07 Ghost (2009) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

W-What was that just now? Does the Soul, That was Devoured by the Wings, Dream of its Beloved Child? So there is no way to keep my family from danger other than not returning to the Army or die.
While I’m still myself, I’d better leave the church But once I leave, I can never see Teito again There you are.
I was looking for you.
This place is bustling.
Kind of reminds me of School Festival Yeah.
Today's the last day of the Bazaar anyway.
One of the reasons for holding the Bazaar is to help ease the pain for children who have lost their family in the War though.
Family Let’s go, there’s gonna be a parade.
Y-yeah I guess I’ll make one last memory while I can.
It's time for Mass.
It’s the usual ceremony.
So then, let’s go.
Good morning, “Young Master” Teito Klein, right! Can this little pipsqueak keep up with us? Did you know that he used to be a slave? No way! Are you sure? Good morning, my ever-rumored “Young Master”.
Cut it off, Mikage! What! You knew it was me? We’ve been friends for a year, of course I knew! Why are you so worked up? Who is it? I'm alright though.
He was so sullen back then.
Teito! Why did you just suddenly disappear like that? Here.
Frau wanted me to tell you that he’s opened another booth.
I didn’t wanna tell you though.
Yeah right! More weird stuff again? Don’t worry, he’s not selling anything weird like earlier.
Wait a minute Teito! There's someone.
Look at that kid.
You should come too, There's a lot of interesting things to see.
Wait! Is it really necessary to send us out to this remote area, just to deal with a group of slaves? Must be the higher-ups wishes, right Konatsu? Yeah, it really is an odd job for us.
Since no one was saying anything, they're just sending us out to retain their dignity.
Right, Konatsu? Y-Yes, that’s right.
So for this mission, who's wants to take it? I will take it.
Why did you suddenly… I lost sight of the kid.
Did something happen? just that his expression was exactly the same as yours, back when we were at the Academy.
I was just being normal.
Give it back kid! You little thief.
Wait right there.
Are you ok? Oh dear, what’s wrong? Well… A no-good brat stole one of my loaves of bread… Huh? Today is the last day of the Bazaar where God blesses the children.
I don't believe that it’s his heart that's at fault.
Please forgive him.
Well… Delphinium.
In the language of flowers, it means a merciful heart.
If the bishops say so… I’m really thankful.
May God be with you.
Doing a thing like that! Stealing is wrong.
If you’re in trouble, just ask for help.
That’s the kind of place this is.
This is yours right? Food that you managed to get yourself is technically yours.
But you should thank the old man who made the bread, as well as the people at the Church.
I’ll do it.
The contract must be upheld.
A pound of flesh must be cut from this man’s chest.
Do it now! Just what I’d expect from our young, idiotic judge.
Oh no! This is terrible! I’m Mikage and this is my friend, Teito.
What is your name? Tajio, why did you do that? I’m used to doing things like that.
What about your parents? My mom is dead.
My dad left home to earn money.
You're at least trying your best aren’t you.
What are you doing? Even so, there is nothing cool about stealing.
How about we have a bishop look after you? I hear that they are very compassionate aren’t they? There is one exception to the rule though… To survive you can’t show any weakness.
Besides, when Dad comes back, there must be someone there to welcome him.
You choked?! There’s a water fountain over there! I had the same eyes like his back then at the Academy right? Yeah, exactly the same.
I thought I would lose if I showed my sadness.
That’s why I always put up a front.
He must feel the same way.
Alright! Are you ready? What is it? Please forgive me! What are they doing? Come and take this knife to cut away a pound of his flesh! Justice must be upheld after all.
But be sure to uphold the contract and only cut off one pound of flesh! No no! Tajio sure takes his time.
Run for it now! Eh? Was this in the script? Gotcha! Put me down! A mysterious savior has arrived.
I shall take this villain away in the name of the All-Righteous God! Let me go! What the! All is safe! Adios! Let me go! I didn’t want to say it earlier, but what did you think you were doing? But those guys, they're bad.
Give me a break.
Haven’t you ever seen a play before? What is that? Tajio.
Tajio, I’m sorry.
Father! Bishops, thank you so much.
For watching over him.
Actually I’m not a Bishop Hey look here! I finally saved up enough money for us to live together.
Tajio, that’s great! I really want to thank you.
Family or Teito Klein? Which one will you choose? Teito, I can save my family if I hand you over to Ayanami.
I wonder why that man’s hands were so cold Hey.
Haruse, don’t worry about me.
I’ll take care of them.
Alright, Kuroyuri-sama.
Well, here I go.
Where did they go? It hurts, Daddy! Let me go already.
I shall have your soul.
No, you're not Wait.
So you came? Help me! This isn't my Dad! Get away from him! W-What was that just now? Just now it must have been Here you go.
What kind of meat is it this time? It’s a secret! This isn't good.
What was that just now? It happened last time, and then just now Teito, Watch out! May God be with you.
Father! I see.
Very interesting.
Mission Accomplished.
Well done.
It’s finished, isn’t it.
It’s over.
That’s one day for you.
I was able to make some exciting memories here on my last day.
Teito, You rushed in to save that boy without hesitating for a moment.
Having you as a friend makes me proud.
Or in fact, I think of you more as Family than as a friend.
I can’t sell you to the Army, even at the cost of my own family.
Recently, there has been a lot of Kor appearing on the Church-grounds.
When I killed that last one, I had a feeling that someone was watching me.
His cold eyes sent chills down my spine.
Teito or family? It’s time for you to make your choice.
The boy makes a wish saying that he hopes he’ll never lose his irreplaceable friend.
And is willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect his friend.
Please show us, Flowers.