07 Ghost (2009) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Isn’t there some way that we can save her? I am tired of being all alone.
Therefore I won’t let you or Big Brother Go anywhere Ever again Mikage! Well, Teito Klein! Let me see your power.
The only way to stop you, is to kill you.
If I don’t kill you You'll just leave me again, won’t you? Big Brother.
Hey Aya-tan, why did you let that Mikage go? I still wanted to play with him some more.
Ayanami-sama must have thought of something.
Isn’t it fun? The Path of Justice that Leads to Light Wow!!! Today is when we share our crafts with everyone.
Once a year, we hold a large Baptismal along with this bazaar.
Ohh! What’s wrong, Teito? I want to finish our conversation from yesterday.
Are you sure… that you’re not hurt anywhere or anything's been done to you? If you are in any trouble you can tell me.
Idiot, I’m not going anywhere.
Hey guys.
Check-out over here too.
Did you and all the bishops open up booths as well? Of course.
Labrador-sama’s shop is always very popular.
Thank you! What was that? Sugar-coated flowers.
It’s Labrador-sama’s specialty.
Not only do they taste good, but they're also good for sick people and their hearts.
The flowers at this church are doing their best everyday, you see.
Want to try it? Itadakimasu.
Delicious! It’s good.
Isn't it? I’m glad.
Here's another one our booths.
Oh! It looks like the Bishop isn't here.
Well, Even though he's not here, you must've figured out who’s running this booth, right? Is this Castor-san’s booth? That’s right.
They're all made by Castor-san? Yep.
Ohh Now here's someone who's good at crafting.
Hey, isn’t this beautiful? Normally, I only make clothes for my dolls.
But since there are many who want to wear them, I made enough for everyone.
I also want to try it on.
It's such a waste to make clothes only for dolls.
Don’t say that, Rosaline! Dolls are Castor-sama’s life after all.
I’m sorry Bishop-sama, didn’t you open up a booth too? Follow me.
I thought meat is prohibited.
This is okay, just give it a try.
It’s very nutritious.
It may even help you grow taller.
Taller? It’s good.
Isn’t it? This must be homemade, right? I guess.
It’s really cool, I wonder what it is? Chicken? Well even “that” tastes good if you cook right.
What is “that”? Frau-sama.
I've brought more ingredients.
This is one of our local delicacies, Winkhob.
He gave us such a shock.
Yeah really.
This place sure is a lot of fun.
Hey, Mikage.
What are you going to do from now on? Don’t worry about that.
I can still return to the Army even if I don’t bring you back with me.
I’ll just report that you weren’t here at the Church.
Do you think they'll be okay with that? It will be fine.
As I've said before.
I order you to suppress the Rebellion in this town, that is fostering the refugee slave.
Do you have a problem with that? No.
Then commence the attack immediately.
How's the case of Teito Klein coming along? You have no need to worry.
I expect good news from you.
Upon receiving your Baptism.
Heaven will grant your Soul eternal Divine Protection from all those who wish to taint it.
This Holy Seal shall help to prevent you from making deals with devils.
It will guide you down the Path of Light.
We should be thankful that everyone could gather here today.
Not good! The Baptism is about to start.
Could I have a minute with you? What is it? It’s about Mikage.
Though he claims that he could return to the Army at anytime, I’m still worried.
He never looks upset about anything and he's always with me.
But without a doubt I know he's hiding something so that I don’t worry about him.
I don’t want to be a burden to him any longer.
Could you hide him here for me, even after I leave? Please take care of him, like you did for me.
That would be easy on my part, but He's the type who chooses his own path, Isn’t he? Why don’t you also come and be Baptized? I wonder who will carry out the mission this time.
Last time was Captain Katsuragi, right? That time he destroyed the whole Guerrilla-fighter’s village.
It was so quick it hardly made a decent workout.
I hope this time will be even more fun.
But you know, I know something even more interesting.
Aya-tan, what are you up to this time? Well now It’s going to be fun.
Are you okay? I ran away That Mark.
Teito said that's the Mark of a Kor.
I’m all alone now.
Everyone went away.
A Kor did this to you.
Bishop! We need to Baptize you right away.
Big Brother will save you.
May God be with you.
May God be with you.
Everyone Everyone has left me.
It’s all right! I won’t go anywhere.
If we don’t hurry everyone will die.
What will you do? Teito Klein.
Big Brother Why? Why did Big Brother run away from me? Archbishop What’s wrong? A Kor has appeared on the Church grounds.
It’s currently heading towards the Central Square.
I see.
Don’t leave me alone.
I won’t leave you alone.
Come here.
Follow me.
It’s another Kor! Will that boy be all right by himself? Hey! This area is off-limits.
What’s with this room? Wait! Don’t go away again.
Big Brother Mikage.
Why are you making that face? I only wanted to be together with you.
I Isn’t there some way that I can save her? I made a promise.
No matter what happens, I will never abandon you.
Do you want to stay with me too, Big Brother? As expected, he came.
Hey, Big Brothers Listen to what I have to say.
Don’t interfere! Teito-kun and his friend are in danger.
I’ve lost contact with my dolls.
Why can’t anyone understand me? You see, I’m always alone always.
Papa and Mama only cared about Big Brother, who'd take over the Family one day.
They didn’t even have time for me.
Even at school, I was alone Always alone Isn’t there some way that we can save her? Mikage I am tired of being all alone.
Therefore I won’t let you or Big Brother Go Anywhere, ever again Mikage! Well, Teito Klein! Let me see your power.
The only way to stop you, is to kill you.
If I don’t kill you… You'll just leave me again, won’t you? Big Brother It’s useless.
Teito! I won’t give you my Big Brother.
He will always always be with me.
Teito! Mikage! This power.
I see.
May God be with you.
He killed my Kor in one blow.
What are you? Teito.
Mikage You were awesome, just now.
That power Thank you, Teito.
Does it hurt? No The one who will destroy Teito-kun’s world is not that boy, Mikage-kun.
That something started breaking it, the moment that he came here.
The more you care for each other, the fiercer your Bond becomes.
Will the winds of salvation blow for an angel that has lost its wings? If only there’s a way to stop the sadness Does the Soul, that was devoured by the wings, dream of its Beloved Child? Please tell us, flowers.