07 Ghost (2009) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Stop harassing the sisters! Special thanks to Astrobunny for tl-checking this episode At 4 A.
, Barsburg Church opens with its bells ringing.
We clean hallways that are kilometers long.
Which floor are we carrying this to? Floor 35.
After that, I carry coal to various floors.
When we're finished, we finally have some free time.
I'm sorry, Teito.
You should live! Mikage.
Have you calmed down yet, Teito-kun? I just don't get it.
If I don't get revenge, if that's not the right path Then how can just living be atonement for his death? Simply staying alive is nothing but wasting time.
In that case, Teito-kun.
We thought of something to help you with your revenge.
Teito-kun, why don't you take the Bishop's Exam? Bishop Exam? But why? If you pass, you get to have this free pass for lodging and transportation around the world.
And of course, you can freely travel throughout all the districts of the Barsburg Empire.
The exam is one month from now.
I don't think it's a bad thing for you, but… Dumbass, why are you encouraging him to seek revenge? This is what he needs right now.
This guy If you really wish for revenge, then shouldn't you carefully plan everything out first? I get it.
Please let me take that exam.
The first exam covers 100 chapters selected from 7,700 chapters written in the 77 volume long Barsburg Bible.
It's a writing exam.
I never wanted to see these again Let's start by having you memorize all of these in half a month.
Is that alright? What the hell do you mean, "alright"? It's impossible! It took me 3 years to remember them all.
Well, that's because you're an idiot.
Don't get cocky just because you're smart.
Hey! I think I've read this book before somewhere.
What? Then let's see how much you remember.
Volume 5, Chapter 34: The Heavens proclaimed: "To the Darkness" "lend not thine ears, my newborn lambs.
" Volume 20, Chapter 3: The Heavens proclaimed: "Into the sea" " sank the sinful Babel as punishment.
" Volume 77, Final Chapter: The Heavens proclaimed "The last ray of light shall be with us.
" This brat is good! Superb! I wonder why, but they remind me of something like a lullaby But if I can't memorize all of these, then I can't pass right? Well then, let's move on to the next step.
Be careful, there are lots of bullies amongst the examiners.
Don't tell me you're also one of the examiners? What does that mean? The second exam is a Holy Arts exam that tests your ability to use Zaiphon Techniques.
There are many things in this world that can't be protected just by thinking of them or praying for them.
That's why, to protect our lambs from having their dreams stolen from them and falling into despair, we bishops bear arms, and fight.
Then the Holy Arts exam is To exterminate Kor.
This Bascule is the same as Zaiphon in that not everyone can use it.
Basically, Zaiphon is the source of life.
In other words, it's a worldly power.
But if you can channel your Zaiphon through a Bascule, you can catch and destroy Kor.
That means that this Bascule can transform my Zaiphon into something that can fight against darkness? That's right.
Well, you'll understand once you use it.
I learned how to use Zaiphon weapons at the Academy.
Can't use it? Can even a kid like me really become a bishop? Normally, you need to start by becoming a believer in order to become a certified priest.
However, those who can use Bascules are special cases, so age isn't an issue.
You will be chosen as a bishop who specializes in exterminating dark beings.
It's your chance to skip past the normal procedures.
However, it will be tough, since you have no experience, but try your best.
Unlike a normal bishop, you will travel the world, exterminating evil, and build up experience as you travel.
Thank you.
The Empire Army's weapons are mass produced, so it was easy for me to sync my Zaiphon to them.
But this Bascule is unique, who made it? A craftsman who specializes in making them.
He only visits the Church once per year.
But neither of you use any Bascules to catch a Kor.
You really do attract these things don't you? We have our reasons.
This is proof that you're taking the exam.
People will be constantly watching you from now on, so be sure to conduct yourself admirably.
May God be with you.
Everything is ready.
How is Teito-kun doing? Well he's been working at it for 3 hours, but no progress so far.
You've been watching him all this time? You sure have a lot of free time.
What? Teito-kun.
The Kor from earlier was sealed into this doll.
First, I want you to catch this.
It looks dangerous.
Is it really? What the! Why does it look like me? Got it? Yeah.
Are you sure this is okay? Yes.
He needs to fight the real thing for this training to be worthwhile.
Besides There's a power limiter on the seal, so it shouldn't be too dangerous.
Looks pretty dangerous to me, though.
I can't catch this thing at all, no matter what they say.
And not just that, he's ridiculously fast! We'll just make him nervous if we stand here and watch.
Let's leave him alone for a while now.
Keep calm.
It's really gotten colder.
We're going to have to start canning food soon.
I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.
Bishop Frau? He's acting quite strange That isn't Bishop Frau.
He's just a random pervert.
So that's really Bishop Frau.
Stop harassing the sisters! It worked!? It doesn't work anymore?! No way! Mikage! Castor-san! Good job! Now let's go take a break.
Labrador-san Want a flower? A flower? It's delicious.
It's strange It's sweet It's sweet to those who have been injured Injured? Yes, within your very soul.
Mikage has never asked me to go back even once so that he could protect his own family.
I was such a terrible person for not noticing what he was going through I want to atone… Don't become the enemy of the Imperial Army! Revenge never ends well.
But he didn't want me to seek revenge! I can't atone for anything! Mikage-kun has already forgiven you.
It can't be done like that! I must be punished.
I'm sure that Mikage-kun was well aware that your life would be over once you returned to the Army.
And because of that, he couldn't allow himself to hand you over to them.
All because he loved you.
I've always lived in a world of deceit.
And among those lies, I was able to find my true treasure.
How am I supposed to use the life given to me by my treasure? What am I supposed to do? This Eye of Mikhail holds the true history of Raggs Kingdom in it.
Someday you will inherit it.
You're risking your life for it, right? If so, you've got to pull through! I've got to do it.
Even when he won't forgive me for doing it.
I'm going to fulfill my destiny and expose the truth behind this world! That's my atonement! That shall be your guide, Teito-kun.
This is your start.
However, he needs to become a bishop first.
It can't be! Mikage! What's wrong with you? Let go of me! I'm sorry.
You! What are you doing up here? Beauty can be such a sin! He is so not Mikage Well then, you're jealous because I look way too good right? Allow me to teach you to be more open-minded.
I'm sorry.
I'm such an idiot to call out a freak like this! So you're my rival.
The boy flutters while holding onto his newly-formed resolve and determination.
But in the presence of the betrayal of a close friend, is the world reflected in those suicidal eyes, still covered in a shroud of hopelessness? The darkness called "Pain" treads ever closer Please tell us, oh Mr.