07 Ghost (2009) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

Well then, gentlemen Let me show you to the examination site.
Don't waste your Zaiphon.
I'll take care of this.
Yeah, thanks.
Opening the gate.
Let's go, Mikage.
Special thanks to RumbLE What did you say?! Two ships from Ayanami's 1st Fleet crashed in the 7th District?! And why were they in the 7th District in the first place?! That incompetent Chief of Staff! Just a demotion is not enough for disobeying a direct order and entering a No-Fly Zone! And what did the Church have to say about it? Ayanami must be punished for this.
Now now, there's a reason that I have summoned all of you to this conference.
Please take a look at this.
Isn't that the Eye of the God? Was that done by the Eye of Mikhail? Where has it been hiding all this time? Despite the fact that we've thoroughly searched all over the nation for it.
It's true.
As the twin to our national treasure, the Eye of Raphael, it is certainly a most coveted artifact.
By this turn of events, we know that the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, whom the Emperor has been searching for since the Raggs War, has finally appeared.
Sometimes, Ayanami actually does us favors.
We should be grateful to him for that.
The Pope once told us that we should meet the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, should he appear, and at that time, the Pope would determine if the bearer was fit to become the new King of Raggs.
What are you saying? You mean that the Church is actually planning to restore the Raggs Kingdom? As you all know, our Emperor and the Pope hold equal political sway.
They have been polar opposites since the old days.
I believe that when the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail appears, the Church would make him the new King of Raggs.
Since the Barsburg Empire already has the Eye of Raphael, if we also get hold of the Eye of Mikhael, the Church's power would be in grave danger.
And on top of that, we can no longer keep these events secret.
At the very least, the God Houses, who serve both the Emperor and the Pope, will hear of this.
The problem is that the God Houses might not choose to ally with us.
Gentlemen, this is an outcome we have feared greatly.
Though we have erased all of Raggs' history, literature, and music, along with any other information about the kingdom from the Empire, the appearance of the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, could result in the birth of a new King of Raggs.
These are people who became our slaves after the Raggs War.
To them, the birth of a new King of Raggs would become their hope.
And because of this, we cannot acknowledge even the very existence of the Raggs Kingdom.
All seven Districts belong to the Barsburg Empire.
Tell the people that all of this was due to a malfunction when using the Eye of Raphael.
The gullible citizens will definitely fall for it.
For the pride of the 1st Fleet, we must destroy the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, not matter what it takes.
We must act before he becomes a threat to the Barsburg Empire.
Put all your heart and soul into this, and pass the exam.
You are to wait here until the exam begins.
I'm nervous for some reason.
It shouldn't be a problem for you, though.
I have high expectations for you.
Hey, doesn't it seem like he still holds a grudge against us? Probably because you stepped on his pass earlier.
For safety reasons, allow me to check your Bascules.
Yes sir.
Next! Yes sir.
Teito What's wrong? It can't be, back when I activated the Eye of Mikhail, did I use all of my power to do that? Teito.
My Zaiphon's not coming out.
My my, are the two former archbishops going to participate in the exam again this year? I guess we should pretend to be examinees and have some fun.
Feel free to do as you please.
It won't work at all? Nope Since I use the Offensive Technique, I can't share my Zaiphon with you.
No way Why now? What should I do? What's the trouble, young man? Ah, nothing Oh, is it not releasing Zaiphon? Hey, could someone please share his Zaiphon with this poor child? Grandpas! How embarrasing.
What is he even doing here? That puny one and his partner with the fox-face are in trouble.
Wouldn't choosing such a bad partner actually make the fox more of a failure? It doesn't matter, since they'll fail anyway, like the rest of his fox family.
How dare you! Stop, just ignore them.
The examiners are watching.
We don't want to cause trouble now.
I see that both of you have such unbearably vulgar souls.
Even though I know I'll win, I accept your challenge.
Just make sure you don't go crying back to your mommy's bosom, you failures.
Failures?! Isn't he technically making a scene? Teito-kun, show me your hand.
If you don't mind some power of mine It might not be much to you, but I will restore a little of your strength.
No way! You'll lend me some of your Zaiphon, Ouida-san? It's only natural for someone who is to become a bishop.
To me, this is just another trial.
Since I possess the Healing Technique, this much won't be a problem.
Thanks! Well then, gentlemen.
Let me show you to the exam site.
After the gate has opened, please enter with respect to your group number.
At last.
I'm nervous.
Don't waste your Zaiphon.
I'll take care of this.
Yeah, thanks.
Opening the gate.
Let's go, Mikage.
W-What, is this place? What's happening?! M-My body! H-How, are you walking so normal? It's the fear that is crawling at your feet.
This is the place for giving up.
The cowards are to be stopped here.
I've made it this far thanks to a lot of people.
Father Mikage and even But, this time is different.
This is the path I have chosen for myself.
I need to stand on my own.
Very good.
Now, gentlemen, please stand in front of the walls alongside your partner.
The first exam will present you with 100 questions.
One person from each pair must write down the correct answer with their Bascule.
A door will open afterwards.
You will have to work in pairs until you reach the final door.
Begin the exam.
Scripture test, huh? I'll handle the Scripture questions, then.
Excerpt from the Scriptures.
Multiply the numbers of all the books by the chapters greater than six verses, and divide by thirteen.
Answer with the number.
How can I multiply those? I'm terrible at math.
Well It must be 12 x 13 is That was fast! You're incredible, Hakuren.
The door's opened, let's go.
Let's enter, too.
The door vanished.
Where's the next question? I can't find it anywhere.
Run! There's no question written here! What should we do? Watch it! I saw it! What is the name of the last crusade that sealed Verloren? Verloren? Verloren Our reunion draws near.
He's coming! Is he close? He may even be with the examinees.
So, what will you do now? Teito, what's the name of the last crusade that sealed Verloren? I see! The answer is "Schedel's Crusade"! In a place like that?! It's impressive that you even saw the question.
It looks like it's gone now.
There should be only one question here.
But there's no door appearing.
Did I give the wrong answer? Are you finished with your warm-up exercises? Welcome to the Kors' Water Palace.
If you wish to continue, you must defeat 50 Kors, and answer their questions.
Meaning, there is one question for each Kor.
What are the names of the Seven Ghosts? That's easy.
Mikage, please endure it for a little while.
You don't need to use your zaiphon here yet.
I'll hurry and answer all the fifty questions so we can get out of this place.
Why? Wasn't exterminating Kor part of the second exam? Are you in pain? You can live a much easier life, can't you? You don't necessarily need to end your life in a place like this, do you? Well then, tell me your wish.
Please help me.
My partner is drowning.
Should we help him? The exam is in progress.
We cannot interfere.
He's too generous.
He was drowning.
Why didn't you help him? My job is only to keep the exam fair, not to save people.
I'm going to have to deduct you points for rudely talking back to me.
I just don't want to lose what's truly important, Bishop Lance! I guess the exam is fully underway by now.
Speaking of exams, I remember the time when Frau-sama and Castor-sama were paired up together.
Ohh?! Tell me, tell me! It doesn't look like he's made his move yet.
The Bishop's Exam seems to be moving along smoothly, as usual.
Doesn't it bring back memories of our Bishop's Exam? Oh yeah, since I had the worst partner ever, it was really a nightmare.
That's what I should be saying! Do you know what you put me through? To think that you didn't even open the Scriptures until three months before the test What were you studying for the two years and eight months before that? Like I would read books written by the one I hate.
He's God! And then because of Frau-sama, Castor-sama failed the exam two years in a row.
My! You two are chatting way too much.
Yes ma'am.
Everyone is trying their best to become future bishops.
Let us pray for them.
We're finally at the 99th question.
The grandpas.
What's wrong? After all this way, our feet began to hurt beyond belief.
Even my stomach hurts.
That's not good.
I'll carry you on my back.
Excuse us.
Hey, Teito.
I'm sorry.
You're so kind.
My feet are cramped.
If we fall, we're done for.
Don't worry about it, Hakuren.
My hand will always catch you.
I'm sorry for holding you back like this.
My bad.
Are you trying to kill me?! Quite a number of examinees fail here.
That's because teamwork is the most essential tool.
What's that? What's wrong? The rope! What's wrong with the rope? Thank you, Hakuren.
Are you two okay? Yeah, we were saved by you.
You guys are really good.
Only the pairs who work well together can reach the 100th door.
However, from here only one can continue.
Defeat your partner.
Then write your name on the Door of the Victor before opening it.
The loser will only open the Door of the Defeated.
The Door of the Victor? The Door of the Defeated? Nearly all students who reach the 100th question fail.
This is where they must weigh their own desires against those of their partner's.
So, what will these two do? This is as far as we can take you.
Hakuren, you should go through the Door of the Victor.
You've been training for this day ever since you left home all those years ago.
I took this exam only to be able to protect my friends.
That's why I want to protect you.
Please go.
Don't underrate me! Do I look like somebody who would abandon you just like that?! I didn't mean that! I have no right to take your dream from you! I don't believe in doing unfair things! You're stupid! You're even more stubborn than me! You are two lucky guys.
I'm allowing you to go through the Door of the Victor, now just go through it.
We're going to retire here.
What was that? Just go through the Door of the Victor! One of you can just take the role of the Victor so both of you can go through that door.
No, you go.
You stubborn guy.
That's great, isn't it? Hey, are you listening? Quiet, grandpas! I'm going to protect those who are dear to me! So only the Door of the Defeated opened.
Alright! My my.
That's our answer.
"Damn you!" How could they give such an answer? Such a vulgar reply.
Thou, why hast thou chosen the Door of the Defeated? There are no "defeated" people here! That's right! There are only two comrades who fought together! Bishop Lance?! Don't tell me, he's the last enemy? Alright, let's get it over with! Teito! With these hands, I will protect the people important to me! Kor?! It seems like it was following you two ever since the Kor's Palace.
Be careful, okay? This place is? You guys passed.
We passed? How did we pass? The real question is why you chose the door you passed through.
There are no such thing as "victors" in this exam.
What we want are only people who can offer their hands to others.
The boy wipes away his tears in order not to be pampered by the overflow of his happiness.
Which is it that's waiting for him as he fights off his confusion? Please tell us, Flowers.