cute? Well, she is my creation, or should I call her the embodiment of my love? Oh, "The Empire's Military Record of the Past 100 Years".
Is that what you were searching for? Phew, that was dangerous.
What are you doing?! I'm surprised you figured it out.
Huh? OH YEAH! I can't just read this in the open, with my profession and all.
It was a big problem, and my room has reached its limit.
You being a bishop is the big problem there! If you want to hide a tree, hide it in a forest.
Got that? Make sure not to tell that doll nerd about By the way, what are you investigating? I wanna know about the war 10 years ago.
Why do you care about that? There is no need to tell you.
It's said that long ago, there existed two equivalently mighty powers in this world.
One was called Barsburg Empire, which was under the protection of "The Eye of Raphael".
The other was the Raggs Kingdom, which was under the protection of "The Eye of Michael".
Raggs Kingdom In order to protect the peace of the world, the two countries made a pact.
It was upheld for a long time.
However, ten years ago, the Raggs Kingdom broke that pact by trying to obtain both Eyes.
Their opposition against the Barsburg Empire led to their ruin.
That is the truth written in the history books.
The truth.
Is it really true? That Is it really the truth? Listen up, kid.
There isn't just one truth.
That truth only exists because a few people saw it.
If you don't believe what the books say, then you should go see the world for yourself.
I will see it; I will certainly see it.
I wanna know the real truth! That's right, I wanna know.
Why was father killed? Why am I here? Were you surprised? Sister.
Isn’t it pretty big? This is the guardian of the church.
According to a millennium-old myth, the god of death Verloren committed a crime in the heavens and fled to the Earth.
The hearts of the people on Earth were invaded by him and the world slipped into despair.
Knowing the suffering of the people, the Lord of Heaven from the heavenly world, sent down seven powers in order to oppose Verloren.
They were called the Seven Ghosts.
They were said to have sealed the wicked Verloren.
That is the statue of Zehel.
There are also statues of the other six, and together they protect this place.
This place doesn't belong to anyone.
This is the territory of God.
Why Why do I feel so nostalgic? Here, take this charm.
May God be with you.
It's rare, isn't it? For Labrador to give him that flower.
It is also called "The Flower of Protection".
I hope that nothing terrible will happen to him in the future.
I don't mind your silence, but I believe you have a family you want to protect.
Choose between them.
Your family or Teito? A new way of life.
Memories to be revived.
Unable to shake his fears, can he continue to pursue the truth? My Innocent Child, Sleep Within the Light Please tell us, flowers!