07 Ghost (2009) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

I will definitely save you.
Excommunicated? Why was Father treated that way? Castor That story No, Labrador.
We should tell the lad what happened.
Your "Father", Bishop Kreuz committed an unforgivable sin.
Not only stole Pandora’s Box from the Church, But he also fled to the Raggs Kingdom.
Pandora's Box? Inside that box lies the Death-God Verloren’s body, Which was sealed for over a thousand years.
Can you even imagine what was the consequence of that action? It was the Raggs War.
No way After Pandora's Box was stolen, The Barsburg Empire Invaded the Raggs Kingdom where Father Kreuz had fled.
And in the end, they brought it to ruin.
But then, The true cause of the war was yet unknown.
According to the Barsburg Empire, The Raggs Kingdom used Bishop Kreuz in order to steal Pandora’s Box.
With both of the eyes in Raggs Kingdom’s hands, They planned to awaken Verloren.
and he would grant them divinity over the world.
Because of that, they brought such a surmountable judgment upon the Raggs Kingdom.
However, they all may all just be lies made up by the Barsburg Empire to feint innocence.
It is believed that Bishop Kreuz acted on his own when he took Pandora's Box, and didn't loan it to the Raggs’ Kigndom.
That being the case, the Barsburg Empire still Claimed that the Raggs Kingdom was trying to gain divinity over the world, And so to pass judgment, they brought the Raggs Kingdom to ruin.
Regardless of which story is true or false, I am certain of the fact that Bishop Kreuz stole Verloren's body.
Why would Father do such a thing? I don’t know.
The only one who knows the truth Is probably Bishop Kreuz himself.
This is the truth from the Church's about your "Father".
It's up to you, on how you wish to accept it.
Teito, Please listen carefully.
You are the hope of this country.
You can never fall into Imperial hands.
But, Father Listen to me, Please Only you can go on.
I I was saved by Father… He entrusted everything to me.
Even if he did do something like steal Pandora's Box, or if he risked his life protecting the Eye of Mikhail, Then he must have had a reason for doing it.
I will become a bishop, And travel the world to find the Truth.
Even if the Empire is lying in wait for you? I I alone will believe in Father! What a brave boy To possess such loving nobility.
He wishes to shoulder the burdens of another.
What happened to Frau? Labrador? This is bad.
Frau has been scheduled for Execution.
Execution? What's going on? I thought that I could avoid telling you this But Frau was caught wielding a Warsfeil blade And is now being held in the Dungeon of Light.
How will they judge him? Jio-sama no, Archbishop-sama.
The fool.
All of the surviving criminals Are currently in no condition to confess at a trial.
However Frau held that Warsfeil dagger in his hand Whatever happened, that fact is undeniable.
Would it be alright for me to interrogate him? What for? If one directly touches the Warsfeil power, His body will be consumed by the Darkness.
Even with the seal released, the only ones who can touch it are those who have already sold their soul to the Darkness, or those who have inherited the Blood of the Ancients.
If they say that he's been tainted by the Warsfeil, then how do they explain his injury? I’ve always been watching that child.
If is to be accused for such a crime, then I cannot sit here and keep quiet.
There must be a way to save him.
He doesn't want anyone to help him.
Right now, Frau can't even hold a basculus.
Even it he threw away his life as a normal bishop.
He can't use a basculus? What do you mean by that? The reason for that is only known by the Pope.
There is a barrier around the church.
No matter how smart or skillful the Warsfeil is, he could never use his power here.
The only ones who can break this barrier, are those who can wield a basculus.
And yet Frau Can't even hold a basculus To accuse Frau of using the Warsfeil He is not the culprit.
It can be only done by someone who could wield a basculus.
It means there a traitor inside the church.
Frau I can't just let you always save me.
He must have been tricked.
He is not the type of person to be executed like that.
And on top of that, Isn't he's one of the Seven Ghosts? And then Rosalie was like… Well that was because-- Excuse me! The Dungeon Where is the Dungeon of Light? The Dungeon of Light? The prison where those who have been given the Death-Sentence are held? Castor-san told me that it was around here somewhere.
Around here? The only thing around here are the Towers, as you can see.
I don't have time to play with right-- Don't tell me Watch my clothes, okay? Frau.
I will definitely save you.
The Dungeon of Light is up ahead? Like I'd give up now.
I need air… Frau To think he was given the death-sentence How could he have come to this? I can breathe! Thank you, Razette.
He's down there? That cell? Stand back, Frau! I will break down that wall! I won't stop! Go back, Shorty! Frau's zaiphon? Frau.
This is my own problem.
The problems you create, you deal with it yourself.
Don’t you have something else that you should be doing? Why the heck are you so arrogant? There's no way you can be quiet like that after receiving a death-sentence.
Running away it's like admitting your sin.
I know, but It's bad, isn't it? I just got into a bit of trouble.
Frau! Thank you for coming.
But Frau! I want to be able to help you! Go home.
Why? What a sad face Teito.
Barsburg Scriptures, Volume III, Verse 17.
I will devote it to you.
Good luck on the Exam.
You idiot! Why don't you worry a bit more about yourself? Teito.
Can I ask you just one thing? If you really want to make me happy.
Then just smile.
Of course not, you idiot.
Just wait a bit.
I'll think of something.
I will definitely save you.
Jeez! Such an ill-mannered kid.
How could I simply smile like that! You really don’t ever smile, do you? Here it comes.
Go fetch it.
Smile? How? Jeez! It's a first time I've heard such a cliche question.
If you're having fun, Isn’t it natural to let it show on you're face? How is Training-practice fun anyway? Well you know, that you'll grow taller if you smile.
Really?! That’s the truth.
Besides, it's good to show your friends your smile.
Okay? Try smiling.
Why are you making me laugh? I'll kill you.
Don't try so hard.
Try being a little more honest from your heart.
Frau won't run away.
I know that he won't.
But I want to protect him.
Barsburg Scriptures Volume III, Verse 17 I will devote it to you.
As long as thou keep my words with thee.
My heart will always be with thee.
Good luck on the Exam.
People that are important to me.
I won't let anyone steal them from me, anymore! Here.
I was wondering what you could've been up, but I'd never thought you would be swimming.
Why? Didn't we agree to stick together when hardships came? I heard about Frau’s situation.
You're No longer lost, are you? You look different for some reason.
The criminal who has lured Frau into his trap You're gonna catch him right? Then I'll lend a hand.
Now, don’t get left behind.
Same to you.
All of the crystals are embedded here.
They reflect the moonlight at night.
As the angle of the moonlight changes, so do their colors.
The Scene of the Crime, Is in the nearby tower.
This is where the crime took place.
Let's go.
The boy hesitates At the obscured crossroads Within the indistinctness of the saying The one and only signpost Will it be light from that memory? Please tell us, flowers.