07 Ghost (2009) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

To think that he was able to enter the church and challenge me like that He must be very confident in his power.
Either way, he possessed a rather strong desire to kill.
Whether it's a good seed or a bad seed, you won't be able to tell until it blossoms.
That's true.
Besides, we can't simply ask all the Priest Candidates to just leave like that.
So there's nothing we can do.
Let him fool around for a bit.
He'll eventually fall on his own.
Relax already.
I'll protect everyone.
Excuse me-- It's already past "Lights-out".
If you stay up too late, you won't be up in time for tomorrow's training.
Y-Yes! Please have a good night's sleep, okay? Yes ma'am! Sister Rosalie is sooo cute! But Sister Libelle is really scary! What did you say? Honestly! I really question the applicants' maturity this year.
But some of them will become respected Bishops in just a few years.
I wonder how.
It seems like the standard keeps dropping every year.
Don't worry about it, Sister Libelle.
Even Bishop Frau is like that.
Well that's true.
Be quiet! He won't come back, even if you keep doing that! Geez.
You want some milk? Why you! I was trying to be nice! Are you really that worried? Father and Frau What's between them? "I'll protect you", he said Is it okay? Can I really trust him? So, shall we begin your special training for tonight? Yes! Today we will focus on your mental energy, Teito-kun.
Yesterday, you broke your second Bascule.
Your Zaiphon has a swift and explosive characteristic.
I wonder if that's because the Army trained me to assassinate the enemy as quickly as possible.
However, to be able to use a Bascule, you must keep your heart calm.
In that case, I would like you to first run around the church.
Running? Is that all there is to it? No, there's more.
By being made to suffer, you will gradually lose your "self" and form a stronger mentality.
Castor-san? That's why I've brought these "Uplifting Supporters".
They're multiplying! It's like a nightmare! Today's training will end when you give in, and lose to them in a race.
Do you really expect me to lose that easily? Back off, you! Speaking of which, where's the real Frau? He's usually busy at night.
Well then, I will make the path that you are to run on.
Is it okay to just run on this? That's right.
However, it will send you flying about two meters up if you step on it, so be careful.
You spoke too late!! If that's so Then I'll have to run while using a shield.
You get the idea! Then ready, set, go! Then ready, set, go! Then ready, set, go! They're fast! Ah, it's so fun to teach the hot-blooded ones.
Now, how will he keep up? He took on the challenge right away, Even so There are hostilities on the road of life, as well.
Damn it! Ready, set, go! Ready, set, go! Ready, set, go! This sadistic slave-driver! Kuroyuri-sama, isn't this our chance? He's completely blocked.
There's too many bodyguards too.
We can't gain anything from being too hasty, Haruse.
Sorry! I left you behind.
That brat, what was he doing out so late? That's the mark of a battle slave! So that's why his Zaiphon was so powerful.
I labeled him as a grade-school kid, yet he's probably never even been to grade school.
Oh, sorry.
Did I wake you? That thing just wouldn't sit still while you were gone.
Well, he's the reincarnation of my friend.
B-But you don't need to believe me! So that guy, he must be like a brother to you, right? Pretty much.
I'm actually taking this exam for his sake.
So you do have a reason.
Mikage was the first person to reach out his hand to me.
I apologize for being so rude the first time we met.
I-I'm also sorry for insulting your family name But if you're from the Oak Family, then why are you taking the exam? To tell you the truth, I decided to take the exam after my mother was possessed by a Kor.
Dad, I heard that a bishop from Barsburg Church is coming to town.
I'm sure that if we ask for his help, Mother will be You fool! It is unacceptable for a member of the proud Oak Family to forge a contract with a Kor.
In order to protect the family name, he locked my mother up in her room.
God, please save my mother.
Huh? When did I fall asleep? She's alright now.
Be sure to take good care of your mother.
Mother! It disappeared.
Thank you so much.
Hey, may I know your name? He's gone.
I'm sure that God has answered my prayers! Members of the Oak Family are expected to either go into politics or join the military.
But I could never follow my father's path.
That bishop was Frau.
Even though it doesn't look like Bishop Frau remembers me I want to be just like him, and be able to help people that have similar problems.
You're really amazing, Hakuren.
You left your home, and started down a path that you chose for yourself.
It's not good for your health if you don't get plenty of sleep.
Good night.
Good night.
This is a Professional Bascule.
Try it out on the dolls.
With pleasure.
That's the basic form.
Now send them flying.
That's the first time I made a direct hit.
At this level, it should be difficult for him to use that Bascule at will.
However, by pushing his body to the limit, Teito is starting to get a handle on it.
If you'd like, why don't you join us for practice? I only came to bring this guy.
He was looking kind of lonely.
He was such a nice Bishop to assist us in our training.
Well That's Castor-san for you.
Teito! Hakuren! Hakuren! Teito! Hold on to me, Shorty! Is that him? Yes.
He's exactly as Ayanami-sama described him.
I've finally found you, Zehel.
Why did it just suddenly attack us? What is it? It's a Vars.
This is the result when someone has had all three of their wishes granted by a Kor.
It's Aldo the guard who was murdered recently.
How's Hakuren?! It's alright, he's okay.
Thank you, Frau.
The murderer of our brethren.
Damn! He got away.
I-I deeply apologize.
Why didn't you tell anyone that Aldo's body was missing? B-Because it's a criminal's corpse, no one would ever want to claim it so I didn't report There's supposed to be three of you watching the morgue.
Where's the other two? They were afraid that Aldo was cursed by God, so probably they ran away from the church.
Ran away? They're fools! There is no place outside the Church where murderers like us can ever find Sanctuary.
After granting three wishes, a Kor takes over a person's soul and then stays in that body, and evolves into a Vars On top of that, since it can materialize into existence, a Vars can manipulate all forms of life and force them to attack humans.
But Aldo didn't make a deal with any Kor.
Which means that this event was caused by a Varsfeil.
Warsfeil, a Black Sorcerer? Such a thing We've had an unusually large amount of recent Kor activity on the church-grounds.
Is it some kind of omen? Impossible! Don't tell me that the Ancient Prophecy is-- You talk too much! Those who are with a Varsfeil always have death waiting because of their sins.
This is bad.
The culprit must have been acting alone.
But the only ones who know about the Eye of Mikhail are the three of us, the Pope, and Arch-Bishop Jio.
We can't risk letting anyone else learn about it yet.
But if Teito-kun was their target, why was it necessary to kill Aldo? Varsfeil, huh? What exactly are they planning? Teito, are you sad? Shall we sing together as we go home? I'm not sad, even though Mother isn't here.
Because I have Father with me.
You are my precious treasure, Teito.
As I was buried in the fragrance of the fallen snow, holding Father's warm hand, I walked along.
That dream was always so faint and short-lived.
W-Where is this place? Are you hurt anywhere? What the heck are you doing? That's what I should say.
I can't afford to let you stay near me anymore.
That thing was after me, and you nearly got yourself killed trying to help me.
If Frau hadn't come to rescue us, you'd be in a coffin by now.
Bishop Frau? He's such a good man, as I expected.
Pay attention! But why didn't you address him as Bishop Frau? Anyway, just tell me why you saved me? Ah! It was a natural reflex.
Well, never do it again.
I don't know what your reasons are, But it's a Bishop's job to protect people from the Darkness, no matter what the circumstances are.
That's why I won't turn my back on you, especially when the Darkness is after you.
Why go that far? Because you're the first person to reach out your hand to me, risking your life in the the process.
I take that as enough of a reason to fight alongside you together, my brother.
Yet I was hesitant about taking his hand because I was afraid that I would lose him, that I wouldn't be able to protect him.
I'm sorry.
Why does it feel like my chest hurts even more than my hand does.
Teito, right now you're acting just like you did before we became friends.
I'm not asking you to do anything.
But please try not to forget about the time we met and what we went through together.
I'm tired.
Bishop Frau.
Hey, Frau, the Vars from last night, was it like a familiar? Probably.
Actually, a Vars is born when a human's body and soul are both taken over by a Kor.
A body and a soul.
One must have both in order to exist.
Kor use their dark power to grant wishes to people in exchange for their body and soul.
But for what? The purpose of that is to plant the seed for the resurrection of Verloren.
In order for their master to regain a body of flesh and blood, they are trying to engulf the world in darkness.
What will become of one who is possessed by a Vars? They become a moving corpse.
There is no way to save him other than purifying his soul.
However, you won't be able to do that until you're an official Bishop.
Thank you, Frau.
I was so powerless back then But I'm moving faster now.
From now on, I'll protect those who reach their hands out to me.
By the way, what kind of guy are you? Hakuren.
I may not be very powerful right now, but I will become stronger, so that I can protect you.
I want to become your friend.
You're such an idiot.
What?! That damn Labrador doing things so selfishly What's wrong, Labrador? Why did you call me out here? Frau, I have a request.
Don't let go of Teito-kun's hand.
I got it already, Lab.
I should have carried them back to their room.
Hey, what did you mean by that?! It was like torture.
Are you listening to me?! Please let night fall soon.
My right arm feels like it's burning from last night.
If only there was something that could ease the pain The boy redeems himself, hesitating to accept the opened hand.
Even if it will someday betray him, does the light he sees in the distant past shine truth, or deception? Please tell us, flowers.