07 Ghost (2009) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

Mikage! This is the truth, Teito Klein.
The result of you, a slave, daring to have a friend.
Because you had to get him involved in your own problems, that wretched boy had to die.
Special thanks to Hinamori_Amu Wasn't that boy's name something like "Mikage"? I won't forgive you.
Ayanami, I will kill you! I will never forgive you! How pathetic, are you honestly trying to fight for your friend's sake? I will take revenge for Mikage! Father? Hakuren, please help me.
It's been a while.
Hakuren Oak.
Who's that? It hasn't changed since we took the exam, has it? The Bridge of Trials brings out the darkness of an examinee's heart into physical form.
But it would be meaningless if it didn't.
The Second Test is the ultimate test for one to become a Bishop.
Since the examinee must face his own darkness.
Please take a look.
Seems like those who failed are already appearing.
Scary This is scary Those are unable to face their own fears are not able to stand on the bridge.
I'm worried about that boy.
Aren't you a fool, Teito Klein? Think carefully before you attack me.
Why did that boy die? Teito.
Mikage?! Go before I attack you He died to protect you.
If you had become my subordinate obediently, he wouldn't have died.
Accept the truth: You are the cause of all your sorrows.
This place is Who's that? Give him back Give me back my brother! This is Mikage's family Please listen, your brother, Mikage, protected his dear friend.
I don't care! Because Wasn't that "friend" the one who dragged him into harm's way in the first place? It would've been better if he had died! You may not have witnessed it, but the truth is that you are the one who brought grief to his family.
Are you still going to attack me after all that? Mikage Mikage was killed by you, and only you! Don't you recognize me? You should know me pretty well.
You and I, we hate this man.
Your heart was also broken by this man's actions, wasn't it? You're going to be a bishop?! Yes.
Damn you, and yet you were thinking you're of the proud Oak Family? Soldiers and politicians; anything else is unforgivable.
Do whatever you like.
You are no longer my son.
Father in the end, he didn't understand me.
That's right.
He was the one who was in the wrong.
Therefore, I shall now execute him for what he has done to us.
Whatever you say, you are still Mikage's enemy! And you think that you have the right to think for him? What do you know?! Mikage is my my dear- The one who doesn't understand is you.
You can't accept that truth that is before you.
But you already know in your heart that it's true.
Mikage! Hey hey, hurry up and tell me about Teito-kun's whereabouts.
How many times must I tell you? I don't know anything.
Mikage! Mikage Mikage This is the truth, Teito Klein.
a slave, daring to have a friend.
All because you had to get him involved in your own problems, that wretched boy had to diea Are you sure that I am the person you wish to kill? I am not the one that you really want to kill.
That person is you.
See? You have always wanted this to happen.
Don't come Ouida.
It was hard for you when your father and mother passed away, right? Aren't you inheriting a vast inheritance? Don't come near me! Our home, and our parent's wealth, was stolen by these relatives.
I hate them I hate them The two of you can't keep living on you own anymore, can you? I, your uncle, will Stop it What are you doing? Liam and I will never be separated.
What did you say?! Who will look after you?! What will become of your inheritance? Unfair.
Isn't it unfair for only you two to get everything? Inheritance.
So unfair.
Come with me.
I want it.
It belongs to me! Brother It's okay, Liam.
Don't worry.
It's all right.
Thank you.
Thanks to all of you, I have come to realize just how precious my brother is to me.
Hakuren-kun is also in pain.
Though it would be most fortunate if the Second Exam finishes without incident.
Let's send him off together.
Let us lead him to the gates of Hell, together with his foolish ideas! Stop it! What are you doing?! You're right.
I must have lost my mind.
Isn't it good to have a family? Somehow, it feels warm.
Hey, Teito, are you even listening to me? It's not warm or anything at all.
My father doesn't have a human heart.
But I should really thank your father.
Hey you, just because you don't know Because thanks to him, I was able to meet you.
I respect him, and I respect you, too.
Your father is a horrible man, who cares only about the people who foolishly obey his commands.
Why are you covering for him?! My friend showed me a ray of light.
And if I were to abandon him, I would become just like the man that I hate the most.
But you, one who has disobeyed his command, shall never receive his affection.
And yet you still help him?! That's right! You sure feel alone But it's all right.
Father doesn't need to become your hero.
And I don't need to become his, either.
Don't cry.
Even if Father doesn't acknowledge you Not fighting frantically for your life is all right, too.
The important thing is to decide on your own what you should do.
If you desire to be loved, let us search for the one who will love you the most in this world.
Can I really find that person? Yeah.
It's a promise, then? It's a promise.
Bishop Lance! It's dangerous for Teito Klein to remain in this state.
He may go into shock.
We should interrupt the ongoing exam and-- Wait.
That boy hasn't lost yet.
You have yet to acknowledge it, Teito Klein.
You are the cause of all of this.
That's right I've known it for so long.
He died for my sake.
Next time, I will pay back his sacrifice.
Even if you die? We made a promise to die together.
So what's the point if I'm not risking my life? Everything that has transpired has been caused by you.
That's right.
that's exactly right therefore, I will take all responsibility.
I will swear to God that when we die, we will die together.
Who are you? Like I would tell you.
You're not Ayanami.
You called Mikage "wretched".
There's no way that the villain who toyed with his life would show pity towards him.
Such a man can't be human with a heart like that.
You are Me.
You are the me who wanted to be Mikage's friend at every moment, the unforgivable me.
The me who couldn't protect Mikage.
The me who is unforgivable! Even so I can't afford to die yet.
Mikage sacrificed his life in order to protect mine.
My atonement is To keep this one life, given by Mikage, and living to take responsibility for it.
Mikage, who died for my sake And the me who couldn't forgive himself All of them.
Aren't you going to pick him up? Is something wrong, Labrador? The Darkness is drawing near to Teito-kun.
What's that? No way.
Why is the Imperial Army? Squad 3, secure the entrance to the Chapel.
Please wait.
Your trespassing on Church Grounds cannot be forgiven.
You do know the Laws of Sanctuary.
This is a National Emergency.
A convict is in hiding here.
What are you talking about?! You've heard the rumor of the "Eye of Mikhail".
We know that its bearer is somewhere in this church.
We must apprehend him as soon as possible.
The Eye of Mikhail is a threat to the security of our beloved country.
I am sure you understand our reasons.
Whatever the case may be, this violation will not be forgiven.
That's right.
Haruse It's finally over.
Isn't this the exit? The boy challenges the fate that he chose for himself.
While inside the Darkness, by that, will his chosen path grant him power? Please tell us, Flowers.