07 Ghost (2009) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

You've done well, Teito.
It can't be this is I want you to always remember that you are the heir to throne of the Kingdom of Raggs.
Special thanks to Nsstrunks However, no one has ever written words like that.
Well, there was one individual who used those exact words.
He actually wrote "Damn you" on the door.
His name was "Frau".
Aren't they similar? Look, aren't they monitors? You can see everything in the Exam Hall.
We were watching your progress from here.
What the heck is this question? It's underestimating us! You've been doing well up to this point.
Aren't you looking sour? Being betrayed like that, you can't forgive him, can you? That guy That guy is That guy's really smart.
He was better than me at everything, I always needed his help, especially in studies.
So him suddenly punching me did come as a shock.
But I've only been able to get this far thanks to him.
If it makes him happy, then I'm don't mind being punched by him.
That candidate Passes.
Of course there is still one more.
I did it, with this I can pass! You Thou hast struck against thy comrade, so that you may pass through the Door of Victor, yes? You foolish boy! Liam, you open the Door of the Victor.
Brother! What's that?! What? "Ouida" Don't write my name on it! I wouldn't be able to bear it if only I passed.
I don't want to be a burden to Brother anymore! Idiot! If I can't protect you, then how I am supposed to protect others? Liam! Lilam, Ouida, together they passed.
Do you understand? From this place, you can see what everyone's heart is.
That bishop I had the feeling that he was a care-for-nothing type of guy at first.
Was it is a misunderstanding? Well, he didn't help that drowning examinee, though.
Grandpas? Why are you at a place like this? Are they looking good? This year's examinees.
Former Archbishops? There are a lot of kids here with bright futures.
Former Archbishops? Thanks for your help back then.
I'm sorry, I was very rude to call you grandpas! It's okay, it's okay.
By the way, did you know that there was a beautiful mermaid with a really nice singing voice here? It's good to go there when your heart feels down.
Teito, Hakuren, come here! I'm sorry, Former Archbishops.
Well then, excuse me.
My my, there certainly are a lot of you still here.
This is far more than I had expected.
Then you guys will respectively advance to the second exams.
You are hereby allowed to be free for half an hour.
Until the bell rings, be sure to rest yourself as much as possible.
You are now dismissed.
How are the flowers? The shadows of their anxiety are growing thicker.
Something is drawing near.
The enemy is still hiding within our midst? I don't know.
But somehow, this time it's different.
I'll sweep them away! Admiral Oak has ordered us to enter Church airspace, under the ruse of conducting an investigation.
He told us to eliminate anyone who could use the Eye of Mikhail, right? Oak is sticking his hand into this? I'd love to see that.
To our guests, Would you like to have some lunch? Your mind and body will be refreshed upon partaking of our special "Stamina Lunch".
Our fisheye soup will be your source of energy for this afternoon's exam.
Please eat it till the last drop.
What should we do? I'm curious about what the grandpas said earlier.
I'll go see Lazette first.
Teito You should eat lunch.
It's a must.
I see Pardon me, but we have important matters to attend to.
Well then I'm sorry! Lazette.
You know the Noel Mermaid? Are you telling us to follow you? Hey, are you actually going in? Yeah.
Please bear with it.
Hey! That troublesome guy.
That's Aren't they Teito-kun and Hakuren-kun? You all right? Yeah.
What is this place? Lazette, this place is It's been a long time, since I've been able to step out onto the grass like this.
Here, Mikage.
So, his name's "Mikage", right? Yeah.
Do you know? When people are born, they make three wishes to the Chief of Heaven.
Mikage's final wish was to protect the one precious to him.
Because of that, he I see, because of that This happened.
I may not be strong right now, but once I've become stronger, I will be able to protect you.
I want to be your friend.
That's why I I can't forgive the guy who drove Mikage to death.
I can't forgive my father, who made my mother suffer, either.
Didn't I already tell you about that? That even when my mother was possessed by a Kor, he thought so much about the image of the family that he never once asked for a bishop.
But he's family, after all.
To not go into the army or politics, after what my father had expected of me, is my way of taking revenge on him.
But truthfully, even right now, he's using his connections, pressuring the Barsburg Royal Family to try and stop me.
I see.
Having a family is good, isn't it? Somehow it's warm, right? Hey, Teito, are you even listening to me? It's not warm or anything at all.
My father doesn't even have a human heart.
But to me, I must thank your father.
Hey you, just because you don't know That's because, thanks to him, I was able to meet you.
I respect him, and I respect you, too.
What's wrong, Teito? A door.
Can't you see it? Yeah, Hakuren won't be able to see it.
Bishop Frau.
That's only for those who experienced losing someone very close to them.
Or you can say that normal people cannot see it.
Why is that door? To pass through it or not, that is for you to decide.
I will go.
Teito You wait here.
Sometimes being an adult means to open your heart wide and wait patiently.
Not like I'm jealous or anything Not at all Not at all! Hakuren.
Bishop Castor.
What Frau said earlier is true, but because you are starting on your own journey, you should be able to see it as well.
I can, also, go through it? If you wish for it that much.
That is Well then That is Frau.
You've done well, Teito.
It can't be this is We will have to part ways someday, At that time, the path that you choose will be important.
I want you to always remember that you are the heir to throne of the Kingdom of Raggs.
Father! Let's go.
To the Land of Seele.
The Land of Seele? Yes, to the End of the World.
The Land of Seele that is what is that That's Teito! Please wait, Hakuren.
Whatever Teito is seeing, will be carried with him from now on.
But it looks like he's in pain.
Even so, let us just keep watching him.
Teito! Teito! Teito You got back your Zaiphon? Yeah.
Let's go, Hakuren.
Seems like you saw it.
What I couldn't see.
I guess that's all of them.
They've arrived.
Hurry up, hurry up.
From the color of your eyes, your Zaiphon must back.
Grandpas, my Zaiphon, was it you? Closer, closer.
Kind-hearted child of Raggs, watch out for the demons.
What you wish for is the biggest thing here.
Let's have some more fun another time.
You there, please get in the line! Well then, I'll lead you to the second exam location.
This mark is Zehel's.
This one is also It can't be you don't know about them? It's really something that you made it this far.
Oh right, Castor-san talked about it the last time.
Do not allow your heart to be eaten by the Darkness, Teito Klein! Protecting people from the Kor is our, the Church's duty.
But Please keep what happened last night a secret.
I thought he was telling me to not get involved any further I tried my best not to approach them.
Wielding Heaven's Power, they are also called the Punishment Force you know, Teito Klein.
Zehel, Feist, Profe, Randkalt, Rilect, Ea, and Vertrag The sealed Verloren is said to have all of their wisdom.
All? Why do you think that each of the Seven Ghosts only possesses one power? In order to prevent a second Verloren from being born into this world.
But as long as Verloren is sealed on the Earth, the Seven Ghosts protecting the seal cannot return to Heaven, either.
That is why this church is here to serve as their shrine.
Bad news.
It seems that the Barsburg Empire has sent armies into Church Territory.
What? What does that mean? It seems that their goal is to find the one who can control the Eye of Mikhail.
So that's the cause for your anxiety? Yeah Even so, I still see a shadow apart from that.
Yet it's gradually becoming clearer now.
The second test is the "Holy Test".
There is but one rule: Make it through the other side of the door, and you shall pass.
Even we do not know what will happen when you pass through the door.
Gentlemen, I wish you all success.
Well then, see you on the other side.
Yeah, we'll definitely pass.
This place, haven't I been here before? What is this path? Not good, don't tell me This is the Second Exam's Challenge?! Huge.
And fast.
Is this also a Kor? The next one is the legs.
The wings.
And then the neck.
Bishop Frau was able to kill it instantly?! Is this the end of the Second Exam? Hakuren That voice.
Help me I know this place.
Mikage This is the place where I lost you Did you honestly think that I would give up that easily? Teito Klein.
I'll kill you.
The boy didn't think of that day, that moment , the voice that shows him the way.
And then he comes to know the true shape of what he should believe in.
Please tell us, flowers.