07 Ghost (2009) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Wait a bit, Teito-kun.
Did you get to see the God of Death, Zehel? That was Frau… And… I believe… that you radiate the same scent that he does, Castor-san.
Congrats, you're correct.
Teito-kun? The flowers are crying too.
Teito-kun’s heart must be very fragile, right now.
I can’t stay here like this.
I can’t forgive him for what he did.
I know those eyes.
If you hate me, then come and take out your revenge on the Army.
Teito Klein.
Those eyes were cold and merciless.
I will kill him.
I see, so he is finally starting to awaken.
Now you are the only one able to handle this situation.
This is just like you.
I never thought that you were actually hiding the real Eye of Mikhail.
If the Higher-ups find out about this, you will be Court-Martialled.
Letting it become a toy for the Army is not my plan.
I was going to tell you, once he showed signs of Awakening.
You and I are the only ones who know about it now.
Permission to speak freely.
That child from Raggs will become a great threat to the Empire someday.
We should kill him now, while we still have the chance.
And then just simply retrieve the Eye of Mikhail? Yes.
I don’t mind but won't you regret that decision, one day? Everything is for the sake of the Empire.
I’m glad that we can see eye-to-eye, Ayanami-kun.
Oh, where are you headed off to? I’m going to the Hoburg Stronghold.
Thank you for taking care of me.
Even if I try to stop you, you will still go, correct? Thank you for preparing these mourning robes for me.
Wait a bit, Teito-kun.
Did you get to see the God of Death, Zehel? That was Frau… And… I believe… that you radiate the same scent that he does, Castor-san.
Congrats, you're correct.
However, there are things in this world that no one should ever see.
I’m sorry.
I will make you forget everything you know about the Seven Ghosts.
From now on, our top priority is to retrieve the Eye of Mikhail.
This is to be considered a top-secret mission, assigned by the former Admiral Miroku.
It sounds like fun.
Telling us to keep quiet about it… Chairman Miroku must be in a nasty position, right? May everything be as Ayanami-sama desires.
So then we'll need to make sure that the Church’s "Gods" don't get in our way.
Don’t forget that you five are my best men.
You will definitely recover that "angel" from the Gods of Death.
Please don’t think bad of me.
Why didn’t you erase his memory? If I erased his memory of Zehel, then his memory of Mikage’s last smile would also be lost.
Are you willing to steal his last treasure? According to the army’s top-secret files, a candidate of the Eye of Mikhail has escaped.
A candidate? Even though they don’t know where the Eye of Mikhail is They are stocking up on skilled children until it is found.
These children are called a "candidates".
And Teito-kun was probably one of them.
There have been too many abnormalities happening since Teito arrived here.
Even if he wants to leave, we can’t afford to let him go now.
Do not involve yourself with this child anymore.
Mikage’s death was to happen no matter what, just as Labrador predicted.
And wasn’t it our fault for not realizing any changes in Mikage? But the duty of the Seven Ghosts is not to exterminate Kor.
What would be his reaction, once he discovered our true identities? And if the higher-ups find out that you haven’t erased his memories The you will lose your position as one of the Seven Ghosts.
More importantly, you are currently the only one who can use Verloren’s Scythe, Frau.
If you are to lose your ability as a Ghost, then you won't be able to control it anymore.
Also, I believe that knowing what we are, will eventually be his punishment.
If you really care for his well-being, then erase all his memories of us.
And I will find a way to remove that collar.
If necessary, we can train him to become stronger.
We can still watch over him from afar.
Just do whatever you want.
What the hell?! It came out on its own!! You insolent.
How dare you attack my master? Bastards, what are you going to do? Who the hell are you? Well now That Red Stone… Could it be? Normally I would kill both of you for your insolence, but that’s not what my master’s wishes.
What's with this cocky little brat? Is it possible? Are you the Eye of Mikhail? What a foolish question.
Behold! My master is perhaps the most beautiful Vessel I have ever possessed.
How about that? Isn’t it amazing? I’ve heard of several fake stones, but this… Do you think that you're equal to a God? You fools! What was that?? An illusion? So then you are two of the Seven Ghosts? Ordinary humans would normally go into shock, or lose their minds, after seeing that.
Isn't it boring to live amongst these humans? Or… Is it your punishment for the karma that you have committed? 'Fess up, you said that you could remove this collar, didn’t you? Take it off now! I can’t even use my full power.
And it’s way too tight.
To remove that collar, we will have to take you to the Army’s Slave Department.
Wouldn’t that be troublesome for you? I don’t know why, but it seems that I can’t fight this collar.
My master is also troubled.
What should I do? Oh! So you can’t fight it? Actually, that collar has three commands, sleep, bind and pain.
To put it blunty, you can put him to sleep, make him feel pain or freeze him.
What? Sleep.
Stop it.
What are you doing? I’m not slee--ppyy This is bad.
Who would have ever thought that the Eye of Mikhail would be at a place like this? No wonder the Army is after him.
If it’s fate that he came here He may become an angel who will protect the world.
Or if the ancient prophecies are true… He may become an Angel of Darkness who will destroy the world.
But you are quite a trouble-maker, aren’t you? It's just that I have a pesky brat.
You are Teito-kun, right? Of course I am.
It seems that he doesn’t remember anything that happened when Mikhail awoke.
Right… Thank you for everythning up till now.
Are you really leaving us? No way! Can’t you stay a bit longer? We just started to get along together.
I made a promise with him.
Thank you for everything.
If you’re ever in trouble on the battlefield, I’ll never abandon you.
I swear to God that we will die together.
My feelings and his feelings can’t reach out to each other.
I should never be with you I can’t even apologize to him… Mikage smiled, even at the end.
Even at the end he was still my friend.
We don’t have the right to stop you.
However, you know Teito-kun? That the decision you're making, is not the right choice.
If you leave here, the army will be lying in wait for you.
You won’t even get out of the Seventh District, let alone sneaking into the First District.
He died for my sake.
And now it’s my turn to avenge him.
Even at the cost of your life? We swore that we would die together.
What am I if I’m not betting my life for his sake? Is the life that Mikage saved so worthless? Come.
What are you doing? Let go of me.
This room, do you remember it? Why did you bring me here? Take a good look around you.
These are Mikage’s last words.
We will always be best friends.
I’m sorry Teito.
You have to live.
You weren't trying to die for Mikage You only want to escape from all these painful feelings and find the easy way out.
Teito, don’t run from life.
Though it's painful, live! Protecting the life he saved is how you can atone for Mikage’s death.
Living how can that be atonement? Figure it out on your own! Teito, I love you.
Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage Mikage!!! The boy struggles.
Swearing not to lose something dear to him again.
That sorrowful echo of the heart also again invites darkness.
Will his fleeting wish vanish? Atonement for the loved one is….
Please tell us, flowers.