07 Ghost (2009) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

We need to find Bastian-sama immediately.
Bishop Frau we can't let him be executed like this.
It's blocked.
What do we do now? They don't look like the type who would just let normal applicants through.
That man loves this Empire more than anything.
He will do whatever it takes.
However, we have only one chance at victory.
We will head to the northern country, to the borders of Antwort.
Take off! What's wrong, Hakuren? You're gonna go in with your Bascule? If you take a Bascule into that room before it's been purified, then it will react to the Warsfeil and turn black.
Is that true? Yes.
We'll just leave them here.
What's wrong, Grade-kid? Did you feel something? Girls are floating around Girls? Where are they? They're right above you Forget it.
You can't scare me that easily.
Well now, looks like you can see us.
We've already finished purifying this room.
Rest easy, boys.
You know that there's no more clues left here.
It's already been purified.
Assistant Archbishop Bastian-sama! So, you're also looking for clues to save Bishop Frau? I apologize for acting on our own.
Bastian-sama, what really happened here? Seven criminals had their souls torn out by the power of darkness, while they were still alive.
Their torment must've been hell.
Warsfeil play around with human souls, just to increase their strength.
According to the Church, Frau was caught holding a Warsfeil blade, without a protective seal over it.
This, of course, raises a few questions.
Was Frau really the Warsfeil from the beginning? Or was he somehow coincidently tainted? The problem isn't whether he's tainted or not.
He's one of the Seven Ghosts who fight the darkness.
If he is found to have been the Warsfeil from the beginning, then he will be executed.
But if he was tainted, then the only way to save him is to find the Warsfeil that cursed the blade.
To think that Bastian-sama actually believes what the Church says Bishop Frau could never be tainted! There's no human alive that could ever taint a bishop! I believe that the child is not a Warsfeil.
Frau probably came to this situation by accident.
You know, I came here to save my precious student.
Precious student? Bishop Frau was your student? What kind of student was he? He was rebellious, and not suited to become a young clergyman.
The Raggs War had just ended.
He came right after the Barsburg Imperial Army devastated the sky pirates, in their attempt to control the world.
"I don't believe in anything".
was the sad belief that he held behind those blue eyes.
"Those who walk with me, shall have glory for eternity.
" Does anyone know what that means? I do, I do, I do, I do! Who does this idiot think he is? He's God.
It looks like Frau-kun needs to study more about God.
So then, let's read them together.
You're an annoying old man.
It's because he made that stupid rule that people who've had their three wishes granted end up dead! All of my friends died! I can never believe in a God like that! Put me down, you old geezer! Now then, let's start with Volume 1, Chapter 1.
It's all so nostalgic Despite all that, he had a surprising control over his zaiphon.
His ability to handle a Bascule astounded the Bishops.
He was truly a genius sent from heaven.
The child would definitely become a bishop specialized in fighting the darkness.
I wouldn't give up on him.
If you want to use the Power of God, you must follow his Will.
That's not God's power.
It's my own power.
Besides, my God is already dead.
If prayers can't bring about miracles, then they're totally useless.
He was always pulling pranks on people, and causing trouble.
Someone made a fire, and roasted meat! Who would dare to break such a rule? However, he didn't do all of it just for fun.
Bastian-sama, even if Jio-sama sent him here, you're spoiling him too much.
Bastian-sama, someone drew all over the hallway using zaiphon again.
Bastian, some rebel has been eating meat.
Yet, I knew.
He would secretly sneak into the chapel at night.
Frau hated Verloren for threatening people's dreams with his three wishes.
That hatred, along with the sadness from losing his friends, was locked away inside his heart.
He forbade himself to look toward God for help.
He suffered all those trials alone.
Then, he began to offer salvation to others, while he still hadn't found it himself.
Bishop-sama, Bishop-sama.
Is there a small bishop about this tall here? A small bishop? Yeah! He came into my room through the windows last night.
And took away the strange mark on my chest.
I didn't know that this child had been tainted by a Kor.
Could you please pass our gratitude along to the small bishop? I started hearing strange rumors from the town.
A small bishop would come in through the windows, and remove the Kor's Mark from children who were too ashamed to tell anyone that they had defied God.
Frau, where are you going? Leaving the church at night is strictly forbidden.
Don't tell me that you're the one removing the Kor's Marks even when you're not a bishop? I learned how to do it by watching you.
Whenever I exterminate a Kor, I always feel a little bit lighter, and my heart feels relieved? It's not that! It's just I just hope that with is exterminated, they can find happiness this time Frau, that's called a prayer.
Now then, come, my child.
Bishop Bastian, why won't you leave me alone? No one will come and greet me.
Didn't we say that we were friends? Then why was it just me who got left behind in this world? The truth is I wanted to fight with them until the end.
I wanted them to take me along.
It wasn't a miracle that he wished for.
It was freedom.
There's a prayer to help the beautiful souls scattered across the sky find their salvation.
From now on I will always be by your side.
I will never forget how Bishop Frau saved my mother.
This time I will prove that I can save him as well.
Bastian-sama, it's time to change the guard.
Staying up too late isn't good for your health.
Oh my, so it's already that late? Be sure to keep what I've told you about Frau a secret.
Thank you very much.
Though we didn't find out anything about the culprit, Frau will definitely be saved with you at his side.
There must be a trace of the culprit out there somewhere.
Hey, if we try taking the criminal into custody What's wrong, Hakuren? You look just like a bishop, Bishop Frau.
That's a rather snide remark considering the situation.
I'll get you out of here soon enough.
Please wait a bit longer.
You always try to help people in need, not worrying about any danger to yourself.
And even when you're in danger, you're still worrying about others.
With this, I feel like I can retire in peace.
Aren't you going to become the Archbishop when the old man retires? That's up to God to decide.
My beloved child, may God be with you.
Bastian, why are you acting like this.
I believe that my path is the truth.
Here, look at this.
My Bascule was tainted, it's pitch-black.
Teito, remember I told you that the Bascule will turn dark once a Warsfeil touches it? But, the room we entered was already purified.
Back then, Bastian-sama.
God and my unwavering belief shall pave my way.
I am in the right.
Even so why can't I hear your voice anymore? It couldn't be that Bastian-sama is a Warsfeil.
If that's the case, then the one trying to kill Frau is It can't be We need to find Bastian-sama immediately.
Bishop Frau we can't let him be executed like this.
Basian-sama said that he'd go back to his room.
Where's that? It's blocked.
What do we do now? It doesn't look like they'll just let normal candidates through.
What was that? You didn't have to go that far, you idiot.
Now's our chance.
It's not opening.
It's locked.
That shape looks like A Bishop's pass? It's Father's.
Father, please lead us to the truth.
Hey, what are you guys doing? Open! Wait! Open up! You're not allowed in there! Hey, open up! Let's go get help.
Bastian-sama! He's not here.
Is he really trying to He looked so kind when he was talking about Frau.
Even if he's a Warsfeil, he must have a reason for keeping it a secret.
How nostalgic.
Frau, that's called a prayer.
Now then, come, my child.
I will always be by your side.
There must be a mistake somewhere.
What's wrong, Mikage? There's a breeze here.
It's a hidden staircase.
This place is I've been waiting for you.
You were telling the truth when you said that you believed in Bishop Frau, weren't you? Thank you.
You are truly kind children.
However, Teito, I must tell you that it hurts my heart to take you in.
Bastian-sama! There's the entrance.
Darkness, vanish! It looks like you're finally able to handle you Bascule with ease.
Yet, you're still too naïve.
In the name of the Barsburg Empire, you are to be executed on the charge of treason.
The darkness surrounds the boy.
With an unclear past, he bears an undesired fate.
Yet will defying everything turn it all to dust? Please tell us, flowers.