07 Ghost (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I want to see Mikage Your wish is granted.
Your wish is granted.
Don’t let your heart be consumed by the Darkness, Teito Klein.
Wouldn’t your Master be much happier if you brought this to him? Why do you have his scythe? Old man I thought you would come.
You have a wish that you want to have granted, correct? Yes.
Have you made your decision yet? You can decide without even thinking, right? Your blood-related family, or the slave whom you don’t even know his nature.
How dare you make fun of me.
Huh! I thought you were smarter than that.
Uhh, Aya-tan? Well just what kind of dreadful thing is Aya-tan thinking of, I wonder? Earlier you said that you can’t remember you past, right? Those are very precious memories, aren’t they? Try to think about them.
So, what can you see? Neener, neener! Don’t come near us! Neener, neener! I was always alone.
Until, I met Mikage.
I’m proud of you, my best friend.
I will never abandon you.
Now just run, and try to stay alive.
Don’t think about anything else.
We will always be best friends until the end, right? You bet.
God, please somehow protect Mikage.
I will grant you your wish, if you will give me your soul.
What do you wish for? I want to see Mikage Your wish is granted.
Your wish is granted.
Teito Mikage! Mikage! Don’t let your heart be consumed by the Darkness, Teito Klein.
Old man.
You shouldn’t wander around after dark.
If you need Confession, please come tomorrow.
You know that I have taken an interest in that child.
So you will let me have him, won't you? Bishops? How Absurd.
Child, you were the one who came to me seeking salvation, right? Uhh, yeah… Then let me ask you this: in this "salvation", is God’s will in it? Well, Kor? You don’t know how valuable that child is.
If I bring him back to my Master, he will be very pleased.
You're not getting the kid? What is it? Tha-at scythe… it's the Master's? Wouldn’t your Master be much happier if you brought this to him? Why do you have his scythe? It's useless! Even if the Darkness is burnt, only the old man will be hurt.
What the heck is this? He can see the scythe?! You think you can escape that easily? I feel sorry to raise my hand against an old man, but… We want you to return that soul you borrowed, okay? What is this?… What is going on here? May God be with you.
Seniors shouldn’t push themselves so hard.
I’m taking this soul with me.
I won’t let you escape.
I can’t believe that I'm defeated by mere humans.
But because that scythe is alive, he must also be alive.
Don’t forget that, you brats.
What was that just now? That old man’s soul was taken by a messenger that tries to drag souls into the Darkness.
"Kor" by name.
However, we have already taken back his soul.
A messenger that tries to drag souls into the Darkness?… Kor? What is with you? You have been such a pain today.
You-Your arm Does it hurt? Aren’t you frightened? Why? It seems that I had a terrible dream.
If you don't get inside fast, you're going to catch a cold.
Why don’t you sleep in the church for tonight? I’m sorry.
You're coming this way.
Hey! Why do you have to carry me?! Shut up.
Let me down.
There’s no need to put you down, brat.
I never thought that a Kor would appear on the church grounds.
Yeah! The flowers, they're still astir.
What the--! What the heck are you doing? We still haven’t taken care of your problem.
Huh?! Look at your chest.
I'll remove that mark for you.
Once marked by a Kor, a person’s mind normally becomes unstable.
He sure is tough.
That old man, he said that he didn’t have any place to return to.
More importantly, worry about your own self.
Why are you helping me? These are my own problems.
Well, I wonder why… Alright, I've removed the Kor’s mark for you.
Also, just try to rest today.
All of this, just because I relied on that Kor.
Ayanami-sama, the preparations for the next step with Mikage have been completed.
I’ve put you through a lot of trouble Captain Katsuragi.
You've done well.
It’s an honor to receive such praise from you.
Damn that Ayanami.
That youngster is so full of himself; he’s just merely from a fallen noble family.
Wasn't he was thrown away from that royal-line? Do you think we were overheard? Well I didn’t say anything.
How is the investigation of Teito Klein's escape proceeding? I will certainly capture him, Miroku-sama.
That boy is strong.
He is my ultimate desire.
I don’t know anything apart from the army, so I'm completely lost when it comes to the outside world.
It’s a little dazzling.
Somehow this place appears to be such a bright, and calm world.
Oh, Teito-san! Good morning.
And I’ve just finished washing your clothes.
Oh, good morning! Ahhh, I'm sorry.
Ahh, it’s just like Rosalie.
I’m sorry about that.
Teito-san, It’s okay to wash this too, right? T-that I'll wash it myself! Oh my! Oops my bad! You were sooo small that I couldn’t see you.
What's with that?! I’m still growing! W-what is it? First of all, I’m glad to see that you're well.
Though I don’t understand why you want to leave here, but you can’t live anywhere if you aren't feeling well.
Thank You.
Let me see! Now what is this? Stop! Give it back! Go catch your panty.
How can you just throw “that thing” like that? Ahh! It’s deep over there! What--what the hell is this?! My, my.
This child is Lazet.
She is the organist for the church.
Oh It seems that she has taken a liking to you, Teito.
She's really shy you know.
Hey Lazet.
Can’t you be familiar with me already? Frau, keeping that up won’t get her to like you.
Teito-kun, about that old man It seems that he had a home to return to after all.
Thank goodness.
Um About the other things yesterday.
Just what are Kor? When people are granted life by the Lord of Heaven, they are told this: “While you are granted the life of a human, you shall have three dreams that will be granted unto you.
" “Now tell me, what three dreams do you wish to be carried out in your life?" It is believed that when all the dreams that you have been promised, by the Lord of Heaven, are granted, your soul will once again be called home to Him; and you shall be united.
Of course, no one remembers what the dreams that they were promised are, when they're born.
Spending your life searching for them, is part of one’s life pleasure and joy.
Take one.
Thanks! However the things that always get in the way are the Kor.
Get in the way of people's dreams? By granting people their dreams, they draw them into the Darkness.
The first time a Kor grants a wish, your heart can never be satisfied, no matter what you do.
The second time, you develop an unquenchable hunger and thirst.
And if the third wish is granted, your soul is indulged with Darkness, and you can never return to the Lord of Heaven.
The Kor then possess their victims, and try to bring even more souls into their ranks as they await the return of their Master, Verloren.
It’s the duty of the Church to protect the people from the Kor.
In all honesty Please keep what happened last night a secret.
By the way Teito-kun, What is your dream? Dream Teito At first somehow I thought you were hard to get through to.
Let’s go fishing next time we get a break.
Fishing? I know a great fishing spot.
However Mikage, Well, aren’t you just getting along with that slave? Your family are servants of the famous Oak family, so try not to embarrass me.
Let's go.
Ah that’s right.
Seeing as your family are our servants, that would make you my slave, right? Slave and slave should get along very we-- Apologize to Mikage! Y-You dare hit me! Apologize.
Stop it, there is no need to dirty your fists on the likes of him.
Thank you.
There is a guest for you, Mikage-kun.
Such a good little sister, isn’t she.
She came as soon as she heard that you wanted to see her.
So, I’m gonna ask you once more.
Family or Teito, which one do you choose? I’ve never wondered what my dream was I’ve always believed that I had to do whatever the Army told me to.
My dream was… Your dream is to enter the Army to protect your family, isn’t it? That’s right.
I have to protect them no matter what! Finally! I’m glad that you understand.
It seems that we could become good friends.
I’m sure they will understand.
My family, will understand my reasons.
They would never want me to abandon my best friend.
I swore to my best friend, that I would protect him.
Just like Teito’s feelings when he protected me.
Just like Mikage’s feelings when he protected me.
Mikage, I will Teito, I will Never abandon you.
Such a pity.
“Please be safe” Teito and his separated friend.
Will dark clouds overshadow them when their sad wishes come true? Please tell us, flowers!