07 Ghost (2009) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Remove this collar.
Level 10, release.
The usher is here Teito-kun will awaken.
What is this? Tears? The one who put this collar on my neck Was it you? Could it be? The Color of His Soul will Live Forever Please let me make it in time! Remove this collar.
Level 10, release.
Even with the collar on, he still can use this much power.
Remove this thing.
I said to remove it! Got you.
I'm not allowed to kill him, but leaving him be is dangerous.
Are you the one who stole this brat's friend? I won't let you escape.
You've been playing around quite a bit; and in our Holy Sanctuary.
And your arrogance still hasn’t changed Zehel.
I see.
So you know who I am.
Zehel, I could never forget your name.
There is no one who has seen me in this form, and still lived.
Zehel? Where have I heard that name before? Sister! This statue is scary.
Now, now.
He's a very honorable god, you know.
I know that! There are seven of them in total, right? And if you do bad things, they will come and get you.
There is no God.
There is.
There must be.
If there is a God, then show him to me.
Alright now, no more fighting.
This God, Zehel has the ability to cut peoples' ties with misfortune.
Sister, have you seen him before? No but He will appear to those who honestly need him the most.
I see.
He’s one of the Seven Ghosts.
May God be with you.
Those words Are you Frau? You're a god, aren't you? Please save Mikage.
It's no use fighting in this body anymore.
His soul is being swallowed by the wing.
Bastard, you've possessed his body, haven't you?! Wait! Mikage is still alive.
Teito Klein.
That boy is weeping silently.
Painfully, sorrowfully.
His soul will continue to wander, suffering forever, with no salvation.
Just like I said.
You're too soft.
Damn it! If I use this scythe, his soul will be If you hate me, Then come and take out your revenge on the army.
Teito Klein.
Zehel, I forgot to ask you something.
Is the scythe doing well? It's destined to return to me someday.
Therefore, please take good care of it for me.
There's no way you're Mikage! Don't go, Mikage! We swore to each other.
That we would die together.
Be gone.
I see.
That thing truly was the Eye of Mikhail.
No wonder Miroku-sama sent me after him.
You still alive? Kid? Everyone at school always stayed away from those who were different.
Right after I entered the Academy, I become the center of gossip.
Hey, look! It’s Chairman Miroku’s pet.
He used to be a slave, you know.
But Mikage was different.
If you keep hanging around me, you'll get bullied too.
Idiot, don't worry about that.
I warned you.
He didn't care about the bad rumors surrounding me.
He always looked at me with such clear eyes.
He was my one and only friend.
Yo, Teito.
I thought you'd come here.
Let's have lunch together.
Do what you want.
What? Milk? Where's your lunch? What the heck are you doing? Strengthening proteins vitamins iron For a second, I thought these were drugs.
I get all my necessary nutrients from these.
If you eat like that, you’ll pass out.
How about some yakisoba, yakisoba bread, or maybe yakisoba rice? I’m just not hungry today.
There’s nothing to worry about.
You’re skipping all your classes except for practical training right? Even today, you skipped class this morning.
Hey, just what are you doing? Is it somehow related to you having no real food? That doesn't concern you.
Just leave me alone.
No, it concerns me a lot! You think I would ignore my friend when he feels bad? Hey! Miss, please make sure this guy eats a lot.
Though he’s so short and slick like that.
He said he's not hungry but do you have anything that's easy to digest? Like yakisoba? Now listen, if you eat yakisoba all the time, you'll turn into an idiot.
It's not the perfect food you know.
You do look pale.
Wait a bit, I’ll make some porridge for you.
Isn't it tasty? Thank goodness.
What is it? I used to think that the purpose of eating was just to consume necessary nutrients.
Let's eat together from now on.
I never thought that it could fill the emptiness within me.
So why was Mikage so happy when I ate that porridge? We can eat yakisoba or yakisoba or yakisoba! There’s a zillion different types of yakisoba.
There’s a zillion different types of yakisoba.
It's as if he was the one being filled.
Why? What's wrong? Are you okay? It's nothing.
Don't look at me.
Was that porridge so good that it made you cry? Miss, I want some porridge too! What Mikage said to me will always be in my heart.
Always look ahead.
Follow the path of light.
Mikage was my light Teito-kun.
No matter how much we knock, he just won't answer.
I'm worried.
Are his injuries really not that serious? Yeah However, I fear that the damage done to his heart may have been too much for him.
Teito-kun, you won't get better if you don't eat anything! And I wonder why the guardians of the Bridge of Trials called Teito-kun an intruder Move it, move it.
Here I come, Shorty! You still asleep? Don't just barge in! Shut up! I have my reasons.
What's this? It's the Church's pet for therapy.
Such a thing can't save anyone.
Then I don't believe in such a thing as God! He couldn't even save Mikage! Mikage No the truth is it was all my fault.
It was all because we swore an oath.
That's why Mikage It's not your fault.
Now listen carefully.
Before a person is born, they're promised by the Chief of Heaven that they will fulfill their three dreams.
Once those dreams have been fulfilled, they return to see the Chief again.
I'm certain that Mikage's third dream was “I want to protect someone dear to me, even it costs me my life”.
So, all of his dreams came true.
In the end he was finally able to return to Heaven.
Those are only pretty words, used to console those who are left behind.
You're just trying to comfort me.
Well, you may be right about that.
However he's already back by your side, watching over you.
It can't be.
A soul that has fulfilled all of its dreams is reborn.
His soul has the same color as Mikage's, you see.
Mikage? He isn't telling you to stop crying.
He must be saying that he will be together with you no matter what happens good or bad.
Though he doesn't remember what his past life was, he searched the world to come back and stay by your side again.
Alright, Teito-kun.
It's time for a good breakfast.
If you pass out again, it'll make him sad.
This is one special breakfast we made especially for you.
It's sauteed Eye Fish, covered in thick Winkhob sauce.
Wow! What a luxurious feast, first thing in the morning.
Let's have lunch together.
If you eat like that, you'll pass out.
How about some yakisoba, yakisoba bread, or maybe yakisoba rice? He said he's not hungry, but do you have anything that's easy to digest? Like yakisoba? Isn't it tasty? Thank goodness! Was that porridge so good that it made you cry? Miss, I want some porridge too! It took me three whole days to make this dish.
This tea is called Tea of Dreams.
It was also prepared with care.
Please drink up.
Is it good? That guy who took Mikage for him to abuse his soul like that it's unforgivable.
It is destined to return to my side one day so take good care of it until then.
He knows that I had that scythe I hope that it hasn't awakened without us realizing it.
By the way, Teito-kun how did you get that collar around your neck? Ah, this was put on me by Ayanami when we were fighting.
Then I'll cut it off for you.
Don't touch me! What's with those scissors? Now just leave it to me.
I'm fine! Don't touch me! It's okay, let me do it.
Frau, please calm down.
W-What's with that damn thing? It's called a "Promise Collar".
It recognizes its master through a blood-pact.
"Promise Collar"? Seriously according to this, you've already made a pact with it.
Incidently, if you don't see each other for more than forty-eight hours, that collar will explode.
Huh? E-Explode?! That means that you two will have to get along with each other from now on.
This guy being my master? What the heck! What's that for? Are you jealous? Thank you for being born again.
I heard that Frau was desperately searching for that little guy.
That sounds just like him.
Look who's up so high.
And here you could have asked God to let you be reborn as a human again.
I see.
Even in this new form of yours you still want to protect your best friend.
The boy's heart has been torn apart.
He's afraid that he'll never find a place where he belongs.
He suffers because he is unable to believe in himself.
Does an angel, or a demon, watch over Teito as he falls apart? Please tell us, Hana-san.