07 Ghost (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You can't do a damn thing the way you are now.
Quit being so cocky, you stupid brat.
Bastard, I'm not a stupid Kid! I'm Teito Klein! Excuse me, where's the little lamb? Is he with you? We wanted to let him know that it’s dinner time, but we can’t find him anywhere.
I specially got him some new clean clothes.
He needs his protein pills.
He needs to get more rest.
He hasn’t touched any of the food we left for him in the infirmary.
We are so worried.
He was in the courtyard just a moment ago Please hurry along! It’s time for the gates to close! I'm grateful to them for rescuing me, But is it really okay for me to be here? I don't even know if Mikage's okay or not It's just me Hey, hold it! Where do you think you are going, ya little brat? Hey, let go! I’m not a stupid brat! My name is Is what? You bastard, you haven’t even touched the food the sisters made for you, have you? The gate’s closing.
Hey, hold it! Jeez What? Put me down! I’m not hungry! If you miss your chance now, you won’t get anything to eat until tomorrow.
And it’d be troublesome if you passed out on us again.
It looks like you’re finally loosening up.
This flower will lose its meaning in life, if you don’t wear it.
Let me go! I said "Let me go!".
Looks like we made it in time.
Put me down, you… Everyone who lives here at the church serves God.
It’s our lost lamb, brought to us by heaven.
Come, it’s time for supper.
It’s nothing fancy, but please help yourself.
It’ll help you regain your strength.
Okay Today's menu is eye stew.
Oh, we're getting a real feast tonight! Just today we received these precious eyefish for tonight’s stew, it's because we do not partake meat, so we are truly grateful.
I love it! Really, is there really something else I can eat? You’re not going to eat it? I’ll take it if you’re not going to eat it! You sure are pretty enthusiastic about trying it out.
It’s good.
Those who serve the church are only allowed to eat basic dishes consisting of shellfish, vegetables, and fish.
District 7 is famous for its eyefish and edible flowers.
What are you used to eating? More normal food, along with protein pills and vitamins.
That sounds awful So that’s why you’re so short.
You should eat more natural foods.
There’s no need to rush, there’s plenty of food.
Come to think of it, we still don’t know what your name is.
Right, I’d love to hear it! Is it ok, little lamb? The church holds out open arms to everyone! Is it yummy? Do you like it? Yeaahh, it’s great.
Is it okay to be the only one surrounded by such nice people.
Mikage How are you holding up? Have you determined Teito Klien's current location? Yes, sir! We found signs indicating that he crashed on District 7.
We are currently in pursuit.
I’d like to hear why he felt the need to escape, Ayanami-kun.
Teito Klein just wanted to go visit his hometown.
Right, Aya-tan? He was originally a Sklave from the fallen Raggs Kingdom, So I sincerely doubt he actually has a place to go back home to.
I'm sure he'll come back once he starts to miss his school-life.
Are any of you taking this seriously? Especially you on the left.
Sir, what are you saying? He got away because you took to dealing with him on your own.
He was a valuable candidate for the Eye of Mikhal, once it was found.
I expect you to take full responsibility for this.
Now, now There are plenty of other candidates out there.
Chairman Miroki! I need to discuss something with you later Ayanami-kun.
You see? I had been hoping to make him your Begleiter My greatest apologies.
Miroku-sama, why did you take that child under your wing? Since he has been branded as a sklave, he will never find sanctuary anywhere else.
I’m sure you’ll understand someday.
Come! Please rest here! This place is Oh no, you don’t like it? I suppose we got a little carried away It's not like you're a little child I’m sorry! We were trying to cheer you up, but we’ll clean it up right away.
Uhh no-- Please excuse us now, we have some chores that we need to take care of.
Can I--? You don’t need to help! You’re injured, after all! I just don’t want to be a burden to everyone You are such a good boy! Mikage Hey, you! yeah you! I dropped my shoes and got shit on them.
So get down and clean it up! Lick it with your tongue! You were a sklave right? Lick it yourself! Didn't your mama ever tell you to clean up your own messes? What’s with these punks!? Get them! I’m Mikage, what’s your name? I don’t really care what your name is, Let's be friends from now on! Teito huh? Teito Klein.
God, I made a vow to you for Mikage, I'll do anything But I can't just stay here! I don’t have time to relax here and let the Church babysit me.
What a sad looking Moon, I just can’t bring myself to go home.
What's with this guy? He's out so late I wonder if he failed to leave before the gates closed.
Mister, what are you doing in a place like this? Do you mind if I take a seat? S-sure You see, my wife passed away.
I had her buried in the cemetery here, but whenever I find myself wondering if she's lonely living here all alone, I just can't bring myself to go home.
Oh, I see It used to be just the two of us.
now there's no one waiting for me at home.
I no longer have a home to go back to.
What's this? You have the same look in your eyes as me.
Old man Perhaps it was God's will that we were to meet here like this.
If you like, why don't you tell me about what's eating at you.
Old man, I can only remember bits and pieces of my past.
I see, I see And I couldn't protect my best friend, even though we swore an oath to each other! Everyone lives through life bearing wishes that can never come true.
But he might be able to grant those wishes for you.
He who? If you want him to grant your wish, come back here when the Midnight Bell tolls.
Little Lamb! Chore time is just about over! Little Lamb! I wonder where he wandered off to? Maybe he already went back to his room.
I just can’t stay here a moment longer.
I have to keep my oath with my best friend without asking for anyone else’s help.
I'm going to leave now.
I can't continue being a burden to everyone here! I believe that it was fate that brought you here.
Those who serve god will never forsake those who seek salvation nor will he be betrayed them.
I never asked for that! I never said I wanted you to help me! Are you saying that God will rescue Mikage? What could you do if you left here the way you are? I can do anything! move it! don’t get in my way! Just as I had thought, he’s a Zaiphon user.
It’s said that a large of number of soldiers in the Empire‘s Army are trained to fight using Zaiphon.
So, he was one of them.
Castor, Would you like some tea? Thank you very much.
Oh my, it’s chamomile tea, isn’t it? God has bestowed the gift to transform and manipulate the source of all life energy to a selected few.
The coveted power: Zaiphon.
The power is manipulated by the user’s emotions and forms into words surrounding the caster’s hands.
You can see how angry he is just by looking at his hands But he's really quite impressive, isn't he? For Frau's playmate, he's keeping up very well I'd say he's pretty powerful, wouldn't you? Yes, indeed.
They seem to be playing together quite nicely.
What's keeping you? You can't defeat me like this! That won't work! You can't do a damn thing the way you are now.
Quit being so cocky, you stupid brat.
Hey, I’m not a stupid brat! I’m Teito Klein! A Zaiphon alone’s not enough to defeat me, Teito The poor dear You overdid it, Frau! But after all this, I bet he won't try leaving again.
Mikage! This kid just won’t fess up, but we all know he was with Teito-kun when he escaped.
He insists that he was just a hostage, and now he pleads silence.
Your sister’s a real cutie, isn’t she? N-No! “It’s all for my family” I was so touched when I read that in your application, you’re the most promising student.
Please don't That’s why I’m going to give you two choices, your family Or Teito Mikage, could it be Everyone lives through life bearing wishes that can never come true, but he might be able to grant those wishes for you.
If you want him to grant your wish, come back here when the Midnight Bell tolls.
Meow, meow! Yes yes, good Kitty! Hey, hey! Kitty, what’s wrong? The spiteful enemy, and the beloved friend.
Darkness carefully enters the part of his heart, lost in despair.
Will his heart ever find peace? Please enlighten us.