07 Ghost (2009) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

Who is it? Who was so foolish as to dare to betray my master? I will lead you to the depths of hell.
Take it back.
Execute Teito? Don't kid with me! Your attacks are useless.
Hakuren! Assistant Archbishop Bastian, who are you really? I am Chief of Staff Ayanami's personal Intelligence Officer for the Barsburg Imperial Army.
And I've been working as a spy in the Church for a long time now.
However, today is my last day.
So, Teito Klein.
Be a good student, and let the Wars devour you.
If you resist, I will kill this boy.
Don't do it! Hakuren has nothing to do with this! Even when you're not a Warsfeil, how are you able to summon the Wars? There's a secret art that this Church has forbidden.
In truth, Bascules are able to manipulate both Light and Darkness.
You can use the Warsfeil Arts by reverting the Scriptures.
I only needed to use the souls of those worthless humans.
You're using a Bascule to summon the Power of Darkness?! Don't you even know the consequences for doing that?!! This is my justice.
I can't just leave everything as-is, and allow you to slip away.
Once you and the Eye of Mikhail have been been devoured by the Wars, you will become the loyal pet of Ayanami-sama.
At least, I can make your punishment painless.
What are you doing, Teito?! Just forget about me and get out of here! Quit trying to be a hero! Didn't I promise you, that I'm your friend?! You fool.
Teito!!! If you have anything more important than the Empire.
Then you have no right to bear the Eye of Mikhail.
Such an unpleasant sky.
Ever since Bishop Frau was arrested, it's as if the church has lost its light.
It can't be helped.
If you commit a crime, you must be punished for it.
I have a bad feeling about this Some danger is closing in on Teito-kun.
If that's the case, then we can't stay here and wait any longer.
Your premonitions have never been wrong.
Good job you guys, It's time to change shifts.
I've never seen you before.
Well I just started working here.
Feel free to look it over, carefully.
Carry on.
Yes sir! There's no need to salute here.
Teito! Answer me! Teito! Why are you doing this? Why must you cause this much suffering? Why did you lie and betray everyone?! Then that time You were the one who attacked us, weren't you? If that was me, then you two wouldn't be here now.
Then who was it? I'll leave Teito Klein to you.
I see It looks like he had another mission to fulfill.
And it's not my place to know.
Don't let anyone through until I return.
That's strange.
I can't sense our guards anymore.
I'll go take a look.
Kuroyuri-sama, We can't use Warsfeil here.
Here, take this with you, and please be careful.
Scent of flowers? A flower garden? Is this an illusion? They've fallen asleep.
Since these men don't have a pass to enter this world.
I would like you to leave me alone with that child who just sent ahead.
I won't let you get past me.
You shouldn't have come here.
The same goes for that child.
What did you plan to do with me and Teito? Dark it's so dark The feelings that control this dimension Fear, and hatred, accompanied with hunger, and thirst; What an ultimate despair.
These are Wars.
Is this what a Kor becomes once it steals a soul and evolves? Give us your body, and your soul! They want to devour me?! I'll be devoured if I sympathize with them.
I want you! I can't let myself be afraid of them! I don't have anything that you want.
Even after devouring countless souls, you still can't be saved! So pitiful I will make them leave, for you.
Who was it? Who was so foolish as to dare to betray my Master? I'll lead you to the depths of Hell.
Take it back.
You're pretty tough for being such a worm.
However, you can't escape your punishment.
Whatever you do, I'm still going to kill you.
Stop it! Don't kill him! He is an important person to Frau, just like Father was to me.
Master I know that you're willing to sacrifice the Empire just to protect of those dear to you.
However, the Empire's future won't be protected with that.
Then, why? You worm I'll kill you! Stop it already! Why does Why does your face look so sad? Master, there's no need for your heart to grieve for this low-life.
I shall kill him in an instant! Stop it! Master, leave it to me! No.
He's Frau's Frau's precious mentor.
If this keeps up, the Wars will take over Master's body.
Bastian-sama, Please, I'm begging you.
Return to Frau's side.
Frau! Zehel.
You finally came.
May God be with you.
I knew that you'd come.
The one ray of light returns within the pitch-black darkness.
The first and the last time I saw it.
It's not because I saw a god.
It was because I heard my beloved student's voice.
Why? Why must it be you? I couldn't forgive the criminals who abused the institution of Sanctuary.
If the one who took another's life could find salvation, while the loved ones who were taken by their hands could not, what distorted sense of justice is that? Even now, their sins and suffering are sealed within me.
Only by returning to nothingness along with me can they ever truly pay for their crimes.
Your "justice" is itself distorted.
Justice without love is not true justice.
Those who can't forgive are the same as the darkness.
That's why those souls have tormented you.
I may not be reborn as a human the next time.
Return to Frau's side.
I couldn't even do that.
It's all right.
Your Wars can't hurt me.
That's why you didn't need to use Teito as bait, and make a pact with the Warsfeil for the sole purpose of freeing me.
It's all right.
I will always stay by your side.
Until the end.
What are you waiting for? A god shouldn't hesitate.
Hurry and kill me.
Come my beloved child.
Why is it that when the three wishes are granted, a person dies? Because we promised the Chief of Heaven that we would use our life to make those three wishes come true.
After all the effort to make them come true It doesn't make any sense.
Only our true dreams are able to make our soul shine in this world.
That light is a sign for the messengers of Heaven to bring our souls back to God's side.
What are your three dreams? Will you also die someday? Because of that, you, and the time I spend together with you, are truly precious.
Frau, a person can't stay in one place forever.
Our soul guides us to the next world.
Your final wish has come true.
You shouldn't bring that out too often, Zehel.
You might not be able to change back one of these times.
It will just jump out whenever you're around.
Wait, that hand It's nothing.
Master was just being a little rebellious.
It will normalize soon.
You didn't need to come and save us, you know? You do know the reason for my existence, right? Yeah.
I'm actually taking you seriously because of that.
Just hurry and fully wake up already.
Dying wouldn't be so bad, as long as it's by your hand.
Frau? Jio-sama, this is a letter from Bastian-sama.
Archbishop Jio, I may not be in this world by the time you read this letter.
Please find it in your heart to forgive me.
I buried the criminals that posed as threats to the Empire in the darkness.
Those despicable vermin that only wished to escape from their guilt, and wouldn't even face their own sins.
Since they are incapable of repenting, I will seal all their sins and suffering within me.
I've left the records of all my Wars research in my study.
If there is Holy Water, it should be safe to handle within a month.
I was unable to serve both the Empire and God.
I wanted to become a good father to that child Bastian, even after all that, I still believed that you would have chosen Frau.
What a pity.
It looks like you couldn't find Verloren's scythe anywhere.
No way! How could I have mistaken a doll for the real thing? To think that you didn't expect Zehel to leave and save Teito-kun Another doll? Where is Zehel?! No way they all look completely human.
Now then, where could your Half-Soul be? Congratulations.
Where did you hide Zehel?! Tell me! I'm sorry, It's the man on the other side of you, that I have business with.
Resisting will only make it worse.
So we finally meet.
You're interfering with my plans again, Fest.
The boy has been swallowed.
Self-preservation is whispering to him.
Will light ever shine again in those trembling eyes of his? Please tell us, flowers.