07 Ghost (2009) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Are you trying to use me, just like the Army did? Are you after the Eye of Mikhail, like they are? You're nothing more than a brat, unable to escape from the military by yourself.
What did you say?! Special thanks to Bella This guy is the murderer, Aldo! May God be with him But still he was a lamb who sought God's blessings here.
Probably, this must be his punishment for committing murder.
Yeah, that's the only explanation, since he was here under Sanctuary The Seven Ghosts couldn't forgive him.
It's really hard to believe.
Poor Aldo What's wrong? Uhh nothing.
That's the first time I've seen Frau with such cold eyes.
If you really are God, then tell me Is something bad going to happen again? That's me! Wait a bit, father! It's okay.
There's no need to worry.
Hey, father, what is this place? What are we gonna do here? Teito, today you're gonna meet some important people.
Important people? Yes.
I hope that you will come to like them.
Who are they, I wonder Why? I wonder what that was earlier? Was that related to the Eye of Mikhail's power? Sorry! Did I wake you up? Amateur, were you spying on the Sisters? No, I wasn't! You can never judge a book by its cover.
But I didn't spy on them! Well then, why do you look so nervous? I can help you if you're not confident with the ladies.
That's not what I'm troubled with It's alright.
It seems that you're not ready to open up to me yet.
Ah, Teito-kun! Aren't you up early! Did you eat all of your Eye-Fish soup this morning? Uhh yeah.
You're not doing your usual routine today, right? To the library.
There are a few things I want to check.
Ah, wonderful! To think that Teito-kun is studying so hard.
It must be going to snow then! I love snow! Good luck! We're rooting for you, Teito-kun.
I have a feeling I need to look into this.
About my past about the Eye of Mikhail.
So I won't drag anyone else into this.
Father risked his life in order to give me the Eye of Mikhail.
But none of these books have the information I seek.
"The Legendary Magical Stone that Unifies the World?" To me, it looks like nothing more than just a red stone.
Verloren? Verloren The legendary death-god who committed a crime.
He killed the Chief of Heaven's daughter, and escaped to Earth.
He tormented people by spreading plagues and causing catastrophe What is that guy doing? Ignore him, just ignore him! Are you alright? Hakuren! Did you fall asleep while reading? Perhaps I did.
Hey! I see you're busy studying, Shorty! Frau! You're Hmm?! Why are you looking at me like that? Don't be stupid! Actually, there's something I want to ask you about Aldo Bishop Frau! Are you Bishop Frau? Yeah.
It's an honor to meet you.
What is your name? I'm Hakuren Oak.
You did it! I love this book! Bribery?! Being naughty again, Bishop Frau? I'm going to confiscate these.
So this is what you were doing in the library Ah, yes.
Bishop Castor is looking for you.
Really? That sucks Bishop Frau Huh? I want to ask you something, about last night! Would one of the Seven Ghosts kill Aldo like that? I just want to know We don't really know either, about what happened last night.
The Imperial Guards are currently investigating the matter.
The Imperial Guards? He died from shock after a fierce blow from the back of his head.
From the bloody footsteps around his body, the culprit apparently pretended to seek the Sanctuary and asked Aldo to open the gate.
But that alone is not enough to declare that it was an action of an outsider.
Are you saying that someone here did it? I didn't mean that, however To be exact, it's important to consider every possible angle.
However, all church members must sign out whenever they leave the church grounds.
And according to the report, no one left yesterday.
Although I cannot forgive the culprit's actions I still believe that people will eventually be punished for their sins, even when under Sanctuary.
God will punish people, just like he does to Kor.
It must have been that Aldo's only way to atone for committing murder was to die.
Everything is decided by the heavenly Seven Gods.
They will never forgive Evil.
It's alright! We've doubled security.
And God will always protect those who choose the right path.
Main hall, room 1075 I forgot to apologize to Frau earlier I guess I'll do that now.
Besides, I have a lot of things I need to ask him.
Why were his eyes so cold last night? Usually, it takes a whole day to gain control over a new host.
Yet it all happened too quickly.
Yeah, it ate the soul, and vanished within three seconds.
But we already had a barrier around the Sanctuary.
It shouldn't have been able to get in.
What will happen to the Eye of Mikhail? If it falls into the hands of the Army What's going on? Is this another one of the Eye's powers? I don't doubt they'll make a terrible weapon Speaking of which, the Pope said that he would like to meet with him.
If he can't master the right Zaiphon to control the Bascule then we won't be able to let the Eye of Mikhail leave the church's grounds.
Teito Sorry I broke your precious Bascule Sorry I broke your precious Bascule Bye! Could he have heard us The face that he may have heard what we said may mean that his powers are starting to awaken Frau knew about the Eye of Mikhail! That's why they've kept me here.
Why? Why didn't they tell me anything? Go away! That's right! A long time ago, I was an orphan being raised at a church! Father, father! You come to me every time for help That's the reason why you're getting bullied.
But You need to become strong.
Because someday, you'll need to walk on your own.
I'm not alone! I have you! Be stronger, Teito! That's right! After my real dad was murdered, that man I called "Father" raised me.
Teito-chan, you're great! You can read! Madam, you dropped this! Oh, yeah Have this! Is it okay? I'll do that.
Thanks You've been a good boy, Teito.
That's right.
We were happy Then the war broke out with the Barsburg Empire, and the King of Raggs was killed.
There might be survivors.
Find them! Yes sir! Teito, listen carefully! You are our country's last hope.
You can't fall into the Empire's hands.
But Father, I Please! You must survive! No! I'm staying with you! When the time is right, you will remember everything.
I don't want to forget, Father! I love you, Teito! May God and the honor of the Raggs Kingdom be with you.
For my sake, my dad's and Mikage's death as well as Father's have all been because I had the Eye of Mikhail Because of me, everyone Everyone close to me No more! I don't want to love anyone any more! I should go call Bishop Frau.
You knew about the Eye of Mikhail, didn't you? Labrador-san didn't seem the least bit surprised when he first saw it.
I'm truly grateful that you've helped me so much.
But why are you keeping me here? Are you trying to use me, just like the Army did? Are you after the Eye of Mikhail like they are?! This collar it wasn't an accident, was it? This brat doesn't he remember when Mikhail took over? Why won't you say something?! Are you in any place to doubt us? You're nothing more than a brat, unable to even run from the Army by yourself.
What did you say?! Damn! Kill me if you want to! It's the opposite.
My duty is to protect you.
However, I don't know how long I'll be able to stay with you.
So you need to be stronger.
And stand on your own someday.
There are things you still need to take care of, right? If that's the case, then study all you can while you're still here.
If you don't want to be possessed by a Kor, then learn how to fight against the Darkness.
Those words I've heard them before.
Be stronger, Teito.
Father's words So it broke again, huh? I'm sorry.
It's alright, we have lots of them.
That Eye of Mikhail is the "Light of Hope" that Father left to you, right? If so, you need to protect it.
Hold it! How could you know about Father?! I've never mentioned him before.
Could you have read my mind? Hey! Oh, dinner-time! Wait, Frau! What's the meaning of this?! You'll find out eventually.
He he looks so sad again Back then, I didn't understand anything.
The meaning of Frau's words and the real reason why the Eye of Mikhail existed They're probably already hiding within the church grounds.
It just had to be where there are so many applicants The boy asks himself, the part of him that was sealed within.
In order to revive the lost memories, will he find light or despair within those fleeting memories? Please tell us, flowers.