07 Ghost (2009) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Run Mikage! Zaiphon! I can use it now too, you know.
Oh man! Young kids being immersed in thought like that, and I don't even have time to read porn.
He needs time to think, doesn't he? He's gone through a lot after all Even so, just what does Teito desire so much that he would sell his soul to a Kor for it.
Who knows.
But it must be something very important to him, right? Hey, Mikage.
You haven't been punished for helping me escape, have you? What's wrong, Lieutenant Hyuuga? Well, normally when a criminal escapes, the Imperial Army will set up a 5,000 meter shield, which is the maximum altitude a Hawkzile can reach.
No one should be able to escape that.
However, Teito Klein was able to fly all the way to District 7 without being noticed.
How disgraceful.
I'm having the Guard Unit undergo a thorough Review.
Putting them aside, I was informed that on that day, the Wendy was having trouble navigating.
Let alone a mere Hawkzile, it was a monster capable of destroying our best aerial troupe.
Are you saying that Teito Klein flew through that? That guy has guts, doesn't he? Then what should we do now Aya-tan? Don't worry.
That Teito Klein is as good as ours.
Excuse me, would you like my help? It's okay.
This is our job after all.
But it seems heavy.
Well, we're used to it.
Rsalie is super strong you know.
Besides, Teito-kun, our job is an important thing, granted by God.
So we have to do our best at it.
I bet that someday you'll find your job too.
Right, right.
And tonight I'm going to make dinner to show my gratitude.
I hope you'll enjoy it.
Why is everyone here trying to get along with me? Even though I'm just a sklave Is it because they pity me? What? I don't understand at all.
Just what are you trying to say? That place over there? Is this the Worship Sanctuary? Teito, I'm going to say this just once so pay close attention.
Listen Teito.
The Eye of Mikhail holds the History of Raggs within it.
Someday, you will understand it.
Me? That is your Destiny.
You must never fall into the Hands of the Empire.
It can't be I'm the Heir to the Raggs Kingdom? If that blurred memory was true, then I must be an enemy in the eyes of the Barsburg Empire.
If they figure out that I'm staying here, they won't let me escape.
Could it be that the people in this church are being nice to me because they know that I'm from the Raggs Kingdom? In any case, I'm only going to be a burden to everyone here To this place, the sisters, Castor-san, Labrador-san, and even him.
Well, who cares about that last guy anyways.
But I don't want to put everyone in danger.
He has such a sad complexion, you see.
Geesh, taking care of that brat is such a pain.
For Frau to have such feelings for him it's unexpected.
Shut up.
The flowers just can't settle down.
Soon someone will be coming for him.
And he'll tear his world apart.
It's really you, Teito.
Thank goodness you're alive.
Mikage, is it really you? What are you saying? Can't you see I'm Mikage in the flesh and bone? Man, I never thought I would see you again.
Who's that? Seems like his friend.
Hey Labrador, is he the guy that you mentioned earlier? The one who will tear Teito's life apart.
So you ran away from the Army in search for your friend Teito-kun? He's not my friend, he's my best buddy.
Excuse me.
However, It's really amazing that you escaped safely, isn't it.
It must have been tough.
It's nothing big.
Um, Castor-san.
It's okay.
No one would mind him staying here.
Thank you very much.
But is this really the right thing to do? As long as I'm staying here, Mikage and everyone else What's wrong, Shorty? Are you so happy that you're about to cry? Huh? Of course not! Besides, I'm not a Shorty! Teito making such a face.
It's been such a long time.
At least I'll stay here just until Mikage gets better.
Just relax.
Huh? Don't worry about anything.
I'll take good care of this guy here.
That's what worries me the most.
What was that? You have any complaints about me? Yeah, I do! Hey, this will make you feel better.
Oh yeah! Just after I've said that, you guys! How is it? Want to thank me? What is it? That's it for today.
I-It's nothing! Well, it's been a while since you guys re-united with each other, so we'll just excuse ourselves.
Alright, if you need something, you can rely on me okay? Sure! I'll do that.
Do you think he'll be okay with that Mikage? After all, the Imperial Army certainly won't let him go like that.
I wonder how they knew that Teito was here.
I don't know why, but he's not the one who will tear Teito-kun's world apart.
I feel uneasy about this.
Labrador's premonitions are always true.
Well, if something happens I'll just skip Mass and Up to something mischievous again, Frau I mean Bishop? Remember, tomorrow's Mass is very important since we'll be holding our Annual Baptism Ceremony.
Therefore, make sure you behave yourself in front of the Congregation.
I get it already, Old Geezer.
That's "Arch Bishop" to you! We have a duty to protect all of the Lost Lambs.
Yes, Arch Bishop-sama.
I'll be sure to keep a good eye on Teito-kun and his friend.
Hey, we can relax and talk about anything we want here.
Eh? There is such a place like this in the church? This flower is edible.
Suddenly you've become like one of the church people you know.
It's good to see that you're in great shape though.
Me too.
You don't know how relieved I am to see you here.
Why do you say that, Teito? It's nothing.
By the way, how did you know that I was here? You made such a crash-landing near this place you know.
It's only natural for me to look for you here.
Oh, I see.
But it must have been really tough for you.
Well, in fact, it wasn't anything like that.
At first, Ayanami was trying to interrogate me, but one day he just said "it's enough" like that.
He didn't torture you? You worried didn't you? It's not a big problem anyway.
Are you really really sure? Standing around talking like that, I bet you would do the same if you were in my place.
By the way, you sure have run into a nice place.
Yes, everyone here has helped me a lot.
Even though I didn't tell them my reasons, they still take good care of me.
But that is Nevermind But Mikage You don't need to be formal with that guy who showed you the porn magazines.
The one called Frau? That guy has a huge attitude and a dangerous look.
I wonder how he became a bishop in the first place.
Really? To me he looks like a big brother who you can count on.
Well, sometimes he says something that has meaning, But I'll never approve of a guy like him.
What is it? Nothing.
I just think that you and Frau get along nicely, that's all.
Such a thing like that would never happen! Do you guys have an interest in flowers? Well then Teito, show me how you can flap your wings in that cage of yours.
I'm glad.
After all, these flowers will be the flowers on your graves.
On our graves? Because it's for my dream to be granted.
Run, Mikage! Zaiphon! I can use it now too, you know.
Run Mikage! I'll hold him here.
I'll fight too.
You can't! He's coming.
Don't even think about it.
Didn't I tell you to run? You're the one who should be escaping.
I'll never leave you to escape again, Mikage.
That's right.
We'll never leave each other again.
Ever! You won't get away.
I can't keep running.
That's I told you.
Your power will only hurt the Vessel.
However, I commend you for deciding not to run away.
You've grown quite a bit haven't you, Shorty.
I'm not a Shorty! Yet another one has appeared.
Can't sleep yet? Hey Mikage.
There's something I want to tell you.
It's okay.
That's why I'm here by the way.
Then I told him all about my returned memories up until now.
That I was really the Son of the King of Raggs Kingdom which was destroyed by the Empire.
And how I was the Heir of the Raggs Kingdom.
I was happy that Mikage just silently listened to my story until the end.
Being a sklave, and then suddenly saying all these things, it must be hard for you to believe all of it, right? No, I believe you.
You know from the time I met you, I thought that you carried an "Air of Royalty" or had an "Aura of Importance" around you.
What are you saying? You're terrible.
So you're a prince You're just getting further and further away.
Well then, it's my turn to tell you some stuff.
When the Raggs war ended, I was only 5-years-old.
My parents were so happy that we won the war.
Dad, why are you so happy? We won the war you know.
We defeated a lot of enemies.
That time, I couldn't help but wonder why he would feel happy about lots of people dying.
And to think that those who were killed at that time were your Father and your Countrymen It may not be right for me who is from a country that destroyed Raggs to say such a thing to you, But I'm glad that you can feel your family's love in your heart now.
I'm really glad.
Teito Klein, you weren't abandoned when you were born.
I'm so glad that I met you.
So what are you planning on doing after this? I want to know about Raggs Kingdom's history.
That's what I'm living for.
I see.
That's what your life is for right? Then you have to do it until the end.
Mikage, what are you planning on doing from now on? Teito, listen carefully to what I'm going to say right now.
First, don't become the Empire's enemy.
Revenge won't bring anything good.
Killing the ones you hate won't bring you happiness.
Always look forward.
Follow the Path of Light.
Second, although you are bad at accepting people's kindness as well as opening your heart to others, you are my best friend.
Never forget that I always pray for you and will always be by your side.
Why are you suddenly saying such things? It sounds like you're going to leave me.
What are you talking about? There's no reason for us to leave each other, is there? Good night, my best friend.
He used to love flowers It's so troubling isn't it.
I feel uneasy about this.
Ever since that brat came here, strange things have been happening.
The boys are anxious.
They grip onto dimming feelings of friendship as happiness over-flows from open palms.
Isn't there a way for us to tightly fasten onto the happy emotions? Please tell us, flowers!