07 Ghost (2009) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

Looks like you won't be good and accept your punishment.
You really do want to die, don't you? My my, some children just don't grow up, do they? This game of tag ends here.
Lilam, what are you doing? Hurry up already! Wait for me, Brother Iida! I'm tired already.
Let's rest a little.
What are you talking about? The Archbishop's Mass will start soon.
There are rumors going around that the Archbishop might be at the exam.
Is that true, Brother? Then we better hurry.
Now, the next question: Barsburg Bible Volume 5, Chapter 35.
Umm"Born from the Darkness" "Born from the darkness" "and evil things" ? A goat? A cow? A lamb! "Do not lend your ears".
Lilam, how about we go see Feist's statue? Feist's statue? Brother, is this Feist's statue? Yeah.
This is the god who links souls to other souls.
Soon we will be married.
Albert! Elizabeth! Albert! Please let me marry Shiratori-kun.
Please make Edward-sama mine! Please let me marry before I turn 30! That's amazing somehow.
Pay no attention to them.
Remember, we still have the Bishop's Exam.
The examinees have to fight in groups of two in order to test the strength of the bond between the two.
I don't worship you, but I do love you, Big Brother.
I know, Lilam.
That's why we pray that our bonds will never break.
We finally meet.
You're in my way again, Feist.
I'm picking up some interference on the scanners! It's reacting to our ship! Ayanami-sama! Aya-tan's a bit busy with work right now.
Could you wait a moment? Yes sir I won't leave this child to you.
I wonder I'm very pleased to have finally caught this child.
Since isn't that the same as catching your soul? Ayanami-sama, please release my soul.
If this keeps up, you will If half of his soul is in your possession, He shall forever be your servant, until you release it.
Am I right? But since you share each other's life, you also share his suffering, isn't that a problem? Kuroyuri, I won't let you die in vain.
I wonder whether you can control all of a person's soul and fully submit them to your will.
And there have been only two people who could do that.
Or is it that you can't control the other half? Let me ask you this.
Which one of them is the real you? Such a foolish question, Feist.
Brother, can we go to that pillar? No, don't do that, Lilam.
Going near that tower is forbidden for everyone.
Why's that? There's only one thing that I can say.
They were both traitors who rebelled against God.
There is no God in this world.
It will just hurt more it you resist.
You're nothing but a foolish human.
Pretentious! Looks like you won't be good and accept your punishment.
You really do want to die, don't you? My my, some children just don't grow up, do they? This game of tag ends here.
I won't allow you to escape.
I've caught you.
And I you.
They got away.
But you sure saved me there, Labrador.
I look forward to meeting you again.
Your dolls certainly do look alive.
That's because they're all tied to my soul.
Aya-tan, who were you just talking to? A naughty child? That's right.
It's all my fault I was being too naïve.
What have I done to Ayanami-sama?! It's all right, Kuroyuri-sama.
The plan just slipped a little, but everything is still proceeding smoothly.
Haruse, those flowers, They absorb your dark power.
Yes, but I still have the strength to protect you, and that is enough.
Haruse Kuroyuri-sama! Drink my blood.
It will help you hold on until we get home.
Kuroyuri-sama The time is near.
A child of God has once again set forth on a long journey.
Please, give that soul peace.
Let our prayers give him the Final Light.
"Those who follow Me shall sing of My Glory for Eternity.
" Let our prayers enrich him.
Frau, where are you going? Leaving the church at night is strictly forbidden.
Don't tell me That you're the one removing Kor's Marks even though you're not a bishop? I learned how to do it by watching you.
Whenever I exterminate a Kor, I always feel a little bit lighter, and my heart Feels relieved? It's not that it's just I just hoped that by exterminating it, they would find happiness this time Frau, that is called a prayer.
To think that Bastian-sama used the Warsfeil's power to kill those poor criminals His sense of justice was too strong.
It seems that two young examinees rushed into his room at dawn.
Were those children trying to confront him? Just who are they, I wonder? Without Bastian-sama, those Warsfeil shouldn't be able to remain in the church much longer.
But I doubt that they will just leave.
Either way, I'm just glad that Teito-kun's okay.
Actually, to protect him from the power of darkness, I wanted to baptize him here.
However, that child has already killed too many people.
Nevertheless, I'm worried about how the people react to this.
After all, there were a lot of people who respected Bastian-sama.
Why would Bastian-sama do something like this? He must have done it to cover up something.
He was just too kind.
It would have been better if that ruffian was the Warsfeil instead.
Bishop Frau.
Up until now, we weren't sure whether you were a Warsfeil or not.
We're really sorry.
We were wrong.
I'm so sorry.
Don't worry about it.
If you like, we could have some tea this time.
Uhm I'm pretty sure that everyone in the Church knows, That there are gods who have descended from Heaven, who, for the sake of living amongst humans, have taken the form of Man.
Such a being can never be tainted by the darkness.
And while no one has seen it before, It's believed that they are the Church's protection force, shielding us from the darkness.
There is only one explanation for Bishop Frau to have been able to touch the Warsfeil blade and not be tainted Are you by any chance one of the Seven Ghosts? Now now, Frau.
You shouldn't have those kind of books.
They're--They're supposed to be given as offerings.
What the heck are you thinking?! I made a promise to him.
Geez, just everyone, calm down.
A lighter?! See ya! I guess it couldn't be Frau after all.
There's no way it's him.
Tobacco's a drug, right? Teito, I'm sorry.
You risked your life for my sake, while I could do nothing.
And above that, to think that you carry the legendary Eye of Mikhail.
To think that you bear such a heavy burden Why do you touch my master? Are you his enemy? Am I being interrogated? It's all right.
I am on Teito's side.
Judge me as much as you like.
Ah, so you are my master's dear friend.
You have my gratitude.
Are you two all right? Hakuren, Mikage? You idiot.
Worry about yourself for now.
Everyone's? They're attending Bastian-sama's funeral.
Hakuren, I Don't blame yourself, you did what was right.
The bodies of those who practice the Forbidden Arts, are devoured by the darkness the more they use them.
You're wrong.
If Frau hadn't come, then I You're pretty tough, despite being a worm.
Whatever you do, I'm still going to kill you.
Wasn't I trying to kill Bastian-sama? Something was squirming inside of me.
Could it have been the Eye of Mikhail? You may be right.
But even if there is something inside you, you would strife to protect both your friends and your beliefs.
That pure heart of yours hasn't changed a bit.
How am I supposed to react to you saying something that profound?! Uhh sorry, I didn't mean to make it harder for you.
But Hakuren, my heart isn't pure.
In fact, I Thank you.
Hello, Shorty.
You're finally awake.
It's good that Hakuren-kun was here with you.
Uhh, I'll go get some water.
Dying wouldn't be so bad, as long as it's by your hand.
Frau What wrong, Shorty? Still half asleep? What are you doing? You damn brat.
"Hurry and fully awake!" "Dying wouldn't be so bad, as long as it's by your hand.
" I don't understand what you're saying! Who's the one who told me to live on? You're just a selfish human.
Aren't you just running away from your own pain? If you want to die If you want to die! Just die by yourself Tei- It looks like you got the wrong idea, Shorty.
I wasn't thinking of following Bastian-sama.
It's just that I like your soul.
Therefore, I wouldn't mind being killed by you, if it came to that.
But if it troubles you that much, just forget what I said.
Quit screwing around! I don't like you at all! Even after being dumped, I'm still good for pictures, aren't I? He was angry because you didn't explain before giving him a conclusion.
Just what exactly did you say to Teito-kun? Now is not the right time to be mentioning something like that to him! I know, I know.
That Eye of Mikhail just appears whenever it feels like it.
Don't think that you can get away with not listening to what I'm saying.
Is it so? Is that your attitude? Ack, wait! I-I-I can't breathe Castor-san The truth is, I didn't really want to say any of that.
I don't want anyone else to die because of me.
My heart is aching Such sadness.
Such sadness.
Such sadness.
Teito? What's wrong? You're However, to think that Teito-kun has actually opened his heart up to you this much He's still just a stray cat.
Such dark clouds.
What's wrong, Labrador? They're coming.
I have you now.
Teito! Hang on.
A Wars entered his back while he was fighting Bastian.
A boy who can't even control the Eye of Mikhail cannot withstand the power of a Wars.
We did it, Haruse.
Indeed, Kuroyuri-sama.
The boy sings a nostalgic song buried in his mind that he just remembered.
Will realizing it bring happiness, or despair? Please tell us, flowers.