07 Ghost (2009) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

This presence Showing me a glimpse of his power like that You little Where?! Where did you go?! Are you in here?! We finally get to meet in private Zehel! Teito-kun.
You're studying today as well? Yeah.
Wow! You're just like a real examinee.
So you've decided to become a bishop, without any more hesitation? Yes.
Aren't there things that you still need to take care of? If that's the case, then study all you can while you're still here.
Wait, Frau.
What's the meaning of this? You'll understand someday.
There are still a lot of things that I don't understand yet.
However, doubting and mistrusting others forever won't accomplish anything.
So I will do whatever I can here.
That sounds wonderful.
If so, then let's hurry to the library.
Well then Try your best, alright?! My, my It looks like everything here is ready.
Shall we get started then? Now, what was that? Was that really necessary? I won't owe you anything if I do it myself.
Honestly, what are you trying to prove? You'll just look like a kid with that kind of behavior.
Excuse me, but Are you looking for something? Yeah.
I was asked by a bishop To give this to Teito Klein.
Also, the former owner's last words were: "Please, remember me.
" "My name is" "Fia Kruez.
" "I love you," "Hey," You remember it, don't you, the time you spent with me? You certainly couldn't have forgotten everything.
Listen carefully, Teito Klein.
The Church is not your ally.
Be sure to pass that along to your foolish bishops.
Oh Haruse was disintegrated.
What was that? And who is this "Fia Kruez"? Somehow, I think I know.
But Are you sure you can't remember? Yeah.
Are you guys okay? We were blessed.
Nothing terrible happened.
Is that so? Is there a problem? That guy just now, Said that the Church is not my ally.
Are you confused about that again? Are you after the Eye of Mikhael like they are?! It's not that I'm confused Whether we're your enemies or your allies you will have to decide that.
That is a task that only you can accomplish.
What you said was true, Frau.
After all, only Teito-kun's determination can change his fate.
Right now, Teito-kun is just like this flower.
They are both trembling in pain.
You've been through a lot, haven't you? Don't mope and and moan around like that.
You haven't given it much thought, have you? About whether the Church is your ally or enemy? But, no matter what you decide, I will always be your ally.
You must have known, but That bishop's words are still on my mind.
About Teito-kun I should meet him soon.
The bishop that appeared before him was also missing half his soul.
I see.
The creatures of darkness are moving to release Verloren's seal.
You will need to fight against them in order to protect that seal.
In this world, only the Seven Ghosts can manipulate souls.
However, the cogs of fate are starting to turn According to a thousand years of Heaven's judgment, the body of Verloren, sealed by the eye of Mikhael, has been kept asleep for more than a thousand years, and his power was taken by the Eye of Raphael.
Because of that, Verloren's soul continues to wait for a suitable host.
Since the creatures of darkness are trying to acquire the Eye of Mikhael through Teito-kun, we can assume that the "Body-Seal" hasn't been released yet.
Heaven made the Eye of Mikhael to be the final trump card.
Then they led him here.
And yet, it was in exchange for Teito-kun's fate.
Though, putting Frau aside, he still doesn't trust us.
What do you mean, "putting me aside"? Labrador's just kidding.
Of course, after losing so many things, Teito-kun is now afraid.
I wonder what conclusion he will come to Will we be enemies or allies to him? His fate will soon move.
The answer is already within his reach.
Haruse, it's fine from here.
I can do the next task alone.
You guys have gotten heavier, haven't you? Hey! Hey! Brother Frau! Higher! Put me up higher! Heh.
Guess I have don't have a choice then Brother Frau? What's wrong? What the hell was that? This feeling Teito-kun? What's wrong? It looks like you're worrying about something again.
I'm fine.
The burden you carry is from your coming of age If you can overcome it, you'll be able to climb a step higher in your stairwell towards adulthood.
The human heart will always sway.
And only then do we know that it truly is a human heart.
Um, well Don't try to do what you can't.
Are you sure you don't have anything to say to me? Didn't I already tell you? It's your job to decide on your own answer.
This presence Showing me a glimpse of his power like that You little Where?! Where did he go?! Are you here?! We finally get to meet in private Zehel! These guys are The criminals that had fled to the church What have you done, you bastard?! What are you talking about? He's still alive.
After all, you're also a horrendous monster.
Just get consumed by darkness! That scythe! Why am I afraid like this? Why do I always end up being lost and doubtful? You're that bastard, Warsfeil, that's after Teito, right? Even when I want to believe Frau and the others I won't let you lay a finger on Teito.
And you, that scythe belongs to my beloved my beloved Please retreat.
Bastard! Damn! He ran away.
Hang in there.
I'll help you.
Please endure it a bit.
So this is the Warsfeil's smaller weapon That brat was pretty skilled.
He shouldn't be using this sort of thing Where's the Warsfeil? Gah! This place Bishop Frau.
It can't be.
Why are you allowing such an evil weapon to run loose? This is Discard your weapon.
Whatever you say is useless.
It's not normal to see you holding that blade.
Put your hands behind your head! Quickly! Damn it For someone like me, to be caught by such a cheap trick.
I'm grateful that you're cooperating with us.
We will have a long talk about this later.
Let's move.
Bishop Frau.
The Archbishop's blood pressure is high, don't let him break down.
Please take care of him.
Please wait.
He's not the type to do such a thing.
There is no human without darkness in his heart.
Assistant-Archbishop Bastien-sama.
What's wrong? The flower's are whispering Frau is suspected for killing the criminals.
And he's been arrested.
What did you say? Frau fought against those from the darkness, for Teito-kun's sake.
But it was meant to lure Frau into a trap.
Please listen to what I have to say.
Is it really okay for me to trust the Church? Frau didn't say anything about it.
Even when I want to believe.
It's just that I can't do or think by myself.
Please come with me.
This place is It's a room for people to face their own hearts.
Even we have things that we've lost.
At such times, we come to this room to learn about it ourselves.
Please look into your heart.
At the time the fog is clear, you should be able to see your true feelings.
Our battle with our neighbor Antworth in the north has been extremely difficult.
Our force will be cut down even farther at this rate.
Yet it seems that Chief Staff-Commander Ayanami-san doesn't fully agree with our plans.
My apologies.
Chief Staff-Commander Ayanami.
Zehel has been imprisoned, as planned.
Good job.
But, but It's mortifying! To think that someone like him is defiling your precious scythe.
Don't cry.
Your feelings certainly reach my heart.
But you will need to bear it for now.
Don't make any moves by your feelings.
We must not fail, capture him at all costs.
I understand.
I will show that he's definitely within our grasp.
Are you listening? Ayanami-kun.
Concerning the Battle of Antworth, why don't you make your appearance now, and get it over with? Is a thousand peace-keepers enough? I'll take this mission.
Five hundred peace-keepers will be sufficient.
Can I Frau and the Church is it alright for me to trust them? You must believe, Teito.
Who's there? If you listen to your parents, the fog will surely clear.
What you can see, is what you believe.
Let me release the seal that covers yet another part of your memory.
I am Fia Kruez.
That's right.
Fia Kruez really is Father.
In this church, Father was the one who had raised and taken care of me.
I love you, Teito.
How was it? The "Fia Kruez" that the bishop mentioned earlier Was the priest who had taken care of me.
This is where I belong.
Yet, I should have known this earlier.
But I couldn't bring myself to believe it.
And everything about Frau But why did that bishop say that the Church is not my ally? Priest Fia Kruez was long ago a priest who had been excommunicated from the Church.
The Eye leads the way.
A tremor in the puzzled boy awakens his mission.
From the image of his past, what is it that he will see? Please tell us, flowers.