07 Ghost (2009) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Please don’t come near me.
I’m sorry Teito… for being such a hopeless friend.
What are you say--? I have a request to ask of you.
A final request… “Final”? Since the time that Mikage arrived, time has just been flying by.
This must be what people call "Happiness".
Since we’re still within the reach of the Imperial Army, we can't stay here idling.
But all we can do is just gaze at the wind-blown flowers Wishing that this “Happiness” would last forever.
Half of his soul arouses with a Sad Awakening.
So Teito, who’s your type? Is it Rosalie-san? She’s cute isn’t she? Oh-Uhm Hey there.
She's a bit clumsy yes, But doesn't that just add to her cuteness? Now don’t be shy.
I’m not being shy! At a glance, this may seem peaceful, but I suppose I’m not the only one who's uneasy about this.
The flowers are also astir It’s way too quiet.
It’s as if it's the calm before the storm Just as I thought, I'm no match for you.
It’s getting cloudy.
Shall we go back then? Here, I’ll help you up.
Oh, okay, thanks.
Mikage What’s wrong? Your hand it's cold.
How much longer are you holding onto me? Eh? No I What was that? It’s as if it’s not my own hand anymore.
Is something wrong? I’m sorry.
It seems like I’m getting a bit tired after all of this.
I'll head back to the room and get some rest.
Something’s not right.
Right now, he is only half himself.
Yeah What does that mean? The soul has reached only one-half of its state.
But he will still lose all of it, very soon.
What are you saying? Can’t we can save him somehow? I don’t know There’s never been anything like this in the past.
Then we'd better not take our eyes off of them.
What am I doing? He was so close to taking hold over me.
Listen Teito… The Eye of Mikhail holds the History of Raggs Kingdom within it.
Someday, you will understand it.
I can’t remain as I am now.
As long as I'm the Successor to the Throne of the Raggs Kingdom.
To hold Mass at a time like this.
We are bishops.
There are Lost Lambs aside from just Teito and Mikage.
My head feels like it’s gonna explode.
You must end Teito Klein’s life with your own hands.
Like I'd actually do that! Are you planning to betray me? I won’t betray anyone! Your naive thoughts are just simple fantasies.
What’s wrong? Don’t come near me.
Why? Please don’t come near me.
What are you saying? Tell me what’s wrong! I feared that it would come to this.
I’m sorry Teito… for being such a hopeless friend.
What are you say--? I have a request to ask of you.
A final request… “Final”? I beg of you… Please kill me.
We have no other choice.
While I’m still in control of myself, I beg you.
What the heck are you saying? How could I do such a--? Just do it, Teito! If you don't, then I will.
You helped Teito to escape, right? Isn’t she cute? Your sister.
I’ll give you two choices.
Family or Teito When you’ve made your choice, come back to me.
If you choose both… You’ll die.
What’s wrong with you, Mikage? Are you hurt anywhere? Don’t touch me! Just hurry up and kill me! You know there's no way I could do that! Then run away quickly! No more… I can't hear myself clearly Damn it I could never just sell you out You are… just like Family to me.
What happened to you? It’s Ayanami.
Ayanami made me… Run Teito… Why do you struggle so much? Just kill him already.
I can’t do it.
Teito… Since I've met you, I've always felt warm, and I’ve been so happy.
That's why I beg you… Please run.
Before… I hurt you… No You’ve been… by Ayanami I love you Teito.
I won’t let you run away Teito Klein.
Goodbye, Teito.
You will return with me.
What should I do… In the West Corridor, I received my doll’s signal there.
What an impertinent doll-maker.
This guy isn’t Mikage.
Damn! I can’t hold him anymore.
Damn it! Why did this have to happen? Mikage, what should I do? That place.
Boy, that entrance is off-limits.
Kid… The game of Tag has ended.
Teito Klein.
Just as one would expect from the Barsburg Church Are you planning to entrap me? Sorry about this, But I'll have to leave Mass to you two.
May God be with them.
Did you seriously think that you could run away from the Empire? That is… Don’t tell me that you’re a Kor?? A Kor? I’m not as simple as that.
Why have you done this to my friend? Why didn’t you aim straight at me? Or could this be an exchange? That if I returned to the Imperial Army, you would return Mikage? “Exchange”? You're in no position to speak of that.
By all means, I could kill you if I wanted to.
You’ve gotta be kidding… That move just now… I could barely see it.
Don’t make it any more complicated.
After I put this restraining collar on you You will return to the Army.
What's happening?! Mikage.
I will save Mikage.
If I break that… If the wing of the one possessed by a Kor is broken, he will return to normal.
So then.
He dodged it competely? It’s useless.
You still don’t understand? I am nothing like a Kor.
If you break my wing, this body will die.
No way… Even when I break the wing, Mikage won’t be saved?! Speaking of which, a few days ago you had an interesting conversation, right? Something about you being the Son of the King of the Raggs Kingdom? I’m the Son of the King of the Raggs Kingdom.
I believe you.
The Son of the King of the Raggs Kingdom wasn't supposed to exist.
Return Mikage…! What can you do now? The control and technique of your power is mere show.
Even so, I won’t abandon Mikage.
We swore it! If you’re ever in trouble on the battlefield, I will never abandon you.
Mikage’s soul will never return.
Anyone under my control, always follows my instructions.
You who violated two Regulations, have betrayed the Army Penitence is a matter, of course.
May God be with you.
What happened to Frau? Beyond the West Corridor, something like a Kor has appeared.
Frau is pursuing it at the moment.
“Something like a Kor”? That is… one with half a soul… A partial Kor.
What?! Where did you go, Shorty? Even after I’ve searched this much, I still can’t find you.
What's more, his presence is undetectable.
Hi Frau-chan.
What are you doing in a place like this? Have any of you seen a brat? Brat? If you're referring to the intruder, he’s been entrapped.
What? Those children are dangerous.
They're not intruders.
They're just damned brats.
Their lives are on the line here.
Let me pass! My my! Aren’t you impatient? At the time the intruder was entrapped, another kid entered the area.
But if it's for your sake, we'll open the door again.
Our dear Frau! Why? Why won’t you kill me? I've been ordered to capture, and return with you alive.
It was Miroku-sama’s wish.
If that's so… Then once I die it'd be bad for you, right? In exchange for my neck, release Mikage.
Committing suicide is also a form of Resistance.
Damn it! I must save Mikage.
For Miroku-sama’s pupil to be at this level, it's truly despicable.
This place… What's with this wall?! Could it be that this is my Inner Self? What the hell am I doing?! My friend is in danger! Why aren't I moving?! Mikage risked his life to protect me! We swore to each other that we would die together at the same time! As if I'd ever give up! The usher is here.
Teito-kun will awake.
What is this? Tears? The one who put this collar on my neck Was it you? Could it be This wasn't supposed to happen.
The boy awakens… and then swears… That the love of his friend is the same as his own justice… There should be nothing above the heart which his friend supports, right? Please tell us, flowers.