07 Ghost (2009) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

It's the Air Fleet's Flagship: the Ribidzile! Teito, get a hold of yourself! My my, aren't you a son of the Oak Family? Are you two Warsfeils? What are you going to do with Teito? It's of no concern for a make-believe friendship like yours.
We are bound to each other by our oath.
We're different from you! What do you know of us? Our loyalty to Ayanami-sama is not that shallow.
I guess we can't just leave him here.
Five kilometers until the Seventh District Barsburg Church's jurisdiction.
It's a No-Fly Zone for all military aircraft.
Never mind that.
Stay on course.
Are you alright, Haruse? Yeah So the Eye of Mikhail was finally able to fight a Wars, but failed like this.
The Wars was able to infiltrate him easily because of his weak heart.
It's only natural that we caught him like this.
Damn it! What is that? It was an explosion! Teito! I am your friend.
Good work, Hakuren.
Bishop Frau! Bishop Frau, Teito This Holy Water had better work.
Wake up, Teito! Teito! Listen to me, Teito.
A Wars has entered that Eye of Mikhail.
Summon him, and I will destroy it.
You can't.
No one, whoever he may be, could possibly destroy me.
It's the Air Fleet's Flagship: the Ribidzile! What's wrong, Teito?! He's here.
Ayanami, that bastard who killed Mikage.
What?! Kill him I'll kill him! There's nowhere to run!! Teito.
You won't get away this time.
No way, I can't control-- Kuroyuri-sama! How dare you do something like that to Kuroyuri-sama.
Get lost.
The only one I want to kill is Ayanami.
Don't throw away your life like this.
I will gladly sacrifice my life, if it's for Kuroyuri-sama or Ayanami-sama! Teito! Back off, Haruse! That's an order!! Kuroyuri-sama, I can no longer fight in this body.
I, Haruse, will become one with Teito Klein, and bring him back to the Army.
Haruse!!! Like I'd be defeated that easily.
I will definitely kill Ayanami.
Master, your heart will die if this keeps up.
I shall leave your body, and take the Wars with me.
I won't let you bastards take my master.
In the name of Archangel Mikhail: Release Heaven's punishment, and awaken from the Sleep of Antiquity!! What is this thing? Is this my power? Master, there is an enormous power sleeping within you.
I hope your memories your precious memories will return to you.
Pull back! What's going on? Teito!!! Aya-tan says that he will take everything that is precious to you.
In your dreams!! Just a little more! The Eye! The Eye! Frau, why didn't you catch the Eye?! Why go for me?! Turn around! I need to go after Ayanami! Stay focused, Shorty! I'm going to avenge Mikage's death, I will kill Ayanami and take back the Eye! I know what's more important.
And it's not the Eye.
It looks like we have the Eye.
Incoming signal from the church, ordering us to divert.
Do as they say.
I will have you next time, Teito Klein.
Teito! Were you the one caused that lightning in the sky?! You're incredible! No.
What's wrong? Not only was I unable to avenge Mikage's Death, but Ayanami got hold of the Eye as well.
Even though my dad and Father died entrusting it to me.
It's good enough, as long as you're safe.
And everyone agrees with that.
Did one of the Army's ships crash? No, it looked like lightning brought it down.
Was that from my power? Yes.
I have within me a power that I'm unaware of.
What's wrong? That song.
Song? I don't hear anything.
Your precious memories.
How many times had I seen this? This image of Father and me Let's go, to the land of Seele.
That's right.
This is from a memory from long ago.
I went on a journey with Father.
So? What did the Imperial Army say? That the Air Fleet passed by the Church as a shortcut to their intended destination.
An obvious lie.
There's no mention of the Eye of Mikhail, is there? He was probably searching for the Eye on his own, and acting outside the Army's orders.
Or they may be trying to keep this from becoming public knowledge.
I wonder what will happen from here on out.
Teito-kun has already chosen his own path.
Following the stars, with courage and memories, I'm searching for your footprints, praying that you would rest for eternity.
This is in the middle of a dream.
Is that Ragg's Requiem? You How do you know that song? I had a friend long ago who sang it.
I see.
Thank you for saving me.
It would've been better if I was able to grab the Eye, as well.
The Eye left me, it's not your fault.
It must be that I still lack the power and resolution needed for its vessel, so it left me.
Don't try to think about it too much.
It may sound like I'm just trying to cheer you up, but The fact is that the Eye has no power without its Master.
Just become stronger, and take the Eye back.
After all, the Eye had already chosen you as its Master, long ago.
I was chosen to be its Master long ago? Frau, I just remembered.
Back when I was little, I could use the Eye of Mikhail freely.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I'm certain that I could use the Eye of my own free will.
And I also remembered that Father and I went on a long journey together.
I still need to rediscover a lot of things: My memories and also, the Eye I will reclaim them all.
You're not only one who has lost something.
Hey, Frau.
About Bishop Bastian Go to your room, Shorty.
Across the stars, the courage, and the memories, I'm searching for your This is, as you know, a sprout from an Evie Tree.
It's said to be the longest-living tree in the world.
Frau, you should know the color of this soul best, right? I guess I'll plant it in the sunniest spot in the courtyard.
Those robes look good on you.
I haven't forgotten about Mikage.
However, right now, I will take the exam alongside my friend.
I may have lost the Eye of Mikhail, but thanks to everyone's support, I'm ready to take the exam.
Thank you.
I'll take my leave.
May God be with both of you.
Your lucky item for today is the first that you will pick up this morning.
This must be it, then.
The Great Bishop's Pass.
I'm sorry.
Examinees? Interesting! Please remember this.
Please remember this! What was with that guy? No idea Hey! Watch your step, old man.
Don't daydream! Hold on! You were the one who bumped him! Now, now.
Don't pick a fight, young men.
Sorry for being such slow old men.
Silence! Welcome, chosen ones.
I ask that you all put forth you heart and soul into this exam.
I am the Chief Examiner, Bishop Lance.
The young boy repeats heartwarming meetings and sorrowful departures.
Is it mere coincidence, or was it his destiny? Please tell us, Flowers.