07 Ghost (2009) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

You should all learn the basics of being a human.
Special thanks to Zurenriri for Q-checking this episode My, my It seems like you have not received the protection of God.
God doesn't exist.
If God really did exist, then I wouldn't be living this kind of life.
There's no reason for me to stay alive.
You shouldn't say that.
Isn't there anything that you want to do before you die? Would you give away your soul in exchange for 3 wishes? Come, exchange your soul for these wishes they'll definitely come true.
And so from that point on, his life was filled with happiness, as if his previous existence was just a nightmare.
The trade is complete.
I will find you again should I need anything.
Wonderful! All of this money now belongs to me! If you don't want your secret exposed, then you will split that money with me.
I finally got lucky! Congratulations.
All 3 of your wishes have been fulfilled.
And now according to the contract, I will be collecting your soul.
Wait! I've only been able to fulfill one wish and that was to get this money! Second Wish: Isn't your beloved woman lying there for you? And then you made your third wish on your woman's dead body.
Didn't you obtain your freedom? So you see, you have fulfilled all 3 of your wishes.
If you had used the correct methods you would have lived a happier life.
No matter what happens, the sun will still rise every morning.
Until now, I never took notice of such small things.
Hey you there! Rumor has it that every year there are thousands of people preparing to take the Bishop's Exam And recently, they've even allowed amateurs to participate.
I'm not an amateur! You jerk! There you go again.
Where is your home, little boy? Big brother will bring you home.
He looks just like that guy, Shuri, from the Military Academy.
You must know a guy named Shuri, from the spineless Oak family, right? How dare he call the Oak family spineless This shorty Hey shorty, you went a little overboard.
Ouch! This guy If we weren't in front of the sanctuary Then I'd definitely beat him to a pulp! Furthermore, for a shorty like you there's no way you should be able to attain that participation badge.
Was it out of pity? Or through underhanded methods? What about you?! The Oak family has a reputation of being in service to the military or government.
So then why are you in the church? I'm here because I wish to meet someone.
Someone? I don't need to answer you.
Where did he go? Hey! What do you want? I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else.
This guy's bothering me.
Aren't you also a candidate? Trying to slow us down? No, really, I just got the wrong person.
Teito, did something happen? It's not a good idea for you to be fighting.
No, that wasn't This is the house of God.
You're not allowed to cause trouble here.
I'm sorry.
My apologies.
We should work hard for the Bishop's Exam together, right? See ya! Hey! Hey! I said wait! What's happening? Don't push me.
There's not enough space here, so just deal with it.
I can't see.
Is something about to begin? Quiet down! Assistant Archbishop Bastian will begin his Kor-removal demonstration.
Assistant Archbishop Bastian? As expected of the Assistant Archbishop.
To be able to remove a Kor without harming the patient.
Amazing! Bascule can even be used for healing.
That is all for today's lesson.
If you have any other questions, please come see me in my room.
Well, you're certainly a diligent one, Teito-kun.
Castor-san Umm, how did he use that technique? Just as you are talented in offensive zaiphon Master Bastien is an expert in healing zaiphon.
I have similar skills to his.
Healing zaiphon can't directly attack a nearby moving Kor But it can certainly restrict the Kor's movement and then remove the Kor without harming the patient.
Now there is some talent involved, but if you work hard at it through experience, you'll be able to use all the different branches of zaiphon.
But that doesn't mean the stronger the zaiphon, the easier it is to use Bascule So from tonight on, we will have you on a special training schedule In order for you to be ready as soon as possible.
Then good luck to you shorty.
What's up with Frau? Why won't he just cut it out with that "shorty" thing? I'll be taking him back now! You? So all that time you were trying to be my friend? You know, shorty, you could have just said it out loud.
Don't misunderstand the situation! Oh, it's you Give it to me Didn't I already give you the money? Just turn around and leave! Give it to me Give me your soul! Your soul Give it to me.
A monster! You should all learn the basics of being a human.
Is this the Examination Room? Yes, every candidate prepares for their exams here.
We're sorry to have to be keeping you in the guest room.
The rooms are specially prepared for the exam, so it's very close to the library.
Do all the candidates live here? No, not all of them.
For example, there are those who were actually born in the Seventh District.
You I wonder if they're afraid of you, Teito-kun.
Alright, this is Teito-kun's room.
You'll be sharing a room, but I'm sure you'll do just fine.
I'll try.
Yes? This is your roommate, Hakuren Oak.
He arrived yesterday from First District.
And this is Teito Klein.
I want a new room! I can't do that.
In order to improve each other's abilities, roommates need to work together.
Kindness and graciousness are the first steps to serving God.
Of all things, I have to live in the same room as him You'd better get ready, we need to go tune our Bascule.
You do know how to use a Bascule, don't you, amateur? Stop calling me an amateur! But why can't I use the Bascule? The more energy I pumped into it, the more Bascule refused to absorb it.
The zaiphon will only hurt my own hand in the end.
Ah crap, I got blood on it.
It's stained, or rather Could it be that it's not actually my blood? I see, these are left by the people who are aiming to be bishops.
These mark the countless hours of hard work that stained it with sweat and blood.
This is where we tune our Bascule.
This place is amazing.
Fresh candidates.
I am Aldo, the receptionist.
Sign here.
He's wearing a bracelet, so he must be an ex-convict.
Well, he's working here to compensate for his sins, but it's best to be careful.
That's right, we don't know when the soldiers will appear.
But I need to obtain the Pass to leave the Church, before that happens.
What happened? He just suddenly collapsed.
What's going on? What happened? Are you alright? Where's the infirmary? This way! Castor, have you heard about Aldo yet? Yes.
It's too sudden.
The flowers are also on edge.
It's a good thing that Aldo will be alright.
Yes, but it's all because of a certain amateur that I'm late right from the start.
I'll pay my debts! Your heart isn't that bad.
I should applaud you, even though you're still a amateur.
I already told you, I'm not an amateur! Alright then, everyone, from here we will pass through the barrier.
Try not to fall behind! Take a look at my Bascule.
Wow, that's the latest model.
Why is my Bascule shaped differently from everyone else's? Even though this is just a practice session, I would ask that everyone keep their guard up.
Kors They're being blocked by the water barrier.
It really is a barrier.
Come now, make a wish.
Everyone, please be careful.
Even though they can't emerge from the water, they are still real Kors.
Now, stand back and watch, little kids.
Amazing! Every shot kills.
You're also an offensive type? Don't compare yourself to me, amateur.
My way of attacking is different from yours.
I see, I never noticed it before.
Zaiphon turns my feelings into words.
That being the case The Military's weapons are made to use killer instincts to activate zaiphon.
However It's impossible to put those same feelings into the Bascule because the Bascule isn't a tool used for killing.
That's why I was unable to use the Bascule.
I need to try to input those same feelings again.
So that I won't lose anything else important to me.
How embarrassing.
But that's a high-level Bascule.
It's useless if he can't even use it right.
It looks like I might have over-exerted myself.
It's alright As long as you input your feelings, it will definitely respond to you.
O-Okay Come, let's try that again.
Assistant Archbishop Bastian.
This time, try using thoughts and feelings of serving God.
Yes, sir.
Even though I don't really understand what God is if the strength that is flowing within my heart really is God then I will pray for you, Mikage.
What's with this guy?! That's Bishop Frau's Bascule, correct? Bishop Frau? Don't worry about it.
He always broke it as well.
Tell me! What exactly is your relationship with bishop Frau?! Huh? What is it with that perverted bishop? Who are you calling a "perverted bishop", idiot! That highly-respected man holds the record for the all-time-highest score on the Bishop's Exam! You're using his Bascule, and you didn't even know that? To be able to release such a strong zaiphon beyond the capability of a Bascule at such a young age.
Are you working on interesting schemes all by yourself again? Aya-tan really is bad.
Teito Klein has also received recognition as someone great, right? So what's the next step that we should take? We've already taken the next step.
What the hell happened earlier? Please help me.
Please have mercy.
Hold on a second.
Allow me to be generous, and help you to fulfill your wish.
I don't have any wish.
No need to be so considerate.
Seriously, it's all because of you that I got kicked out of the practice hall.
Now that's twice you owe me.
I'm sorry.
However, I would really like to fight you, given the chance.
Your zaiphon is so strong that it broke the Bascule's limit.
But it would be immature of me to fight an amateur.
I'm telling you, I'm not an amateur! Hey, are you listening?! I'll keep telling you that until you get it through your thick skull.
This is bad.
What happened? There's someone at the door.
May God be with him for eternity.
May you have sweet dreams.
The wish of all the young boys is to one day have a friend that travels down the same path.
To achieve that, many branches of the path will exist before their eyes.
A hand that has been released, is it possible to grasp it tight again? Please tell us, Flowers.